Stats: Aston Villa v Newcastle
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Aston Villa 1 - Newcastle 2

Premier League For Long?

Villa Park


Attendance: 30,334

Referee: Dean

Aston Villa
1 - 2
Benteke (pen 49)
Cisse (19), Cabaye (31)
Venue: Villa Park
Attendance: 30,334
The Teams
S Taylor
Yanga M'Biwa
Sa Ameobi
Sh Ameobi
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards

The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 29 2013

Time: 9:47PM

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The Premier League is rotten anyway. Thank you and good night.
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29/01/2013 21:50:00

We did really fine
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29/01/2013 21:51:00

Your a joke lambert.... wing backs. bannan. bennett. no wieman from the start.... Lerner has totally ruined this club. we are doomed.
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29/01/2013 21:51:00

We'll pick ourselves up and go again, we'll give it a right good go. We'll be alright, can't ask any more of the lads.
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29/01/2013 21:54:00

We are down the club know it and so no investment to stay up
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29/01/2013 21:55:00

By the way, any ideas why we can't produce two good halves IN THE SAME MATCH????!!!! It really does beggar belief. Every fri**ing match, not just once in a while.
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29/01/2013 21:56:00

Have to agree fatloser, no point spunking more money on a mission doomed to failure. At least we're not Portsmouth, Leeds or Coventry!
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29/01/2013 21:57:00

first half - big pair of Y's... 2nd half much better and some decent chances...
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29/01/2013 21:58:00

Despite the improvement in the 2nd half, we were still completely devoid of ideas going forward. The last 15 minutes were just aimless long ball after aimless long ball up to no one in particular. Not good enough at this level, I'm afraid. Maybe it'll work better in the Championship next season.
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29/01/2013 22:00:00

Pardew says we're not in danger. Errrr...
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29/01/2013 22:02:00

We are down so let's start planning for the future. That starts by sacking Lambert immediately. He is tactically clueless he hasn't got his tactics right in a single game all season, from 5 in midfield against west ham on the opening day to 5 at the back tonight against a team with only 1 up top. His signings are abysmal and his man management is awful he can't do anything and there is no way he will get us promoted.
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29/01/2013 22:04:00

Really needed something tonight, can't see anyway back now. Hopefully this might shock Randy into spending a few quid but i doubt it. Really depressing.
Crumlin Villain
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29/01/2013 22:04:00

Makes no sense not to invest. The club will be worthless in the championship!! He could never sell and wouldn't want to hold on to a lemon
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29/01/2013 22:10:00

Yawn. Why do you bother AVbornaninbred. You never offer any alternative. It's just negative. What would you do with the U23s against established mens teams every week?? They are playing some good passing possession football before the hoof to Benteke.
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29/01/2013 22:10:00

So, who are we losing to at the weekend
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29/01/2013 22:12:00

Appalling all of them - the players, the manager, the management and the owner. The players demonstrated they can roll up their sleeves and get into the opposition (albeit a poor side) they have to accept their share of responsibility for not doing it for 90 minutes, too often it's been only half the match. Perhaps PL has finally realised Bennett is a complete waste of space, hopefully he'll realise Bannan isn't much better. Unfortunately nothing can be done now, we are so poor I've given up hope, for those of you who think sticking with Lambert is the right thing for the club, you have your wish. I would simply add I think he has demonstrated time and time again this season he has no idea who his best 11 are, he has no idea what formation to play them in, he has no idea when it comes to tactics. I really can't see this improving when we're in the Championship next season, I'll give it until December 2013 when we're mid table with no prospect of promotion and finally our clueless, gutless management and owner will pull the trigger - tw*ts. Even my (very) optimistic brother has thrown the towel in - we won't be going to VP until January 2014 when we have a new manager and some investment.
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29/01/2013 22:14:00

This team can play , someone, probably the manager, because thats his job. Just needs to get them to play for ninety odd minutes, simples.
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29/01/2013 22:18:00

Go away Randy
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29/01/2013 22:25:00

Lerner out, Lambert out, every player besides Benteke out. Disgraceful isn't a strong enough word.
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29/01/2013 22:35:00

Bennett is a lesbian masquerading as a Premier League footballer. He looks like a young shaven haired lesbian and plays like one. Why is he getting picked? He - along with Bannan - is *****. Lambert is clueless. 4 4 2 is the way.
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29/01/2013 22:40:00

26.05.82 has it spot on. We should all read that post 5 times over then mail the club en masse with it ! Oh, Phil Thompson on SSN - "Lambert got it tactically wrong in the first half. So, so wrong..... Villa are down"

All the more tragic in my mind as there is enough in this squad to just about finish out of the bottom 3 with even a moderately competent manager. In Lambert, we're *****ed.
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29/01/2013 22:47:00

You're obviously angry Piper, but that's bang out of order. How old are you?? Grow up, really. Bennett is clearly not good enough, and neither is Bannan, frankly. Is he really an international footballer?? But no need for such ridiculous, offensive insults. By the way, I'm neither a woman, nor gay. Just disappointed at such a childish insult.
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29/01/2013 22:57:00

Lambert out.
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29/01/2013 23:06:00

how ***** is joe bennett ffs!! and even if we go down i want barry bannan sold! wouldnt want him if i was a Luton fan!! if we sign a top draw CB and push clarke out to left back and a big strong cm in the diame mould i really think we would have a chance. Agbonlahor was *****ing me off tonight aswell because he kept drifting inside because he wanted to be up front although he was far more effective on the left wing and started to tear debuchy a new arse hole!
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29/01/2013 23:08:00

how anyone can prefer bennett and lowton over hutton and warnock is beyond me aswell
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29/01/2013 23:11:00

I can't even get angry any more I'm just void of feeling, no noses or yam yams can say anything to hurt me now im numb. I cant defend my club against any of their insults a bit like our defenders who cant really defend anything. Roll on the championship because I actually just want that feeling of winning a game again and having some hope. UTV VTID. There may be one hope left, bring back the BOSS John Gregory.
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29/01/2013 23:14:00

can anyone explain to me how manager contracts work? i'm assuming that if lambert gets the chop he can sue to be paid out of the contract? but if lambert leaves of his own accord he gets nothing?
Report Abuse
29/01/2013 23:22:00

surely given the results we've lerner could dump his ass and not have to pay a cent!
Report Abuse
29/01/2013 23:23:00

yeah great idea bring gregory back ffs take the blow of relegation on the chin clear the decks and go again the club is rotten top to bottom
fairwater villain
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29/01/2013 23:24:00

Morning All. Did we lose again....oh yeah.....oh well at least I got the score right. I can't get angry any more, I've gone numb to all this rubbish..... Sorry.
Pride of Lions
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Them stats are wrong. Our 2nd half performance was a match winning performance. . Everton away. West Ham at home. We need 6 points. City and Arsenal straight after. I'm gutted! The team gave everything in the 2nd half. We was lucky Newcastle was nervous and sat back.
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30/01/2013 00:10:00

Lambert to Resign later today. Tea Lady to take over until end of Season as she would do a much better job and be really useful at Half Time in dishing out refreshing Cups of Tea to get them going
Report Abuse
30/01/2013 00:20:00

JPA - in the interests of political correctness can I just state that I have no issue with shaven haired KD Lang lookalikes playing for Aston Villa as long as they are good at football. Josephine Bennett is not very good at football.
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30/01/2013 07:49:00

why is PL sticking with Josie Bennett?? thats all i've got from a predictable result - but we looked ok in the 2nd half.
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30/01/2013 08:07:00

The suffering fans should play- 58%.
holte ender 1969
Report Abuse
30/01/2013 09:09:00

What really gets to me is to make Randy pay any attention you have to stop going down so it affects his cash flow.But the whole point of being a supporter is to go with it through thick and thin. Looks like waiting till the last minute to renew those season tickets again. Blaming Lambert is to easy he arrived to the dross no one wanted was given 20 mill to replace 8 players a third of which went on one signing.Maybe now the real shift in players will begin, because there needs to be wholesale changes in the playing staff but knowing Lerner we will probably sell Bentke.
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30/01/2013 10:40:00

I blame Lambert for one reason and one reason only and that is he cannot get 90 minutes out of his players. You can call them rubbish, dross etc and you wont get much of an argument from me because they aint gonna set the world alight. However we have had some very good team performances for 45 minutes this season. The first half against Manure, the Arsenal match, 1st half against the Baggies etc, etc so there is potential there. Its just that you dont know when they are going to turn up and for how long. Thats down to the manager.
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30/01/2013 11:04:00

He is not free of any blame Oscarac dont get me wrong he is responsable for tactics and making sure the defence is well drilled. But I still feel whoever came in was on hiding to nothing unless we spent 60 mill we were never going to replace 8 squad players with any real quality,hence the so called "youth policy" which he never applied at any of his other clubs .My hope on Lambert arriving was he could get the best out of what was left and add 3-4 real quality players. Now it will be difficult to get players to come to us with the spectre of relegation hanging over us.
Report Abuse
30/01/2013 13:36:00

You'r dead right in what you say Merlin, I think it is what we were all hoping for. But he seems incapable of doing the one thing he has some control over and that is getting consistant performances from players on a regular basis which we all know is the mark of a good manager. I mean in some of the matches this year I was wondering if 11 body doubles had been sent out in the second half as their play bore no resemblance to the guys who had trooped of at half time. I still have a problem with this use by the club of "youth policy" Last nights team did not have one teenager in it and half the team in the second half was over 25. I think this is an easy way of getting around the fact that most of the younger players are not progressing as players in the way that good young players are in other clubs. Our academy has not thrown out one high quality player in donkeys years as far as I can see. E
Report Abuse
30/01/2013 13:54:00

Sorry I pressed the wrong button. Even the guys we have sold on as top players ( Barry, Milner,etc )came to us from other clubs and through their acadamy's.
Report Abuse
30/01/2013 13:57:00

Still mystified as to why we didnt bring in a couple of midfielders on loan early in the transfer window enough have been mentioned on here without me listing them all but the like of Huddlestone,Palicious and centre of defence ? Dawson or Samba.
Report Abuse
30/01/2013 14:39:00

Can I just make one more thing. I hate and detest Geodie *****ers. There was one last night giving it large shouting 'you're not laughing anymore' on Witton Lane, on one hand fair enough because boy, did we give them ***** when they went down but on the other hand he was shouting at women, kids, grannies and grandads on walking sticks. Tosser. I was just willing for a group of hard Villa lads to square up with him. The****. I ******** HATE Newcastle
Report Abuse
30/01/2013 22:21:00

Aston Villa 1 - Newcastle 2. The only 'stat' that matters. Pointless again, another disappointing home reversal.
Report Abuse
31/01/2013 02:12:00


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