Stats: Millwall v Aston Villa
UK time is: 20:16:13
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Millwall 2 - Aston Villa 1

FA Cup Fourth Round

The Den


Attendance: 15,007

Referee: Swarbrick

2 - 1
Aston Villa
Shittu (27), Marquis (89)
Bent (22)
Venue: The Den
Attendance: 15,007
The Teams
A Smith
M Taylor
J Smith
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards

The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 25 2013

Time: 9:48PM

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Not even Jack Bauer can save us now. DAMN IT!!!
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25/01/2013 21:52:00

Feel for everyone who travelled. Lambert should give back every penny he's been paid this year and f#%k off now
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25/01/2013 21:58:00

Dark times :( Jack Bauer could take Randy out. WHERE IS THE MONEY?!
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25/01/2013 21:58:00

This isn't going to get better anytime soon, in all honestly I would never have believed things would be this bad - it takes a special manager to 'achieve' these depths. The longer we keep him the lower we will go.
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25/01/2013 21:59:00

Could say plenty but I'm gonna keep it short. We are F*****G B******S!!!
Lion Heart
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25/01/2013 21:59:00

I'm beginning to hate that 'goal' picture, because it only ever refers to the oppopposition!!!
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25/01/2013 22:01:00

4 goal attempts?? yeeesh... what is happening?
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25/01/2013 22:02:00

the humiliation and embarrassment continue.. It's unbearable. Were you watching Randy and are you hurting? I'm pretty sure I know the answer to both those questions. You don't understand football, you don't understand the Premier League, after a few years you've got bored of this little hobby of yours,, you don't care about this great football club,, so WHY are you still here?!?!
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25/01/2013 22:02:00

"You had to be here to believe how bad Villa were tonight. You can't quite grasp it until you see them live" -- Steve Claridge.
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25/01/2013 22:04:00

Lerner out, lambert out, the cussing lot of them out!!! THE VILLA IS OURS!!
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25/01/2013 22:04:00

Jack Bauer wouldn't want the job. Too difficult.
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25/01/2013 22:04:00

I think we are *****ed hahaha,give big Ron a shout,get him inn
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25/01/2013 22:04:00

The worst week for Aston Villa in 35 year. Not being able to defend set pieces, not taken chances, a lightweight midfield, no confidence, awful goal difference and home record and getting beat by lower league Opposition twice in a week. Oh, and not a signing in sight. My beautiful, magnificent lion hearted club has been turned into a steaming pile of murder ball and turdfest; the club's great history and its golden crest; it's famous claret and blue strip, dragged through the dirt in complete shame and embarrassment. Heart breaking.
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25/01/2013 22:05:00

Absolutely disgraceful, Lerner and Lambert don't deserve to be apart of our great club. We are league one level at best. JOKE
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25/01/2013 22:06:00

If our club was a human being we would be off to Switzerland to terminate it, unfortunately its now Looking terminal thanks to this lot, i cant help singing "Slip sliding away" proud history bright future? Are you Sure Randolph? Terminate this mans contract now along with his Clueless coaches, if they are incapable of organising a defence During the last 8 weeks they should go. Its embarrassing, shambolic!
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25/01/2013 22:06:00

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25/01/2013 22:08:00

I feel this is bigger than Lambert at the moment, we've been on a downward spiral since towards the end of MON's reign. Is anyone even sure of the board's long term strategy regarding the Footballing side of things? We played a certain style of Football under O'Neill, changed completely under GH, which resulted in players becoming alienated, changed again McLeish, including him letting go of a player who GH signed only 6 months previously, then another style of footy yet AGAIN under Lambert, including leaving a 24 mil player out of the squad completely. No consistency whatsoever. Compare this now to the current best TEAM in the midlands in West Brom, who despite changes in Manager have kept a consistent playing's extremely disturbing. I don't remember it being this bad since the Jo Venglos days.
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25/01/2013 22:31:00

Johnnyuk, money isn't the problem. The entire Bradford squad and Millwall squad added together cost less than Lambert spent in the summer. Lambert is simply clueless and is the most inept manager the villa have ever had
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25/01/2013 22:33:00

Is there a phantom organ in the pit of the torso, that drains and leaves an awful feeling that can't be explained? This is starting to defy belief! I don't think I have ever, in my 44 years, felt at such a low ebb about the prospects of our once famous club. What a mess!
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25/01/2013 22:37:00

Too late now to sack the manager, 'Arry has a job, so carry on to the Wolves Villa derby.
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25/01/2013 22:37:00

Bring the ex Southampton manager in.
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25/01/2013 22:40:00

Man of the Match: testicles? I haven't seen this team display any balls for weeks. I hope our manager doesn't own a dog because he can't get his team to hold on to a lead. #shambles
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25/01/2013 22:56:00

so angry right now at the club from top to bottom. so little respect shown to any of the fans by the upper echelons of management. we are going to get relegated and they don't seem to give a ****
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25/01/2013 22:59:00

Lambert has to go, sorry but this is disgraceful, the man has lost us our pride and dignity never would i think we could go worse than under Mcleish last season but by god we have surpased that by a country mile, LAMBERT OUT NOW!
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25/01/2013 23:06:00

We was poor. Worst game I've ever watched or onPar with the Bradford game. We're doomed! Just under 6days now till the Window shuts. I'm sure 11 of us here would play better. The way we're; That's not a Sarcastic remark.. That's a fact! Yes that Goal sign is annoying me aswell. Just change it to; we lost again or Headerrr! That would be abit better. We can't even defend. Wtf, we can't even win a header. F#ck of Vlla. :(
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25/01/2013 23:25:00

Can't get worse.
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25/01/2013 23:26:00

Not surprised. Lambert has bitten off more than he can chew here and needs to admit it. However, this mess wasn't started by him. Our club is being slowly strangled by an unbelievable level of ineptitude. Learner out. That's all else I have to say and what a pity I've resorted to saying it.
Windy Villain
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25/01/2013 23:27:00

Lerner has to go. In the past he's put money in, but there's no leadership, no experience, and no knowledge of the game!
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25/01/2013 23:37:00

Most of our players have flashes of quality and some brilliance, but only for a half or a game at most. There are exceptions at both ends of the spectrum, of course, but we need this larger group to become consistent and constant instead of just teasing us from time to time. Call me a foolish dreamer, but I think they still have it in them. That being said, I have had enough of barely mediocre play. The lads need to just get mad and channel it, instead of being shell shocked. The one silver lining from this week is that the Villa can now focus its energies on the premiership and hopefully start playing with vengeance instead of timidity. UTV rain or shine.
Virginia Villan
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25/01/2013 23:38:00

I aint even mad anymore... shock horror ridiculous situation... Most spectacular (3 season) collapse of a football team (if they dignify that distinction) the world has ever seen?
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25/01/2013 23:50:00

Blanking local media you spineless c..t Lambert.
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26/01/2013 00:15:00

Predictable dross
Pride of Lions
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26/01/2013 00:33:00

I think we need to arrange a funeral for our club.
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26/01/2013 07:46:00

Nothing will get to a good enough standard without better players. There's no ******** way that PL wouldn't buy midfield reenforcements if he was allowed to. We'll be alright in the league though. ***** the cups off. A needless distraction. Given doesn't help the defence by taking away their confidence when he plays. Get rid of Bannan. Spend 8-10 mil on a DM and play a settled team for 16 lgames. 20 points needed. 5 wins, 5 draws, 6 losses.
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26/01/2013 08:12:00

Haven't seen any of it? Is he still playin 3-5-2? I'm nit one to start telling a highly qualified professional how to do his job, but surely lambert can see this just isn't working!!?
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26/01/2013 08:14:00

Heyyyyy sexy ladies, oh oh oh oh Gangam style, heyyyyyy sexy ladies, oh oh oh oh Gangam style.......opps sorry lads that was me losing the plot and just not really caring anymore. What will be will be. Let's accept our fate, some of the older lads say their time following Villa in Div 3 gave them some of the best laughs and memories. All together now, heyyyyyy sexy ladies....
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26/01/2013 08:54:00

what can we actually do? its gone way past 'back the team, its just a blip, up the villa'. its a rot from the team all the way up to the boardroom. never been so depressed to be a Villa fan.
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26/01/2013 09:27:00

F*** Lambert. F*** Lerner. F*** Faulkner. The end.
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26/01/2013 10:46:00

Some very good and telling points made today by the Sky sports team, spot on Merse.
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26/01/2013 12:32:00

A few years ago I was on holiday with the Mrs and ended up on a booze-cruise with a load of American doctors. I was chatting to one female medic, who was well into premiership footy, and I was praising our new owner and what a breath of fresh air he was. She laughed and called her husband over - a Cleveland Browns fan, who ranted about what a terrible owner Randy Lerner was for them - showed no interest, lacked investment, and employed idiots to run the club on his behalf. This was during MON's second season, and I just couldn't see it at the time. I've come to change my opinion somewhat since then....
Report Abuse
26/01/2013 13:04:00

Oscararc - what did he say?
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26/01/2013 13:09:00

Basically what we have all been saying for ages , that you can have a young frontline but not a totally young midfield and certainly not a young defence. That we need an experienced, old head, quality midfield general, to sit in front of the back four to help us keep our shape and that the other night against Bradford Lambert lost the plot by just loading players onto the pitch without any thought as to who was going to supply them with the ball. In other words he panicked. He commented that all our experienced players play in peripheral positions and that we need to bring in a spine for the team because of all the teams at the bottom, we look like the one with the best chance of going down. He said quite a bit more but to be honest I cant remember it all. He was more inclined to blame Lerner than Lambert but was not too enamoured with either.
Report Abuse
26/01/2013 20:13:00

Piper I was one of those who followed us all over div3 and div2 and yes we did have some laughs but the heartache on the way down will never be forgotten either. The difference was we had a board in those days who all lived in this country all attended each match and when the fans turned on them they knew it was time to go. But Randy Lerner will sit in the usa and let lambert and faulkner take the flak and couldnt give a sod what we think untill attendances start dropping.At some point Randy appears to have fell out of love with Villa probably after the mon fiasco and shows nothing like the commitment he did when he arrived.
Report Abuse
28/01/2013 11:27:00


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