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Aston Villa 2 - Bradford 1

Capital One Cup Semi Final 2nd Leg

Villa Park


Attendance: 40,193

Referee: Dowd

Aston Villa
2 - 1
Benteke (24), Weimann (89)
Hanson (55)
Venue: Villa Park
Attendance: 40,193
The Teams
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
We are Aston Villa and we play for 45 minutes.

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 22 2013

Time: 9:51PM

Your Comments

Really hope Lambert doesn't go cuz if he does we really are f***ed. No one any good is either available or gonna want the job, and it's not as if the players aren't putting in the effort. They're just.. well I don't even know what they are. Lacking character tbh.
Disgusted. our defence lets us down time and time again.
The man doesn't know how to sort out a defence ffs. It's all good and well playing four centre forwards but if cant defend for s h I t then what's the point? lambert and or his defensive coach out!!
Good thing we didnt start with 5 strikers or we may not have won. Who the ***** was in midfield at the end ? Was it just Ireland......Clark seemed to have taken up position just behind the strikers. What if we had got a third goal ?? Couldnt see us getting through extra time with that formation. Should have taken Benteke & Nzogbia off - and out on Holman for Bannan. Oh I get it - they were the five penalty takers. Play the reserves on Friday and concentrate on GETTING A NEW ******** MANAGER IN YOU ******** DWEEB,
I'm more worried about our chances in the championship now if we can't even beat a league 2 side over two legs!!
Phil Dowd oh how I hate you! He took the #### out of Benteke all night, he is to blind to notice how many corners we should of had! 4 strikers, 2 attacking midfielder's no width or support on the wings killed the game. I knew there goal was coming from that corner. Bannan done nothing at all. Not happy. Phil Dowd is on my hit list! Were do we go from here? The locker room must be broken. We need new players to lift the spirit. Nmw happens now this season has been a right off. Any other day we played great. But great wasn't good enough. 2+ goals was and we couldn't do it!
Disgrace, total humiliation, another nail in our coffin, how much more suffering are we to endure this wretched season? Im done! Im not handing my hard earned cash over to Lerner and Co., if they don't give a toss then neither do I!!
No leadership at any level, Owner, Board, Manager, Club Captain. Bet the tea lady's crap as well. Still... we go again (out the FA cup) on Friday and then dust ourselves down. Some good away days next year though to be fair.
One less distraction from our relegation battle
Thought their banner was class as well .
So, ive just typed a mammoth comment that ive subsequently deleted as its too emotive. Quite simply, all i'd like to say is Lambert is not good enough, his decisions (in every single aspect of his tenure to date) have been wrong/poor, and he is out of his depth with our once great club. Although lets just be clear, when PL does the right thing and hands in his notice, things will not change overnight. Tonight proved that we dont belong in the Premiership currently and have got to cross everything from now until May to hope we survive!
Hurt my back this morning . Full of pain killers . Talk about timing !!
So, ive just typed a mammoth comment that ive subsequently deleted as its too emotive. Quite simply, all i'd like to say is Lambert is not good enough, his decisions (in every single aspect of his tenure to date) have been wrong/poor, and he is out of his depth with our once great club. Although lets just be clear, when PL does the right thing and hands in his notice, things will not change overnight. Tonight proved that we dont belong in the Premiership currently and have got to cross everything from now until May to hope we survive!
We're down and out.... or should that be out (FA Cup) and down (relegated)! It's a cert.
Pride of Lions
Such I predictable scoreline sadly. So much so that I did the dirty and backed it. Sorry, I'm disgusted with myself. Utterly woeful, naive second half...All we needed were crosses and got none. And we didn't even take them on. Not once. Sacking Lambert isn't the answer. Buying experience is. ABout a hundred midfielders should do it.
I've been saying it for 3 years, LERNER OUT.
I dont think we should sack him either, I think he should walk. NOW
Every season for the last 3 seasons newly promoted teams have been superior to our own. Look at swansea ffs, well run, good mentality, good football. Villa are just hanging around in the premiership, doing nothing.
I'm with Olof. What we really need is an experienced partner for Vlaar, someone like Haangaland and then to put Clarke back into defensive midfield. Also, any leftback in the world who's not Joe Bennett.
Nigel Adkins had hunger for the fight.
olafthegreat, lambert can't possibly stay he is clueless, my 11 year old turned to me when he took off bennett and said ' who's gonna cross the ball now dad' my answer ' I haven't got a clue' and neither has Lambert, Lerner or Faulkner.
It was a win and a win is somewhat of a forgotten sensation as of late, in the league it would have been a well deserved much needed 3 points. Of course though, they are in the Fourth Tier and we're in the Prem and it's only a disappointment having handed them the first leg. As CA_Villa said, it's one less distraction from more important things, because maybe I can only speak for myself when I say I'd rather not chuck a Blue Nose and win the cup only to get relegated. Won't lie though, on paper, with who was left in the cup and Swansea leading, this really should have been our year for some silverware. We may have a chance of staying up if we understand the concept and decode the incredibly complex science of defending set pieces. Maybe even score from them too. Lambert is the best we can have at the moment and I back him, we need some reinforcements though, even if they are loan signings who we help breed for other clubs, preferably experience and one who has dabbled in the art of heading out a cross from the opposition. UTV.
Maybe Nigel Atkins would be worth a punt. He would certainly bring us back up if we went down.
I just want to come away happy. Hasn't happened for a long time. If I can't buy happiness with (tickets plus travel plus 3rd rate food) 1000 per year then the owner and manager and players can eat my faeces.
For those of us who think the answer is not sacking PL would they please tell me what he brings to Villa?
No plusses tonight just minus's. -1 degs, -2 goals and minus effort. Add all of that and we are down and out as stated. Oh yeah, then there's the -25 GD which will just grow and grow with these tactics/formation. Dreadful times indeed and hard to see just how much worst it will get. Lambert will need to hide from this and for once not talk about effort and "not faulting the team".
holte ender 1969
But it seems, Olof, that the man has no plans to buy the much needed experience you talk of. Isn't that grounds for showing him the door?
we have a billionaire cheapskate and a manager who THINKS the players he has are good enough - how the footballing world must envy us! personally i wish they would both do one now - get Di Matteo in.......and sell the club to Carson Yeung - he'd have more idea how to run a football club from behind bars in Hong Kong than a useless yank with too much of daddie's money!
to be honest, the managerial merry-go-round as it is (a la Blackpool, Blackburn et al) i really dont know why we dont go and get Harry from Loftus Rd. Yes he's dodgy, but he's a winner!
Lambert is tactically clueless. Forget blaming the players I hold the manager responsible for this mess of a team. LAMBERT OUT. I never wanted him ijbthe first place. Would a McLeish team loose to a 4th division team over two legs?
I just think sacking him now would just leave yet another mess. Adkins?! FFS. What have we become?! We HAVE to back him. HAVE TO. We need some stability. Yes I think his tactics were pretty cack tonight, but I just can't see what good sacking him will do. He will sort it out. I'm sure of it. Were you saying sack him after the great victories against Man City etc that got us into this position in the first place?
What the f##k did lambert say to them at half time? well done lads were through you can start playing rubbish again now...... when will he see delph and bannan are prob the worst centre mid pairing the premiership or league cup have ever seen. they are both woeful.
Lambert is completely and utterly clueless. His tactics have been woeful since the opening day and his signings have been crap. I don't care who we get to replace him, at this point I'd take McLeish back........
The terrible truth is that I couldn't see us doing a Tranmere, because this is not the side of 94, not by a mile. So that's it, I think ladies & gents. See you in the Championship. No width, no defence, no midfield (no Bannan, no Ireland), no clue. No money, no new faces, no good decisions, no hope, no chairman, no character, no Steve Stride, no experience, no future. This looks much worse than 1987.
Windy Villain
Lerner needs to sack Lambert, sell all the players and sell the club. Everyone OUT. Disgraceful doesn't come close.
I didn't know much about Lambert when he came to us (besides his track record) so I decided to give him time, he has now had time and he is no where near good enough to be a top level manager. It might work in the lower leagues but we need more tactical knowledge and he hasn't got it. Selections have been poor, signings (besides 1/2) have been extremely poor and results have been worse. I don't like his pre match or post match comments either. The squad is rubbish but they should still play better than they are. Never said this but will now Lambert Out. There's an unemployed champions league winning manager sitting on his hands. Lerner won't do a thing though, I doubt he knows the result. We are a joke.
All this talk about Lerner n co on here is pointless (although venting does help). The only place we will be heard is in villa park where the American can see what the real owners of his play thing think!! Lerner Out
What we needed coming in to January with a string of important games was reinforcements to the squad. A strong, combative centre mid (do one bannan, you just don't cut it. I hear there are some Jockey vacancies up north. Tw*t!!) and a centre half who has half a clue how to man up. What we got was a 20p plastic flag each and nothing else. We have subsequently missed out on important points against Swansea, Southampton, WBA and been humiliated over 2 legs by a fourth division side. Incompetance runs through the core of the club I love - Board, Coaching Staff (although quite how they can call themselves coaches when the can't get players to man up at set pieces is beyond me) and the playing squad are all unfit for purpose. My hand is staying in my pocket for the rest of the season now, I wont put another penny in the pockets of that disgraceful shower. Lambert is tactically inept, can't decide on a shape to play or a first XI, and has assembled a squad that I would fancy my chances against - and I am knocking 32 with a bad knee (although still quite svelte like my teen years) Randy wont stump up so why should I? We are destined for the drop and I hope it hits the absent Yank in the pocket.
heavy d
So, I'll ask again... For those of us who think the answer is not sacking Lambert, would you please explain what he brings to Villa?
.......and you can guarantee that Lambert wont walk. That would require honour. He will keep quite, keep watching us plod along getting beaten and wait for his contract to be paid up. We aren't viewed as a football club anymore, we are seen as a soft touch for un-talented mercenaries, both players and managers, who just see us as an easy way of stealing a living. We reward failure now and people know it. Lambert didn't help by recruiting, on the whole, a bunch of substandard drones because he can't handle players who don't think he is the second coming of Christ. The players backing him in the press are players, mostly his recruits, are just grateful to be at a Premier League clu and for getting pay rises from the low levels they have come from. They are easy for him to manage as they feel they owe him. THEY AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH! We have a bunch of sheep being led by a sheep.
heavy d
Bannan - pathetic, League One at best - thank goodness the rest of the players realised how useless he is and stopped letting him overhitting corners. Can't believe that someone's voted him MOTM - ah well that's parents for you Benteke's obviously a liability at corners despite his height - leave him up front or on a post so that he can run out at ball and not mark Ireland should not wear Villa shirt again - created nothing Delph also creates nothing and surely the instructions were outpass them and goals will come and DON'T give away set pieces - 30 seconds in BAM ridiculous tackle and free kick Bent - did he touch the ball, didn't go and find it but more importantly no width and crossing for our most natural finisher Weiman, god bless him, is 2nd most natural finisher so gets sent wide right and Agbonlahor, least natural down the middle Idiot "fan" on WM saying Lambert's fault for not usng Dunne all season as he could organise defence - HE'S BEEN INJURED - pathetic WM for not pointing it out Lambert - had to play 442 and get to byline and cross to Benteke and Bent 10 internationals on pitch should have worked out problems and solved themselves
I can now see it. We are screwed. I thought last season was the worst, but you're right PiperUK a Mcleish team would never have lost to a fourth division team over two legs. We'd have bored them into submission. And as much as that was grim, the thought of my beloved Villa dropping out of the Premier League is a scary thought indeed.
What a depressing rock bottom result. Bad atmosphere in the Holte End at the end. Fans arguing with each other; everyone looking for someone to blame. Completely sucked the life out of me. The same things over and over - poor at left back, poor from set pieces and no cutting edge in the middle of the park. Also, this was the first time that Lambert's name was not sung by the Holte. His credit has run out. He now has to win us over again which is sad given all the good will he has been shown.
Re: 'So, I'll ask again... For those of us who think the answer is not sacking Lambert, would you please explain what he brings to Villa?' STABILITY. If we have to go down to eradicate the deep-rooted rot that has set into our club, then so be it. One man needs to do this. I believe he will. You think all our clubs problems are down to him?! I'd say at 10% are. He's inherited a ***** storm. He's trying to do things the right way. He'll get there. The last thing we need is more upheaval.
God you lot need to get real, Rome was not built in a day!!1 So we are out of the milk cup. We will move on i'm sure. I've never seen us play so well in the first half, we weren't bad in the second! Bradford were up for it and their Goalie was awesome again! We will survive, and if we don't, we will come back and be stronger for it! UTV, SOTC
Yeah, i've had a little too much to drink, but FFS give the Manager time, let him build from the ground up!!!
P.S. Let me just add, F**K off Dowd you Pratt, god i hate him!!!! That's all folks
Sky asked Lambert what needed to be done and he said "lift ourselves and go again". He's done such a great job of that after all the other humiliations this season hasn't he? Change the poxy record Paul as your current approach isn't working. He said they practice set pieces in training. Really? When the players had 3 days off last week? Were they practising round each others houses in between matches on Fifa? He was also asked about the need for new blood in the squad. If he was a principled man he would have stated there and then that he needs backing. Instead he bottled out of answering again. Didn't want to say anything against Uncle Randy incase it affects his own financial situation. Cowardly, spineless little man. Maybe he see's himself in Bannan and that's why he is a constant in the squad. Like two peas in a pod!!!
heavy d
This is the lowest i have seen us fall in my time as a Villan, i can not believe there are not the knives being sharpend for Randy IF come the 1st Feb he has not spent the massive money needed at Villa, otherwise we will spiral downwards and Mcgrath knows whre that will see us end up!
Lambert go again and ***** off you useless piece of sht
Di Canio in, ***** off Lambert.
Charizma, are you joking? You've never seen us play better than the first half? And we were terrible in the second. I understand we need stability but with the right manager and I'm losing faith in PL fast.
Gutted. I could of just about taken it had they scored a wonder goal, but to concede another to a set piece is so bad. Seriously how hard is to defend set pieces...basic skills if you are to be a premier league defender. I think it was vlaar who lost his man for the goal but Clark loses his man every time and is always beaten in the air. Every villa team in the premier league except the last two seasons has been built on a quality defence. It's like ehiogu said in an article the other day, not only did we not replace Barry, Milner, downing and young, but add to that list melberg, laursen, Cahill and bouma
STABILITY!? We look anything but stable. Shall we count the humiliations this season. 1. Worst start for a couple of generations. 2. 0-8 at Chelsea. Our record defeat even considering we have played in the Victorian era where teams were set out with two defenders. 3. 17 unanswered goals over a total of 4 games. 4. Wigan and Southampton at home...need I say more? Which brings us finally to last night's debacle... 5. Losing over 2 legs to a 4th DIVISION OPPONENT in our best chance of silverware for years!!! No matter if Lambert might 'come good'. He won't... not with that record. That's in the history books and won't be forgotten any time soon. There is absolutely no evidence he will even keep us up, let alone drive us on for the success we all crave. He needs to go and, ideally, he needs to do it of his own volition. Of course, that won't happen and he'll cream the pay off from our mentally deranged owner when the time comes. Lerner needs to be gone as well, but, unfortunately, that won't be happening anytime soon. UTV and whatever other acronyms you need.
Why are the CB's leavng the dangerman at corners to be picked up by Benteke whose shocking marking and defensive headers have cost us at least 4 goals at corners recently, including WBA, and both legs against Bradford?? Man up at the back FFS, like it or not, we need Dunne back quickly. Leave Benteke to do what he does best, or else someone teach the lad how to defend.
Looking at that table, we need 5 or 6 wins in 15 matches!!! We couldn't beat 4th division opposition over 180 minutes of football. What chance do we have with this guy in charge? Lambert really has failed in a most miserable manner.
A bit of poo just came out........oh dear i'm really *****ting myself now!
holte ender 1969
Let's not go crazy here, in the first half we were all over them (yes I know it's a 4th tier side), what got to me most was the fact that as soon as they scored, predictably from a set piece, it was game over. Game over. What's that all about? There was well over half an hour left and it all fell apart. To me that wasn't down to quality, which we showed in abundance up until that moment, but down to mentality. I've never seen such a brittle Villa side in my life.
Stephen Jay Hawkings
brittle is correct SJH. there might be plenty of reasons for that brittleness but its not good enough. sure Bradford beat 2 other Prem teams as well but come on where is the fight?
Why didn't Given just come for the cross? Yes we have the weakest defence in the league and it shows on a very regular basis but that must be tactical that he just stands there? Looked good first half and then just collapsed on and off the park - Lambert and team in top 5 poorest teams I've ever seen since 77.
Can't believe the amount of people saying Lambert will get it right in the end, he's *****in clueless, just glance to the right at that table, 4 wins in 23 games and unable to get rid of Bradford in 3 hours, how is all going to go right in the last 15 games, please explain.
This is why Lambert is clueless - he tells his defence and midfield to keep kicking it long to the strikers. We have no width. He has no plan B. And people had the audacity to call McLeish a long vall merchant? Honestly ive seen more long balls under this prat of a manager than I did under this one. PL OUT
Agree with eltoro, I can't see this improving with Lambert in charge. Okay the players aren't great, but if they had a manager who knew tactics, and man management ,we'd be fine. I'm with the 'Lambert out' brigade now...we're going down anyway, may as well change now...
If the only thing PL can bring to the table is stability then he has to go - the price if that stability is crap football, humiliation, wasted money (Jo Bennett!!!) lack of intelligence and no prospect of progression. He really is clueless and we've all seen it many times this season. In retrospect it was another abysmal appointment. Thanks Randy.
I thought we were getting a man motivator and tactical genius? I can't believe it's gone so so wrong. The silensce from the club is very worrying.
Lerner won't sack him so we might as well all face up to the fact that the once mighty Villa is heading into the abyss. Hopefully when we go down lerner will make sacking 'lame bert' his last act before selling the club.
The fact that a half-wit like Robbie Savage could see at the start of the season that we were F****d with the squad that Lambert assembled say it all. How Lambert can look himself in the mirror this morning and not resign is beyond me.
I have been saying all season the problems stem from the summer we lose eight players try to replace them with 20 mill when it really needed 60 mill to get any quality. You can blame the manager and he must shoulder a fair amount of the blame but simple truth is this set of players have let 3 managers down and we should be getting rid of Dunne,Warnock,Hutton,Ireland,Bannan,Albrighton,Delph,KEA,Bennet,Nzobia. We can sack managers till the cows come home but if the players arent good enough no manager is going to get anywhere. You will note 2 of those signings are Lamberts.
sorry missed Nzobia off that list.
BTW - in answer to the question what did he do - it was Bent who made the 2nd goal for Andi......heading it on for his co striker which is not in Benteke's playbook yet. Is it me or does Benteke tend to disappear in most games after an hour. Regardless of who manager is, Benteke needs to play for his place and either work on his defence or stay out of our box.

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