Stats: WBA v Aston Villa
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WBA 2 - Aston Villa 2


The Hawthorns


Attendance: 25,583

Referee: Probert

2 - 2
Aston Villa
Brunt (49), Odemwingie (83)
Benteke (12), Agbonlahor (31)
Venue: The Hawthorns
Attendance: 25,583
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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday January 19 2013

Time: 7:31PM

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Another disappointment decent result but again the manner of defeat is dreadful
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19/01/2013 19:32:00

Am i the only one who thinks N'zogbia was our best player?? He was a threat every time he had the ball!! We can all see we cant defend & will only win by outscoring our opponents so KEEP THE BEST ATTACKING PLAYERS ON THE PITCH!!! (emailing lerner my cv as we speak)
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19/01/2013 19:37:00

Really strange replacing N'Zogbia with 25mins to go....was quieter second half, but still one of his best games and always a threat. Not sure I would have replaced him with Holman either. BUT....a much improved display and although we threw it away from a (needless) set piece, still good to see Vlaar back, shame Baker didn't last more than a few minutes though. Massive game vs Newcastle then!
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19/01/2013 19:37:00

Great first half but another day when the defence let us down
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19/01/2013 19:37:00

I also question N'Zogbia's substitution, I don't know if he was injured and I didn't think he looked tired, but he was by far our biggest threat linking Benteke and Gabby up front. Though one thing I will never understand is PL playing Bannan at DM!!!! Delph played well and it was a shame he had to come off but please buy a better CM than Bannan! USELESS!!
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19/01/2013 19:43:00

If we were higher up the table it would have been a point gained. As it is, it was 2 points lost...
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19/01/2013 19:43:00

Re Zoggy: does lambert think he can only play 65 mins? Agree we lost momentum after he left and yes one of his better games. Actually looked interested but why does he try and beat every one every time. Pass the thing!
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19/01/2013 19:47:00

The thing is though he was beating players so I didn't mind his runs! His run to set up Lichaj up was brilliant and it should've been 3-0 going into half-time. I only wished he'd shoot once he got into the box rather than trying to then walk it into the net after he'd beaten one man.
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19/01/2013 19:51:00

Bannan is terrible. Lambert's tactics are useless and why the hell did lambert take N'Zogbia off. I think if we lose to bradford or dont get through lambert is done. Get Di Matteo in. And finally lerner out its his fault in the first place.
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19/01/2013 19:52:00

N'Zogbia was excellent and Bennett was good as well. Good signs of recovery from players who have struggled. Still, shows how desperately we needed a ball playing DM, to block up the middle and pick up those second balls. Game really changed when Delph went off injured.
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19/01/2013 19:52:00

An ok point. God, they are awful aren't they? How are they that far up the table? Weird. Surely we have enough firepower to get out of this? Just a question of whether of attack beats our defence. UTV
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19/01/2013 19:54:00

Lambert's strategy needs to change for me now: we played really well against Norwich, Liverpool and in first half today. They can play. But when we conceded we were like rabbits in the headlights, terrified. Again. And look what happened. Again. Time to lay into them now and get them to man up- this nicey nicey approach clearly isnt working. They need a boot up the arsenal because something in me says there might just have enough to get out if we put our demons to bed. UTV
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19/01/2013 19:54:00

I think Lamberts gone... his whole manner has changed, the kicking the water bottles & sat head in hands is the look of a man that knows it
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19/01/2013 19:54:00

Yep, Zoggy should of stayed on. Bannan.... waste of a shirt when we're on the backfoot. I'm a Gabby critic but I must say, he looked up for it today and took his goal cooly. My god, thats 2 PL goals this season already!
Pride of Lions
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19/01/2013 19:56:00

Tactically appalling in the second half - allowing them to repeatedly test a defence that we know was weak (esp with the forced changes after Baker went off)....and frankly Albion were not that good today. Lambert does not seem able to defend a lead - as my commentator put is "we stopped attacking" after the break - although we had 2-3 chances against the run where really we could have put it beyond reach, we were not breaking effectively. Could just see their goals coming sooner or later, once more. So now.....he has to get a result on Tuesday. And then Newcastle is the biggest must-win so far - its their next game and then they have Scum and Spurs on the trot. A draw will just not be good enough for us. Regardless of the table we must not drift too far from a point per game, otherwise we re *****ed
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19/01/2013 19:57:00

Can't say a bad word about Gabby today, played well and unlucky not to be celebrating his (rare like you say PoL!) goal with a win. And olof they dominated us in the second half, but they're missing their main two central midfielders in Mulumbu and Yacob who were superb at the start of the season. We could do with MF's like them in our side to be fair.
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19/01/2013 19:59:00

2 points lost to the Nero effect - IF PL had brought in a couple of players to strengthen the midfield - which has been sadly lacking and blatantly obvious ALL season - then we'd have been another 2 points better off now......5 if you count the wasted opportunity to beat Southampton at home time is running out matches against beatable opposition are running out and we need points because we'll definitely have the worst goal dif come the end of the season
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19/01/2013 20:01:00

If Lerner can't see we need a quality defensive midfielder then he needs not just glasses but new eyes.
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19/01/2013 20:04:00

Zoggies best game, Delph's best game. How many defensive mistakes has Benteke made? May not of lost if Baker and Delph had stayed on the pitch. We are just so unlucky.
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19/01/2013 20:06:00

Credit where its due Delph, Gabby and Nzogbia had good games and the fact Bennett was rarely mentioned is also a good sign... The manner of defeat was just so disappointing the first half display was one of those where you can see all we do well if we had another few in to aid that we would be ok
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19/01/2013 20:14:00

Injuries cost us. The first 11 is good but they can't all last 90 mins so the squad is much much too thin. As soon as a couple are gone, we're *****ed. I've said 2 more players. Think it's got to be 2 x quality and some journeymen backups. MON had a massive squad but never had any injuries. We're the opposite and it's just our luck at the moment!!!!
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19/01/2013 20:40:00

The first half today was the best we've played all season. We didn't give them anything defensively and were such a threat going forward. Agbonlahor and N'Zogbia running at them terrified them, and Benteke's hold up play was much better. However I totally understand the N'Zogbia substitution.. yes he was our best player in the first off but, as was expected, they were putting pressure on us in the second half and needed to get someone in who would put them under pressure and help us out defensively. N'Zogbia doesnt do that whereas Holman can run and close down. It made total sense, especially when Delph had to go off and was replaced by Bannan. Delph was brilliant today, and we lost our ball-winner when he got injured. Bannan simply isn't good enough and we need reinforcements in that area. Benteke shouldnt man-mark from set pieces anymore, he has cost us 3 or 4 times this season now.. put him in line with the front post to head anything else away like Chelsea used to do with Drogba. I'd have taken a draw before the game so overall it's not a bad result, and we can take all the positives into the Bradford, Milwall and Newcastle games now.
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19/01/2013 21:37:00

Also teams around us seem to be getting the luck that we arent at the moment. Sounds like QPR got battered by West Ham today and stole a point.. Reading last week were battered by WBA and got 3 points. Our luck will change, especially if we play like we did today. If Lichaj scores its game over, if Gabby scores second half on the break its game over.. when your luck is in, those chances go in for you. Also, Lambert showed that with an almost fully fit squad that he can make this team play. 444 is right, injuries cost us in the end but Lambert can't help that. Not his fault he had to bring Bannan on to replace an in form Delph. Things will turn around with stability and continuity. When luck comes our way we will pick up the victories and move up the table
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19/01/2013 21:42:00

VillaHippo, I'm with you mate Bannan is useless and definitely not a DM!!!! Villa2610, you say it's not Lambert's fault he HAD to put Bannan on for Delph, if Delph had to come off then Ireland or Holman would have been much better option in that role (yes we need a signing there) rather than the tiny Bannan running around with his legs pumping like a cartoon. That substitution was the turning point for me and Bannan got skinned 3 times by Odemwingie before he scored, bad bad decision from Lambert and I also didn't agree with the NZgobia substitution either as he was by far our best player on the pitch. We needed to keep going at them and try to pin them back, not sit back and hope. Good point but bad decisions with subs by Lambert cost us 2 others.
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19/01/2013 22:01:00

Or to put this another way - can we think of one game this season where a substitution has gone right and turned a game for us (apart from Bent coming on). It was Ireland and Holman on for Delph and Nzogbia for me, all day long, given who was on the bench. Bannan at the back and Holman at the front was just a hopeless choice - and to be honest I am convinced now that neither of them are up to this standard. Bannan shows glimpses but never brings his whole game, if he even has one. Holman will chase the ball and fetch it in his teeth for 94 minutes but we need someone a bit more, er, capable than that.
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19/01/2013 22:27:00

We don't have Messi on the bench unfortunately malacaxeta. Probably proves that PL is picking the best 11 when no-one coming off the bench is making an impact. He plays the best and tries to patch up with poor leftovers that he inherited.
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19/01/2013 22:48:00

Sorry AdzVilla11 but Ireland is no more of a DM than Bannan. Ireland wants to play where N'Zogbia did today. Ireland is no better at defending than Bannan. Neither of them are the ideal choice or even good enough of course and we need cover. Holman seriously lacks ability I agree malacaxeta but he puts pressure on the opposition by running himself into the ground, something N'Zogbia doesnt do. So I actually support Lambert on that substitution, it was the right thing to do in my opinion
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19/01/2013 23:03:00

We did not lose guys and that away from home at the moment is a result, especially in a tight derby game. Our luck must change and the Newcastle game now is a big one. We need a result against a Bradford team now who think they have one foot into Wembley, let's show them that we are a different class and turn it in our favour. The league is our priority and staying up is a must but winning is a habit and it starts this week boys. C'MON YOU LIONS.
holte ender 1969
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19/01/2013 23:05:00

Here Here 1969! UTV
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19/01/2013 23:13:00

n'zogbia was our best player today by a mile in my opinion! dangerous every single time he was on the ball! everyone around me went mad when he got subbed. holmans a waste of space aswell, thing is he's only really good for his work rate.... and when he doesn't work hard he's *****e
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20/01/2013 01:16:00

It would be boring if we won every week
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20/01/2013 01:18:00

Villa2610, I totally agree re Ireland but I still think he or Holman (even though it's not their position) would have been better than Bannan. Let's hope we sign a DM this week and belt Bradford then start to build a bit of momentum. UTV
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20/01/2013 07:01:00

I'm not sure what all this love in is fall Ireland. He arrived at the club with people claiming he was better than Milner, yet in 2 and a half years his one good performance was against Chelsea, NYE 2011. I think we all agree that Bannan isn't of the required quality that we need, but we know that Lambert likes a trier, and he will put a shift in. I also agree with whoever mentioned Benteke on defensive set pieces, have him in space to clear danger areas, not marking.
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20/01/2013 08:43:00

Francobaresi13 Got to agree been saying it all season Ireland,Bannan Delph & Nzobia yes all capable of a good game now and again and thats where the problem is we need consistent performances from them now more tha ever would gladly sell the lot if decent replacements can be found would add KEA to that list as well.My biggest dissapointment has been Nzobia I know hes just had a good game at West Brom but its sparse return from a player with his talent.
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21/01/2013 12:21:00


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