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Bradford 3 - Aston Villa 1

LC Semi 1st Leg

Coral Windows Stadium


Attendance: 22,245

Referee: Webb

3 - 1
Aston Villa
Wells (19), McArdle (77), McHugh (88)
Weimann (82)
Venue: Coral Windows Stadium
Attendance: 22,245
The Teams
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 8 2013

Time: 9:47PM

Your Comments

Im f'ing embarrassed
Im still going to support Lambert and dont want him to go... Please dont ask me why I dont have any answers...
Pile of steaming *****. Only one thing else to say - when did football become a non-contact sport ?
Well done Bradford...we were awful, absolutely awful. No idea, no skill, no workrate, nothing. Pants ! I can't see Lambert lasting much longer.
worst result for 49 years says it all
No defence no midfield no formation no quality no passion no f*****g hope. It breaks my heart but that team is relegation fodder and absolute disgrace to the shirt ripped apart by a div 4 team.
Defence was terrible today it has to be said. They all show promise and potential (apart from Bennett) but the obvious lack of experience is so so frustrating. That's why we're so bad at set pieces because we can't organise ourself. As for Bennett, his performance made me wish Warnock was back, and that is saying something.
I'm predicting Lamberts post match quote - "Honest bunch of lads, endeavour. Result just a blip. We'll be fine". Self deluded, stubborn arrogant little man. Thinks he is Mourinho. Let me tell you mate..YOU'RE NOT!!!!!!
heavy d
I hope we're sitting here next season saying how silly we were to panic so much because we won two cups and finished in a comfortable position... One can dream and hope... Good old hope!
I wouldn't go as far as to blame Lambert. He's done well with what he's got, he just need to understand what we need in to stay in the PL, another experienced defender and two experienced midfielders.
Bennett's the worst player we've ever had. He can't defend and more importantly possession always breaks down with him. He thinks he's 1000000x better than he is. Kid needs to get dropped and be given a reality check.
God we are awful, just awful. All our own doing. I'm not giving Bradford a jot of was all us being *****e. Bennett, N'Zogbia, Delph, Bannan should never EVER wear the shirt again. Players just jogging around. Southampton must be licking their lips. We're gone. Dead and buried. This team of ours never fails to find new ways to kick you when you're down...and one in the teeth for luck...and again. We're awful at VP too...DIRE TIMES.
Green Villan
.....and if the defence let him down tonight, Who signed most of them? Bennett? stealing
heavy d
Been reading this site for ages but finally had to voice my opinion. I have never been so embarrassed by what I have seen tonite and for most of this season. PL has gambled with my beloved club and for the sake of everyone at the club put your ego aside and recognise you have made a catastrophic mistake. The philosophy of youngsters whilst commendable is not working. They are simply not good enough, they need to be introduced drip feed in a winning team. Back 6 simply not EPL standard and what anybody sees in Delph & Bannan I'll never know. In a different set up they may thrive in this environment they are drowning . Rant over...ish
...a living. You can see why Middlebrough tried so hard to keep him. Oh wait, they didn't did they? He wasn't in the team when we signed him. Middlebrough reserve left back is the sort of players we are targetting. Disgraceful!
heavy d
Lerner OUT!
Green Villan
Absolute joke. The whole lot of them were absolute dog **** but special mention goes to Bennett who has got to be worse than Warnock, Jlloyd Samuel and all the other jokers we've had at LB. Did we have a midfield tonight? Too angry to comment on Lambert and his ridiculous substitution - that was not the game to give Burke his full debut when you have Ireland/Carruthers on the bench!! Didn't think I could be more embarrassed after the Wigan but oh how I was wrong! Resorting to long ball against a League Two side ffs!!
Lion Heart
Nothing against you personally Fear but we lost 8-0, 4-0 and 3-0 to WIGAN who are now relegation rivals and now showed up by a bottom tier team I think Ellis would of shown him the door and rightfully so!
Green Villan
I picked 3-1 but the other way, utter disgrace from all involved. Shipping 3 against league 2 opposition is pathetic. Need 4 signings now!!
Lerner OUT!
Green Villan
We desperately need to get Vlaar back as well, his absence is huge. The way Clark tried to switch markers just before they headed their second goal was just embarrassing.
Agree Lion Heart, add to Bennett - Delph & Bannan who are so lightweight it's a joke worst midfield in top flight and with the front 4 all parked on edge of Bradfords box our only answer is hoof, exactly what div 2 is all about. Worse thing is lambert just sits there and thinks its ok
Me dressed up as Harry Potter and stood on the 25 yard box waving a twig at the opposition would be more effective defending than that. Whatever that was. The defending is that bad I don't think just the fact that they are young is a good enough excuse... Meh.
First time posting on this site as what i saw today was dire. We have the 2 worst Centre Mids in the league. Delph is awful. Bannan is not good enough. I think we should concentrate on buying a whole new midfield - which has QUALITY!!!!!!! Our strike force is actually decent at the moment with Weimann/Bent/Benteke/Gabby/Holman we have options, experience and a tiny amount of quality. With Vlaar back our defence will do. BUT THERE IS NO QUALITY IN MIDFIELD! Don't waste money on more strikers - just some quality midfielders.
I wouldn't slam Delph as he put the effort in today. Bannan, on the other, was entirely woeful.
Hope to never see Joe Bennet in a Villa shirt again.
Amen to that Edgar
Lambert and Lerner OUT!
Green Villan
Report Already on the Premier unofficial Bantams Site thoughts????????
I said before, by the West Brom game but now, if we do not get a result against Southampton ( ie a win ) then Lambert just has to go - that leaves 2 weeks to try and sort it out. Put Sid in charge on Monday morning and look for a new manager by the following weekend. Bad as the Xmas Three Games were......we had a two man midfield today. WTF.
About the worst passing and team display I've ever seen. I'm ashamed of this team right now. The tactics were absolutely woeful and the in game changes made things worse. How a manager could watch N'zogbia play THAT F'NG SELFISH and never take him out is beyond me. Wiemann should have been pushed upfront with Benteke and the midfield should have been changed, the Bent for Gabby change was uninspired and poor coaching. IDK, I like Lambert a lot but I really don't have any idea what he thinks he's been doing the past couple weeks. He's mentally on some kind of vacation and needs to get himself and his house in order. I really don't see us getting anything from Southampton on the weekend and if we don't, boy are we in some kind of trouble. Pray that QPR don't get themselves together and play the way they are capable because it'll be all we can do to stay ahead of Wigan and Reading. UTV, kick on
If he says in the post-match interview "i thought the lads were honest and worked really hard!" then Lerner should interrupt the interview and sack him on the spot We have a game on saturday that we need to sign a midfield beforehand - Delph and Bannan wouldn't get in a pub team!
Amid all the recriminations, I just wanna say that I'm 100% behind Lambert. Lerner on the other hand, has a lot to answer for.
My dad used to say if you dont have anything good to say dont say anything, so I'm going off to have a quiet heart attack. Still surely we cant miss that many chances in the second leg, or can we. Does anyone know what Enda has done on Lambo that they have a chimp playing instead of him.
by the way, i'd just like to say "thank you villa for making me the laughing stock and the butt of the jokes again this week - constantly for 3 seasons now you c***s!"
Totally agree JWiLs Nzogbia was a joke so-called senior pro. Weimann's our best chance of something good happening in the game at all at the moment - starting him on the wing was mad
If Tekkers had scored his chances different story, however it would've papered over the cracks of the shambles that Lambert is serving up. I just wish somebody at this club would speak to the fans and say "we have no money" or "we will only sign youngsters" the silence is deafening and we are becoming a laughing stock
I think your harsh on Lambert he does have an idea..................... 'No Idea'....................... Parky is our King
Remember Tranmere in 94? Let's keep hoping. Hoping that we have a team even half as good as in 94. Hoping that our club isn't dead. Hoping that our Chairman, God bless him, realises he has gradually reduced our fine club to an even worse state than Ellis did and beggars off. Foreign benefactors need to realise that running a football team is a labour of love, not a cash cow and the only people who make anything are the stars. One bad decision after the next and now we have no-one left to steady the ship. I feel sorry for Lambert as he needs proper backing. Bannan and Delph are way out of their depth in midfield. NZog doesn't know how to pass and the defence is league 2 standard as Bradford showed tonight. Christmas was not a blip, the Liverpool game was. I really can't see how Lambert can dig us out of this mess that our club has been run into.
Windy Villain
If N'Zogbia never played we wouldn't have got into their final third without the hoofball to Benteke though! The Burke for Bent change was very questionable though, he hasn't been in the best form but surely Ireland would've been more threatening than a youngster?
Interesting. I can't get into a big debate about Doug Ellis because my head will literally explode, but, did we not get relegated under him FIVE YEARS after a European cup win. Did he not sell our cup winning captain? Oh and what about the dark O'Leary years when we were nearly relegated. Oh and the fact that the training ground hadn't changed or had any development what-so-ever for years. (Lerner fixed that). I agree the silence is deafening and yes we should be told what's happening at the club, but I think sometimes it's a case of short memories. I wasn't born when we won the european cup but I understand the recent history of the club and Doug Ellis was no saint. I've no idea like anyone else what's really going on at the club at the moment, but it's a gross misjudgment to assume we'd be any better off with Ellis. I'm not saying we should just blindly trust Lerner and I've no idea where we're going to end up with him, but people are very fickle/quick to forget and I've not given up on Lerner yet. Just saying, that's my opinion anyway.
My immediate thoughts at 2-0 down was we need that all important away goal and it came, but then so did their third. I really can't see us keeping a clean sheet at home, even against Bradford. So I would say its gonna be tough now for us to qualify. Have agree with the rest commenting here, Bannan and Delph together were dreadful. We missed Holman and Westwood tonight and the defence was dreadful. Could Warnock, Collins, Dunne and Hutton of been any worse. I've been a fan since 1975 and have seen some bad losses in my time. Remember the Turner days, but I'd say that ranks with the worst I've seen. I really fear Southampton could turn us over again the weekend and we need an absolute miracle to stay up. Positive notes tonight, Weimann, Nzogbia, Benteke and Gabby can be given some credit for at least trying. But I'd make that the last game for Bennett, Delph, Bannan and Given. They really were that bad. And lastly as depressed as I am tonight I still love the Villa and always will. Please to God this dreadful run comes to an end.
Lerner out.
Also the amount of people calling for Collins, Warnock back etc is hilarious considering how much of a hate figure they have all been for many on here over the last few seasons. Let's just get O'Neil, Ellis, Warnock, Collins back and we'll definitely be better off :-/
Green Villan, you're being a****. Go take a deep breath and stop attacking your fellow fans who are just as gutted as you are, okay?
I want to apologise to Oscararc for being a complete gob*****e to him and trying to defend Bennett...
Wow your togetherness is a credit to each and everyone of you! You all follow the club and are entitled to a opinion..... Dont fall out boys!
Do you really think a new manager is going to change anything? Yeah Learner completey *****ed up with the Houllier/Mcliesh yadda yadda thing, but a) I don't know who else we'd get (think most Wolves fans would prefer McCarthy was still in charge?) and b) yet MORE unstability. I'm just praying Lambert keeps us up that'll do for now!
94 side - Bosnich, Barrett, Staunton, Teale, McGrath, Richardson, Townsend, Daley, Atkinson, Saunders Houghton/Fenton. (from memory so don't shoot). Name one of the shower of *****e that played tonight who you would put in that side? This isn't a Tranmere situation.
heavy d
Utterly offensive crap removed.
Haha okay G.V. I don't need facts as I was just telling you that you're out of order, which is obvious to anyone who ever goes on this site. And I'm not a 'faggit', ta very much.
Lerner out...but that would require him being in, and I've not seen or heard anything from him in at least a year, if not two.
Mike if you can tell me why I have to spend what I don't have to watch this shower of "CRAP" and then have to sit there and take ***** from blue noses i WILL GIVE YOU £1 Million
Green Villan
lets hope we go out of this cup in a low key fashion because i dread us facing chelski in the final and the headline "Record score for Benitez boys......and Terry shags Lerner's new girlfriend too!"
Green Villan I think you're being totally disrespectful to Fear. You can have your views and whatever but there's no need to be disrespectful and down right rude to people for having their own opinion. On tonights performance, yes it was woeful, yes the defending is embarrassing but we created plenty of chances to give us hope of beating bradford 2-0 at home. Ciaran Clark is a disgrace.. he can't tackle, he can't head a ball and his marking for the second goal was a joke. Comparing Benteke to Drogba is one of the biggest insults i've ever heard.. He was woeful today, missing chance after chance, heading was poor, his touch and hold up play wasnt great, and his marking for the third goal should result in 2 weeks wages stripped from him. It was his fault for the first Wigan goal as well and its disgusting.. He doesnt deserve the praise he's been getting because since the Liverpool game he's been non-existent. N'Zogbia was good against Ipswich and in the first off looked a threat running at them, but his end product was poor. Bennett is poor defending but showed against Ipswich he can be a threat going forward. We need Vlaar back asap along with another CB, an LB and 2 CMs, and we will be fine
You don't Green, you have a choice, just like I do to remove your ramblings for breaching the sites terms and conditions on attacking fellow fans. Plenty of warnings chap, blame me all you like, but how many angry outbursts do you think you're entitled to?
I blame Joe Bennett. So poor! Zoggy looked good. Big pitch, shooting boots on. 2 weeks. I'm gonna rock Villa park on my own.
I reckon he wont have to try very hard to ban you GV... This is one of those times where you need to just stay away from the computer and anything else that you can get sport on... Whats the point in letting this upset you bickering with other fans is as pointless as Villa showing up tonight... And that goes for us all... ;)
Have your 3 back!
Green Villan
Also, all those calling for Lambert out.. who would we get in who is any better?! A change of manager has hardly served us well over the last 3 years, and there is no one better who would take us on. Give him time and he will turn us around. Calling for Sid to take over? Yes he's a club legend but he has no premier league managing experience.. that won't help us at all.. Passion can only get you so far as we should know from O'Neill. All he could do was motivate and inject passion, but he couldnt take us any further with much much better players. Give Lambert a chance and don't panic. If we beat southampton at the weekend, draw against WBA and turn the semi-final around at home with a full house behind the boys then all this doom and gloom will go away and people will be positive again. Too quick to judge and get down.
you throwing the ikea sink at us?
Can't you lot see the cloud above us? You so called Villa fans make me so damn angry, we are going to get relegated! DO YOU LOT WANT THAT?
Green Villan
Theres no craic in the EPL might be more fun in the Championship...
Green Villan
That's it Green Villan, shouting the odds and abusing fellow fans is really the solution to our problems at the moment. Keep calm and carry on. Lerner isn't going anywhere just yet, neither is Lambert.. Support the boys on Saturday and hope for a win. Getting on their backs isn't going to help us in this dire situation. UTV
CDX_EIRE Your more of a man than any of that shower out there tonight. Probably a better player too.
Not a lot to say, youngest, poorest villa team ever. This defence is without doubt the worst we have ever had, much worse than last seasons. Mr Lambert Oh dear what have you done? Pershorevilla
Right first things is first Green Villan Calm down. right what i saw tonight was absolutely shocking joe bennett was terrible we need a new LB or warnock back. firstly Lerner out. Secondly As a manager if something isnt going right you dont stick with the same tactic you change it so it works so an appeal to lambert from me please get some experienced players this month to save us. thirdly lambert needs to beg warnock, dunne and hutton to come back to get some much needed experience in defence. finally we need to bring at least two experienced midfielders in before the end of jan and at least one in before southampton. Not going to bed happy tonight and i dont like going to bed unhappy. oh and bannan needs to go as well. rant over wukky out!
Thank you Oscar sir... I think many of us would have put in a better show... Iv a dodgy knee tho so I dont think Id have done better than Super Andi...
Heres a good idea. two weeks from now sit in front of the telly. Pull out the old video recorder. Put on the 94 final and pretend that united are Bradford. Then pretend that Staunton is Bennett, Baker and Clarke can be Gods left and right leg, Bentekke is Atkinson etc . No its not going to work is it. sh**e.
Doesn't matter who's manager the plain and simple fact is our squad is total rubbish!! Manager is only as good as his players and our players suck
A lot of sense has been spoken tonight by subscribers to this site, sadly no one who can influence anything at the club is listening. Mr Lambert, or should we call him the master tacticion seems hell bent on continuing on this disastrous course, and a bit like the kings new clothes I just don't see it. I see the Villa under sixteen team went out of the youth cup tonight, should have expected it they have an average age of seven, in line with Villa policy.
Green, log off calm down and have a few months to yourself, you can't post like that and you know it. It's nothing to do with people hating you as you put it.
I have a funny Feeling Lerner as forgot he owns us.
Ellis only ever spent the club's money not his own and Lerner is a BENEFACTOR. Calling him penny pinching is very harsh - he was unlucky in his timing- Man City money made a top 4 finish almost impossible for us and so the whole business plan changed. If we had continued to try for Champions League without his money, we’d have done a Leeds. His personal situation has changed too, though he should take responsibility for the lack of communication from the club to the fans/ his customers – that used to be delegated to his directors but they obviously don’t want to have to face the difficult questions. As for the match tonight – it was a disgrace. Why did we have to go gung ho in the first leg just because it was against lower league opposition – we should have kept it solid, safe and play for a draw at worst and then hammer them in the 2nd leg. Bannan and Delph were shocking, but they normally are – I find it inconceivable that Bannan has played over 50 games for us – 18 games this season with 1 assist and no goals – woeful crossing much of the time and so many cheap giveaways in the middle of the park. Lightweight, they defend poorly, don’t retain the ball and create nothing! Benteke is obviously great up front but not so clever in our own box. Bennett should be playing left midfield or on the wing – he looks good with the ball at feet but is too positive for our poor defence and gets caught too far forward or in possession too often. Set pieces continue to be shocking at both ends of the pitch – last season we couldn’t score – this season we can’t defend – what do they do in training?? Agbonlahor – one goal in 26 League games (?) – can’t be first choice on that basis. Benteke and Weiman look good up front – play Carruthers and Holman out wide and Westwood and Herd in the middle of the park.
I think Lambert and Lerner need to do the right thing and leave because i hate seeing Villa like this and if we go down we may not come back up for a while thats what i fear. If Lambert only brings in average players from the championship, league1 and league2 we will go down simple as that. at least when we had M******** we actually had experience throughout the team. bad times.
I was there tonight. Only Baker came over to thank the fans the rest of the overpaid prima donnas marched off the pitch, probably to a wine bar later and will have the day off tomorrow.Bennett was quite shocking. Perhaps one of my lowest points as a villa fan.
OMG- just seen Stephens was on the bench! WTF didnt PL play him?
Green Villans ire is so funny, it's like he is the Green Goblin and we're all Spiderman....fancy saying ***** ON THE VILLA...from a fan? No excuse for that. Villa2610 - you are spot on and so is Mike Field - as always. Yes, this is a disgrace and yes we are in trouble...may the transfer window save us and may Vlaar and the other turn the corner and pull us out of this mess! UTV Till I Die!
1. Set piece defending was terrible 2. We failed to take key chances. Gabby should have scored. Benteke should have definitely scored and BENT.. all you Bent fans out there... BENT should have absolutely, utterly and completely scored. I could have thrown the tele out of the window at that point. He is a disgrace, mistiming his jump given his 'reputation' and what he's paid- at this level as wel. Maybe he should mis-park his Ferrari and see how he feels when he crunches it up the wall. That's how I feel Benty. Nzogbia with a free header as well. Puts so much pressure on a confidence battered defence.
on a different night we could have won that 5-3... :)
stupidity aside i did have a thought - PL constantly experiments with the line up. he needs to find the 11 and play them. injuries are an issue but still, find the 11. he obviously hasn't, and that is a bit of a concern.
i think it's time some people realise that clarke is NO WHERE NEAR as good as some people think that he is
I feel so sorry for the loyal and loud traveling faithful who witnessed that no show. The squad should publicly apologise and refund their travel costs and ticket costs. AVFC is, for now, a premiership team and got spanked by a league 2 team in a cup semi final. I can't believe what is happening to our club and fear for our safety as that will not help the confidence levels at all. Surely we can start to turn this dire run around. Buy buy buy and quick quick quick. Two midfielders, centre half and left back. If we lose again this weekend and go out to Bradford on the return leg at home then it will be flak jacket time for Randy and Co.
holte ender 1969
Wills I think it's time people realise everybodies confidence is shot because Clark is definitely good enough on his game, he's already proved it. They are just shot and it's so obvious when you don't look for scapegoats. Some agreed Cahill wasn't good enough because Monny didn't think so, he's now above us and an international. Some said Ridgewell wasn't good enough despite not accepting he was thrown in the deep end, oh lookie, he's now above us. Give them time, support, not rash judgements especially when they have nobody on the pitch to help them. No guarantees anyone makes it, but right them and everybody else off as some are now, since when was football so today where nobody makes a mistake.

Or alternatively, we could look at the fact it was Clark to blame for every goal, it was Clark to blame for every chance missed and so on lol
Given what happened to BCFC when they had a run in this daft Cup I would rather we went out now and stayed up
2 or 3minutes before the end, I had had enough and went to bed. (It was 4.36am by then) Could I sleep?..... not a chance, I was in a daze! I've calmed down sufficent to sate, quite clearly that we will NOT win a cup and we WILL be relegated. Accept it now, it isn't gong to change. We are a diabolically poor team. I backed Lambert, but wtf he's doing is beyond me.
Pride of Lions
Honestly - whilst we all bleed claret and blue - A reality check is that players like Bannan, Delph and Bennett are just really poor players. i dont expect you all to agree with me, but really if you watch and assess all the matches these guys have played in even the ones we won, i think might understand were i am coming from. instead of just keeping passes simple and flowing we have players who chose to make erronious step overs and flambouyant side steps - for F4cks sake just pass the ball and fast. by the time these heros pass the ball every opposition player and fan in the stadium knows wehre they will make the pass to. As for Clark he is truly lacks the mental capacity to read the game as a defensive player. Last nights game just emotionally drained me and i am sure many of you as well. and it does not end there as this morning is just the start of the slander that i will get. i should just go sMoke some p0t and hum -"Dont worry be happy" by bob marley :-)
Don't worry be happy was Bobby McFerrin. Just saying.
heavy d
Cant help thinking Guzan would have saved at least the second goal. Dreadful performance all round. Only light for me was N'Zogbia's performance. He should be back in the first team now!
yes you right Heavy D - but was alreadt smoking pot and Bob marley seemed more fitting:-)
PLs tactics have been questionable all season. The art of being a good manager is to set your tactics, formation etc to get the best out of what you have so that the whole i greater than the sum of the parts, PL seems to think its taking poor / average / young players and leaving them to make it up as they go along. Everyone blaming Lerner is partly right but not for lack of investment, he is simply not ruthless enough. MON should have been controlled, it was the signings of Delph, Warnock, Collins, Dunne, Heskey, Cuellar etc that meant we had to sell Young, Milner and Downing. Mcleish should have been sacked (he should never have been appointed actually) before xmas and Lambert should be handed his P45 asap.
Agree with Left Foot. On another night we could have won the game. We started well but did not put away our chances. Credit to Duke in the Bradford goal as he kept them in it at the start of the second half. Unfortunatley our defence is completely awful. We cannot defend - full stop! I still have faith in Lambert to turn it round but we really need to see some experience to come in quickly otherwise we will be down by March.
Bobby Norman
Shocking display of arrogance last night where Bradford were up for a fight and the 'quality' of a 'premier league' were clearly lacking. Yes their keeper was outstanding, but we only played for the first 15-20 of each half and while the first Bradford goal was unfortunate, the other two were the same old story of woeful defending from set pieces. Congratulation to Bradford on being the far better side! Now i'm wondering if I want to subject myself to more humiliation and go to the second leg. 2 Cheap tickets going if there are any takers!
to many left players bannan and delph asyer workhorses in the middle both left players clark and baker both left players in defence .after there first goal we fell apart no confidence can players tackle anymore when you tackle you are after the ball not the legs little bit of advice there
Nerrad Villa
Just an observation, but if Lambert buys a team full of players from the lower leagues, doesn't that turn us into the equivalent of a lower league team? Just cos they wear a premiership team's colours, doesn't make them automatuically improve by one, two or three divisions. Lambert should have worked through the night last night to line up at least two experienced signings in time for Southampton. Every pundit, fan, commentator says Villa lack experience and need to sign some in January. They can't all be wrong. We're almost a third of the way through January with very important games coming thick and fast and still no-one has come in. If we are to sign players, please dont leave it until 31 January. If we don't sign any experience, I'm afraid we will be relegated and the value of Randy's investment will plummet in this of all years.
Understand why Green Villan is so upset arent we all its not just losing to Bradford its the very real threat of relegation hovering over us. Been banging on all season that Holman apart I would ditch all our midfielders Bannan Delph Nzobia Ireland KEA the lot. I played better than Bennett in the Festival league and that was works football whoever scouted him and KEA for Lambert should be looking for a job. We are running out of time unless 2 decent midfielders at a minimum are bought in January I feel these embarressments arent over because teams are just waltzing past our midfield even with Vlar & stevens back the defence would be under constant pressure.
I definitely think last nights problems were caused by Lambert and the Central Midfield. I say this as a fan of Lambert but I say it is his fault because Bradford have attacked in every round so far, why not let them come out and attack us and then hit them on the break... Secondly the central midfield, MY GOD WTF!!! we can blame the defense all we like but if we have a defense that has nobody in midfield looking for the ball and then the defense are constantly forced to play difficult long balls and more than likely losing the ball inviting more attacks where the midfield will not come back and help defend of course the defense is going to make mistakes... Ireland would have helped last night in my opinion... On a final note from me, Benteke needs to work on his finishing... ASAP!
The Fear
Well said KevJoyBoy. Agree alcoollie, we just don't have a mid field plain and simple.
Have to admit we are in free fall. More worried tha I've ever been
On a different note Mr.Fear is certainly getting a lot of visits to his site this evening. The traffic counter must be going through the roof. It's like Christmas in the Fear household.
F**K OFF Lerner you useless yank S**THOUSE
Believe it or not - this helps (altogether now - lovely shade of green:)
Randy needs to decide if he is interested in this club or not. If no money is there then he needs to sell for sake of AVFC. Huge investment required. If that's not possible sell please.......
Sad Times indeed, Green Villan is not a bad chap he's a good lad he is upset and so is the rest of us we all show it differentley, Lambert has not done aswell as i imagined before he came, he looked lost last night on the TV footage like a rabbit in the headlights, this was embarrasing and hurtfull but mostly unacceptable something has to be done about it NOW!
Even by my very low expectations of Lame Bert before the season started he has been poor. He may in time be a half decent manager but I rate him on a par with Paul Jewell. Then again Jewell kept Bradford up for one season didn't he? Perhaps I am being too generous. As ever, I hope I am completely wrong and Villa go on a 3 match winning streak.
Someone has given Bennett MoM, just saying.

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Stats: Aston Villa v Man U (Saturday December 20 2014)

Lambert - Duo Going Nowhere In January (Saturday December 20 2014)

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1. The Fear 721
2. Pride of Lions 687
3. ClivetheVillan 635
4. kefkat 272
5. Freeman14 243
6. sirdennis 198
7. Villan57 169
8. Sussex Villan 138
9. Fulford 131
10. DeanoVilla 122

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Team P W D L GD Pts
9. Newcastle 17 6 5 6 -5 23
10. Liverpool 17 6 4 7 -3 22
11. Everton 17 5 6 6 0 21
12. Aston Villa 17 5 5 7 -10 20
13. Stoke 16 5 4 7 -3 19
14. Sunderland 17 3 10 4 -9 19
15. WBA 17 4 5 8 -6 17

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