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Aston Villa 0 - Wigan 3


Villa Park


Attendance: 33,374

Referee: Friend

Aston Villa
0 - 3
Ramis (3), Boyce (52), Kone (56)
Venue: Villa Park
Attendance: 33,374
The Teams
Al Habsi
Di Santo
El Ahmadi
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday December 29 2012

Time: 5:16PM

Your Comments

The championship might nt be all that bad.we may even have a chance of getting into the top four. Ps bugger off Learner and Falkner.
The win against Liverpool seems distant memory now!!!
Diego Maradonas claret and blue ar-my - invading the UK at a town near you
Attendance: 33,34 this so could be our average in division 1.
Three defeats in a row would have been palatable. Tree defeats whilst shipping FIFTEEN goals without reply is a disaster. The Aston Villa Christmas Turkey Shoot. I feel sorry for Lambert. He's tried to do something new and take a risk with youth. It clearly hasn't worked and he needs serious backing in January. He won't get it. Lerner came into English football when a club like Villa could go places under an owner like him. Times have changed. Lerner should throw in the towel and sell up to someone willing to invest in quality players. Even Berlusconi is a better owner than RL and gets in football men to run his club. Lerner strikes me as an asset stripper who flatters to decieve.
Just ****C OFF Lerner & tek that PRIKC Faulkner with you.
Just heard Lambert on BBC WM and he's determined to stick with the kids and it didn't sound like he's going to bring in any experienced players in !!
Just heard Lambert on BBC WM and he's determined to stick with the kids and it didn't sound like he's going to bring in any experienced players in !!
There was an article today about how Fergie stuck with the kids after being beaten 3-1 by the Villa back in the 90's (Beckham got on the scoresheet for Man Utd). The journo basically said that Lambert should do the same. Maybe he should, but weren't there giants like Cantona and Schmeichel around for the Reds back then? And Fergie is a one off.
Awful...I'm always optimistic and look for poitives and genuinely felt we would be ok, but today confirmed their heads have gone...Confidence destroyed, not just losses and heavy ones but not even a goal scored...No goals, awful goal difference and terrible home form points to one thing only...Not even sure Jan will change much, cant spend wild or afford wages, not a great deal about and of those who are need to be attracted to us...Not saying we cant still buy something decent, but we realy need something special to halt this, do not underestimate what these last 3 results have done to us...Would not have been such an issue but for these last 3 results...Deep trouble now though!!!
He's not fit to tie Fergie's laces so it's irrelevant, either we sign in Jan or we are down, simple as...our so called youngsters are *****.
I've never been so disappointed in my club. Lambert said it all - this was a must win game. P.Avfc, I don't think the youngsters are *****, the so called experience around them is missing in numbers and quality. Lamberts faith in the youngsters and the formation is commendable-I genuinely believe he wants to play in the 'right way', but surely he see's it needs to change and we need to buy players who have experience of playing in this league. If not, then we'll be playing against Small Heath and McJoke at Forest next season.
shambles.... we actually dont deserve to be a premiership team
Men against boys again. The boys won't change into men overnight. Wigan had some quality experience in their squad. Simple difference.
It certainly looks like Lerner's plan to re-structure the club will now involve relegation. But at least we won't be banned from European competition for spending too much, which is a consolation. And even as the club disappears into financial oblivion, after the parachute payments run out, we can always take pride in knowing we did the right thing.
These last three games definitely have not been flukes, but then again, neither were the Man U, Arsenal, and Liverpool games. It is simply going to be a VERY bumpy, roller coaster ride for the rest of this season. With some smart additions and subtractions in January in keeping with the current philosophy, I think we should find ourselves getting back near mid table by season end, with a sustainable foundation to climb higher.
Virginia Villan
Play the right way? No width ! No Ball winner! No creative force. The worst villa team I have seen. Headless chickens. We cant defend. We dont produce enough chances to score. How many clear cut chances did we have against the great wigan team. Does Lambert and the board know what they are doing? There are so many problems I can see us getting it fixed.
Our last 8 games have produced a points total that most would have thought acceptable if you look who we faced. Our last 8 games have produced fighting performances against Stoke, QPR, and Reading where 5 points gained was about right. Four points certainly deserved from the 2 home games, lucky away. Also good performances against Liverpoiol and Arsenal. Of course this has all been followed by 3 awful performances and results, but we have ended the year about where most expected us to be and must be older and wiser for it. The big lessons seem obvious - when we are organised and keep our shape, our young defence looked good and provide a platform going forward. When we lose all our shape and heads drop, then we have had it. Lambo sees this, and we all see it. How to change is Lambos job and I fully trust him to deliver us out of this. All this call for old heads annoys me. We have a lot going for us, and our old heads of last season produced just as bad results, and had no potential going forward. Players like Lowton, Clark, Baker, and Westwood have real quality and have so far on balance done their jobs very well. the solution is not to chuck them out but to trust them and address where things are going wrong. Yes Vlaar and Baker coming back will help, and when they do maybe some more options to improve our possession in midfield, which seems the root of all evil - not creating enough, and putting pressure on our defence. I simply cannot see that major changes in personnel will take us anywhere. I believe we can turn this round. Lpool and Norwich were not flukes, but we need to rebuild our confidence. Now is not the time for getting on anyones backs - either the players or Lambos. Now is the time Villa need all the support more than ever. Keep the faith, look how quick things can change. We WILL restore pride. We will succeed. Up the Villa!
Come on ... Lambert sort it out. We've hit Rock bottom. Bad bad 3 results and performances. Change this ***** poor formation - improvements needed all over. Bring on 2013. It could be a GREAT year.
Nobody will want to sign for us anyway. After the last 3 games, does anyone seriously believe that there are worse teams than us in this league ?
I'm sorry. I wouldn't trust this current lot to even be able to identify the problems, let alone address them in January. It was obvious in august that the squad was lacking in both quality and experience. It was obvious that trying to play too many young players at once would actually hinder their progression and lead to us taking a kicking. Our chairman thinks that leaving the club in the hands of Faulkner all season, and then only turning up today is acceptable behaviour as "custodian" of our club. Meanwhile much maligned 88 year old Doug Ellis has turned up to nearly every game and watched this crap all season. The heavy defeats haven't been freak results. Southampton 4-1, Everton 3-0, ManCity 5-0, Chelsea 8-0, Spurs 4-0 and Wigan 3-0 could all have been much worse. You can't take 6 beatings like that in the space of 25 games and say they were flukes. a 1 in 5 games hammering ratio??? They need all need to come clean. If Lambert is being forced in to signing untried crap he should say so. If not, and this approach was all his idea, he needs to admit he was wrong and change tack. His post match comments at the moment have him coming across like Avram Grant or , even worse, Alex McLeish. The lack of backing and action from the board has me feeling they think relegation is acceptable. IT IS NOT!
heavy d
We had 11 attempts on goal??? When were they??? I counted maybe 3
That's it folks!! :(
Steven Ireland was pitiful today. He deserved to be boots when he went off. Lichaj was shocking.
Just a thought on this old-heads issue. Our average age is about 23 and we are a team of kids?. Gareth Bale is 23. Danny Welbeck is 22 Some kids, or are we just getting more excuses when the quality is not there.
Oscararc, decent footballers like Shearer adapt their game as their legs can't do it when they age. Their nous is better but they still need younger others around them to do the running. All we've got at the moment is the running with no nous atall. The lads at 20-23 have a handful of senior competitive games between them. There is no teams anywhere that play with zero experience and there's a MAJOR reason that we've got the youngest team ever in the prem.
Not commented much this year as i thought this could work but enough is enough .Villa sort it out now as you are distroying our fine club . i hope all at villa read these comments as this is WAKE UP time and it is real
...and are doing so poorly.
Randy you may convince some or many that Villa is no longer a big club, and you may also play and live on the average net spending of 15million a season during O'Neils time here as manager, but i see where we are now, i see the type of quality players that have left this great club yet to be replaced with cheaper ones, this wages cutbacks was far too drastic far too soon look at the mess we are in YOU WILL NEVER MAKE ME EVEN REMOTELY THINK FOR ONE MINUTE VILLA IS NOT A MASSIVE GREATEST CLUB THERE IS PLEASE FOR THE LUV OF VILLA SELL US TO SOMEONE WHO HAS AMBITIONS THIS CLUB DESERVES!
The point I was kind of making 444 is that these are not kids. They are in the main, five years past their eighteenth birthday where real players like Rooney were already old stagers. I dont know about you but at 23 I was looking over my shoulder at 30. They may need some additions but this kids excuse is a bit iffy. Whatever happened to old head on young shoulders. We have got headless chickens instead.
if its any consolation newcastles defence is worse than yours in my opinion. perhaps you can push past them however they have a better attack. i personally hope you stay up i have alot of time for your fans and your club. for the rest of the season you will be my second team as i think you guys will need all the help and support you can get. i thought i would post this here too just to give you guys some moral spport
Powderpuff. That's Villa's midfield. Mortimer, Bremner, Townsend, Richardson, Taylor, Milner, Barry, Platt, Birch, Petrov..... 'nuff said.
Forgive me for stating the obvious, Villa look to be as bad as the bottom three. That means you may actually be relegated. That means you would no longer be part of the list of clubs to never have been relegated from the Prem. That would be a shame.
very bad result today but not the end of the world. We are still only a couple of wins away from mid table, granted it is difficult to see where two wins will come from but that is football. Keep the faith. There is no magic wand. No White (Zat) Knight riding in to save us. Lamberts squad of inexperienced rookies will have to pick themselves up and sort it out. There is no alternative. No money to spend. No experienced quality coming in January, Why would they want to join Villa ? What we have is what we go with. Why is that so hard to understand. Stop crying out for solutions that dont exist and get behind the manager and team. Do the supporters role and do it well. Do it better than you have ever done it and we will prevail.
That has to be in the top five worst results in the history of AVFC, the last two results were against good sides heading for the top four, this was Wigan, 3-0 at home to Wigan...
Fiddling while Rome burns will not see us prevail. Singing Claret 'n Blue Army while we get our asses handed to us, while the managers stubborness and boards lack of backing is not addressed is pitiful. - Again, all the money spent is loans he earns interest on, and the clubs net spend of only 12-15million per season is a pittance for a billionaire. (It's not even the yearly interest on his fortune, and the club have also spent nearly 20million paying off managers and back room staff for eff's sake!). As all the money is loans though, we have gone from a club with minimal debt and a small overdraft to owing Randy Lerner tens of millions of pounds. He hasn't spent a penny. He is exactly like Hicks and Gillett and the Glazers. Using the club as collateral for loans (from the Lerner Family Trust, through Reform Aquisitions), then using the clubs own money to revenue to repay it. He has bought Villa using TV revenue and gate receipts rather than spending his own money!!!!! Wise up people!!!!
heavy d
Said it earlier in the week on here, not typing it all over again, LERNER JUST GO.
Fair point oscararc. I just think that in this day and age we don't progress the lads to the first team until too late and MON was worst of all at this and we can't change this overnight unfortunately. Rooney was a different class. Old head on young shoulders but half our lads are new to the prem also and there's a gulf of difference.
What makes us so damn special that we can play 8 players from our youth team and expect them all to be premiership quality????? How many youth team players does every other team play???? If our players were so good why are there no bids flying in for them? Simple logic... You can't build a team with no budget. Youth players don't cut it. Simple. Do somethien RL or get out.
What makes us so damn special that we can play 8 players from our youth team and expect them all to be premiership quality????? How many youth team players does every other team play???? If our players were so good why are there no bids flying in for them? Simple logic... You can't build a team with no budget. Youth players don't cut it. Simple. Do somethien RL or get out.
Villa's much vaunted academy/youth setup is terribly overrated. The players coming out are, generally, technically limited British and Irish lads. Not their fault that they haven't been taught real football but that's the way it is. The fella's doing the coaching are, seemingly, old school Brits which doesn't help. Ajax, Barcelona and others on the continent know how to develop gifted, technically able footballers. AVFC don't.
Time for Lerner to stump up 30-40 million in the transfer market in January. Get an experienced CB, CM (creative & battler), and Striker. That will get us out of this mess....possibly. I think we are around 3-4 experienced players off a decent team. I.e get out Ireland, Lichaj, Herd (works hard but not a centre half), We need a spine of experience with an additional option up front.
On a serious note, what players would you reasonably expect to bring in either on loan or on a permanent deal? are there any rumours of players that might be coming?
Alot better than this dross, is this a serious question?
Green Villan
The way we are playing you would get a game oxfordspur. Have you got some boots and a lift to swansea? That's what is so frustrating. We are a joke to the football world at the moment, when a few years ago it looked promising. The chairman hides behind scapegoats and accepts no responsibility. He can blame managers all he wants but they didn't agree to overpay on fees and wages for average players, and they certainly didn't sanction the disposal of those same players for massive losses. Lerner and Faulkner did The only way we will get anyone of quality in now will be by massively overpaying in wages. Great strategy eh???
heavy d
oxfordspur - could you imagine Daniel Levy having his pants pulled down as much as Paul Faulkner and the Villa board? Even when your players have stated publically that they want to leave he still manages to get top dollar and do what is best for the club. He got shafted with a couple of moves Damian Comolli made so what happened? Bye bye Comolli. He may be an odious little man but he knows how football works. Paul Faulkner knows how call centres work (joke) and that's it. Ultimately it is Randy Lerner who has put the club in his hands.
heavy d
Looking at the stats, I must appaud the 33,350 Villa supporters who turned up yesterday, you all deserve a medal. I think all I wanted to say is a combination of what has been said, so I'm going to have my breakfast.
Pride of Lions
To everyone moaning about how ***** we are - please go away and go and support a glory club.
Agreed antonvilla WIGAN at home!! FFS. I'm still backing PL but he has set us up all wrong over the last few games and we have been punished hard for it. Westwood was starting to become the one mid field player that we could nail on for a starting berth and then he's on the bench? Lichaj, Bannan, Herd, Holman, El Ahmadi & Albrighton will never be good premiership players on a consistent basis which is what you need to be a good player, not tiny flashes here and there. 4 players in Jan please. Wigan.... seriously
why do we suddenly have lurkers from outside the holy kingdom appearing to think they can make comments on this site ? Would you like me to come on your site and speculate about which of your players are taking (or making) bungs....?
heavy d, I agree with much of what you say re Levy, though personally I like the fact that Levy values every last penny and has never spent what spurs couldnt afford either on wages of transfer fee. even when we have made mistakes (Bentley, Pavlyuchenko) he has done great business elsewhere that more than compensates for them. even with Comolli, he bought the odd turkey, but also when you look at buys like Berbatov, he has doubled/trebled his money on a very decent % of his buys
What I did I say at the beginning of the season? PL is much, much worse than AM. We will pass Forest coming up as we go down. We should have stuck with AM, at least our goals against was not as bad!! Personally I blame Faulkner. But, what do I know? I've only followed the Club for 60 years +
Faulkner, what the **** does he do?
Come on lost_In_Ca, I've always liked reading what you've wrote in the past, but please even you can't mean your last remark! 20 games played and 4 yes 4 wins in total, last 3 games 15 goals against and zero in response, I think the fans have every right to have a go, Lerner has a lot to answer for, he doesn't even turn up anymore!
You must be joking miksten. Eck should never've come in the first place. You were not mystic meg at the start of the season.
We have had a few ***** performance's. the club itself is not *****. Randy is a very smart businessman; I believe all cutting costs, reduce spending and all the new financial regulations are linked and point to a strong future, We all just have to keep faith.
I hope so mate I really do.

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