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Aston Villa 0 - Spurs 4


Villa Park


Attendance: 36,863

Referee: Clattenburg

Aston Villa
0 - 4
Defoe (57), Bale (61, 73, 84)
Venue: Villa Park
Attendance: 36,863
The Teams
El Ahmadi
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday December 26 2012

Time: 8:39PM

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75% possession first half. This is NOT the way to blood in youngsters, it will ruin their confidence. Sad state of affairs. In three other teams being worse than us we trust
The Fear
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26/12/2012 20:42:00

12 goals shipped without reply. Lambert isn't the problem. The young, inexperienced Villans -- generally -- aren't either. Not saying that anybody should be 'OUT' but the owner and his representitive on Earth (Faulkner) should take a long, hard look at themselves. Why should hard pressed fans turn up to watch this rubbish?
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26/12/2012 20:46:00

We look worse than Wolves did last year....and we all know what's happened to them. Very poor today...sick of saying it.
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26/12/2012 20:50:00

I have to say that tonight's performance was without doubt such utter insipid dross that Spurs undoubtedly deserved all three points. Except for a couple of poorly executed breaks their was no creativity, with confidence shot. Some rain splattered bloke two rows up started screaming "Lerner out." I daren't go in the forums. I can here the hastily assembled band wagons from here.
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26/12/2012 21:00:00

Have to agree, a sad state of affairs. We will struggle to stay up this season, no question. 12 goals against in 2 games will surely shatter already fragile confidence, and I doubt Wigan will give us much change, even if we up our game. Felt we looked shell-shocked as the second went in, as we had probably been enjoying our best spell at that stage. Flashes of form (against Man City and Norwich in the cup, and against Liverpool when we should have been three down) don't really hide the fact that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. A long hard winter ahead, but we knew that anyway. A -21 goal difference, we probably didn't...
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26/12/2012 21:01:00

"Representative on earth" lol. Haven't heard from fatty Faulkner for ages. He must be doing all this behind the scenes stuff which makes us so well off that we can afford any player in the world. Quality players and results will make us money. Randy is supposed to have his finger on the pulse RE: making money. We should be paying sky to broadcast our games at the moment.
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26/12/2012 21:01:00

Hansen once said on MOTD that you won't win anything with kids. In thi case I think he's right. The way the first half went you weren't going to keep us out for ever. You need some older heads in there. Please don't give up on the kids, they need your support more than ever.
Andre's Crouching
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26/12/2012 21:04:00

Look at the positives. Away trips to Molineux, London Rd and Pride Park should be good fun.
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26/12/2012 21:07:00

Emperors New Clothes well and truly visible now.
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26/12/2012 21:25:00

After two horrendous defeats- a minimum of a tactic change needed! What happened to the 4-3-3??
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26/12/2012 21:33:00

I'm still backing PL but he got it completely wrong today, wrong formation, wrong tactics and wrong starting lineup. I honestly think it's as bad if not worse than the 8-0. We were at home to Spurs and should have a hada real go instead they had a million percent of the possession and 14 corners before we got a single 1 and that was in the first half. Delph is rubbish and championship level at best, sell him in Jan as I have lost patience with him, he's shown no signs of anything good in his time at Villa. Very worried about KEA as well, I'll give him more time but he's been pure tripe and was again today too, looks like he's jogging casually everywhere. Ireland is clearly going in Jan (if anyone will take him) because there's no other reason to say why he isn't starting. All round rubbish terrible lackluster performance, a MUST win against Wigan now and min 4 top class signings in Jan or it will be a tough end of season. The kids need help especially in the centre of the park. Not happy. UTV.
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26/12/2012 21:41:00

Adz - I thought Delph was our best player. I thought Herd and Bennett did well. Lets not forget Baker went off and he also was playing ok. I agree about KEA - hes not good enough.
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26/12/2012 21:47:00

Week midfield KEA is one of the worst I've seen in a villa shirt, delph isn't much better... How much was he again?? 6-7 mill?? That's why we're in the trouble we are now!! I'm very very worrid
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26/12/2012 21:56:00

SHOULD BE GOOD ENOUGH - Guzan, Baker, Bennett, Clark, Herd, Ireland, Delph, Holman, Vlaar, Dunne, Gabby, Benteke JURY'S OUT - Lowton, Bent, Albrighton, Bannan, Wiemann, Given, Westwood, Lichaj NOT GOOD ENOUGH - KEA
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26/12/2012 21:58:00

These stats are completely different to those on sky sports, OPTA.
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26/12/2012 22:08:00

I honestly thought the effort and defensive attributes in the first half were good again today, as they have been on much of our good run. But the midfield performance and selection were a huge problem. Also without Weimann alongside our attacking strength is muted to say the least. Bad selection today, but I trust we will learn and get it right. Still confident we can get enough results to get us out of the mire, but Wigan game now has the addition of heaps of pressure and jangling nerves. Another "any win will do game" like the Reading game is the prospect. Or even the hope!
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26/12/2012 22:34:00

Piper I respect your opinion on Delph, I don't have a problem with his ethic and work rate but for me he's not anything special. Maybe I couldn't see clearly through the red mist in my eyes at the dire performance we were putting in though. Our mid field is a major problem in my eyes and today proved it. To start 3 defensive minded mid fielders that play short passes left, right and back in front of a back 5 rather than Ireland who always looks forward and to create is one of the worse calls PL has made in his short Villa career. Lesson learned for the manager as much as the players. 433 against Wigan with Ireland starting please.
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26/12/2012 22:51:00

As an outsider looking in, you looked like 11 lost boys today. No leadership, no fight. Ive just seen a average on paper Stoke City completley outfight and batter Liverpool. I looked at the match ups today - Dembele against Westwood, Sandro against that bald fella, a complete mismatch and one you would struggle to find as extreme in the top 2 divisions let alone the prem. Out muscled, skilled and worked. You really need some fight in the middle, and you also need to play Marc Albrighton, at least he looked like a premiership footballer today.
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27/12/2012 02:25:00

KEA = Rubbish! Delph = Rubbish - though slightly best from a poor, poor bunch. Roll on January. Oh, and bring back Warnock.... at least he has some experience and fight in him!
Pride of Lions
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27/12/2012 03:05:00

PiperUK you are smoking crack if you think Delph is anything near good.
Green Villan
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27/12/2012 07:03:00

I have to say that you and Reading have been by some distance the two worst teams we have faced this season
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27/12/2012 09:59:00

If you'd have said 3 points from 2 away @ Pool and Chelski, 1 home against Spuds i'd have said yes, i'll take it with the kids we have now. I certainly wouldn't have taken the goal difference! KEA was S H I & *, jogging around for everything and not tracking back, losing out on nearly every tackle, Delph and Westwood were second best also, but the back 3 didn't make the grade again today. And Benteke needs some more practice beating the offside trap! Should have had Bowery alongside him really if we are trying new stuff out and Holman in Midfield for KEA. Would even have tried Carruthers up alongside the big man tbh.
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27/12/2012 11:12:00

why are people saying delph is showing signs of class? if you think class is clumsy tackles, losing the ball, passing backwards, turning past a man then not knowing what to do with the ball and ending up losing it then yeah quality player. he is woeful. can someone also tell holman and el hamadi to stop racing in and getting done everytime by full backs its embarrasing
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27/12/2012 11:47:00

Delph is playing best of a poor bunch in midfield. There's no option once he gets to a certain area of the pitch and that's the manager and coach's fault, not his. Everyone's touch was very poor yesterday apart from Albrighton for the first 10 mins when he came on. Benteke looked like he had too much Christmas pudding, in fact most of them apart from Brad did.
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27/12/2012 12:00:00

3 or 4 players in January are desperately needed as is Vlaar back into the team... We have absolutely nothing in MF...
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27/12/2012 12:07:00

Sometimes a dose of realism has to kick in. I would ask supporters to have a look at a much bigger picture than the last two games. And whilst we do not want to blame injuries, the ones we have, are having a massive effect on the club. We are without our club captain, Petrov. We are without the man bought in as skipper, Vlaar. We are also without 3 players who have been skipper in the absence of those two, Gabi, Dunne and Bent. For the game againest Spuds we were without 3 of our 4 strikers. We were without our 2 most experienced centre halfs and then one of the replacements, Baker, gets injured with the score at 0 0. How would Spuds cope without Gallas, Vertonghen and Dawson, without Parker, Bale, Adebayor and Defoe?? Because the players we have in those postitions were not available to us yesterday. in fact I defy any team outside the top 4 to lose 3 strikers, 3 centre halfs and the club captain and still function normally. For example imagine Redscouse without Suarez and errrrr . . . . anybody else they care to name as striker. Then take out Agger and Skrtel and Carragher. And then take out Gerrard. And for good measure take out Downing as well because we are also without N'Zogbia. Our kids beat their strongest team. Imagine what would have happened if they had the injury problems to cope with that we have. That said, Lambert must still be able to set up a team of players of this quality (young as they may be) to at least defend. We have conceded 3 goals in one half against Bluescouse, Manure and Chelski. We have conceded 4 goals in one half against Spuds, Southampton and ManCiteh. And we have conceded 5 in one half, also against Chelski. It was good to hear the Holte (those that were still there after the 4th went in) spend the final 10 minutes singing Paul Lamberts claret and blue army. The ones that were still there at the final whistle were the diehards who know how to support a football club and can see the challenges faced by Lambert and our young Lions. Those of you who failed to turn up or who threw in the towel at 3 or 4 nil. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You are not Villa supporters in my eyes. Up the Villa. The 19th minute.
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27/12/2012 16:24:00

You can't blame injuries for the last couple of results. Dunne hasn't been available all season, Bent was being frozen out, N'Zogbia wasn't being picked even when fit, Gabby - Seriously??? Out of all the injured players the only one you could definitely say would have been a starter was Weimann, with maybe Vlaar getting a game after the youngsters shipped 8 against Chelsea. Fair play to the Holtenders who were singing to the death. How many times in the last couple of years have we heard that getting behind the team will reap benefits with performances and results??? The supporters have been great this year so the players can't pin their poor performance on pressure from the crowd, and inspite of this support, it has been the opposition more often than not that have gone home with the points. The spurs fans were laughing at us yesterday as if to say "How bad would Villa have to play for this crowd to turn?". Sometimes enough is enough
heavy d
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27/12/2012 16:52:00

voth, those bitterenders who stayed and sang are no more or less Villa supporters than anyone else. Personally, I think fans should stay until the end but after having PAID for a ticket and seen your side lose 0-4 then people are entitled to feel hacked off. The ticket reevnue -- ultimately -- goes into RL's pocket. Where are the Laursen's, Barry's, Milner's and Young's? The academy isn't going to produce the next Messi anytime in the near future! TWELVE goals conceded in two games -- a joint EPL record -- and without reply. Dismal.
Report Abuse
27/12/2012 17:02:00

My point -- put in a slightly convulated manner -- was if people have paid for a ticket and watched their side collapse then if they want to leave early they are entitled to. Doesn't make them lesser Lion's than the ones who stayed and sang. Maybe they are delusional considering the owner is trousering the gate proceeds whilst failing to properly invest in the club.
Report Abuse
27/12/2012 17:06:00

Well said heavy, I agree that you can't blame that on injures and also out of the mentioned names only Weimann, Vlaar and maybe Gabby would have started. The fact is we were setup all wrong, paying 352 is only good away from home (sometimes) to soak up the pressure and hit them on the break but at home you really have to have a go and get at teams like we did first half verse Man U. I still rate and back PL but he got it completely wrong. We need Ireland starting in a 4231/433 against Wigan. UTV
Report Abuse
27/12/2012 20:28:00


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