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Chelsea 8 - Aston Villa 0


Stamford Bridge


Attendance: 41,363

Referee: Dowd ****

8 - 0
Aston Villa
Torres (3), Luiz (29), Ivanovic (34), Lampard (58), Ramires (75, 90), Oscar (pen 79), Hazard (83)
Venue: Stamford Bridge
Attendance: 41,363
The Teams
El Ahmadi
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards

The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday December 23 2012

Time: 6:02PM

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Gonna beat spurs though
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23/12/2012 18:04:00

our worst moment in over 40 years
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23/12/2012 18:05:00

A team that cost hundreds of millions to assemble, with trophies galore in the cabinet, vs our bargain basement boys. Lessons to be learnt for sure. Chin up lads.
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23/12/2012 18:05:00

Made us look non league standard let alone the league one and championship where some of our players have come from.
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23/12/2012 18:16:00

They are CL players. We are still learning. UTV.
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23/12/2012 18:17:00

Look at that *****in team, thats what happens Lerner when strip a club of it's talent, get out and stay out.
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23/12/2012 18:17:00

Were are a club growing in confidence ahead of the Semi Final.
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23/12/2012 18:23:00

How can we be so good one week & so dire the next?! Shocking 'performance'. I hope he puts the rod up them because they owe us a damn performance after this disgrace!!
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23/12/2012 18:29:00

Usually I would offer you all a detailed analysis, and some serious pointers on where I thought we went I'll just say...Utter Sh1t.
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23/12/2012 18:38:00

Away wins at Norwich, Man City, Sunderland and Liverpool. Outstanding and unlucky against Man Utd. This was not a typical Villa performance - do not loose sight of the bigger picture. Ok it was a total collapse but remain positive and buy your tickets for Wednesday.
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23/12/2012 18:46:00

we've gotta take the bad with the good. With such a young and inexperienced side we're bound to have our as-ses handed to us every now and again. It's a work in progress, believe! We just lost to the Champions Of Europe away so its not all bad :)
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23/12/2012 18:46:00

By the way Eltoro - ive had enough of this 'we sell our best players' BS. 20 million for Downing? Great business. How the hell could we of stopped Milner, Young and Barry doubling or tripling their wages on gates of 30k to 35k people? There was nothing we coukd of done without putting the club into mega debt. Watch QPR go under and learn.
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23/12/2012 18:51:00

Benitez should take the credit as none of them have accepted him. He did a job on us today. Luiz in midfield is obvious to all and I was so worried when I saw their lineup. Men against toddlers. The littleuns will have learnt a lot and our priority is to survive, not top 4. Embarrassing though and had to leave after 5-0. Lerner cheque book neeeeeded in January for the experience as we all know....
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23/12/2012 18:52:00

From the BBC.. "The defeat was Aston Villa's heaviest in top-flight football. They have lost 7-0 on five previous occasions - most recently in 1950."
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23/12/2012 18:52:00

Erm, oh well. Roller coaster let's thromp Wigan and go on to win the cup.
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23/12/2012 19:13:00

Passing was extremely poor today, each pass was always 2-3 yards wide of where it should've went, couldn't string anything decent together. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Bannan offers nothing special in midfield.
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23/12/2012 19:16:00

If I was Lambert I'd say forget about the result; the game has happened and that will never change. Lets move in to next week and learn from it. Benteke's touch and timing wasn't there today, but he carried on wanting the ball and making runs, didn't go hiding. He'll learn from that.
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23/12/2012 19:26:00

Agree with Piper, 444, Kool and Baresi. This is a misleading result. A bad one, yes, but look at the bigger picture. Chelsea are finished under the current owner. In a decade they could be in administration. Villa are going places long term. Chelsea were bought not built. Villa lost this particular battle but will win the war. UTV.
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23/12/2012 19:40:00

Lot of fairweather fans here, who were probably bleating about a bright future last weekend. Yes we got mullered by a much more established and experienced side than us. Shouldn't change the 3 year plan. We go back to VP Boxing Day ready for Tottenham having learned a harsh lesson. Messi, Ronaldo or anyone of that nature will not be arriving in January, we might get a bit more experience in but we (rightfully) won't be spending insane sums. That's really helped QPR hasn't it? If you can't take the flak about a loss in the pub or on Facebook or whatever go and support Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal or one of the Manchester clubs like the other plastic fashion fans who base their football knowledge on internet forums, FIFA and YouTube
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23/12/2012 19:53:00

There are going to be the odd freak result during a season and today was unlucky to be ours. We will bounce back and its important to understand we are very much work in progress with a very, very young squad. So long as we learn from this then it will be a lesson well learnt. Move on and back the boys. UTV
holte ender 1969
Report Abuse
23/12/2012 19:55:00

Our worst performance in living memory. To ship EIGHT goals to nil at this level is shameful. Full stop. Forget that result against Liverpool, the great way we've been playing, the cup semi-final. That result was an absolute horror show. The players should compensate the fans and publicly apologise.
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23/12/2012 19:57:00

not sure on the public apology but the fans who went should be refunded by the players as a gesture
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23/12/2012 20:03:00

Man United got turned over 6-1 in their own backyard last year in the derby. Everton have been smashed 6-1 at home and 7-0 away by Arsenal in the last few years. Stoke were bashed 7-0 by Chelsea two years ago. Man City got turned over 8-1 by Middlesbrough 4 years ago. Arsenal's 8-2 last year that was blamed on a young, inexperienced side. Digest, learn, move to the next game. It hasn't relegated us. Its harmed our goal difference yes but we haven't lost any points.
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23/12/2012 20:08:00

What a way to deflate the balloon!! Always going to be ups and downs while rebuilding with youngsters but that was some fall from grace!! Look forward not back, HAVE to be Spuds now and I still think we will. UTV
Report Abuse
23/12/2012 20:15:00

All true and the right attitude, wizard. UTV.
Report Abuse
23/12/2012 20:17:00

Ho-ho-ho, Merry Christmas! That really does smart. No getting away from it; that is a disgraceful scoreline. You have to laugh.
Report Abuse
23/12/2012 20:22:00

You can call me a lot of things but don't ever call me a 'Fair Weather fan.'
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23/12/2012 20:23:00

Beaten 8-0 and the keeper gets MoM. Says it all. Nowhere to go now except upwards says he in hope. At least Alex made a d**k of himself today so its not a total loss.
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23/12/2012 20:25:00

Re MoM,,,,we have to give it to ,a bag o chips......after all we ate nothing V tid ,,,19
paul muldrew
Report Abuse
23/12/2012 20:38:00

I remember when a result like that would have been written Chelsea 8 (EIGHT) Aston Villa 0
Report Abuse
23/12/2012 20:56:00

wizard load of old tosh mate, EVERY fan has a right to say what they think, and if you don't like or agree with that it doesn't mean them fans are fair weather or plastic mate, this was embarrasing, you said what you think others say what they think, as sme of us hurt when we lose and lose so embarrassingly like today i see you don't hurt like the rest of us then!
Report Abuse
23/12/2012 21:05:00

Didn't call anyone a fairweather fan by name. I don't know you but you don't seem like one. There are certainly some fans here who think that because we sold some star players that is why we lost 8-0 today. They know nothing. Clive - if you think it didn't hurt me you are wrong. Countless texts etc from Chelsea fans, Blues fans, Wolves fans etc has nearly resulted in threats of physical assault lol. What I won't do is overreact. Its one game. No defence for the boys other than they were totally put to the sword by a ruthless, experienced side with a chip on their collective shoulder. The youngsters were totally overwhelmed by players who have won leagues, trophies and tournaments domestically, on the continent and in the international arena. But as I said, we lost one game worth three points. If we lost 1-0 it would have had the same impact on our league position. In three years time we will be hopefully look back on this as the darkest day in Lamberts reign as we prepare to launch an assault on the top 6 of the Premiership. We are all Villa fans at the end of the day and please accept my apologies for any offence caused. UTV
Report Abuse
23/12/2012 21:44:00

No needfor any apolagies dude lol we are all Villans, just saying what i feel tbh. the difference in views we have Wizard is i worry about the impact this heavy loss and the manner in which we lost will or might have for the games ahead, this is a crucuial period the crimbo schedule and we can ill afford to hit the slump at the worst time possible, that said you are right its just 3 points 1 game but these kids confidence will be tested to the hilt now thsi is my main concern not the banter i will have to put up with, but the impact of being humiliated and hammered, i hope they bounce back for us they have too tbh, this is my take on today
Report Abuse
23/12/2012 22:15:00

I never gave us much hope at the Bridge, it's not a happy hunting ground for us - except of course, last season. I reckon Chelsea were out to punish us for that and they succeeded. I just hope it doesn't knock the wind out of the lads given the recent run of good form and good results. We're going to get beat again this season folks - it's how the team deal with it that counts. Have faith. UTV
Report Abuse
23/12/2012 22:51:00

1-0 loss or 8-0 loss, makes no difference to me. Went there with nothing to lose, ho hum. Onward and upward. utv
Report Abuse
23/12/2012 23:27:00

Positive is the lads and PL will be completely fired up to take it out on Spurs!! 2-0 UTV
Report Abuse
23/12/2012 23:41:00

***** off Lerner! GET OUT!
Green Villan
Report Abuse
24/12/2012 00:01:00

^^stupid remark! Passions running high but c'mon, really???
holte ender 1969
Report Abuse
24/12/2012 00:25:00

No if you read my posts from day one i have always said I do NOT want Lerner at Villa so stick your insult up your arse!
Green Villan
Report Abuse
24/12/2012 00:39:00

Hey guys lets put this into perspective here. in 2010 we lost to the same team 7-1, with Friedel, L Young, Dunne, Warnock, Collins, Sidwell, Ashley Young, Milner, Petrov, Downing (sub), Carew & Agbonlahor. Compare that to the youngsters playing today. Personally i was more ashamed on that day. Yes we've lost Ashley, Milner and Downing, but were we ever gonna keep them without serious money and serious risks. I know where I'd rather be - and its not back in 2010.... We may have had a Blip and it is a Blip but believe in what Paul Lambert is building here and on what budget compared to 2010. As I said I know where i'd rather be and I'm sure that the vast majority of Villa fans will all agree tomorrow morning.
Report Abuse
24/12/2012 01:00:00

Gutted! Totally gutted! You have to take your hat off to Chelski though, they were iresistable last night! Lambert has got a REAL job on his hands to get our young lads "up" for Tottenham, otherwise...... You can't tell me this will not of effected the lads.
Pride of Lions
Report Abuse
24/12/2012 01:01:00

Whitey, when did "the same team" have Matta, Oscar and Ramires in?
Green Villan
Report Abuse
24/12/2012 01:54:00

One thing I learned today is the hope and optimism I have for this Villa side... A lot of people tried to put the team down saying this and that about us but at the end of the day I wouldnt listen to them and ended up giving them something to think about stats mean nothing however I was able to get just enough in for people to be a bit nicer at least... I dont know how I managed to watch the whole game either at 3-0 I had hope that may be just may be we could get back in it even at 5 I thought we would get some consolation... Its a humiliating defeat no doubt and I think we really need a super performance at the very least to turn the ship back so the heads dont drop... This is one of those games where we needed Vlaar and Petrov or someone to come off the bench to shield the likes of Baker who had a torrid time... Hopefully this is the catalyst for another undefeated run and so long as we remain above the drop before the new year and within grasp of two or three teams above us we will be fine... Do not despair my fellow Villans we will recover and while that is something you never want your team to suffer they will arguably take more from that match than the 6 games before...
Report Abuse
24/12/2012 01:55:00

Grizzly - I'd have to go with worst result in living memory , not worst performance . They don't always go hand in hand .
Report Abuse
24/12/2012 04:10:00

We would've taken 1 point from Anfield and the Bridge. We got 3! Woop! However I do need Glensider to come out and tell me everthing is gonna be alright?
Report Abuse
24/12/2012 04:14:00

Was there really any need for Phil Dowd to award the 2 late 'soft' pens aswell?? W@NKER
Report Abuse
24/12/2012 08:41:00

Phil Dowd is such a useless fat twonk. And yeah, I could do with a pat on the back from Glensider. Glad no one where I work is a football fan
Report Abuse
24/12/2012 08:51:00

NEVER let that happen again.
The Fear
Report Abuse
24/12/2012 11:14:00

woww there some fickle fans.. over confidence was the case for yesterday! yeah we played horrid but i'm sure we'll bounce back, maybe not against spurs, but in the next few weeks!
Report Abuse
24/12/2012 11:38:00

Agree with the optimistic comments on back of previous 6 games, and 100% reject the focus on this game as meaning more than just one result. it DOES NOT change all the progress being made. It also ought to be used to give the players confidence. No one is saying it, but those first two goals were wonder goals, and their first direct efforts on Guzan's goal. Another day Chelsea might have mis-fired all match. We didn't look devoid of confidence or defensive organisation at that stage. Once the third goal went in the team wilted visibly and the onslaught followed. Viewed in this way, this shows the difference between being up and at it, or not being, and leaking goals galore. But I stress again, the first two goals that set the scene were remarkably good. The bad performance was on the back of deflation that we were behind, and the game almost certainly alreadylost against the Euro champs. We start at 0-0 again on 26th. We can get a good, or even very good result. Up the Villa!
Report Abuse
24/12/2012 13:07:00

When is our turn to bat??
Report Abuse
24/12/2012 13:19:00

Some good and some childish points made above. The ones with expletives aimed at Lerner were obviously made by children and we can discount them. Regardless of the views (some for some against) some hold on Randolph it is quite embarrasing to read some of the comments. In my opinion Villa are a work in progress and yesterday was a kicking. How we recover will determine who does make progress from this team and who doesn't. Personally I don't think Bannan will ever make it. Size isn't everything, but yesterday he looked like a schoolboy who had walked on to the pitch in a kit that was too big for him and when he had the ball he proceeded to give it to a man in blue. It is important to remember that all the experience we have (Dunne, Petrov, Gabi, Vlaar, Nzogbia, Bent) were not available yesterday. With them we would still have been turned over(probably) but Lambert has to go with the cards he has been dealt. Unfortunately there have been several capitulations this season (Everton, Southampton, ManCiteh, Manure and now Chelski). That shows a worrying trend. So as much as many of the youngsters have obvious football ability, it is plain that some do not have the mental strength to play at this level. When things are going well they thrive, but as soon as the pressure is on they fold like a pack of cards. Lambert has to identify the wheat from the chaff and move on the youngsters who are not going to make it. Lambert has to have a look at himself also. His formation yesterday whilst successful in previous games, completely played into Chelskis hands. Their 5 man midfield of experienced and strong internationals completely overan our young and niave midfield 3. But hopefully everyone will learn. Including us as supporters. Looking forward to Boxing day to see who has the mental strength to cope with that result. Merry Christmas to all Vital Villans. Enjoy your after eights. UTV. The 19th Minute.
Report Abuse
24/12/2012 13:42:00

PIPER UK, you have your take on things, I have mine, but don't talk down to me, you don't even know me, I respect your opinion, and would like the same back, if you can't manage that then don't respond to my opinion.
Report Abuse
24/12/2012 19:58:00

Same goes for you Voiceoftheholte, calling people childish for letting off steam, come on please, lets be adults eh, I just have no time for people who have a dig at others will staying hidden behind a website.
Report Abuse
24/12/2012 20:08:00

Green Villan - "the same team" had Lampard on Fire, 5 goals not One like yesterday. But I have to agree Matta, Oscar and Ramires are decent players, but no match for Malouda, Lampard of 2010 and Drogba. My point was that Villa 2012 are an inferior proposition compared to the team we had under MON and if you are right in what you say that Matta, Oscar and Ramires are better, then that strengthens my case. We are not the team we were back in 2010 and in your opinion Chelsea are better now. Hence to lose yesterday was not as bad as the loss in 2010. The important thing is we are at the start of Lambert's career with Villa, not at the end of MON's and as I stated earlier we are now close to being a more viable economic stable team, not the unviable economic mess MON got us in.
Report Abuse
24/12/2012 22:05:00

No prob's Whitey I hear you.
Green Villan
Report Abuse
25/12/2012 16:33:00

eltoro - I mentioned no names. I didn't check who had said what. I presumed that anybody who thought it was intelligent to post expletives about a man who has invested tens of millions on our club was obviously the actions of children. I would normally have guessed that by having to resort to that it would be the actions of people without a good enough grasp of the language and most probably those without that grasp must be kids - not adults. If you were one of those posters who I thought was a child, I am not sure if that says more about you . . . or about me?
Report Abuse
26/12/2012 11:02:00

Pot + kettle
Report Abuse
26/12/2012 18:11:00

It matters not a jot how much he's invested to me, it's were we are now that counts, the facts of is reign are there for all to see, he should never have taken on GH or AM, and that's were all our problems began, yes MON left us in the *****, but the next move should have been swift and decisive, instead he *****ed and farted about with KMac, then went with GH then topped off all that with AM, Lerner is to blame in my eyes, if you see it differently that's fine, but for me I want him gone.
Report Abuse
26/12/2012 19:07:00


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