Stats: QPR v Aston Villa
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QPR 1 - Aston Villa 1


Loftus Road


Attendance: 17,387

Referee: Webb

1 - 1
Aston Villa
Mackie (18)
Holman (8)
Venue: Loftus Road
Attendance: 17,387
The Teams
El Ahmadi
Park Ji-Sung
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday December 1 2012

Time: 5:14PM

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12 on target... We could have been absoutely embarrassed if it wasn't for Guan
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01/12/2012 17:17:00

People shouldn overreact here Harry factor contributed heavily to QPRs form... Although I do agree the post and Guzan were the difference today... The subs were a little disappointing Ireland should have been on to help keep the ball...
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01/12/2012 17:22:00

surprised at that possession, QPR were all over us second half. Horrible game, I'm being told I'm a misery in the forum, but sorry, for me, we just aren't good enough. They are trying, no complaints there, but that was more pants. 3 shots on target v a team with only 5 points (before today) in the league. ARRGHHHHH.
The Fear
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01/12/2012 17:25:00

Good point.
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01/12/2012 17:27:00

I always make good points p.avfc, you know that. Oh, you mean that result is a good point? :o)
The Fear
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01/12/2012 17:33:00

Well, got back late - ony in 15 minutes ago and found we'd drawn. Seems a half decent point, but it seems it was a poor game.
Pride of Lions
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01/12/2012 17:38:00

Fear, I didn't make the game, but in the context of the season so far, seems a good point to me. First we got one, second it frustrates QPR at the very time that they maximum momentum. Every game now that they don't win makes their plight all the harder. OK that may be negative thinking, but it is a slightly bigger picture than just focussing on us. If we had been more open and they had taken all 3 points, then surely we would be feeling more worried now. Seems to me that we are in the position where we need to concentrate on staying in the PL this season. Lets face it, we ain't going to win anything league wise are we?
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01/12/2012 17:40:00

Who we were*
Avfc94 we do
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01/12/2012 17:45:00

On one of the Facebook pages, people keep saying "Lambert out" and there's me posting comments saying "No one else can do a better job so either support him or you get out." I am fed up with the lack of people who call themselves "Villa supporters" when they think we should be flying in the league when we should be lower with the team we have. Anyway, rant over. I think for who were playing against (the manager and players wise) we did extremely well. We were away, they have some decent players, decent manager, it was a good result. QPR will soon be coming away with points and we should be thankful we were never the team to get them on their way.
Avfc94 we do
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01/12/2012 17:45:00

were* my god typos ahoy. Sorry for the spam guys.
Avfc94 we do
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01/12/2012 17:46:00

I agree Gordo all things considered its a good point we are steadily improving, team is very young and everyone seems to be forgetting this is Harrys first home match and the squad is going to raise their game for 4 or 5 games and play above their ability... Im happy with that point we would have won if Vlaar had played he is able to help calm things down... For a team with a bad MF we are doing OK we have a lot of overrated players but we've started to hit a decent run so I think we will in an alright position come Jan... So a few new signings and we will move up the table...
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01/12/2012 17:49:00

Sorry but QPR were mostly rubbish. We actively strived to be worse. We just gave them too many opportunities in front of goal on a platter, that explains the shooting stats. Heres the thing - if we are going to have a better opportunity to win away this season I dont know where its coming from. So now the must-win game just keeps moving to the right - the two home fixtures at each end of December are now crucial if we want to arrive at new years with 20 pts - which is the bare minimum of a comfort zone. Albeit at home, Stoke and Wigan are a tougher proposition than that QPR team today. Even in less-than-recent memory, we have not tended to get much out of the three fixtures in between - with much better teams. And there was a definite argument to put Bent on today - er, instead of Williams, perhaps.
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01/12/2012 17:58:00

obviously trying to build a young team and it's looking good, but we lack all attacking ambition in tactics and from a manager that said at the start of the season he will ALWAYS look to attack teams. at one point in the 2nd half Clarke ran with the ball from his own half to the edge of QPR penalty area, not one MF player went with him or offered any support whatsoever - and neither did the forwards, and why do we persist in carrying the ball up to the edge of an opponents box and then play it back for it to end up with Guzan who hoofs it down the pitch so we lose possession anyway? we need to be taking on defenders on the edge of their box
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01/12/2012 18:05:00

I think you're overreacting Mala maybe Im too laid back.. who knows Im not worried one bit... Il only get worried if we dont sign any half decent lads in Jan...
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01/12/2012 18:07:00

McLeish was in the paper today saying that if he had had a start like Lambert, his body would be still swinging from the Holte End. How true. How true.
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01/12/2012 18:14:00

Yup McLeish is right. Don't care what any says his downfall was his previous employers thogh it must also be said that his football was not so good and that became the issue.
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01/12/2012 18:18:00

In fairness Gordon, I was all for giving McLeish a go - but my God, the 'style' of footall was painful to watch. We're in the poo though, difficult to argue otherwise.
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01/12/2012 18:25:00

As someone once said here he had the luck of the previous regime until he coached Houlliers good football out of them... PL was given everything that was wrong with the team and he is finally starting to get going... 4 or 5 games ago We started to improve and play how PL wants well guess what around the same time last year we started to go ***** with Eck... Its no coincidence that it takes a certain amount of time for a team to take on the managers philosphy... Start of Nov to Mid Nov the team starts to pick up the style and around January the team is pretty fluid... Eck is right tho he would have been strung up if he lasted this long... I gave him a chance I attended a few games when I lived there but he done himself no favours... As for PL is support him even if we get relegated but that wont happen he knows what he is doing...
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01/12/2012 18:29:00

Most people on here seemed to have seen the same game I saw. I am just having increasing problems rationalising the selections, the tactics, the substitutions. Derrick Williams was the best choice to put on at that stage, really ?? The points were for the begging at that point still. Not starting with Weimann or Ireland or even putting them think ?? Even Bent, you could see from his face, would have much preferred being off out pimpin his W London bitches :) :)
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01/12/2012 18:36:00

You're a cool head CDX, let's pray that you're right.
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01/12/2012 18:37:00

Get behind the team FFS. New manager impact for qpr and they've spent a fortune on their lads. Can't believe some tw*t suggested putting bent on. What the ***** would he have done?? I'm losing severe patience with our supporters. Randy is the only one to be getting a roasting. Who's going to come in and do better with our squad?? " put bent on and let him goal hang to score a hatrick when he gets his chance " incase no-one noticed, getting the ball to bents only area is the major problem, NOT Having Bent to finish. I thought that Villa fans had some football knowledge. Not so sure on here now.
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01/12/2012 19:21:00

It wasn't pretty but we were away from home against a team that cost 100 mil and they have much more prem experience. Not to mention the fact that the second hand car salesman has much much more experience in this league than PL!! The Reading game was much worse than this. People cannot just look at league positions and say " we should be getting 3 points". Randy is the nob that spent too much on MON's players and has the cobwebs on his wallet. Neither PL nor anyone else can turn water into wine but he's giving it a go.
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01/12/2012 19:27:00

Gordon, mcleish bought Hutton. PL bought Benteke. Eck played bent up front on his own and he averaged less touches per person than anyone else in the league. I don't need to go on. We have been shafted recently as fans but there's no point moaning for the sale of it. Last season was the time to moan, now there's an optimism. Looking at it another way, we've got more points than Eck got in his final 11-12 games with us already even if we're not tearing up any trees!!!
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01/12/2012 19:32:00

All things considered I think a point isn't half bad. Positives for me - Guzan again (obviously), Baker was really solid (what a player he's going to be!) same goes for Westwood and also Benteke (unplayable during the 1st half) Negatives - we were really sloppy at times, and we didn't pose enough of a threat to what is a very shaky defence (especially in the 2nd half) i agree with a lot of the comments on here re subs thought it was strange Ireland didn't get a run. Nevertheless considering it was deflated balloon face's first home game this wasn't a bad result. UTV!
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01/12/2012 19:40:00

if it turns out that someone on here is really a bluenose on a wind up, can they be blocked ?
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01/12/2012 19:53:00

When the shots on target are 12 to 3, the team with the 3 should be happy with a point.
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01/12/2012 19:57:00

Fred does have a point and he's happy with it ;)...
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01/12/2012 20:30:00

Villan444, you are not alone. there are more and more fans starting to see the progress, we would all like it to be quicker, but you cant rush these things. Some still talk of a big spend in January. Not going to happen IMO. The important thing is to keep the faith. Support this young team and gradually we will climb the table. Take each game as it comes. Forget the past. Bright future. This manager and this young team will get better and better. Confidence is a fragile thing.
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01/12/2012 21:07:00

cannot believe people are talking about McLeish and what he has to say?? big deal. who cares? move on....
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01/12/2012 22:16:00

At the moment we need points and a point away to QPR when it's Harry's first home game in charge is a good result regardless of how we played. Win against Stoke and its been a good month or so.
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02/12/2012 00:54:00

Yes we are making progress but need more options in attack , need more goals and not just the one every six months or so from Gabby, goals win games and can't rely on Benteke to be the only scorer, Bent needs service and that dried up after Young and Downing departed. So in Jan an experienced midfielder and forward, who is the question. Just hope Randy gives PL some funds
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02/12/2012 04:19:00

What's happened to Carruthers?
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02/12/2012 07:48:00

Oh, aree with the comments re Baker - future England international.
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02/12/2012 07:49:00

Reckon we did well all things considered, 444 just about hits the nail on the head. QPR have oodles of PL experience and big fat wages, New Boss syndrome and something to prove, we still didn't loose away from home!!
Report Abuse
02/12/2012 20:42:00

We were set up by the media as the lambs to the slaughter. Their darling 'Appy 'Arry' was going to start the greatest escape of all time and we were going to be the first victims of this. we turned up with a team missing 2 experienced centre halfs, two full backs and our club captain (the 19th minute). We were a team of kids against an expensively assembled team on a huge high and willing to go the extra mile for their new 'miracle worker' boss. Well our kids did fine. Of course there are many things to improve. Mistakes were made and we rode our luck a little at times. But we took the initiative, scored, had one disallowed and generally dug deep. The season will be much of the same I believe and I expect us to still finish in a respectable position, with hopefully a trip to Wembley thrown in to get our youngsters used to winning trophies.
Report Abuse
03/12/2012 12:21:00


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