Stats: Swindon v Aston Villa
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Swindon 2 - Aston Villa 3

Capital One Cup 4th Round

County Ground


Attendance: 14,434

Referee: Attwell

2 - 3
Aston Villa
Storey (78, 81)
Benteke (30, 90), Agbonlahor (39)
Venue: County Ground
Attendance: 14,434
The Teams
El Ahmadi
N Thompson
L Thompson
De Vita
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards

The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday October 30 2012

Time: 10:01PM

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30/10/2012 22:05:00

33% possession??? Against Swindon? Things are looking worrying.
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30/10/2012 22:20:00

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30/10/2012 22:25:00

that cant be right (33pc) - thats almost unheard of unless you are getting whacked.
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30/10/2012 22:28:00

OMG,Gabby scored.................
Pride of Lions
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30/10/2012 22:33:00

Sorry, morning all..... just got up (early) 33% possession.......this is a joke, surely...
Pride of Lions
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30/10/2012 22:36:00

They scored on 81 mins. 2 subs from us on 82 mins and we won. Got to give the new messiah some credit gents. Was always going to be a tricky game seeing half our players are 1st div experience ;-)
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30/10/2012 22:42:00

That 33% is wrong I was following it on Goal(dot)com and they said it was all Villa and looking comfortable for large parts of the game... The match report even says Swindon looked far out of their depth... Swindon did have more possession at times but on average their coverage suggested 51/49 for large parts of the game...
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30/10/2012 22:49:00

We have overcome a banana skin. Our new striker scored his 3rd and 4th goals of the campaign. We are in the last 8 of the competition having overcome two in form lower division sides and the League champions who put out a team costing almost 10 times what ours cost . . . . . . . . and 'fans' are questioning the possesion stats like they are more important than the result!!!!! Sorry folks, but it is the most absurd sign of the times imaginable. Forget the result, lets look for a negative stat and talk about that instead. Fickle fickle fickle and completely forgetting or overlooking what football is all about. I can imagine it now. We win the trophy in late Feb early March and there will be keyboard warriors telling the world this is a new dawn, the Villa are back and that they never doubted Randolph and Lambert. And there will be others who are on their keyboards as soon as we are lifting the trophy saying we only had 25% possesion and the other team had 2 more corners than us. FFS have a look at your selves!!! What ever happened to good old fashioned support. This is real life we are talking about and the muppets think it is FIFA 12. Unbelievable. Maybe I am old fashioned and football is not about a results it is about what prozone says??? Maybe possesion is more important than a win??? Thank god we only had 24% possesion against Bayern Munich on 26th May 1982. Maybe we should rewrite history and give the trophy to them because they had the ball more than us??? If I remember rightly we stuck it in their net more times than they stuck it in ours. And old fashioned or not, if we score more than them then we win the game. I am off to bang the missus. And she is only getting 33% of it because I am going to save her a little bit for Saturday.
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30/10/2012 22:53:00

Screw the possession stats WE WON A GAME FFS!!! Sounds like Ireland had a good game which is welcome news!
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30/10/2012 23:03:00

Can I give her 66% then? Agree with you by the way.
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30/10/2012 23:04:00

I'm ignoring negatives, there are enough of those when we lose. Very comfortable for the first hour I would say, Vlaar was absolute concrete, Ireland was bright hopefully he can do that against prem teams, 3 very good goals and Benteke is the man! Most pleasing though is how we bounced back to win, Swindon had all the momentum and their fans were rocking. Tremendous effort to turn the tide and get the winner. Well done lads!
Lion Heart
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30/10/2012 23:06:00

Yeah as they said on Goal 'There is a player in Ireland if PL can just get some consistency out of him' Id pick him for MotM yes Benteke scored two goals and did well all round but Ireland was at the heart of everything Gabby was also good... Yes it was lower league but taking nothing away hopefully this will give more confidence... Im still saying we will beat Sunderland if we get Clark/Baker/Herd back in the side...
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30/10/2012 23:08:00

have to play stevie ireland week in week out,simple as
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30/10/2012 23:19:00

Totally agree with VOTH. Need to get be behind the lads and build on this result. Tough month a head. But in Lambert I trust...still doesn't know his strongest team! Who does? Pick the team for Sunderland? Formation?
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30/10/2012 23:20:00

Things to be happy about: last 8 of the League Cup, an in form striker, Sunderland away next who can't buy a goal, not playing hoofball. Things not to be pleased with: conceding too many goals and then panicking. Believe it or not, we need Dunne back and fast, but I remain optimistic. Give Lambo time, a Ginger turncoat moaning route one manager he is not. #faith.
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30/10/2012 23:31:00

Concrete Ron is fantastic, btw, but can't do all the defending on his own.
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30/10/2012 23:35:00

One win against league one opposition and your having a go at the doubters, turn it in, a win away from home at any level is good, but come on the premier league is where we judge this team, and on that level we're *****e. Lerner out.
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30/10/2012 23:35:00

We won, we won long live the king :-)
holte ender 1969
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31/10/2012 00:49:00

CDX, we'll have to wait for comments from those who went tonight, but even the Villa coverage of the game said Swindon were in charge for large parts mate, and as part of the job they put a happy shine on things. When the equilised it was completely deserved dude. I'm not defending the BBC stats because it wouldn't be the first time they were wrong, but it was nowhere near as close as you suggest. We defended admirably, and our defensive positioning allowing Swindon possession but not chances should be applauded but again, they deserved to draw level and I suspect most Swindon fans will be gutted they didn't win.

Even our official site stats repeat 33% dude.

I repeat, we allowed them possession and kept them quiet apart from that mad spell at the end, and we still took our chance to win. What's not to applaud? Under O'Neill that was apparently fantastic and results were all that mattered, but no we win, so Lerner Out PMSL
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31/10/2012 00:58:00

Good win against a solid side who were up for it, well done lads
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31/10/2012 01:36:00

a wins a win...
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31/10/2012 02:07:00

Thanks to Steff on the forum, Sky are saying % was 47 for us? Still sounds high to me from what I could judge, but sounds more reasonable than 33%.
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31/10/2012 02:11:00

Lerner out?? Are you serious?? Some people are deluded! You'll be calling to bring back deadly Doug next! Voiceoftheholte - that was a wonderful rant! I really enjoyed that haha! - and completely agree.
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31/10/2012 02:32:00

I'm with VOTH, my missus got lucky last night on the back of this.
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31/10/2012 06:22:00

possession does not win matches - goals do and we got 3. next round here we come
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31/10/2012 06:56:00

Thank you VOTH. Totally agree with your point about support. Support the team. Of course we all; want to win everything. Villa is still the best club in the world -football isn't rational for F**Ks sake. I went down to the old Div 3 with Villa and had a fantastic year - went to every game home and away when we came back up. And if I put my hand on my heart, I'm not sure when I enjoyed myself the most. Then or when we won the European Cup. Support the best team in the world - we won.
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31/10/2012 07:45:00

Just woke up and decided to give the missus the other 67%. But whilst I was doing it I had a vision. Late Feb or early March or when ever the league Cup Final is and it is going to be Villa against Norwich. It is written in the stars.
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31/10/2012 08:15:00

144 wittonlane I was trying to explain the other day that being relagated would not be the end of the world ,as some predict. Sure there's the money etc but I also remember the Div 3 days & facing the mighty Bournemouth & Ted McDougall & I'm with you great days ,some of the best. Chico Hamilton Andy Blockhead etc
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31/10/2012 10:37:00

Yes I am serious AVFC4ME, Lerner gave it a good go as I've said before, but he then stripped this club of a very good team, into the championship side we see before us today, we are poor by Premier League standards and have been for a while 1 win in 16 and I don't see that improving in the near future, we can keep blaming the managers, but I put the blame right in the lap of Lerner, when managers don't sell players and chairman do there's a problem (especially at the rate Lerner did) he turned us from waitrose to lidle overnight, he must of known the damage that would infilct, and then brought in AM to take the flack instead of him, over the last 3 years Aston Villa has been a sinking ship, it's time for someone new in my opinion, but if your happy to pay to watch this drivel (and I've spent tens of thosands over the years) then good luck to you, looking at the Holte on saturday many others feel the same.
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31/10/2012 11:08:00

these stats are proper dubious. I'm sure karim el agchhmaardiii got booked and therefore is suspended vs sunderland too
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31/10/2012 12:02:00

I feel the same as eltoro towards Lerner these days seeing the players we did have to now we have is sickening, but thats a different issue, im just glad we won, Swindon have beaten Wigan Stoke and others recently under Di Canio so lets be happy we won, we know we need some quality added, a couple of midfielders and a defender or two imo,
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31/10/2012 13:43:00

Agree CLIVE the the win was a good one.
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31/10/2012 21:37:00

I don't share your opinion there Eltoro. I actually think Lerner has done a pretty good job. Sure I'd love it if he invested another 100mil in players and had an infinite amount for wages, but that isn't realistic. Football is a business and has to be run sustainably. It's unfortunate that in recent times that has appeared to be asset stripping, but in my view that's a necessary evil. We aimed for champions league. We failed and now we're picking up the pieces. This effectively means starting to build a team again, which we've made significant progress in doing. But this time we have better facilities, a better youth system and a better scouting network to support the push. I have no doubt that in 3-5 years time we'll be up there pushing for a top 4 place. Keep the faith. When our owners start subjecting us to this, then it's time to panic:
Report Abuse
31/10/2012 23:12:00

I agree with some of your comments AVFC4ME, but the likes of Arsenal and Spurs didn't give up because they missed out on champions league football they continued to build, and got there, as we should of, I believe our club will never get there again under Lerner, but time will tell, 5 says we won't ;)
Report Abuse
01/11/2012 12:06:00

*should have, not should of, bad day
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01/11/2012 12:12:00


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