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Absolutely Woeful 1 - Norwich 1


Villa Park


Attendance: 33,184

Referee: Dowd

Absolutely Woeful
1 - 1
Benteke (27)
Turner (79)
Venue: Villa Park
Attendance: 33,184
The Teams
R Martin
Gordon Bennett
El Ahmadi
E Bennett
R Bennett
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards

The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday October 27 2012

Time: 2:47PM

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Shame that the kid got sent off. He'll learn from it. Albrighton's done it before. Benteke was quality. Won more headers in first 5 mins than Bent has in his whole career. Bent had 2 ******** touches when he came on. No idea why he came on when we needed to keep the ball AND away from our goal at that. Misjudgement from PL. Zog wasn't even on the bench when he would've been ideal. Delph's passing was better than Bannan's AND he can tackle etc. aswell.
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27/10/2012 14:52:00

what?????? delph was worse player on pitch. puts himself under unneccersary pressure and is generally terrible
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27/10/2012 15:05:00

Wasn't stereotyping colavfc. I was talking about today's game. What were you watching??
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27/10/2012 15:08:00

Cant say much about it really the sending off made a huge impact but we were still poor for the most part... too much pressure in front of our own crowd... Delph was our best player in MF I still dont get the critiscism how many of our players were prepared to take the ball and run forward with it? 1: Fabian Delph I think he is one of the few that played without fear... El Ahmadi is going backwards, Albie was very poor, Holman just struggled to get into the game on the Left... Guzan/Vlaar were immense nothing but praise for both Vlaar did make a few passing mistakes but its hard to fault him given how much he gave for the team... The Norwich Goal my god a comedy of errors Albies naivety in trying to play the ball to Bent, we concede the corner and everyone falls asleep the ball is whipped in and nobody is on the backpost just to compound things... This team is young and heavily relies on confidence the booing at the end will only make things worse we cant turn on the team because as soon as that happens we are in serious trouble... Only Sunderland is next I would have said we would win but they are happy to sit deep and defend and that doesnt suit us... We are due an away win Im gona go out on a limb and say we will win 1-0 next week or it will be 0-0... Sunderland wont beat us they are just as poor... Take out Fletcher and you take out every goal they have scored... So stay positive people I felt this game was must win but at least we still scored some points playing atrociously... I think its just a case of surviving until January and staying above the bottom three we lack the quality to do much else so two or three proven faces will surely arrive in Jan then we can begin to look up the table again...
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27/10/2012 15:09:00

Bennett is not only crap, he's also stupid.
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27/10/2012 15:11:00

Very poor today...just like the McLeish days all over again...Guzan, Benteke and Vlaar were pretty good the rest were hopeless. Delph is a very poor player IMO....Albrighton did nothing right, Holman was anonymous, Bent was a waste a complete waste of time...KEA couldn't pass or tackle....hopeless to be honest....I'm beginning to fear for us now....we look as bad as Wolves did last season.
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27/10/2012 15:19:00

I really thought Lambert could make us better, but no-one could polish this turd we call AVFC into anything other than relegation favourites.
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27/10/2012 15:24:00

Had high hopes for Delph getting a decent run, but he's just not creative enough and doesn't show for the ball. He was hiding for much of the 1st half. Really need N'Zogbia, Bent, Ireland starting. It's all very well being hard working, but there's a complete lack of threat and no quality in the team outside of Vlaar, Al Ahmadi and Benteke. The rest are dire. We'll be ok, and PL will sort it out eventually, but with the fixtures we have coming up it's gonna get worse before it gets better.
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27/10/2012 15:27:00

Delph and KEA are championship material at best they provide no service for the forwards of any real quality or vision, they get caught on the ball by opponents because their reactions are too slow when in possession ( you get more time in the championship) and when they invariably lose it they either give the foul away or are too slow to recover..........we will always struggle to score with those 2 in the team scenario: ball breaks forward to gabby or benteke but they're held up by defender so play it back to delph or kea they get closed down because they haven't the vision to see whats on so play it to defender, who has now come under pressure so play it back to Guzan who boots it down the pitch - during that phase of play, which happens at least a dozen times during a match, the one pass with even the slightest vision or creativity comes from brad guzan - what's the point???
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27/10/2012 15:31:00

Heres my question - was Lerner at that game ?
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27/10/2012 15:35:00

Fair points gents, however, we had 4 in midfield compared to their 5 and therefore no time. Delph has played 10 games in 3-4 years due to injury and Kea is new to the country. What does PL do drop them and play who?? Certainly not Bannan. They look like strangers and they near enough are.
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27/10/2012 15:37:00

Heres my comment - I hope the two points that we could well have won today were it not for the boy Bennett don't come back to haunt us in May.
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27/10/2012 15:39:00

Heres my comment - I hope the two points that we could well have won today were it not for the boy Bennett don't come back to haunt us in May.
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27/10/2012 15:39:00

Delph and KEA lack creativety, aprt from Vlaar Big Ben and Brad Guzan the man we were tripe, we lack quality its as if over the past three years with all the cost cutting player sales of Ash Milner etc we have transformed ourselves into a championship outfit, and actually play like a newly promoted team does, its sad worrying and there is nly one answer im afreaid Randy mate that is spend some seriousdoshin January back Lambert to be able to buy some proven quality otherwise we are probably going down.
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27/10/2012 15:42:00

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27/10/2012 15:42:00

I agree with a point above, we are looking like Wolves last year a LOT...So so poor, I just left after Albrighton didn't bother shooting with his last effort, not worthy my time freezing my ********* off, such an abysmal team, worst on paper in the league.
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27/10/2012 15:43:00

Wasn't KEA's best game today, but he's been quality. No idea what you're talking about Griff. He's a quality technical player, and the only one we have who is good in possession and doesn't ***** himself as soon as he gets the ball.
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27/10/2012 15:45:00

eden hazard is new to the country, so is oskar so is blah blah blah if you can play football you can play football and if there is an offield problem then manager should be aware of it and pick team accordingly - you are right, Bannan is even worse, but if something isn't working like 5 agfainst 4 then surely the manager should change it? also bennett was ALWAYS susceptible after being booked to do what he did, he gives a lot of needless fouls away
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27/10/2012 15:46:00

Why did our best creative player stay on the bench all game???
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27/10/2012 16:02:00

I'm off to kill myself. I can't take it anymore.
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27/10/2012 16:05:00

The best player in a Villa shirt was Guzan. Vlaar and Benteke were also useful. Delph isn't a bad player and could still come good. Bent was poor when he came on. The club hasn't got the players to be successful or even stay in the EPL long term. Lambert isn't to blame. Guardiola couldn't do anything with this lot. Lerner has to share some responsibility. Selling A. Young and Milner and not replacing them with Similar quality was a mistake. OK, he doesn't want to join footballs gold rush to poverty by splashing out but you can't win things without good players. It's a tough one. Most of us would rather have a relegated Villa than a bankrupt Villa. However, this rubbish is getting difficult to watch. The rows of empty seats said it all. A strategy based on youth -- similar to Ajax -- might be a good idea? Would like to see some communication with regaards to a strategy from Lerner or Faulkner. Worst start in 43 years. The booing was depressing but understandable. Don't think it was directed at Lerner or Faulkner per se. Probably directed at the whole sad, mediocre set up. Sad to see Chelsea closing in on Villa in the all time successful clubs list.
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27/10/2012 16:14:00

On a day when our forwards were on their game our midfield and defense just had to be rubbish...
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27/10/2012 16:15:00

Hate to say it but it looks like were on our way down the players that we have lost over the last 3 years and the team we now have to put out is miles apart in quality. I think this year there is only 1 person to blame and thats Mr Lerner the lack of investment is clear and it feels like he has lost interest in us. We all had Mcleish to blame last year and that took the focus of Lerner but Im sorry there is no one else for him to hide behind this year. We have never shopped in Harrods but we did our business in House of Fraser but now i feel we are well truely shopping in pound land. Thanks for another depressing weekend Mr Lerner. UTV VTID
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27/10/2012 16:22:00

KEA dosn't want to tackle... if he does it's late. Delph, ditto. Neither are any good. Agbonlahor - wasn't worth the a shirt, Bennett.... don't start me! Even Holman had a bad day. Thing is, who do you play in midfield.... nobody is good enough. Samir Carruthers Yes, but it seems his face doesn't fit it seems to me. God, I could write a book!!!!
Pride of Lions
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27/10/2012 16:22:00

Oh, I'm waiting for Lambert now to say "I thought we deserved better than that" or "I thought we played well at times".... what a joke!
Pride of Lions
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27/10/2012 16:24:00

Don't think the fans were booing Lambert after the match. It was an expression of frustration. It's a vicious circle. Fans won't attend matches without some quality football, a star player or two or the hope that Villa might win against average opposition. Without fans going through the turnstiles revenue goes down and Lerner surely bcomese reluctant to invest in new players. The reality is Norwich, Wigan and Southampton look better sides than Villa. Only QPR -- in the whole EPL -- look worse. The results are a reflection of the way the club is run. The frustration at Lerner is legitimate. If he isn't going to invest or appoint a technical director and come up with a plan then maybe he should sell up. A statement about where the club is going would be nice.
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27/10/2012 16:32:00

Powderpuff midfield that doesn't score or create goals.Benteke may have had to come off tired but at least when he was on he was winning the ball in the air and giving any mid fielders who were interested the chance to join in. Bent contributed nothing.Not his type of game obviously. Quality midfielders needed in the window because by the time these kids gel into an effective unit we'll be in the Championship.
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27/10/2012 16:33:00

Ouch. I was worried (and called miserable!) before the season kicked off, I'm even more worried now. Worst start for 43 years according to Mat Kendrick. It isn't that the players aren't trying to be fair, I just don't think many are good enough. I also am not sure why so much tinkering. Players need runs in the team, not in and out all the time. Worried worried worried.
The Fear
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27/10/2012 16:54:00

still think we are playing better than last season but we lack a midfield, they work hard but just not good enough for the PL and absolutely no vision or quality passing - lack of experience isn't an excuse Aston Villa can afford, over to you Mr Lerner?
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27/10/2012 17:55:00

No experience in the squad. Big step up for Lambert even. He's only had 40 odd games managing in the top flight. Going to take time and will improve but the trap door will be pretty close. Randy is playing Russian roulette with us.
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27/10/2012 18:04:00

I just felt bored today, switched off from what was going on far too often. Quite frankly we are lacking quality. I don't think any player isn't giving their best, as Lambert wouldn't allow it, but we don't really have the ability to make things happen. Guzan has been our MOTM too often this season, Benteke is getting into scoring positions, and Vlaar shows why he is a Dutch international, but the rest are just not at the level. The next few games don't exactly inspire hope...
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27/10/2012 18:07:00

Its a lack of confidence, too inexperienced, lacking in quality and far too much pressure on the team playing at home... Villa Park was silent and playing in front of your own crowd which is desperate for a win and not quite with you is very difficult... We need to try and be positive and back the team more its not easy but the only way out of this is to support the team... Survive until January and bring in 2/3 proven quality players...
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27/10/2012 18:15:00

Get tired of hearing about the young squad, and its lack of depth. Its the lack of quality not depth or youth that is the problem. Best players so far are Guzan, Lowton, Vlaar, Baker, and Clark, with Benteke showing great potential. Lichaj done ok too. Herd played well today. Apart from Vlaar, all are youthful. Youth is NOT the problem. They are mostly all defenders too. Only Bennett has looked out of his depth so far. And that is a big plus. Last season we were dire, this season we have the foundation of a decent defence to build on. Lambert needs to quickly find who will best bring more creativity and punch further up the pitch, and that is where all our problems lie. Potentially Clark can play in midfield. I think most "might" agree with my comments on who has played well, so I will not spoil it by suggesting the way forward further up front, where there are lots of different views about Ireland, Bannan, and Bent in particular. What I will say is that I remain dumbfounded about what anyone ever sees with Gabby as a front-line sriker, and criticises him whenever he is played wide. The stats and performances are too glaringly clear. He is not a front line striker, and his best games have been when he has provided speed and width to the attack. Whether Bent and Benteke can work together, or whether Weimann can still come through is for Lambert to sort out, but he is learning each game he sees. Big game next week, plus we need one shock result in the three after - then we can start to move forward. Up the Villa.
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27/10/2012 19:40:00

Having watched the game i'd say Guzan has fully earned the no.1 spot, without him we could have let in at least 3. Bent unfortunately was brought on when Villa were having to sit deep, so you can understand why he only got a few touches, so lay off him its not his fault we were down to 10 men. Bennett is young and lacks experience, i would rather Clark fill in at LB and Baker come in at CB, having said that Herd had a solid performance in role he has never played for the first team. I think KEA should be dropped for midweek and possibly Sunderland he's not as sharp as at the beginning, also another intersting point is that without Ireland we seem to lack that attacking mentality in the middle of the final third, he should have been brought on instead of Bent/Wieman. A point is better than nothing and it was a good goal by Benteke. But what i am trying to understand is why Bent is left on the bench who is one of out top scorers this season and has also saved us from relegation for the last two years, and instead Gabby is playing upfront who hasnt scored a league goal for nearly a year. Try at least playing all 3 up front, against Swindon possibly? Need to start climbing the table with wins not draws, otherwise its a Mcliesh style of 'progressing' and that is more stressful for the club and the fans. Stick with us and encourage this young team who will be great in years to come, remember some of these players were winning reserve league titles they can progress this club to the new generation. Hopefully. UTV!!!!
Carew AV Legend
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27/10/2012 19:59:00

i thought delph played well. KEA unfortunately keeps missing his passes
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27/10/2012 20:20:00

Norwich fan here - I was really surprised at the Villa performance, almost disappointed to be honest. Expecting a more attacking display from you at home. You defended great (apart from goal), Vlaar was good and Guzan was great. We were awful in final third but pleased with our display. Hoolahan our best player. Good luck for rest of season - Lambert used to play good attacking football honest.
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27/10/2012 20:49:00

a lot of missed passes. Bennett is like a puppy in the park. Albrighton was awful. no drive from midfield whatsoever. none.
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27/10/2012 23:02:00

We have a lot of players who fall into the 'mediocre to promising' category such as Lowton, Clark, Albrighton, Delph, Wiemann, Agbonlahor etc and only a couple already in the 'good' category - Guzan, Vlaar, Benteke. Although some players are in the 'weak-medicore' range e.g. Bennett, Lichaj and Westwood, we are not that far away from being a decent team. We just need a couple of very good players, like Young, Milner or Barry - or even an outstanding player. They would provide the spark for the rest of the team to grow and gain confidence. We really need Bent, Ireland, N'Zogbia to hit the form they're all capable of and take their game to next level. They have the ability, but do they have the application and workrate? If not, then we have to splash big in January.
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28/10/2012 00:04:00

I like PL but today I totally disagreed with his formation and starting line up. To start 1 striker at home to Norwich when we have an extremely tough month ahead while leaving Bent and Ireland on the bench is criminal and sends out the wrong msg. We were completely lackluster and didn't deserve a point. When we signed Lambert my first thought was at least we will have a good go at teams, today that wasn't evident at all and if I didn't look at the sideline I could have been mistaken for thinking that was Eck's team out there, can hardly remember a shot on goal and we were at home to Norwich! Poor poor performance indeed, not happy
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 00:05:00

Most of you already know that I have little time for Lerner, but Aston Villa Football Club is now finished under is leadership and he needs to move on, granted he gave it a good go, but his dismantling of a very good team has left us where we are today, fighting relegation, if he doesn't want to spend good money then how can he expect hard up fans to keep putting their hands in their pockets, move on Lerner because this once great club of ours is disapearing before our eyes.
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28/10/2012 08:11:00

Whilst I have backed PL to the hilt since he came in, yesterday question marks started creeping in. The substitutions were bizarre to say the least. Albrighton or Holman should have came off instead of Gabby, Gabby was at least asking the Norwich defence questions, it seems most of our players only questioned themselves. Guzan, Vlaar, Herd and Benteke did there utmost and were worthy of their shirts and playing for our great club. The rest, on yesterday's account were not. PL bought Bent on up top on his own???? The ball just kept coming straight back at us.
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 09:58:00

While Bennett may learn through experience he is never going to make it in the prem because he is way too slow. Pity someone didn't check this when they were looking at him. I often wonder what kind of a full back Gabby would make as it isn't working out up front and no-one is going past him on the outside. Just a thought.
Report Abuse
28/10/2012 21:01:00

Like Lambert as a manager but do not think he has enough to work with here . The same people who have let successive managers down continue to do it and until all the dross is removed his job is impossible. If Ireland Nzobia & Bannan are not good enough to get into that team they should be sold Dunne,Hutton & Warnock already considered surplus to requirements. Interesting thought Oscararc But the left back position continues to be a problem for us.
Report Abuse
29/10/2012 12:55:00


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