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West Ham 1 - Aston Villa 0


Upton Park


Attendance: 34,172

Referee: Dean

West Ham
1 - 0
Aston Villa
Nolan (40)
Venue: Upton Park
Attendance: 34,172
The Teams
El Ahmadi
Vaz Te
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday August 18 2012

Time: 5:02PM

Your Comments

Don'y worry...we'll come good.
Delph.... It was all Delph's fault.
Randy....get your cheque book out immediately. We need at least 3 in. The old Zog/Ireland need replacing. I know its the 1st game and all that, but that was very very poor. WIP? McCleish Hangover?
Touche, M_P. At least we're not RedScouse, lol!!! The scouting network is the key to Villa's future. Michael Laudrup's Swansea did fantastic today. Why? They have a manager with foreign connections who can find quality players. The foundations are being laid at Villa. The fans have to try and be patient.
We're going to have to pessist with Zoggy and Ireland because there is nobody any better on the books.... and thats saying something. Not good enough today, nowhere near.
Pride of Lions
Nathan Baker played very poorly. Was at fault for putting Vaz Te on sides for the goal. Hopefully Lambert realizes that he needs to strengthen the left-back and striker position. We played entertaining football with no finish. I thought Vlaark did well.
Can someone explain why Nathan Baker is at 50% for MotM right now?
Need to create chances it's simple...we can do that by signing more quality. CM, LB, Winger and ST needed.
Goal-line clearance in the 92nd minute I guess. . .
Apparently Bent didn't see much of the ball. Agree, s15 that another striker is a must. Thomas Ince scored a couple today for B'Pool. Might be worth a look before the 'big boys' get interested. He's supposed to be a decent sort as a person too.
I think a lot of you are over-reacting. We played extremely well in the 1st half (without creating much it should be said) but dominated the game with good passing football, and Al Ahmadi dictating the pace. Seemed to lose their confidence after the goal and the wheels fell off a bit 2nd half. Not sure why anyone's whining about Ireland, he and Al Ahmadi were by far our best players. Need 2 or 3 more, it's fair to say - especially a partner for Bent, but I saw enough in the 1st half to be very positive about the direction we're going in.
its so bloody obvious that we need a striker who is going to come deep and LINK THE MIDFIELD TO THE ATTACK! its so painfully obvious! we dont need defoe, we need the new robbie keane!
You're not alone schoolboy, don't worry. Actually thought the second half was better than the first once changes were made but it was too little too late sadly. Ireland was fine, N'Zogbia remains a worry. We dominated both halves really, but lacked it in the final third - despite that we still had more chances than Spam who got lucky on the offside. Ref's rarely overrule a linesman with a far better and unobstructed view unless it's for the home team at Old Trafford.
Baker played well, and yes he played the lad onside, but got back into position and prevented his mistake from being a goal...nowt wrong with that.
We will; be fine this season, Rambo Lamo will get us some new faces in before deadline day, This is a prject and will take Lambo sometime to get this club back where she belongs but he will get us there UTV!
Ok we lost but it was a contentious goal, we had more shots, more on target and more possession away from home. New signings did well. Seems to me Lamberts done his bit so far; over to randy and faulkner to find a left back, forward and get some experience for the bench- it was very light today. Tiiiime is on our side, yes it is.
Should not have played Baker. Lichaj was really good covering left back last year, one of the only lights. Poor selection.
In Lambert we trust.
First game of the season and we shouldn't be writing any players off do early. That being said, as much as I rate Baker and prefer him to Dunne, he is not a left back. Considered the squad we have i would've preferred to see Lichaj there, but I still think we need a new LB. But until Warnock/Hutton leave I don't think that will happen, and rightly so. As well, I hate seeing Villa play two DM's in midfield. We should just play one (El Ahmadi) and play with another striker (a robbie keane type player).
West Hams first game back in the premier league, don't worry guys. We was gonna lose 1 game, glad its the first! West Brom are talking about champions league lol. Keep faith! We could of done with Defoe or Jarvis today, bent looked of pace. Remember Manchester united lost there first game to Burnley and went onto win the league :). We have hope. Newly promoted teams are always hard to beat. Let's get Villa Park rocking next week!!
Sporting life stats give us over 65% of the possesion. I know different sources vary but that's a big difference.
villan of the north
Stats never quite tally Northy, but tellingly all the stats show we were on top and dominating, but lacked in the final third. As I keep saying, there are plenty of positives to take out of this in terms of our attitude and performance and Lambert will also have taken a lot as it showed clearly where we need to improve. He also made mistakes today, but corrected them as the match went on, and we improved further as a result but it wasn't quite enough - especially when Weimann took the knock.
Haven't seen the match but Delph apparently made his presence felt. He is a quality player and the EPL will soon know it.
Lambert has asked the fans to stick with him and the club. This is an 'I am Spartacus' moment. I am Lambo.
Defensively Delph did a very good job, but he gave us nothing going forward so came off probably 10 minutes too late. We need to find the balance in midfield as we looked weaker defensively once he went, but a lot better going forward when Bannan came on.
Gutted. Ruined my Saturday, normal service is resumed. Has PL watched any vids of DB last season? Playing up front on his own and doing jack *****e? We need a big hard working striker, shame we signed Emile 10 years too late.
Bent worked his ass off chasing to the wings and trying to work the channels, can't fault him, and can't fault him for being asked to work three defenders at points.
A one goal away defeat and some 'fans' are already throwing in the towel. The gaffer at Manure went over half a decade before winning the League and thirteen years before landing the European Cup. Maybe, Villa should have brought Michael Laudrup in or Martin Jol or Steve Clarke? Is this Paul Lambert fella 'someone-we-know' in disguise. Maybe the Gunners should sack that Wenger bloke? He is a responsible manager whose sides plays great football and always get into the CL. Draw 0-0 against Sunderland though........ Randy Lerner and Paul Lambert is probably as good as it's going to get at Villa. Look at Arsenal (Villa are ONE point behind them), Look at RedScouse( Villa are above them). Maybe the Baggies will end up in the Champions League? Villa are all of three points behind them.
West Hams goal was a bit of luck on another day that was a boring 0-0 draw... WHU was never going to be easy its bolton 2.0 Sam builds a big physical side thats hard to break down I never expected a win in this game...
Sorry not impressed today. Too much tippy tappy, with no clear plan at ties. No cutting edge in finl third. 6 efforts on target? Really? Sorry I was disappointed. Thought Baker was ok overall. We are just too obvious in attack and there is no width at all. Everything down the middle. I agree we need another striker and a wide man too.
Not getting to worried about this result, West Ham away will always be tough and especially first game back in the prem. Watch out for the result in the return leg. It's very clear we need a new LB, CB, DM, WONGER & STRIKER though. Way to short in depth all over the park. Lambert will sort it out l, it takes time. We will be much better against Everton
I agree with Adz - we definitely need a Wonger. UTV
I'm telling you, we get a wonger, and a dongle and we are sorted lol

Sorry Adz!
im going to protest if we dont get a wonger!! some may call me fickle, but all this talk of a wonger has made me realise lambo has to leave if he fails to bring in a wonger!! we're a massive club how can we not have a wonger!! *****ed off
As long as it's a wonger and not the pay day rip off firm of a similar name! The last thing we need is more muppets in the first team!
Or should that be geriatric muppets?????
Thought we were going to give t'hammers a whipping after half an hour. But, I'm afraid it wasn't to be. However, a lot of promising, attractive football was played in that period and quite honestly, I thought West Ham looked very ordinary indeed. In fact, they looked ordinary most of the time, typical Allardyce playing methods. Like a lot of folk on here, I reckon we do need another "rough and tumble" front man to play with Bent. Still feel we'll be OK as the season progresses. Like the age range in the side, very pleased with Vlaar and think the back four will grow with match experience. Because of the hot day, bit concerned that we seemed to fade a little quicker than the Hammers and not sure we are really up to fitness speed just yet. Still, that first 30 minutes was good to behold and, hopefully, Mr Lambert can put it all into perspective before the Everton game and I feel confident we can kick on as all of us hope.
Dosh? Wonger? lol
Bent just isn't good enough.
Ohhhhhhh yes he is.
You can put whatever spin you like on it, it was still a defeat to a newly promoted side, AGAIN
its not that bent isnt good enough but he doesnt really give much to the team because he plays in a role where he just stands up front in the middle and doesnt have much mobility! its strange because i watched some clips of him playing for sunderland yesterday and he came deep alot more which allowed players to get in behind him!!
It's not Bents fault entirely...maybe a midfielder could venture forward and try to make the link between forward and midfield...that's what he was bought...
sorry, meant to mention N'Zogbia, whom I'm tiring of...he was supposed to be a danger man, now it's more like "any danger of a run man?"
Take the claret tinted specs off bill. He is nowhere near good enough to have the other 10 players running around in circles just to give him ball to beet in the 6 yard box when they'd have just as good a chance of putting it in the back of the net themselves most of the time. His sole skill is not worthy of a guaranteed place in the team. And that's why he left Sunderland Wills. He doesn't want to/know how to do the team thing. Glory....
Don't get choppy V444, I have my opinion and it's as valid as yours. He scores goals anywhere he goes - I couldn't give a monkeys why he leaves's clear we'd be worse off without him and many players and managers covet his ability. Without his goals we would not be in the EPL at present. Negatives aside he IS good enough for us and the EPL...everyone can improve but as usual your emphasis is on Bent when actually others need highlighting too...I suppose Gabby is better because he runs the channels and Bent doesn't...oh that's right Bent did all that yesterday and still never scored...and people say he's not a team player, come on...
This isn't an excuse but did anyone else think our green kit clashed with the grass to make it difficult to pick our players out?!! Also, we always seem to get a newly promoted team away 1st up, quite unlucky that!
you are right MrZeus, Vlaark did well to deal with the 'green out' and we should have changed at halftime using the 'Ferguson ruling' ;-)
Not sure how/who you get choppy bill?? lol. Your input is of course valid. Think that you will come to see the light over a period of time of watching him. "he scores goals everywhere." That is because he doesn't do anything else. Assists?? If anyone's sole duty was to goal hang and kick the ball straight from 6 yards then they would all score. If he was a proper striker he would do so much more. He doesn't know how to run channels. He's a passenger for his inability to do anything else. How come we haven't had any bids for him if he's so good mate?? Houllier coveted him. For every manager that does, there are several who would not waste their time. Redknapp for starters. I wish that this wasn't the reality as he's a Villa player but he looks so clueless at everything other than goalhanging. He isn't clever enough to be a team player and should never be captain.
Bent is the devil. Lol. Cheers v444 - I'm tired and tetchy - no offence - took some youths camping from a deprived area...hard work! Bent couldn't do it. I hope he raises his game for all our sakes but there's no-one else to bang them in for us at the moment and Heskey did all you ask but not score goals. It would e great if DB could do both bit I'll take the goals at the moment. Do you rate Zaha or Rhodes?
so 444 your measure of whether someone is good enough for us is whether anyone else has made us an offer for them pmsl A striker's job is to score goals, going by your logic anyone could be cnverted into a goal scorer by instructing them to goal hang its so easy that folks who can do it are massively in demand. Bent is a 20 goal a season striker and they don't grow on trees, of course I'm sure Arsene Wenger would love your advice - maybe you should tell him how easy it is to convert any of his players into goal scorers so they could convert the bucket load of chances they create every game, or maybe you could have a word with Gabby et al
LOL B+B, you haven't made sense. Why hasn't Wenger made an offer for Bent EVER then if he's so good?? He's clearly nowhere near good enough and he wouldn't get in their youth team let alone score at Arsenal. All their players can do multiple tasks and regularly rotate positions ala Barca. They are better than us for many reasons. 1 main one being that they don't carry passengers who can't pass, hold up, header etc. All teams will do against us is double up on him. Gabby could do the same thing BUT then who is going to do Gabby's job of holding up, pressuring their defence, taking pressure off our defence?? I can only be bothered to explain it once now. Bent is an average player at best and has only played in poor teams. He couldn't get a game at Spuz. Nothing personal against him but I can't believe all the false hype around him. Collymore called it right and he was a proper striker. He could've been the same as Bent if he never wanted the ball and was lazy enough to let everyone else do all the work for him. We know Collymore had his issues but he was a far better player. Gabby isn't world class but he offers so much more than Bent. People who have played the game know this.... What has Bent ever won????? I know he's a villan at the moment but we've had much better. We have a very average squad at the moment and Bent is our only recognised goalscorer but it's not as simple as that and he's just the recognised name of a motley crew (who we obviously hope will go on to better things.)
In terms of strikers there are -- broadly -- two breeds; Examples of breed 1) Gerd Mueller, Klose, Batistuta and Shearer. 2) Bergkamp, Van Basten and Jari Litmanen. The first type don't do much except score goals (LOTS of them). The second type play very intelligent, strategic football, work for the team and create chances for others ( they don't tend to score as many goals as the first type, though). Both types have value. Bent is closer to the first type than the second.
Agreed VWRA. V444 - your thoughts on Rhodes / Zaha? YouTube them and tell me what you think. AVBB: like your thoughts. Bent is what he is and offers a threat none of the others do. Would be great if he could link play but at the moment he doesn't. We should buy two to three more players for the season. My two are as above. Cresswell would be nice. Are we not rating
...Charlie Adam, great crosser.
Seen a bit of both of them bill. Think that they're as good/better at present than what we've got. Just depends whether PL can bring on our current kids. If so, probably not worth it but at the moment we should surely buy them. Agreed VWRA, just IMO, Bent is nowhere near as good as any of those first bunch and times have moved on when a CF has to do more. I see Bent more of a Solskjaer where he can come off the bench and tap in, but he doesn't offer enough to the team to start !?!?!?!?
WONGER!!!!!! Hahaha Classic. If we had one we'd be the first team to do so. Could make the difference?
Yes Koolbill I think 5 mill on Charlie Adam would be money well spent we could do with exactly what he offers. He was never going to fit at liverpool with Gerard dominating the midfield.Would be nice if he could bring Carrol with him lol.
We need a left back or give it back to Warnock. we need a striker, a centre half and an attacking midfielder.
Same as my comments after the Forest game, people have got carried away - we have a poor squad, but one which is capable of mid table still. We will have many ups and downs this season and the most important thing is for the fans to stay with the team.
Merlin: Adam / Zaha or Rhodes would definitely lift the team.
agree completely Nath. I like the fact that PL is prepared to try different formations and am sure that the team will improve as they learn to play together

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