Stats: Aston Villa v Bolton 24/4/12
UK time is: 10:38:32
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Aston Villa 1 - Bolton 2


Villa Park


Attendance: 32,263

Referee: Foy

Aston Villa
1 - 2
Warnock (61)
Petrov (pen 62), Ngog (63)
Venue: Villa Park
Attendance: 32,263
The Teams
M Davies
K Davies
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards

The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday April 24 2012

Time: 9:52PM

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Surely after tonight McLeish has to go .... wrong team selection ... poor substitutions ... why not Gardner and Caruthers with 10 to go .... Kev mac interim until end of season
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24/04/2012 21:55:00

I'm lost for words now I just keep looking blankly at the screen and feel sick!!
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24/04/2012 21:58:00

lerner get on the blower and get kmac in immediately give us some hope you yank *****
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24/04/2012 21:59:00

Oh my god we are so going down we are utter ******** useless we went 1 and then lost it all on a matter of secounds looks asif we are in tje championship i am so ******** annoyed
Ted 369
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24/04/2012 21:59:00

Should be shot......
Stourbridge Villan
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24/04/2012 21:59:00

pat nevin on bbc 5 live ... "it just shows you what you can do when you work hard and have a cause to fight for" ... so so true ..... unfortunately he was talking about chelsea :-(
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24/04/2012 22:00:00

sack mcleish my lord !!
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24/04/2012 22:02:00

Knew..just f*****g knew it..That us done now.. Qpr, Bolton & Wigan will easily overtake us now.. We have 1 hope left & that is if QPR go on a dismal run & don't beat Stoke lose away at Chelsea & Man City... This is by far & away the worst Villa side i have ever seen & the manager is..well I better not say. Sad thing is we deserve to go down we are s**t & i mean really.
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24/04/2012 22:03:00

We are shocking. McLeish has to go, not just for the possible relegation, which personally I think will happen, but for the dire brand of football he has brought to this club. Mr Lerner, his record proves he's useless....get rid of him whether we go down or not. Sick of people defending him now....MCLEISH OUT !
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24/04/2012 22:06:00

Leave... Just Leave... sigh
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24/04/2012 22:09:00

This is what happens when you strip a club of all its assets.
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24/04/2012 22:11:00

Randy, I dont suppose you read too many of these forums, you even stopped your poodle from coming on here and giving us hope, but if you were to read one, just one, and I hope to god its this one, theres just one thing we as football people have to say " WE TOLD YOU SO "!!
Stourbridge Villan
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24/04/2012 22:14:00

That's it lads. We're down. We won't get another point this season.
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24/04/2012 22:14:00

for the good of football in general, mcleish should stay until the end of the season, and see us get relegated .... his 3rd relegation in 4 seasons .... he will become unemployable and that way he will never NEVER get another job in football. and no one will ever have to suffer this fools negative brand of anti-football ever again.... christ, i am so depressed right now.
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24/04/2012 22:14:00

Lerner, just want to say thanks for shafting us.Finances awful, manager inept, players dire. All we have now is ourselves, our history and some fancy facilities.
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24/04/2012 22:14:00

And who is surprised? I'm not a betting man, but I had a feeling I should have stuck £50 on that score line this afternoon. Gone beyond being upset. I will accept relegation gracefully as we honestly do not deserve to stay up any more. We need a mass demonstration to change this awful leadership though. A measly 150 people again will just get laughed at - we need a few thousand.
Windy Villain
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24/04/2012 22:16:00

42 years of football and my clubs been ruined by some yank who liked the name, just hope to god it DOESN'T happen!!
Stourbridge Villan
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24/04/2012 22:18:00

Lerner is to blame make no mistake, people asking him to sack Mcleish now, a bit late for that now, he hasn't got a clue Lerner, 1 win in 13 games and he's still manager, just *****-off Lerner.
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24/04/2012 22:18:00

Don't get me wrong I don't disagree about McCleish and comments above. But tonight our energy levels were excellent, and on another day we would have been a couple of goals up before we got the goal our efforts deserved - and yes then in no time at all it all blew up in our face. Not the time to do anything other than get behind the team. I cannot believe with that commitment, closing doewn, and intent that things will not drop a bit better in the next 3 games, with a win somewhere and at least not 3 blanks. Sounds desperate and is desperate, but desperate times mean it is not time for a McCleish out day anymore - that was always meant to be if we are safe. Hopefullyy last years win against West Ham will be matched by a win at Albion. Herd should have buried that header after first minute etc etc etc. The stats are flattering to Bolton - certainly up to we scored we had miles the best chances. Bollards. Up the Villa!
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24/04/2012 22:19:00

We are screwed we really are.. We now need to beat West Brom away else we are screwed.... & we need to do it with 2/3 of the team injured including all our best players lol! What an absolute joke of a football club this is.
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24/04/2012 22:20:00

blimey......oh bloody blimey.....
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24/04/2012 22:25:00

Guess there was something in those 2012 predictions after all. Although I thought it was December 21st, not May 13th. At least the rest of the season will remain exciting. I'll get my coat...
Stephen Jay Hawkings
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24/04/2012 22:27:00

What are our last 3 fixtures? Spurs is one yeah?
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24/04/2012 22:30:00

said after sunderland this was a must win. I used the BBC predicter and in every sensible permutation I could think of if we lost tonight we go down. Well the wage bill will be well and truly reduced as they all head for the exits and good riddance. Warnock and Heskey our two most derided players this season were our two stand out performers. Totally gutted. Whats worse is any drop in season ticket sales will be put down to being in the championship now rather than sending a powerful message. Gutted
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24/04/2012 22:35:00

******** disgrace, the club is in turmoil on and off the pitch.
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24/04/2012 22:41:00

I agree stennyvilla, I thought we played v well first half, penalty 1 min later was sao unlucky, local derby is probably good for us next. Time to get behind the lads. 12th man needed more than ever. It's still in our hands. C'mon villa!
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24/04/2012 22:43:00

Even without another point (which seems entirely possible) our goal difference could keep us up (having also done the bbc predictor for remaining games)
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24/04/2012 22:46:00

Feel sick, honestly cannot believe we threw it away in a matter of 2 minutes. I know relegation has been talked about for a while but I never truly believed we would go down, I honestly believed we would find enough to beat either Sunderland or Bolton. Heart breaking to watch our club fall apart before our eyes. I can see us getting 1 point at most, if we stay up it will be because of results for other sides. Praying for a fricking miracle.
Lion Heart
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24/04/2012 22:53:00

Its not over till the fat lady sings..... MCLEISH OUT NOW!
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24/04/2012 23:01:00

We can only pray that QPR and Blackburn find their remaining fixtures too tough. Where the hell are we going to get the win we need?? Remove the Tartan Turncoat Bluenose Secret Agent NOW!!!!!!!!
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24/04/2012 23:01:00

There's soooooo much value in axing McLeish now, what would you rather at our next home game, 30,000 depressed fans looking down at Eck's ginger nut, pumping negitive energy around the ground and onto the young lads OR 40,000 screaming passionate fans right behind the young lads with K Mac holding the forte?? I definitely think we'd have more chance at nicking a point against Spurs with a full house behind the team and stand in manager
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24/04/2012 23:03:00

I'm with you AdzVilla 100% - perfect sense. And while we're at it take Faulkner and Grant out too, esp Faulkner, he doesnt have a clue what he is talking about
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24/04/2012 23:18:00

just did the predictor and i have us surviving with us and Bolton both on 37, QPR on 35, Blackburn 31 and Wolves down anyway of course
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24/04/2012 23:19:00

I have us getting nothing until the Norwich game and we get a draw there
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24/04/2012 23:19:00

Not long got in. Couldn't believe McLeish's tactics second half. 'Hit it over the top for the quik fella.' Heskey played really well until he went off and then they bought Big Kevin Davis on and well... well we're in the poo.
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24/04/2012 23:27:00

as soon as we sent ahead it was always going to happen, this dip***** just doesn't know how to hold onto a lead, don't think we will get another win this season a draw against norwich is best im hoping for and QPR to draw with stoke and lose the other 2 and we will stay up just because other teams are more ***** than us, and we are S H I T
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25/04/2012 00:56:00

AdzVilla - spot on mate. Fire him now, Kev Mac to caretake for the next 3 games. There's no way McLeish is going to get us playing, surely the way we're playing and the position we're in tells us this ? He has no clue. The players don't know what they're doing under him. HE MUST GO NOW or we're down for sure. UTV
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25/04/2012 02:02:00

Another one with you AdzVilla. I'm still numb, the anger is welling up again and I've only been awake 20 minutes after staying up for the match.
Pride of Lions
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25/04/2012 02:17:00

relegation form......sad but true.....if this bloke takes us down after that other team last year i will be totally confused and is the first day i actually can see it happening....
Report Abuse
25/04/2012 03:31:00

relegation form......sad but true.....if this bloke takes us down after that other team last year i will be totally confused and is the first day i actually can see it happening....
Report Abuse
25/04/2012 03:31:00

Is there anyway way Randy can bankrupt us if we go down?
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25/04/2012 09:55:00

son_of_cher - no, but he could do the next worst possible thing - hire the most hated manager, from our most fiercest rivals, totally against ALL the fans, and let him take us down while playing the worst football seen at the club in a generation. Yep, nice work randy - you've got some explaining to do for this and (to a lesser degree) last season!
Report Abuse
25/04/2012 10:21:00

Lol. Quality Thorpy.
Report Abuse
25/04/2012 11:28:00

Son _of_cher Would suggest if we are relegated he wont have to . Benty Nzobia Collins & Gabby would fetch 50 mill + the sale of Villa itself would represent a tidy profit on his investment. I am no accountant and I am sure there are people on here that would point out why this argument is wrong, but its just niggling at me that the fans would be unable to complain because the wages paid to our players would be to high for the championship.
Report Abuse
25/04/2012 13:32:00

Merlin, West 'Aaaaam did it last year and their tightness to pay up Grant and hopefully the dildo salesmen will stay in the 2nd Tier and lose more money. Where have all these Shysters come from??
Report Abuse
25/04/2012 15:46:00

One home win since November and even that was as a result of an injury time winner against the might of fulham Says it all
Randy bollox
Report Abuse
25/04/2012 21:23:00


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