Stats: Wigan v Aston Villa 25/2/12
UK time is: 19:35:52
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Wigan 0 - Aston Villa 0


DW Stadium


Attendance: 20,601

Referee: Friend

0 - 0
Aston Villa
Venue: DW Stadium
Attendance: 20,601
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Al Habsi
Di Santo
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Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday February 25 2012

Time: 5:20PM

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55% for Wigan. Ouch, says it all really.
The Fear
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25/02/2012 17:22:00

Given kept us in it at the death as well, thanks Shay
The Fear
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25/02/2012 17:33:00

Absolute proof that Martinez is a better manager than Eck, as if everyone didn't know already. Never chose to watch the Bloose or Rangers so had no idea how negative and average Eck is. How has he got away with it for so long. Only 92 professional managerial jobs in England. This man definitely doesn't deserve a single one of them. When will the nightmare end Mr. Lerner???
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25/02/2012 18:28:00

All of the midfield came through the ranks, no Dunne, no Petrov, Benty, Hesky and Keane all should of scored. Unlucky Eck.
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25/02/2012 18:43:00

Come on Piper, you can't be unlucky every bloody week. You're either a good manager or not. Sadly the latter applies. And so what if they all came through the ranks?? Could've, would've, should've scored. 1 chance each was it. We only had 3 on target so I assume that's those. In your argument we should've lost 6-3 because Wigan had twice as many on target. It can't be Eck's fault, surely not??????????????????
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25/02/2012 18:49:00

Unlucky not to scrape a 1-0 win to the lowest team and lowest scorers in the whole ******** league was it Piper.
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25/02/2012 18:52:00

What you lot fail to realise is we are not the team of 2-3 seasons ago, we are not even the team of last season. The players we have now are just not very good. You lot think we should be hammering teams like Wigan but we are not Man City! Move on- the days of us as a force have gone and will not return until learner bankrolls another 50 mill+ spend. This squad has had it, it's made up of kids and the left overs of MONs reign, apart from DB, CNZ and AH - and as seen during GHs reign the players think they are something else. McLeish is not Ferguson, I'll give you that, but he should be allowed to build his own team before judgement. Did you really think we would batter Wigan with two inexperienced PL players in central mid? Get real, look at the bigger picture. Eck has been unlucky. It's not his fault Heskey missed a sitter, Cueller again should of scored and Keane didn't finish a great chance. It's not his fault!!!
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25/02/2012 19:05:00

Some people are just crazy and deluded. Since when do Villa fans want their team to start hammering the likes of Wigan? We want good performances, not just having 10 people behind a ball with the occasional chance. Wigan were by far the better team today, and some people fail to realise that we have a better squad than everyone below us and about 6 teams above us. The lack of leadership, poor tactics and poor team selection are costing us...N'Zogbia, Bent, Keane, Agbonlahor, Ireland, Albrighton, Bannan all very good to decent attacking players, yet we set up like a wall infront of our box. It's absolutely disgusting, embarrassing and a misery to watch...this man is single handedly ruining our club, there are plenty managers who could come in to this fold get us playing decent football and picking up results. My blood boils even talking about this disgusting man, wasting everyone's money and time. 3 shots on target Piper, that is all...wake up and see sense like the majority have, hardly worth arguing about this issue, the facts are there, he is garbage who needs to be threw out. Mcleish out!!!!
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25/02/2012 19:25:00

Mark albrighton was hot garbage today. He's nowhere near good enough for this level
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25/02/2012 19:26:00

Wigan played 3-5-2 today and completely baffled mcleish. He had no idea what to do to combat it. Hutton and albrighton got hammered all game by Moses and bleeding beausejour. It was embarrassing
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25/02/2012 19:29:00

Shut up PiperUK. Heskey hasn't scored all season and probably last year too. Why is Eck unlucky for playing someone who is incapable of competing simple tasks like passing and shooting?? The back four had 3 of MON's 3rd best defense in the league from 2 years ago. The other (Hutton) was chosen by himself. You talk about building his own team. LOL I've just mentioned Hutton, we all know what happened to Jenas and Zogbia can't even get a game when Eck has been chasing his signature for 18 months. The players are good as displayed on too few times this year. Zogbia was Wigan's best player last year FFS and better than all their players and can't even get into our team!!!. Either Eck is useless or our team is better than all their players. The only constant in all this is Eck and him not being very good. Well done for pointing out he isn't as good as Sir AF. No-one is/was FFS. No-one thought that we would batter Wigan with such an inexperienced midfield. So why the ***** did he play them there????? Ireland on the bench. I didn't watch the game but I assume that we were playing 6-3-1 again when we didn't have the ball and we just hoofed it clear to no-one when we got hold of it. What evidence do you have that Eck is capable of bringing in players to turn this shambeles around?? None, he has never done it. He took on bloose halfway through in his first year so we'll give him the benefit of the doubt but the second relegation was a team of his own making. No more Eckscuses.What YOU fail to realise is, IT IS HIS FAULT
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25/02/2012 19:30:00

Piper pull your head out of the sand mate!! Wigan are BOTTOM!! I know I aspire to have my mighty Villa punching a bit higher than that. Eck is beyond rubbish and HAS to go now, simple as that. The fans are unhappy, the players are unhappy and the performances are absolutely pathetic and getting worse. McGoose had 2 weeks to prepare for this game and what did we do? NOTHING. I'm getting reeeeeeaally angry now, dam you Randy, dam you Fergie (For the stupid letter), and DAM you ECK for even considering the job in the first place. Go back to Scotland and manage Rangers to 3rd again you idiot.
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25/02/2012 22:02:00

Both of you are talking dross. Yeah we know what happened to Jenas - he got injured - not Eck's fault. Do you actually watch games Villian444? If so would would appreciate the fact that when Emile has come on recently he has done well. Man U, Newcastle are just two games that spring to mind where he has come on and won a load of headers and made a difference. Ok, so he can't finish but he hasn't been backed by Villa fans since he has arrived. I remember when I was at Wembley and this bloke next to me slagged Emile of so much I actually thought that he was a Man U fan. And if you speak to Bluenoses they will tell you that the reason they went down the 2nd time was because of injuries to key players. I just think that Eck is unlucky. There was a caller to BRMB tonight who said that he is going to stop watching villa after 25 years not because of McLeish but because of the negative fans. I totally agree. Look at the table. We are only two wins from 8th place. Get a grip.
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25/02/2012 23:42:00

Poor, poor Villa. The way we were set up, we couldn't have scored in a brothel! Idiot couldn't pick his nose never mind a team! Absolute rubbish!
Pride of Lions
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26/02/2012 00:29:00

2 wins off 8th place?!?! LOL. We're only 8 points off relegation. Depends how you look at it. As I said, all Heskey is good for is winning flick-ons. If we didn't hoof the ball all the time we wouldn't need him at all. Eck's fault. Eck isn't unlucky. He's just not good at managing. His style is defend for 90 mins and don't concede, then hopefully scrape a goal at the other end for a 1-0 win. Pathetic tactics. And NO, I don't watch games at the moment as they are unwatchable. I've seen enough of this fool's teams and the way they set up.
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26/02/2012 11:38:00

LOL piper you are obviously nuts!! was it ECKs fault that Heskey missed a sitter? YES YES AND YES AGAIN ECK is the idiot who put Heskey on the pitch playing wide midfield FFS, could we have battered wigan with an inexpierenced midfield? NO but we could still have won by a goal or 2 and we didn't have to play such an inexpierenced midfield Ireland N'zog could have started, its all down to the manager and his stupid tatics and playing 10 men behind the ball and hoofing up to Bent who IS NOT A TARGET MAN! everybody seems to know that except ECK! he's a fool and if given another year we will only get worse and any of our young talent will be wasted because ECK will never teach them how to play football only hoofball! Piper either you are really ECK or you are just like him and don't have a clue how to play football!
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27/02/2012 01:40:00

So we were battered by the bottom of the table team? that should say enough for ANY villa fan, even those most willing to give him a try. He's had his try and failed badly.
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27/02/2012 08:02:00

Oh, and here's some additional McRelegation stats so far this season: our win% is now a miserable 23%. We average only 1.12 points per game which is, funnily enough, exactly how many goals we score on average per game! Shockingly bad, and NOT villa. This manager goes or i can see season tickets halving next season...
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27/02/2012 08:08:00

PiperUK = Paul Faulkner. There's no other explanation! adzvilla LOL @ McGoose... sums the chump up perfectly. ANyone even trying to defend these quite frankly loonatic tactics, substitutions, and playing style need their heads looked at. How long are we going to have to put up with this???
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27/02/2012 08:30:00


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