Stats: Aston Villa v Man City 12/2/12
UK time is: 06:23:54
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Aston Villa 0 - Man City 1


Villa Park


Attendance: 35,132

Referee: Oliver

Aston Villa
0 - 1
Man City
Lescott (63)
Venue: Villa Park
Attendance: 35,132
The Teams
De Jong
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Goal Attempts
On Target
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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday February 12 2012

Time: 6:01PM

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Shambles !! and dont blame it on the protest !!
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12/02/2012 18:05:00

The worst performance I've EVER seen from a Villa team. I think I've written exactly the same thing for the past 5 home games. Just truly gutless. We are officially the most boring team in the Premiership.
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12/02/2012 18:07:00

Selected team to play for a draw again. Nothing bur defense in the first half. Then when the shackles were off, we had a go, and could have scored a couple in the last 15 minutes. City were lacking confidence away from home, we should have attacked from the start. McLeish, you don't know what you are doing. GO NOW!
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12/02/2012 18:11:00

I disagree! Great performance by the Villians! Barry and Milner were fantastic! Oh wait. We sold them... Nevermind...
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12/02/2012 18:12:00

Still not as bad as the Tottenham game so Eck must be improving, still there was never as performance as that so very similar. If city would've scored in the first minute, we still wouldn't have changed things until the 89th. Embarrassing for all Villans. Eck has no shame and doesn't understand the traditions, ethics or even modern day football. McCarthy apologised to their fans. I want the same from Eck.
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12/02/2012 18:19:00

Haven't posted on here since the summer. The reason? Lerner appointing McLeish. Like many Villans the thought of an ex-Bluenose and a--frankly--journeyman manager taking over as the main man at the Villa was too much for this fan. However, time and contemplation has led me to a more philosophical point of view. If McLeish was/turns out to be a success at the Villa his 'Bluenose' background would probably end up to be something we joke and laugh about. Imagine that, 'Bluenose' Alex... the best manager Villa ever had??? Maybe not. The point is--hard as it is for some to accept--the 'Small Heath' thing has to be set aside. It's a little bit like those nutjobs in the States who can't accept Obama as President because he isn't white. Des Kelly wrote a good article about the mentality yesterday. The problem with McLeish is the style of football and the results. Villa are unlikely to get relegated. There are far worse sides in the EPL. However, we could be a lot more progressive as a club in terms of our football. Under RL we have been very progressive off the field. RL, however, could do with a few more 'football' people around him. I'm not conviced he has at the moment. There has been talk about a/some Billionaire type (s) sniffing around the club (and Everton and Newcastle). I personally don't want our club to be a toy for the rich. Randy Lerner is still the best man for the Villa. (I've also been very critical of him in the past, particularly over appointing McLeish). Bringing in Mcleish was the wrong decision (purely for on-field football reasons). Ditto, Houllier. However, he's here. Sacking him would probably be a mistake at the moment. Losing by one goal to the League leaders is no disgrace. Maybe, he should be given one more season? After all, who could replace him. Moyes? Not a chance.
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12/02/2012 18:24:00

Lol. "I thought the gameplan was excellent" Eck's words in post match interview and blaming the errors for our loss. WTF. He's either insane, deludedly in denial or just a ***** liar. ECK OUT.
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12/02/2012 18:27:00

'League leaders'. Citeh, were second. But you get my point, I'm sure.
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12/02/2012 18:29:00

******** hell Villa will rise again. No Villa team should ever go into a game and NOT even try to win unless it's a 2 legged cup game. Randy has got Villa as his plaything. Why the ***** do you think he's bought us. He doesn't make much money out of us, he's got the tattoo and designed the new crest himself and rarely turns up. The over priveleged heir to a fortune clueless about football fool that he is.
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12/02/2012 18:33:00

OK, Villan444, who would you like to own the Villa. Roman 'rent-a-boss' Abromavich? Who would be your choice to replace McLeish? Be realistic. Moyes will either be at Bluescouse or Spurs next season.
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12/02/2012 18:39:00

Performances and results have been very disappointing, even accounting for this season as a transition, if anything we seem to be getting worse week on week.
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12/02/2012 18:47:00

villawillriseagain, what planet do you live on??? for the last time its nothing to do with him coming from small heath, for feck sake man he's just a useless pri**. And who gives a flying toss what Lerner has done off the field!!!!! It may have escaped your notice, but believe it or not we are a football club so it should be the TEAM that gets invested in not feckin hotels & carparks & restaurants.
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12/02/2012 19:04:00

Havent got enough space or time left tonight to list who I'd rather have as Eck's replacement. To shorten it down, I'll tell you who I wouldn't want, Avram Grant, Neil Lennon. That's simple. You complained about having a multi millionaire with us as a plaything!! What do you think that we are to Lerner??? If we had an Abramovich, at least we'd be successful and he'd admit his mistakes over employed managers. Lerner will stubbornly stick with him as he doesn't understand the game well enough to know any better. Why the sudden change of heart for you, how comes you've suddenly seen the light and even more questionable, how comes you think that it shines out of Eck's arse after putting 10 men behind the ball for 89 minutes and then risking everything by putting only 8 behind the ball to go for a title winning DRAW FFS. We were never going to win, a draw was the best we could've hoped for. Are you related to the master of Eckscuses and blaming an individual for not scraping a draw??? Seriously, the ******** has lowered expectations so much that a draw is deemed a priceless victory against everyone except the bottom 3.
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12/02/2012 19:05:00

Lost for words, Embarrassing, anyone who says we defended well, we conceded didn't we? Ecks post match interview sums it up for me, horrible cretin of a man just do one!
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12/02/2012 19:18:00

Well I am extremely pleased. I genuinely thought we would get beat by four or five today. Thankfully we have managed to steal one of the best managers in English football from our bitterest rivals enabling us to only lose by one goal. I think a great deal of credit needs to given Mr Faulkner, if it was not for his negotiating skills and Mr Lerner’s willingness to pay Small Heath FC a considerable amount of compensation for the loss of a great manger we could very well be sitting in 15th place in the premier league just 2 points above the relegation zone worrying about relegation.
Dead Souls
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12/02/2012 19:30:00

BTW. I have voted for baker as MotM. if McCleish is going to take the ***** in picking the team then so can I with my vote. Heskey right midfield WtF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dead Souls
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12/02/2012 19:52:00

Gave up AGAIN before the game even started what a disgrace!!! And then he comes out and says the tatics were "exceptional" eh really dipsh it then how come we LOST??? McCarthy, AVB, and Mancini have all come out in recent weeks taking the blame for a loss but what does our brilliant manager do? eh he blames Albie, Ireland, Gabby, N'zog and LUCK and then tries to tell the reporter who is almost laughing at him that his tatics were perfect, anyone STILL trying to defend ECK just listen to dwight yorke after the game and what ECK says after the game, he is as clueless as an aborted fetus!!!
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12/02/2012 21:06:00

I'll give ECK credt for 1 thing, he FINALLY after 7 months dropped that liability Warnock, in fairness cuellar played well.
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12/02/2012 21:25:00

The game was lost when he opted for albie and heskey instead of zoggy and ireland JOKE !!!
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12/02/2012 22:25:00

All you fans that say support your club not matter what, I understand your thinking BUT you can not honestly support this dire rubbish. This is the worse Villa team I have ever seen and the consistant poor poor performances are a complete disgrace to all involved. McLeish is complete rubbish, his selections tactics and comments are terrible to say the least. He HAS to go now and we should all do everything in our power to make that happen. Eck to Wolves when Mick goes this week. I could write a million reasons as to why Eck is a joke but I don't want to fill up the whole forum. If you still back Eck at Villa you are not a fan you are deluded.
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12/02/2012 23:04:00

I left the game about the same time as i did when we lost to swansea around the hour mark, im lost for words to say the least on that performance, heskey?? wtf i really am going to save my money and wait for the summer for randy to install Martin Lionheart Laursen or Deano as manager i think, what a pathetic showing.
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13/02/2012 05:52:00

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13/02/2012 08:00:00

What can i say that hasn't already been said? Didn't go to the game today, and thank Pete i didn't! The negative defensive rubbish served up made me think twice about paying money to sky, let alone actually paying hard-earned cash to go see that dross. Two things made me laugh - 1) the managers eckscuses in his after match interview. "So, that's the worse run for a villa team at home since 1986, how are you going to turn it around" Ecks answer? "win our next one". Reporter - "yes, but what are you going to change to do that?" His reply - "just win the next game" Nothing about actually trying to attack, or rotating the squad, or playing the ball on the floor. Then he came out with some brilliant 'one liners' - like "i thought my gameplan was excellent" ROFL. Dont make me laugh Eck. The 2nd thing that made me laugh was Dwight Yorke, who basically said what nearly all villans are thinking "I disagree with Alex, the recent results speak for themselves, and there needs to be a serious shake up, because what's being put out there isn't good enough for villa, or their fans". This joke of a manager needs to be shown the door because it's killing the club, and turning fans away. Up the protest!
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13/02/2012 08:28:00


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