Stats: Arsenal v Aston Villa 29/1/12
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Arsenal 3 - Aston Villa 2

FA Cup Fourth Round

Emirates Stadium


Attendance: 60,019

Referee: Jones

3 - 2
Aston Villa
Van Persie (pen 54, pen 61), Walcott (57)
Dunne (33), Bent (45+1)
Venue: Emirates Stadium
Attendance: 60,019
The Teams
Van Persie
Park Chu-Young
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards

The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday January 29 2012

Time: 6:02PM

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Lack of concentration and rash challenges lost that game...No need for Dunne to make that challenge, given would have got the ball and Bent was over excited, could of easily been avoided.
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29/01/2012 18:09:00

Didn't see the game as not on in NZ (historic cup so why the hell not!!) so I have just read the match report. First glance we look a tad unlucky but then it looks like defensive errors and miscued clearances have cost us, oh and a certain clumsy Dunne yet again.........when will that doofus learn ffs! Could have been up against MON also, ah well.
holte ender 1969
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29/01/2012 18:12:00

Your fault McClueless why decide at half time to give them all the posession second half. But I think we all knew what was coming.
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29/01/2012 18:13:00

bit harsh fulford.... arsenal changed formation and had a good 2nd half team talk. They came at us in droves and the defense crumbled. Single as. Me personally I thought we had bite that has been lacking in previous games. Well done villa for 2-0... Defense still needs work!
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29/01/2012 18:42:00

*simple as... doh!
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29/01/2012 18:44:00

agree maigrait, but McLeish has to be blamed for everything, whether its his fault or not. Not sure why McLeish was to blame for Bent's tackla and lack of fight/ interest late on. Or for Dunne's reckless challenge, which was a shame because Dunne was fully committed and played with a real will to win.
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29/01/2012 19:28:00

More positives to take from this game than most of the games I've seen. With the midfield and attack looking decent, it's the same old defensive problems again!!!! No ability on the ball, rash challenges and a general sluggishness!! All season all 4/5 (carlos) of them have been sub standard. Surely the focus of any summer spending!
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29/01/2012 21:11:00

Two harsh penalties and a goal scored with the arm of a player that wasn't even looking. First penalty, the ball was in Given's hands by the time the challenge came in, for the second Cuellar (I believe it was him) had already stepped across and gained possession before Bent's challenge. Warnock was BADLY at fault on the hand-ball goal - got beat far too easily. Referee was a joke - Van Persie looked to see where Cuellar was and swung his elbow. The biggest shame was that the referee was five yards away. And we won't even get into the "offside" given when Gardner ran in behind their defence.... Shocking, shocking decisions....
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29/01/2012 22:02:00

So was it a blatant elbow then? And will the ref be able to claim he saw/ didn't see it?
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29/01/2012 22:21:00

had to watch it on ESPN as couldn't make the game. TV clearly shows RVP look at Cuellar first before sticking his elbow in but we all know he'll get off with it. As for the pens, Dunne's was blatant and he was lucky to stay on the pitch (having already been booked) but Bent got the ball and it was a joke decision not to mention the two footed lung by the gooners right back that the ref decided not to bother looking at. Difficult to defend Bent when he plays like tonight but why we persist in trying to make one of the premierships top poachers into Emile effin heskey is beyond me, he needs the ball played in either down the channels or from the wings not played to him with his back to goal 40 yards out.
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29/01/2012 23:04:00

oh and whilst Warnock was at fault for diving in on the goal he did put in some solid challenges and interceptions as well. Why hutton decided to hoof the ball straight into a crowd when putting it out for a corner or throw in would actually have been easier only he will know.
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29/01/2012 23:06:00

Hutton what a star fullback! Don't just blame the ref. When arsenal stepped up a gear we coud not live with them. face facts we are a poor team with the worst manager and a board who have stopped caring.
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29/01/2012 23:10:00

Poor defending let us down. Their second goal made us look like a league 2 side. No one went towards Walcott. Bent and Dunne gave away poor penalties. Other than that I thought we performed very very well. I thought Warnock (other than 2nd goal) did a good job containing two of the leagues quickest wingers. Hutton was also solid but got outrun allot by Chamberlain.
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29/01/2012 23:35:00

it's typical villa and will always be typical villa until the defence is sorted out once and for all
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29/01/2012 23:41:00

Dunne was magnificent in the first half but gave away a uneccessary penalty...Darren Bent scored a great goal in the first half, but gave away an uneccessary penalty!...Walcott's goal was lucky...BUT we DONOT pass the ball well enough from the back...Was Gabby injured? Arsenal weakness is their full backs but without Marc and Charles then Gabby was our only threat in that area..I do believe we are improving...BUT there is a long long way to go...
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30/01/2012 00:27:00

First half was decent - we took our chances and when 2-0 up I thought we could get a draw out of this! Second half we tended to lose the plot. I also thought the Bent penalty as harsh and pure luck on Walcotts' goal. When we had gone 3-2 behind sadly I couldn't see us scoring again. It was a case of a game of two halves.
Pride of Lions
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30/01/2012 01:22:00

We were 2 0 up against the run of play, playing an Arsenal team that had lost 3 on the trot and facing growing dissent on the terraces. To fail to win from that position is unforgivable. Hutton gave the ball away for the first goal that led to Dunne making a last ditch tackle (he should have had another booking). In slow motion it looks like a bad challenge, but in real time he was forced into making the last ditch challenge. Cheers Hutton. The second was more poor defending as Hutton, who else, wacks the ball straight at a player only 2 yards away. The third was also a penalty, Bent got the man well before he eventually slid through to get the ball. We can't blame anybody but McLeish. Hutton was a fault for two goals but he tries his best and if McLeish thinks he is a good enough player for the Premier League then that is an indication of why he should be sacked immediately. Man for man we had better players on the pitch yesterday, maybe with the exception of RVP, Chamberlain and possibly Vermallen. Failing to win when Arsenal were on the floor with a better squad of players is a failing of the manager. Let the protests begin. Get the F'eck out of Villa. That is my banner for Wednesday.
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30/01/2012 08:16:00

The problem my dear Watson is Mcleish. The reason why we lost is because we played 11 men behind the ball in the second half. Of course Bent will give away penalties in the box - he is a striker... Last time I checked Bent wasn't known for his tackling. We played good attacking football in the first half and then decided that since that was working we needed to defend. Well done Mcleish. Thrown away another game!
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30/01/2012 08:42:00

Great.... all we have to look forward to now is Mcleish's sacking!
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30/01/2012 08:49:00

Good game for the neutrals, but pitty we aren't that! We all knew after half time that they'd come flying out of the blocks, what about just playing keep ball and frustrating the hell out of them. Bent's pen... Why was he even back there?? He should b always pushing there backline deeper and deeper while also giving us some movement and an out let to get the ball too. I don't blame him, he was trying for the team but McLeish should never have told him to track back into those positions. We have some very good players, and some solid up and coming young lads too. Bottom line is we should b performing much much better. Yes Eck does ok and I say ok when away from home (because it fits his boring football SOMETIMES.) but you watch our next home game when we are meant to have the majority of the ball. Eck is not and never will be the future for Villa. I'd take the MK Dons manager over him anyday of the week. Pleeeeeeeeeease go Eck and now!!!!
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30/01/2012 09:56:00

I don think we can blame Eck for this, how many times have we let a 2 goal lead go vs the top teams now? It goes a long way back, even Forlan & RVN scored 2 each when we had led 2 - 0. Then Rooney & Ronaldo did it... Macheda... Also Chelsea last season before Clark equalised to make 3-3. Its just our place in football right now, I was at least optimistic that we seem to have turned a corner in the sense that we played some good stuff on the day. Lets hope for a home win now!!
Chelt Villan
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30/01/2012 11:15:00

For those saying they don't believe you can blame McLeish for yesterday, all I can say is that week after week, the teams he sends out find a way of committing every schoolboy error in the book. It's been that way since he took charge and it will remain that way until he departs. The players emerged after halftime looking like frightened rabbits, as if they knew the opposition would throw everthing at them and were afraid to face it. Arsenal were there for the taking, especially vulnerable given their fans were already turning. All we had to do was play sensibly and with composure, giving them no encouragement that might inspire a comeback. When you can't even last more than ten minutes without giving away possession cheaply and lunging into suicidal tackles, the writing is on the wall. As soon as arsenal pulled one back, every one in the ground and everyone watching at home knew what was coming next. There is no discipline and no leadership at Aston Villa currently, on or off the pitch. When the pressure is on - whether it be defending a lead or taking the game to the opposition when we're at home and expected to win - they fold without much a fight. This is all symptomatic of having a manager that is completely out of his depth. It will be very interesting to see the attendance for QPR on Wednesday night because I can see it sinking beneath even the Everton crowd earlier in the month.
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30/01/2012 12:17:00

The ultimate negative manager put the fear of McGrath into the team. Small time mentality works at small clubs but not where there is expectations to get results. Reckon that he was shocked/scared himself at having the lead which we didnt really deserve and as this negativity is clearly being passed on to the players every week he must go.
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30/01/2012 12:51:00

At half time I said "I still think we are going to loose." You will never be any good when not one single defender in your team is capable of retaining posession, the only thing they know how to do is hoofing it. Hutton and Warnock are woeful full-backs - you build a team from the back and although McCleish hasn't had a chance yet to buy all his own players etc etc, the worst one we have (in my opinion) is the one he bought (Hutton). Even at 2-0 up the ball just kept coming back. Hopeless.
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30/01/2012 13:25:00

Dumble I couldn't agree more.
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30/01/2012 14:10:00

This may go against the grain and yes I am bloody upset at losing a 2 goal lead, but at least we had a go far better than some of the rubbish served up this season,credit where its due Arsenal overan us in the second half. Got to agree with Dumble re the defence and Hutton though.
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30/01/2012 14:30:00

Our back 4 needs replacing and I cant be bothered watching anymore until they are gone. Every single game this season there hs been a defensive mistake that has cost us a goal, its not good enough and there have been no signs of improvement.....this was also the only game in ages I havent backed Dunne as first scorer, bunch of pathetic bottling w@nkers
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30/01/2012 15:59:00

Merlin - when you say we had a go, I seem to recall us beating Arsenal on our last visit and not succumbing after taking a 20 goal lead. Nothing has changed, only the manager and he must go immediately.
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30/01/2012 17:12:00

we were two up to a team in the bracket above us (lets face facts!) and then lost, as frustrating as that is consider this: if we were two down to a team in the bracket below us would we have the mental strength and attacking intent to win? no. I need a beer now!
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30/01/2012 18:35:00

anyone saying ECK isn't to blame clearly didn't watch the game, taticily stupid as Arsenals main weakness was their full backs but did we play with any wingers to put pressure on them? NO and you could say ok we didn't and still went 2-0 up ya great until we went 3-2 down because of a half time team talk being told to clear their lines and hoof it for the 2nd half giving Arsenal all the possesion and time in the world to win the game, then there was the subs, Gabby off for Gardner, Petrov off for Bannan STILL NO WINGER to take it to the full backs and try to get the game back to a draw, we were playing with 4 center midfielders ffs it was just stupidity and I think we all know why Bannan was brought on, becuase he hoofs it forward at every opportunity, i hate watcing villa now i come away from every game feeling angry and embarrassed, Thanks McIdiot...
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31/01/2012 13:11:00


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