Stats: Hoofton Villa v Everton 14/1/12
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Hoofton Villa 1 - Everton 1


Villa Park


Attendance: 31,853

Referee: Clattenburg

Hoofton Villa
1 - 1
Bent (56)
Anichebe (69)
Venue: Villa Park
Attendance: 31,853
The Teams
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
Note to McLeish, watch Moyes for an attempt at changing the game.

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday January 14 2012

Time: 4:56PM

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Ist half totaly unacceptable 2nd Half Ok !! Overall Bleak and boring could barely contain my self in my armchair !! all credit goes to the 31,853 who bothered turning up
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14/01/2012 17:07:00

Think the draw was probably the fair result, although thought we were a bit unlucky with Hutton holding Saha back from scoring and Given made some outstanding saves. But really it is sad to see the state of both clubs, both should be up there competing as both are truly proud clubs, unfortunately ran by complete morons on the board. The feeling at Villa Park was the exact feeling experienced at Goodison Park this season.
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14/01/2012 17:14:00

I am struggling to see why I will turn up again this season. Mcleish and Lerner out.
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14/01/2012 17:20:00

Complete & utter dros. LERNER & Mcleish F**K OFF NOW, you are just PATHETIC. Can't for the life of me see why 31,000 or so are still turning up. The only way that these clowns are going to take note is if we all stick together & boycot the rest of the games. Wolves next & we don't stand a F****ING chance. Sorry but we're going DOWN.
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14/01/2012 17:21:00

Disagree rob, thought we were the better team today, even though we were still poor...Shows the state of our clubs like you rightly said. But yeah i did think overall we deserved the 3 points, poor concentration cost us and failure to convert the large amount of possession we had. We are throwing too many crosses into the box, the crosses are most the time awful or if it's good noone is there...very dissapointed that we only took a point, that was an easy three.
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14/01/2012 17:36:00

It seems that we can never agree P.Avfc :) But if anyone deserved the 3pts it was Everton, keeper made 3 world class saves and a pen decision against us, with a bit of luck (which we never get against Villa) we could havebeen 2 or 3 up by the half. Although, Villa did have the upper hand in the 2nd half, you never threatened Howards goal.
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14/01/2012 17:42:00

I'm with Rob. We were damn lucky not to concede in the first half, then we had 20 mins where we dominated but faded again. The most played game in the top division and it's criminal how bad both teams are. Our team on paper is a lot better though. Hutton and Warnock are a joke.
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14/01/2012 17:59:00

The goal attempts says it all rob, Howard made a few saves aswell? We pretty much controlled the game especially second half so yeah looks like we will have to disagree.
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14/01/2012 18:07:00

Benny it's called being a supporter. Through good times and bad you follow the mighty Aston Villa, not any manager or chairman, but the football club! Get behind the team and who knows we may even win a game or two like we do when there is no booing or constant moaning in away games!
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14/01/2012 18:14:00

Two points thrown away IMO...Two very poor teams..First half was shocking..2nd half definitely better..In fact after we scored for 10-15 mins actually played some good football but didn't finish good moves off...Caught by sucker punch..but overall a draw probably fair
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14/01/2012 18:16:00

Nath, sorry mate but paying your hard earned to pay McLeish etc's wages is called being a mug.
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14/01/2012 18:18:00

Your not a mug for wanting to support your team, there have been much harder times than this. I mean some parts in the game they play some great stuff but then at times they are awful...Mcleish still doesn't have my support but lets face it, unless we win the majority of our games he will never please some people.
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14/01/2012 18:38:00

Your not a mug for wanting to support your team, there have been much harder times than this. I mean some parts in the game they play some great stuff but then at times they are awful...Mcleish still doesn't have my support but lets face it, unless we win the majority of our games he will never please some people.
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14/01/2012 18:38:00

P.Avfc, you're a mug if you follow like a sheep and don't question which is obvious. Football is close to unwatchable. So glad I didn't renew my ST but gutted at the same time what is happening. If you had a decent job and then suddenly you had to work much more hours and get paid less for NO other reason than your boss wanted to make more money or he realised that HE ( and no-one else for the losers that will blame MON) had overspent in the recent past, then you will be *****ed off and get another ******** job. No-one is going to change teams but we are being mugged off by the American tw@. I don't blame Eck, he's just an average championship manager who wants to better himself. He's so out of his depth though and Randy needs to step in and sort it out. He hasn't got the balls or any idea.
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14/01/2012 19:03:00

I know there's been harder times but this time, they're self imposed by our chairman who quite frankly hasn't got a clue. He inherited a fortune and clearly is out of his depth managing it.
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14/01/2012 19:06:00

Nath. It's called being a lemming . Supporters want the best for their club. This is not acheived by aimlessly cheering, you may aswell be flogging a dead horse. People have surely got to think for themselves. I'm all for supporting the team but they've got to give us some football first.
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14/01/2012 19:15:00

Weird that Zog didn't get on...think he's been getting better recently.
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14/01/2012 19:25:00

Everton better side by country mile how much longer do we have to put up with this purile rubbish. Ive watched better pub teams and they were bladdered!
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14/01/2012 20:26:00

Albrighton is turning into a very average player. Some of his crosses today were *****e. People moan about Bent but the service he is getting from Albrighton is shocking.
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14/01/2012 20:34:00

the win was there for the taking today, and we would of taken it if we weren't so rubbish. although it was also there for the taking for Everton, they had a similar trouble though! Warnock's so crap.
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14/01/2012 20:44:00

Piperuk, Albrighton has never been anything other than a very average player.
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14/01/2012 21:30:00

Few points of concern .... is that 1 point out the last 15 at home ? Why did AM only bring on Keane late and no other subs ? Why is Warnock still in the team ... remember the save Given had to make from his header, too many blunders from our left back at present. Us Villa fans deserve to hear from Lerner as to what is our future direction
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14/01/2012 21:44:00

Don't worry lads, McIdiot has an appetite for attacking, winning football that is second to none. (******** got an email from the fool telling me so). Only problem is that he likes the others teams to play the attacking winning football!!!!
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14/01/2012 23:04:00

Again a total pile of lackluster boring rubbish!! McLeish has to go now, he clearly can't do anything for us, he can't motivate, inspire, setup a team correctly, make the right subs, get the team to play proper football or even look like he's interested himself on the sideline. If Everton could score they should have been 3-0 up by half time. 65mins gone and I was screaming for NZgobia sub for Albrighton, get him on and tell him to run at the tiring Everton backline. Instead McLeish leaves Albrighton on with no effect at all making a series terrible crosses with his tiring legs. I like Albrighton but the manager needs to see who's tiring and needs to know when to freshen it up, make a sub, switch the tactics. Maybe even NZogbia for Clarke and at least have a go since we are the home team. But super coach McLeish just stands there red faced on the sideline and AGAIN let's the game fade away into nothing. We were the home side, we should have grabbed it by the horns and taken control but under this mans guidance it seems the players just don't know how. Things like simple passing seems near impossible and the players hardly look into it. Can someone tell me how many shots we have had on target in the last 5 homes games?? Not many I bet. Time to step it up fellow Villa fans, get the old bed sheets out, can of paint and write McLeish out in huge letters on it!! I'd rather a young manager from the lower leagues, than watch this dire poor horrible rubbish every week, total utter crap.
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14/01/2012 23:05:00

31 thousand :L makes me laugh :L where a laughing stock!
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14/01/2012 23:34:00

31 thousand :L makes me laugh :L where a laughing stock!
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14/01/2012 23:34:00

Is it just me that thinks Hutton and Warnock are both playing so badly that if they played any other sport they would be getting investigated for match fixing? Cannot think of any other players in the league playing so badly this season and that is including the disaster area of Dunne and Collins. Our whole back four have been crap this season and not one has lost their place due to lack of form. Drop one of the clowns MINIMUM for the wolves game. They seem to not even care anymore about how well they are playing. Give Clark and/or king Carlos ago. UTV!
Tallaght Villan
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14/01/2012 23:50:00

yeah weird anti tactics again from the manager. bringing Keane on with 10 minutes to go was also very strange - talking him up all week and then that.
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15/01/2012 00:34:00

Fortunately I was just getting the updates on BBC Text Service and that was bad enough. It don't take much to realise things are bad..... and they're BAD. If Lerner is happy wiith what this idiot is doing after MON - (I'm no MON lover either) then he's more stupid than I thought......!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pride of Lions
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15/01/2012 02:41:00

Again boring crap and without any PASSING, but there were positives Ireland again had a good game Given proved why he is number 1 and Bent scored, Negatives EVERYTHING ELSE what a tit our manager is I mean did anyone hear his post match interview??? he said we played some excellent football jesus I could only laugh, if he thinks that was excellent football then we're **** E D he was also asked if a draw was a fair result and he kinda said ya and stuttered around a bit I mean this guy is a fool it was obvious he was happy with a draw but knew the villa fans wouldn't be, his fear shows in the players, im afraid there is no hope with this guy...
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15/01/2012 16:02:00

Nath i've been supporting this club since 1968, i now live in Germany & still get back to watch 10 to 15 games a season. But not this season not anymore, not till that**** Lerner goes. As for hard times, i've seen a few but i don't think i've seen anything as bad as this, apart from Dr Jo Venglos. I agree with Villan444 although its Mcleish's fault with picking the team & tactics, the bigger picture lies with the Yank who simply does'nt have a clue.
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15/01/2012 17:05:00

There’s something very wrong with the world when I agree with every word Rob-EFC says, but it’s happening today. I had to work Saturday and from what I’m reading on here, thank God for that. I know the editing on MoTD can be a bit questionable, but looked to me as if they gave us a real shoeing and we were lucky to get the draw. Let’s remember that this isn’t the best Everton team, and they’re about five years into an austerity programme like the one we’re now going through – and they still looked the better team. What does that tell you about us, Eck, the Chairman, etc etc? For a start, let’s get rid of both full backs – we’d be better with centre halves or wingers playing there, both are liabilities.
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16/01/2012 10:45:00

As has been said two proud clubs in the doldrums and how it showed on the pitch. Dont care who you thought should have won the game and tactics were dross.At least Everton have a decent manager who despite operating on a shoestring continues to hold them together.
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16/01/2012 11:44:00

Warnock looked to be more of a goal threat for Everton than Saha did. I'm sorry that statement isn't a joke!
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16/01/2012 14:51:00

Battle of team teams finding it hard to put the ball in the back of the net. On the positive side, Steven Ireland and Shay Given were bright lights on the pitch (fortunately or it would have been 1-2 or 3) Poor Gabby didn't really look himself and I'm still scratching my head as to why we would pay 400k for a striker for 6 games and play him for just 10 mins. No wonder he doesn't want the move to become permanent!
Report Abuse
16/01/2012 14:59:00

Good point Fenrison. He's either better than we've got, in which case stick him straight in, or not as good and don't bother having him here. Nonsensical - which sums up VP at the moment. I've crossed over from agony and despair to apathy and finding it all slightly comical - which is pretty dangerous if lots of people start doing the same.
Report Abuse
16/01/2012 16:09:00


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