Stats: Manchester City v Aston Villa 28/12/10 - 3p
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Manchester City 4 - Aston Villa 0


City of Manchester Stadium

28/12/10 - 3pm

Attendance: 46,716

Referee: Oliver

Manchester City
4 - 0
Aston Villa
Balotelli (pen 8, 27, pen 55) Lescott (13)
Venue: City of Manchester Stadium
Attendance: 46,716
The Teams
A. Johnson
De Jong
Yaya Toure
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards

The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday December 28 2010

Time: 5:06PM

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28/12/2010 17:17:00

I am a patient person. I believe in giving managers time, but this is unacceptable. We need to change NOW before it is too late, Martin Jol please
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28/12/2010 17:25:00

The sad thing is that not many of us expected a much better result after recent shows.Now we cannot point to a long injury list.We can point to a squad without a first class striker - a problem for many years - and a squad not much changed from past seasons ( except Milner) which for reasons that escape the mere addict now cannot defend.The manager has not had the chance to strengthen but he should have been able to organize the defence to avoid the goals against score and the woeful defending.On that basisis alone I would not support him continuing in the job.Let someone else sort it out because he has lost our confidence.You know that we shall most probably writing similar things after the Chelsea game and the bottom three beckons.
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28/12/2010 17:33:00

its time for clouseau to go...
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28/12/2010 17:36:00

The first job most new managers do is tighten up at the back. There is is history that MON's clubs decline after he leaves (exception is Celtic) mainly because his phylosophy of playing is changed. K Mac changed it and GH has continued to change. Nothing wrong with that but for heavens sake tighten the back up. I'm patient too but we no longer have the excuse of playing kids and nothing is changing. Answers please GH or....
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28/12/2010 17:36:00

wake up randy and smell the coffee its not fresh,tell blackpool you want there manager and hurry up.chop chop
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28/12/2010 17:50:00

Against Chelsea, i'd like to say the most important thing is the performance, but we need results. I don't care if we stick 10men behind the ball to scrape us a draw, but we need something, and quick. I think its easy to blame MON, easy to blame Houllier etc. My question is how are we defending so badly as a team when we were so good last year? Part of me thinks its because our midfield played a huge part in our defence last year, especially milner. But i think its time that the players stood up and be counted. When we are in times of troubles, its time for the exp. pros to come out and fight for the club that is paying their wages.. Ok, we don't know what is going on behind the scenes... but where are Carew, Ireland, Beye and Dunne? Where is the fight?the passion? Is it down to Houllier? Is it down to the players?
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28/12/2010 17:53:00

Sorry Mr Houlier, I'm sure you're a lovely bloke, but we need somebody who's a bit better than you. Do the honourable thing, and Randy, Martin Jol or Ian Holloway will do what we need, and that's restore a bit of pride. Do it before the transfer window opens and give them a bit to play with. Thanks.
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28/12/2010 18:00:00

If you continue to sell your best players and not replace them, this is what you get ! How long have Villa fan pages been saying we need a striker ? It seems obvious to everyone except those in charge. We've left it so long that we now need a completely new defence , midfield and strikeforce because this lot are useless. I dont mind Villa losing to Man City, we all knew that was going to happen, but to see such a self pitying, waste of space like this team is just not acceptable. As for the idea, no tactics, no belief....this club is going rotten !
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28/12/2010 18:05:00

I've gone from being in the 'give him time' camp to being firmly within the 'he's gotta go' camp in the space of four games. He's destroying us. Can't remember the last time I saw us consistently play with so little passion. What's Billy McNeill up to these days? He'd fit in quite nicely at VP right now.
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28/12/2010 18:11:00

Come back david oleary all is forgiven! My word things are goin from bad to worse and i fear that if houllier gets doe to spend in jan they could get even worse heaven forbid! At the minute we look relegation fodder! Wheres are next point coming from?? No passion! No will to win! Someone keeps saying on here were playing attractive good footy??? Wud love to know why knocking the ball around in non threatening areas is considered good footy?? Oleary days all over again! Go back to france pls houllier and take carew with u!
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28/12/2010 18:31:00

Agree with most of the above. Nothing to do with not having a striker. We have officially conceded the most amount of goals out of everyone in the prem, joint equal with WBA. They've scored more than us though!!!! We've let in 34 F*****g goals already with only half the season gone and we only conceded 38 all year last season including the 7 against Chelsea in 1 game.
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28/12/2010 18:31:00

Agree entirely with comments about Holloway also. He has won 5 games away from home already. We have won 5 games full stop and a couple of those were with Kmac in charge. Holloway's team cost next to nothing so there can't be any argument that Houllier is playing with another man's players. The man is in a time warp, out of his depth, era and too old also. We had 11 men behind the ball defending a corner with 20 mins to go when we were 4-0 down??????????????? He has to go. MON may very well have had his faults (and major ones at that,) but he's nowhere near as bad as this clown.
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28/12/2010 18:37:00

Houllier Out
Pancho Villan
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28/12/2010 19:41:00

Holloway is a clown. Stop that talk NOW.

However with you on Houllier - he is yesterdays man. He is an old man. If Villa have any direction now they will be looking at a new coach for 2011-12. I assume Houllier did not get an all singing and all dancing contract when he joined? You know what folks... Steve MacLaren is a much better coach than when he led England. He has done very well in Europe. Any other names (not Benitez perleeeease) ?
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28/12/2010 19:55:00

Don't know if you heard about Paul Faulkener's interview but he fimly states that GH ain't going nowhere so any talk of a new manager is pointless.
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28/12/2010 20:12:00

Big Sam - at least he knows how to avoid the drop. GH has to go and go now. We were pathetic today, the club should give us our money back. I don't mind losing, don't mind being out classed but when the players don't even turn up it takes the *****.
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28/12/2010 21:20:00

highlight of today was the fact that we kept singing despite the embarrassment on the pitch and the banter with the Citeh fans. Closely pushed by the little bird who was so convinced we wouldn't attack that he was sitting on the pitch in the Citeh box!!!
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28/12/2010 21:23:00

Piperuk, has Paul F seen the last six results and the table? GH cannot continue to lead us cos he has made promises and not delivered. Its a results business and we have not been in the drop zone for a long time now, we are not too good to go down and therefore we have to change now whilst we have time to turn it around. We are not a cash rich club and this french clown will spend transfer funds on nobody's that will do nowt for our position. We all hope to be wrong of course but how many new players will it take to get us out of the *****e? Along with those who are under performing now who aren't liking VP under GH.
holte ender 1969
Report Abuse
28/12/2010 21:23:00

This is written in the hope that all of us are proven wrong by the man in charge, as I hate to be a pessimist everytime we get stuck in a rut, but anyone thinking that nothing is wrong and nothing needs to be said or done is a bell3nd. The Villa of recent seasons that weve gotten used to and come to expect is now non-existent. Everyone says "give him 3 or 4 transfer windows before you judge him." Anyone still firing that line off needs to stop with that hot steamy pile of bullshish with chunks of delusion and false hope in it. Is a manager only as good as the players he buys or what he does with what he is dealt? MON definitely proved the latter for most of the time he was in charge. Ash and Gabby constantly injured, goal difference -14, on par with Wigan, teams we once competed with for a place in Europe like Spurs, City and Everton dancing the nutbush all over us on the pitch as if the rivalry on the ladder never existed, and the pride of the West Midlands in the top league, West Brom? Where do we draw the line? I doubt even the network of contacts GH has developed over the years runs deep enough to fix this season, though I do eagerly anticipate it, albeit pessimistically. Some of our best players last season like Warnock and Dunne are a shell of the player they were, and are most likely out the ddor in January. GH himself is a shell of the manager he was when he looked like he knew what he was doing. I was considered this a "transitional season" but the pace that football moves nowadays, a season for transition is a sure way to drift into obscurity, which we have done rapidly since he came here. Mr Houllier, you need to leave, go back home, to salvage and no longer spray chunky excrement all over your legacy in England. Again i write this in the hope of being proven wrong by the man. In this case, eating my words will have never been so sweet if he does.
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28/12/2010 21:34:00

This man is in the Tommy Cummings and Josef Venglos class. It's all very well saying he did well at Liverpool. He had a wonderful network of class coaches and support staff around him. Not so sure about Lerner any more either. If hoofing the ball forward gets us sixth place then so be it. Our younger players are very promising, but still not quite ready. Good defenders like Dunne, Collins and Warnock do not become poor players overnight. It is something endemic in the club. It's OK to change the playing style - understandable in fact - but we are now the side that Curtis Davis could get into, a pub side, without the effort. Who the hell advised Lerner to appoint this clown and, worse still, who do you think will come to play for us in January? It makes you wonder if MON, disloyal as he may have been, could see the writing on the wall.
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28/12/2010 22:49:00

I was baffled by MON's transfer dealings and his bizarre substitutions during a game. He played the same team week in week out as well, and that led to an inevitable collapse at some point during each season. He also left us well and truly in the brown stuff at the start of this season. However. UNDER HIM WE WERE SIXTH PLACE THREE SEASONS IN A ROW. All those haters who wanted him out because we weren't winning Champions League, ask yourselves this - are you happy now ?
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28/12/2010 23:06:00

Who the hell is faulkner!!!!! Who r u! Wat pedigree does he have to make such comment and judgement! Mr faulkner pack ur bags! Ur sacked! No1 trusts a word u say! And y r u even there! Is he a footy man???? Who is he to direct the mighty villa! I hope the general is reading! Sack the manager and most the board aswell!
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 00:01:00

It's not difficult to find out Col, Faulkner's been here for as long as Randy. But I forgot the board are the ones failing on the pitch aren't they!

Expat, as an anti Monny (and no not because we weren't Champions actually) no I'm not happy, but things wouldn't have been that much different if he'd stayed as the rot had set in and we'd reached our ceiling and he was incapable of changing that, as you seem to agree with given your post. Houllier hasn't introduced himself as the man to make us better, but that doesn't mean Monny was suddenly better himself.
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29/12/2010 00:17:00

How do you know mike_field that things wouldn't have been better if Mr O'Neill had stayed. We don't really know yet why he left! However, that is completely irrelevant. Fact is this man is useless. Like it or not as an anti-MON, up until now he has not been fit to lace his predecessor's boots. Results speak volumes and, fact is he has got to beat MON's record of three successive sixth places in the Premier League. In all honesty, do you really think this has-been is the man to do it. I repeat what I said in my previous post, it really makes me wonder if O'Neill could see some other major problems "in the background" of our wonderful club.
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29/12/2010 00:36:00

What we are seeing now is no different to what we saw at the end of last season or in pre season in reality, form is woeful. There is effort, but not enough. The same players whinging etc. I wasn't the only one saying we'd struggle this season before Monny walked - yes I didn't expect things to be this bad, BUT the two or three draws extra I think under Monny we'd have grabbed really wouldn't have changed the picture this season would it.

No we don't have Monny's true version of events yet, but from what is known I wouldn't say it's difficult to see where and why things went wrong culminating in him leaving. Hitting 6th too early so natural and sensible growth went out the window, spend was the only option for the hope of taking our chance quickly, that gave rise to not lose mentality which saw decent football go out the window, which led to spend and spend but not quite on the right players because Monny's style was average players over performing as opposed to big big players who could make a difference, too scared to take a risk and change things hence same 11 played into the ground, folding every March and blowing 4th place. Unhappy camp, Monny out of ideas to break the ceiling, financially limit was pushed, we needed to reign in, Monny wanted new blood, Randy wanted deadwood shifted first after breaking budgets previously on the promise of balancing books that never came, so ultimate flip and Monny walks pretty sure the crap would hit the fan without new signings, but wouldn't wait for deadwood to shift before getting them.

Blame no doubt exists on both sides, either could've handled things differently but I think there's more truth in (although I don't think it was the sole or main reason he walked) that Monny knew this season was going to be a struggle anyway.

But I'm not arguing Houllier is the right man am I, I'm simply pointing out just because Houllier has been so bad, doesn't suddenly mean O'Neill was without his troubles or that things would've been necessarily better. Given the injuries, how many games did Osbourne get? Would you rather Osbourne as a favourite youth under Monny play instead of Hogg, Bannan, Clark?

Daftly I think we are both thinking the same thing given your final line, but possibly you attach more to the Chairman element than I do. This season was going to be a struggle anyway, the fact Houllier hasn't helped himself doesn't necessarily mean Monny didn't take the easy option - even if, as said, I don't believe it was the sole or only reason he decided to walk when he did.
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 00:51:00

he hasn't got the dressing room MF, you could see that yesterday, we were truly woeful and no one had any leadership. Leadership comes from the top and sadly I no longer think he can do anything as there is no respect for him. He can't get rid of all our players!
The Fear
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 11:14:00


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