Stats: Liverpool v Aston Villa 6/12/10 - 8pm
UK time is: 10:33:50
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Liverpool 3 - Aston Villa 0



6/12/10 - 8pm

Attendance: 39,079

Referee: Dowd

3 - 0
Aston Villa
Ngog (14), Babel (16), Maxi (55)
Venue: Anfield
Attendance: 39,079
The Teams
L. Young
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday December 6 2010

Time: 9:58PM

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spineless performance. . . total joke HOULLIER OUT!!
One Ian Taylor
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06/12/2010 22:00:00

I dissagree with the 2nd goal but damm he put that away nice. Villa are doomed untill we get... ReoCoker, Petrov, Delph, Sidwellol, Beye, Bannan, Heskey, Weimann back from Injury plus AshleyYoung even doe he will be back Saterday. Gabby and Albrighton are still not fit and Ireland/Pires are a waste of space ! That was a boring game and the worst performance from Villa this season. Liverpool could of had a hat full of goals.. Delfouneso looked good, he has to start Saterday, I hope I ent wasted 80 on 3 tickets.
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06/12/2010 22:02:00

Dunne=Captin? I would give it to Young, we have no Leadership.
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06/12/2010 22:07:00

Well beaten tonight, team seems to have no heart
Tiny T
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06/12/2010 22:12:00

Atrocious at the back, clueless in midfield and nothing up front. Things are bad at the moment and we desperately need players back and to sort out how we want to the play the game. This slow building up of possession will not and is not working with this squad. Worrying times indeed...
Bobby Norman
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06/12/2010 22:26:00

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06/12/2010 22:40:00

Bloody awful. Spineless. Collins, Dunne and Warnock look a shadow of the players they were last season. This short passing game is NOT working. The only time we have looked really good is when we got the ball forward early and quick against United. By all means pass the ball, but forward and quicker. We can't do the basics properly at the moment. O'neill may have had his critics, but we did the basics properly under him. Still prepared tp give GH time to get players back and in during January. Plus points? Hogg continues to impress and Delboy looked sharp. Marc having an hour should give him better fitness for the must win game against the Boggies
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06/12/2010 22:55:00

Houllier out, jokers, The players arent performing
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06/12/2010 22:57:00

Houllier out is the comment from two. I could not disagree more. The guy is a proven top manager at a number of clubs. He has brought on the youth who have all done well. When results go the way they have it knocks confidence, with the midfield tonight suffering on the back of a jittery defence and no punch up front. These are not problems of Houllier's creation. Collins and Dunne's performances have gone down two notches, and there is no goalscorer in the squad apart from not bothered any more Carew - who was already in that frame of mind pre Gerard. He still makes the right changes. Fonz on for Clark, and Gabby and Alby short of match fitness weren't going to give any more tonight. The Fonz looked good again and I consider it very hard on him that he has never been given a run in a confident winning Villa team - but his time will come - hopefully onSaturday. We had most of the second half and could have got back 2 - 1 before they scored - but we simply are not creating enough. Be patient, things will fall into place. Get behind them on Saturday against a very good West Brom team in what will be an extremely difficult match. I remain encouraged - because Gerard sees and knows what we see. There is no magic solution, and over criticising players for a 3 0 defeat at Anfield will not help. Wobbly first 20 minutes was the worst part. There were performances (Downing and Fonz) that deserve praise, and others were not at their best but not that far off the mark. A deserved defeat clearly, but I don't think Villa are getting the best run of the ball of late. Things will change. Roll on 6 points from the next two games. Up the Villa.
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06/12/2010 23:03:00

stennyvilla I like your optimism but we can't hide away from it, looking at Saturday now and the way West Brom are playing as of late I am very worried. I hope we get those 6 points but I do not see it.
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06/12/2010 23:19:00

All these IDIOTS calling for GH out need to pipe down. GH need time and the opportunity to stamp his mark on the team. I love the way we are playing FOOTBALL not the stupid long ball which got us a lot of ridicule. Give GH time and 2 transfer windows before we start judging him.
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06/12/2010 23:23:00

Our teams gone stale, simple as that. Need some fresh faces willing to prove theirselves to really shake us up. Our players cant adapt to Houillers way quick enough. Question marks over Ash and Irelands commitment, arguably two of our main players. Im sick of seeing the same players making the same mistakes week in week out. Get the quality in GH, do us all a favour
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06/12/2010 23:33:00

mattyh1986, we need to start winning games, starting on Saturday against the Bagheads. I would love to think this CAN be done by playing football and taking our goal chances. Patience is one thing, winning is another, and if we don't start winning, we will end up down amongst the dead wood before christmas, because looking good and losing games is not worth a s@%t to anyone.
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06/12/2010 23:37:00

If GH leaves now we will be dead.
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06/12/2010 23:42:00

mattyh1986 - "I love the way we are playing FOOTBALL not the stupid long ball." Did you not see how many long balls we played today? It seems all Collins and Dunne can do! I lost count of the number of long balls we played, we haven't stopped playing them at all!
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06/12/2010 23:45:00

Think back fellow posters!! How soon did MON get criticised for the way he set up his team - and here was a manager who got the club into sixth place on three successive occasions. This "manager" only thinks of the time he was at Liverpool and proved how good he was by bringing attractive French free-flowing football to its knees. He advocates possession football yet falls back on the big boot. What an amazing contribution yet again from Pires. Face it, he is having no influence whatsoever on the youngsters and Houllier is having no influence on the team. Simple answer, get rid of both of them before it's too late!!
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06/12/2010 23:54:00

How soon - about 2 year in reality when he started making the same mistakes time on time. Amazing how so many believe the last French World cup was all Houllier's fault though. Hey ho.
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07/12/2010 00:03:00

The youngsters have so much pressure on them to perform at the moment. It's their first season of top flight and they can't be coping well at present but i'm still so proud of them and their continuing development. It's the seniors in the team i'm not so proud of but you can't point the finger at individual players and like stated in some posts above, it's the team itself underperforming. I believe Blitz is right by saying if Houllier leaves now we will be dead, so until the injured players come back and get a few games under their belt and we see some new players arrive in Jan I will not give up on The Hou. So I say a resounding UTV.
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07/12/2010 00:27:00

Your all completely delusional and short sighted to call for GH's head. Its people like those calling for GH out who give this sport a bad name , its pathetic. You cant just dump your manager everyime you go through a bad run, especially when the main mans only been there for a handful of games. He has a proven record you dont do that by chance or luck . We need time and investment before we see the best of GH. And I appreciate we played a few long balls tonight but I have witnessed some fantastic possession football. Its a shock for the likes of L.Young, Collins, Dunne but GH knows what he is doing and will mould the team around the style he wants to play. We have some of the best youngsters in the country blossoming at the moment, as soon as it turns (which it will!) all you doom and gloom fickle fans will be praising GH and how hes created an attractive winning team, and if after 2 season we havent made progress then I welcome the jury to come out and state their verdict. I know its frustraiting, but its far far far too easy to point the finger at the boss but what bugs me is the lack of patients and faith in the lads and in, what is a proven successful manager. So give it a rest and get behind the lads and hold your judgement until the guys in charge have had enough time to stamp their influence.
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07/12/2010 01:09:00

There is no way Houllier should lose his job before then end of this season. He needs the chance to have brought a couple of his own players in. The players are low on confidence and we are missing our captain along with other experienced players. This will come right, I like how Houllier has been, results will come. Its times like these that fans need to get behind the players and coaching team. Once we get that win, im sure we will work our way up the league with a few players coming back. Im also sure this will come with beating the baggies on saturday. UTV
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07/12/2010 01:13:00

Just because Houlier has proven himself before doesn't mean hes the right manager for us, Ireland had a good season did he not? Pique couldn't prove himself at United? List goes on, Get Houlier out before its to late, Kev Mac had a better record than Houlier and he ain't got no experience of a top club!!
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07/12/2010 02:27:00

Anyone know what channel shows the Championship in Hong Kong? I woke up at 4 to watch that. ********s!
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07/12/2010 03:26:00

Rawlie I tryed to search Championship in Hong Kong showing time but I had no luck, sorry mate. OnTopic.. BigKev should of had the job at the start of the season, No ?s asked!! Ohwell we have GH and we have to deal with it, I think he will turn things round and I hope we beat WestBrom, I live in Oldbury full of yamyamss! Grrr.
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07/12/2010 03:35:00

Its never to late for BigKev to be Assistant Manager, oh dam he rejected the offer didnt he?
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07/12/2010 03:36:00

We're not fickle....
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07/12/2010 07:05:00

people that want GH out i cant be botherd with, in fact the ppl that want him out should manage the team with no squad, oh and no Clarke on saturday as suspended, the way are playing at the mo we are gifting pts to teams and i dnt like it, i would like a win on saturday but can see mre of a draw, lets get passed xmas and get some more players in
Ted 369
Report Abuse
07/12/2010 08:42:00

It is pretty simple - Dunne, L.Young and Warnock are completely off form and complete waste of spaces. Every goal we have conceeded in the last 4 games are because of STUPID defensive mistakes. Dunne and Warnock in particualar are walking liabilities. We are just conceeding free goals every game. And then the opposition just sits back with every man behind the ball. We have to start running Cuellar, Clark, Collins, L.Young otherwise we are just going to keep leaking goals. It is impossible to chase the game when the defense is doing nothing. On another note - we looked much better running 4-4-2 with Delf up front and Ireland in midfield.
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07/12/2010 08:43:00

Well said stennyvilla. At last some common sense.
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07/12/2010 10:06:00

Can we at least remember history properly, KevMac sadly ummed and ahhed more than an ummy ahhy person, it was his job to take and he left it until the deadline (rightly maybe) before saying yes I want to be considered, after spending countless interviews discussing how he wasn't suited to the profile nature of the job and he wasn't sure if he wanted it. Performances and results were almost certainly no better for his Wet Spam, we have Houllier's Utd or Blues dominance in the game.

The problem Houllie now has is the conversation is no longer about results and giving him time, which I think the majority were willing to give him that time but his comments.
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07/12/2010 10:25:00

I didn't see the game, and it sounds like i should be glad i didnt waste my time! Terrible run of results, but i am still behind GH for at least this full season. We are in desparate need of some of our injured players back, and i would also play Cuellar on the right
Report Abuse
07/12/2010 10:54:00

I feel sorry for Young as I thought he played ok, Downing, Hogg and Ireland were not too bad (not good enough but not rubbish). I have lost it with Dunne (I am a big fan of his but this season he has not been at the races) so must ask for Cuellar to get a chance. But the player I feel now HAS TO BE DROPPED FOR THE GOOD OF THE TEAM IS WARNOCK. I never thought he was that great and this season he has been a disaster area. He seems to give away a goal a game through stupid passes or giving away silly free kicks. I know we did not create a lot going forward and that is a big problem but we first must sort out the defence. We cannot defend set pieces. So sort out the centre backs, practise set pieces more and DROP Warnock (who gives away far too many), then look at the attacking problems in January. UTV.
Tallaght Villan
Report Abuse
07/12/2010 15:42:00


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