Stats: Wolverhampton Wanderers v Aston Villa 26/9/
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Wolverhampton Wanderers 1 - Aston Villa 2



26/9/10 - 2.05pm

Attendance: 27,511

Referee: Halsey

Wolverhampton Wanderers
1 - 2
Aston Villa
Jarvis (61)
Downing (25), Heskey (88)
Venue: Molineux
Attendance: 27,511
The Teams
L. Young
A. Young
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
Match winning Mr Heskey again. Blimey.

The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday September 26 2010

Time: 4:08PM

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Heskey is 1 in a 15 Million, Worth about 15mill easy now. Great Resuly, Chuffed to BITSSS!!! =D
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26/09/2010 16:12:00

nice for us to steal a game in the last minute for a change. love wolves fans appealling for anything. love the two goals. let's build on this!
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26/09/2010 16:25:00

OH WHAT A WIN!!!! Glorious header from Heskey, Young looked great, Albrighton's cross was wonderful and Downing finish was excellent with his weaker right, Reo even came forward a little, Petrov marshalled the midfield, and the defense was great, Cuellar had Luke's back all game, Collins was great! Contributions all over. Houllier's changes suited the team yet again. Everyone else as satisfied with this win as I am?
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26/09/2010 16:46:00

Im very satisfied with this win its all right them wolves fans cryin about warnock sayib he should be sent off what about against stoke at the 94th minute wheb there player dived won a free kick and they moved the ball 10 yards forward then scored of it? swings and round abouts i say lol nice 1 heskey
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26/09/2010 17:00:00

Pleased with the result obviously. But the performance was pretty poor. A very mediocre Wolves side will feel hard done by not to take at least a point from this game. Heskey scored a great goal, but let's not kid ourselves that he's suddenly become a player. Ashley Young was again unimpressive in his central role. One can only hope that it's a temporary measure until Ireland is fully fit. Cuellar and Collins played well. Luke Young had one of his iffier games and Warnock, gave what is now his usual terrible performance - although his awful form will no doubt be masked by his match-winning assist. Today we got away with poor selection and poor football. We can't expect to be as lucky in future. As long as Houllier understands this and is working on putting things right we'll be ok. He's only just got here so we can't expect an immediate impact.
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26/09/2010 17:16:00

Albarnista - that's a pretty negative view. Yes, the performance wasn't great but isn't it a good sign when we play poorly and still win?
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26/09/2010 17:34:00

Petrov dont look good enough for our 1st team anymore! I only seen him twice, when Cuellar cleared the ball, he was standing behind him and when he got subed of,
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26/09/2010 17:35:00

PiperUK, as long as we did play 'poorly', as opposed to that being our game plan. I think winning today had more to do with Wolves being pretty poor themselves, and until Heskey scored a freak goal, Wolves were looking the more likely to snatch a victory. But as I say, it's early days. Houllier will need time to make an impact.
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26/09/2010 17:37:00

Albarnista - Actually I thought Wolves played really well.
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26/09/2010 17:54:00

god only knows how we're 5th, if i'm honest we were poor, no 2 ways about it, they(wolves) are a poor team, and at times we didn't know what to do, passing was awefull, shocking sometimes, if we had hung on for a win at stoke we'd be 2nd now! someones looking down on us thats for sure
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26/09/2010 18:03:00

Being a Darby played a big part, Alot of poeple in the Forums was talking about dropping ''Albrighton'' That kids on FIREEE!!
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26/09/2010 18:26:00

I wonder if I watched the same game? Wolves work rate was terrific today, they were really up for this game, and yet we managed, for large parts of the game, to keep the ball and out pass them. Heskeys goal was not a freak, Jarvis's was. Our pair of centre backs looked fairly resolute, even if the distribution wasn't brilliant, both Albrighton and Downing looked lively, especially Albrighton, and Ashley Young looked a threat as the game wore on too. Some of the negativity from people on here is unreal. This was a good open local derby, and not only did we have the fight for it, we'd got more skill too and we showed a bit of beleif. Warnock was lucky not to get a 2nd yellow but other than that what happened in terms of scorelines reflected what happened throughout the game.
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26/09/2010 18:56:00

Lorenzo - I agree with much of what you say. Some on here, including Albanista, have such a high performance target, that no-one will ever hit it. By all means strive for improvement, but the criticism on here is unreal. Would love to see some of these people at their own work so I could see perfection.
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26/09/2010 19:02:00

Ha - "Spend a Day at Albie's Workplace" - I'm up for it! :o)
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26/09/2010 19:14:00

2 great team goals, the header was excellent, the two centre backs looked great, but full backs not so much, Cueller had to keep saving L Young, we looked great for 30 mins and then seemed to tire, but we won, so thrilled to be honest
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26/09/2010 19:18:00

I always said Heskey was The Man, a top striker and that he'd be a 20 a season man, as he'snow on target to be.......ahem. lol
villan of the north
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26/09/2010 19:21:00

For gawds sake Albarnista, now MON has moved on you are looking for another focus for your massive negativity. Some of what you used to say about MON made sense toward the end of his tenure. However i have no idea where you are coming from calling Heskeys goal a freak! It was a good cross and an even better header, top draw in fact and i would defy anyone to say otherwise!! Wolves were poor in application in the majority of their pressuring in the second half and i wasn't really worried that they would score. Their goal was certainly a freak, totally and utterly meant as a cross and Friedel got it wrong unfortunately.
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26/09/2010 21:06:00

Albarnista - there's only one explanation - YOU are Emile Heskey!!!! That would certainly explain your joy when MON had left, as he'd started to leave you on the bench! It would also explain why you consistantly slag off the majority of the villa team! Come on now - admit it :P
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26/09/2010 21:43:00

I say Heskey's goal was a freak because I've never, ever seen him even come close to scoring with his head in that fashion. It was an absolutely superb header, and if it had been Dion Dublin or JPA, it wouldn't have been a freak, because they scored good goals with their head on a reasonably regular basis. Emile Heskey hasn't scored ANY kind of goal on a regular basis for many, many years. This is why it was a freak goal. To say so isn't negative. It's realistic. Just as it's realistic to say that we were fortunate to get three points today. We didn't play well and were, for most of the game, second best to a very modest Wolves side. As I said, I'm pleased we won today, I'm pleased that we played with character, and I'm pleased that we defended well for the most part. But the football we played was poor - poorer than under K-Mac. This was the first game I've seen since Houllier took charge, and I sincerely hope it wasn't a sign of things to come. But we need to get better, though we won't if Heskey and Young continue to be our strikeforce. I hope that Young moves back out wide, and I hope Heskey's appearances are limited this season. It just concerns me when Houllier is suggesting that neither of these are on the agenda.
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26/09/2010 21:45:00

Piper that was Albarnista being positive! Heskey has now scored two in two and looked a handful today. I prefer AY wide supplying crosses but thought he looked okay today. The only thing Warnock is guilty of is trying too hard, he needs to stop diving in, as for Luke Young didn't think he had a bad game at all. Thought NRC looked good, so with him and Emule its like having two new players.
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26/09/2010 22:50:00

JPA at his best, sorry.
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26/09/2010 23:45:00

Albarnista is Rodney Trotter in disguise, A RIGHT PLONKER!!
holte ender 1969
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27/09/2010 00:30:00

I'm pleased that whilst not agreeing with everything I say, eltoro and Astriel are both capable of appreciating my opinion. In case I didn't make it clear enough already, I'm pleased we won today, and, as ever, the effort and commitment shown by our players was very good. As I already said, I'm pleased for Heskey that he scored a fantastic goal. Despite not rating him, I think that he has copped undeserved abuse. It's not his fault that he was signed for Villa, or that he was given a lucrative contract. So for that reason, I'm delighted for him.
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27/09/2010 03:45:00

Madirish, if you can show me one instance of me abusing a Villa player (as opposed to questioning whether they are good enough for Villa, which is rather different), then you can accuse me of starting on them. I have always been absolutely consistent in blaming a manager for poor players. Who's fault is it if a bad player signs for Villa? The guy who signed him of course. If a player doesn't pull his weight, then his performance can be criticised and his attitude questioned. But if that same player is picked time and time again, then it is the manager who is ultimately to blame. I support the players, and I support the manager. If the manager makes mistakes, I'll no doubt comment on them. If he continues to make the same mistakes time after time, I will question his fitness to manage the club. I think this is entirely reasonable.
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27/09/2010 03:53:00

welcome on board splashed. To be fair, most are positive about the win. Not sure what some want to be fair, it was a local derby, it was going to be a battle, it wasn't going to be pretty, all that really matters is the 3 points and the bragging rights. We got them. Heskey was man of the match as far as I could see!
The Fear
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27/09/2010 09:58:00

I agree with fear and naz, it was a local derby and was always going to be a scrappy game, it was a battle and we was unable to play fancy stuff you wish us to play. Houllier has basically been at villa for a week how fast do you want him to adapt? A win is a win and you shouldnt care how we got it as long as we did, there was no need to critisise what so ever to be honest you should be praising the team for the win, maybe under o'neil we wouldnt have got the win...You are trying to pick out the negatives and not looking at the positives, get real.
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27/09/2010 11:26:00

i would give man on the match to fridel not a game goes by execpt he makes some real execptional saves i ever realised how god he really was until he signed for the villa. as for the moaner albarnista i think he is too impressed with his own intelligance and when your back is against the wall you try to wriggle out saying i never said that an i meant that you contridict yourself your a moaner and very negative do you think you could manage a club like villa and guide them to cup, league and european success?
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27/09/2010 11:47:00

59, naz. Born in Witton lane. First game aged about 4. So? There have been better derby games - Villa have certainly played better than this in Derby games. The point that I'm making, and I think that Albarnista is making (though he can and will certainly speak for himself), is that I had practically no choice but to be a Villa fan and i want to be proud because we play excellent, exciting football. However, under MON Villa were set up to play counter attack and hold on (even at home) or long ball rubbish much of the time. And only because he was stubborn and put himself above the club. You probably followed Villa down to the third division like me in the 70s and we played some fantastic football on our way back up and then the first years back in the First Division. Some of the best times as a Villa fan for me. Always wanting better is not a sin. Nor does it stop you shouting yourself crazy on matchdays regardless of how we play.
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27/09/2010 12:17:00

Sorry Albarnista - thought the Freak comment was yours - apologies - but who says Houlier is going to use the players in the same way as the prvious incumbent?. The problem is it's only 2 games into the new regime and its 100% record but we are focusing on what MIGHT happen - whats happeining is the Hou is seeing what is wrong and changing it when needed and not in the last few minutes - and we did not sit back in the second half protecting the lead - give McCarthy some credit - he saw what was happeing - so he changed things - took off a dfender being pated by Albie and what happened - more defending needed by our winger. The home team is ALWAYS going to come out in a second half and get the better - how many times have we done that. It just seems that there is negativity when there need not be. From some comments it's like we should be playing 100% perfect football each and every game but footballs not like that - just ask Arsenal and Spurs!
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27/09/2010 13:26:00

I actually am a little bit shocked at the ridiculousness of this. Some people are unhappy with negative criticism of the team when we win, yet they happily lay into the team when we lose. Yes we are ALL happy with the win! Do not doubt that, we are all Villa supporters and a win makes us all happy. But it seems like the performance is ignored by most of the people posting. There are obvious problems with the team that WILL lose us points in the future. This is basically the same tactics and same team that saw us get destroyed by Newcastle and lose to Stoke. The fact that we swindled the 3 points from Stoke doesn't make up for the fact that we were still poor in that game. If you want everyone to be happy because we won and ignore the fact that there are still major weaknesses in the team then I would call half the "supporters" here incredibly fickle. Your only concern is that this weekend we won. What about next weekend? Or when we play spurs or man city or chelsea? Do you think that the performances for the first 6 games of the season will be good enough against them? We need to move away from criticising the team when we lose and praising them when they win. If the performance was good then whether we win or lose we should be PROUD! That is what supporting your team is about. Enough of this oh we won what a great team or we lost what a bunch of *****ers. The performances this season have NOT been good enough and even if we were top or bottom of the log I would still be disappointed. We need to play 2 halves each match and not just 1!
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27/09/2010 13:43:00

sorry swindled 3 points from wolves. :D
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27/09/2010 13:44:00

I don't think for a minute that most are ignoring the performances see the match thread, I was asking when we'd play a full 90 mins etc BUT the main thing is the points and especially in a derby game AND not only that but Houllier is only just in, he cannot change things around that quickly so there has to be patience and understanding surely?
The Fear
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27/09/2010 15:11:00

Here here, Albarnista. The past is in the past, now, so onwards and upwards from here.
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27/09/2010 22:28:00

An entertaining game as local derbies go I thought, and a well deserved three points won by the lads. Good atmosphere inside the stadium, although a hostile environment outside the ground, somewhat akin to St Andrews on derby day. After the turmoil that this club has experienced since Martin O'Neill's walk out, I'd say that to find ourselves sitting in fifth place in the premier league table, is a pretty impressive performance by all involved at Villa Park. Albarnista, out of interest, do you attend games? Maybe you're a Villan in exile, maybe a season ticket holder and a regular attendee at the away games, I dont know, I'm just interested. I just wonder sometimes what feeds your negativity.
Report Abuse
27/09/2010 23:00:00

I share a lot of your concerns Albarnista, so perhaps I shouldn't be over critical of your comments. Just wondered what 'level' of supporter you were, whether you attend all games, just home games, a selected few, or whether you were a Villan in exile. Just trying to get a take on where you're always coming from.
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02/10/2010 01:23:00


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