Stats: Man U v Aston Villa 5/4/09 - 4pm
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Man U 3 - Aston Villa 2

Premier League

Old Trafford

5/4/09 - 4pm

Attendance: 75,409

Referee: Mike Riley

Man U
3 - 2
Aston Villa
Ronaldo (13, 79), Macheda (90)
Carew (29), Agbonlahor (57)
Venue: Old Trafford
Attendance: 75,409
The Teams
Van Der Sar
L. Young
A. Young
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
Absolutely phenomenal performance. Deserved all 3 points today, certainly didn't deserve to walk away with nothing. Pathetic refereeing again and Ronaldo shows the best and the worst of his game. But today was about us, we rose to it and whilst it's gutting to lose nobodies head should be low after that. Fantastic game, for both sets of fans let alone the neutrals. We asked for a response, a proper response from the team and the manager and we got it today.

The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday April 5 2009

Time: 6:07PM

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Well......I shalln't be complaining!
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05/04/2009 18:10:00

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05/04/2009 18:11:00

Played great untill we got our second, then we backed off and invited them onto us. As we thought some of the refs calls were a bit strange i.e going with so many of the lines mans offsides against gabby that we not and the 5 min injury time. If we just keep on top of our opponents and not back off we can beat anyone. A great performance by us and I even thought Shorey was very good.
Tallaght Villan
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05/04/2009 18:19:00

damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn. What a great 3rd goal. Wish we could close games down, so close and yet - again - so far.
The Fear
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05/04/2009 18:24:00

How many times in recent years have they come back to beat us. Best we have played in a long time in my opinion.Gutted.
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05/04/2009 18:27:00

I don't post that often but compelled to do so... We were fantastic and much the better team for 88 minutes of the match. I'm feeling happy because everyone played excellently (except for milner - muppet). I was glad to see shorey playing (well!) and luke young back to where he should be. Well done everyone - just got to play like that in every game!!! Up the villa...
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05/04/2009 18:35:00

Thanks for nothing! :) How you're team can play so fantastically well for 80-odd minutes and then bottle it in the last two is beyond me. You've ruined my weekend. I hope you're happy. :)
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05/04/2009 18:56:00

That's what we do...
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05/04/2009 19:02:00

I have nothing to be bitter about but how you can say you were the better team or deserved THREE points is beyond me! I have a lot of respect for MON and Villa but you were playing on the counter and were just happy to not lose. You had a great first half but there was nothing more to it. Going by goal attempts, possession, corners, shots on goal, how could you have been the better team? You played on the counter because thats something you're very good at and I'm not knocking you for that. But you certainly weren't the better team!
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05/04/2009 19:03:00

foreverunited was obviously watching a different game
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05/04/2009 19:10:00

Ha! Forever United! All your goal attempts came right at the end of the game. We deserved to at least draw and even that would have felt like an injustice. The refereeing today was atrocious, both Gabby and Young being flagged offside when they were on. And can someone please tell me where 5 injury time minutes came from? Still we played extremely well, and that's what the boys should take away from today.
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05/04/2009 19:16:00

We did play well but we still conceded three goals. We haven't got the capacity to close games down. Given this was a much improved performance in a clearly better balanced eleven, why has it taken MON so long to see how important that balance is? We are in a two draws seven defeats run FFS!
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05/04/2009 19:23:00

Am I alone in being absolutely disgusted with not only the result, but also the performance today? Yes, we were the better side for the first 3/4's of the game, but let's open our eyes. That Man Utd side we played today would struggle to avoid relegation. It was barely a third rate Man Utd we played today. We had the opportunity to really begin setting the record straight against a team who we have laid down against so often. Yet lie down is exactly what we did again today. I have commented on the remarkable guts and spirit that our team posesses on many occasions this season, and I still believe that's right. We have had a shocking run of results lately, and yet we were able to come to OT and - albeit against a very weak side - control the game. But in the last 20 minutes or so it was as if we abdicated our control. It looked to me like the team couldn't quite believe they were leading the game, and realised that their manager would actually be delighted with a point. 2-1 up went from being a great platform to go on and win convincingly, to a great platform to 'achieve' a 2-2 draw. 'Belief is the key' is the tagline of MoN's last piece on the official site. I'm sorry, but when the manager doesn't believe, how can the players? This quote from MoN seems to sum up the ambition and 'belief' that he has: “With a bit of luck we are going to qualify for European football again for the second consecutive year. That is what I would call getting ahead of yourself.” Had we won to day - which we absolutely should have done, and would have, had we believed - then I would have been quietly confident of us overhauling Arsenal, despite their newly regained confidence. That we lost, and given the manner of the defeat, I am now wondering if we might indeed be needing that luck MoN spoke of to finish above West Ham. In all of what I've said, I've really been trying to articulate my utter disgust. But I'm mot sure I've succeeded.
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05/04/2009 19:49:00

Gutted if you could have defended a bit better.Giving them the space was the biggest mistake as they have quite a good number of players who can do good things with the ball
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05/04/2009 19:56:00

"We have got the players in the dressing room. With the games we've got left, we have got a more than good enough squad to take us up the league. My aim is for us to finish in the top four and play Champions League football at Villa Park. It's a big ask but it's more than achievable. If it doesn't happen, at the end of the season I'll speak with the manager about my future." These are the words of Gareth Barry, a man with belief and ambition, and a man who's love for Villa can't reasonably be questioned. In my opinion, he's been selfishly misled by MoN. He was persuaded to stay another season, because we were going to give finishing in the top 4 'a real good go'. There's no doubt that the players we posess have given it a real good go this season, but I think they've been undermined by their manager. A failiure to stregthen the squad sufficiently for a long campaign, coupled with a lack of ambition and belief, a settling for 5th or 6th best, has left these players high and dry. Who could possibly hold anything against Barry if he demanded a transfer come the season's end? To be honest, the way I'm feeling, I wouldn't have blamed him if he'd strode over to MoN when Macheda scored the winner and demanded the transfer there and then. Had he done so, as disgraceful an act as it would have been in almost any conceivable circumstance, I would have applauded.
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05/04/2009 20:04:00

MoN has spoken. And he's blamed the referee and his assistants. I think he might have a point with some of the offsides given against us, but unfortunately he's missed the real point, which is that we should have come away not only with 3 points, but an emphatic victory (though I'd have been happy with just the 3 points!). In a funny way, today's game was a microcosm of our season. A quietly impressive start and middle, followed by abject surrender. It's not guts we lack, but belief. The outcome of today's game wasn't a surprise, because it's exactly how this season is panning out. MoN has said that we are to judge him at the end of the season, and judgement will inevitably come. The thing is that, as the trial is conducted, and the evidence is heard, opinions are inevitably formed by the jury, and, generally speaking, these opinions harden into a verdict. But of course MoN would be well aware of this, being an enthusiast of all things legal...
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05/04/2009 20:15:00

Sorry to clutter things up with my three-pronged tirade!
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05/04/2009 20:16:00

I think some people are being a bit hard on MON. Sloppy defending at the end of the game screwed us up. Fresh legs against tired ones. I think the lads played fantastic today and i was very proud of the performance. We just let it slip at the end. MON got the team selection spot on. Shorey and Carew played well and Gabby ended his dry goal spell. We're all gutted abut the result but im sure things will only get better for us. That performance today should lift the spirits in the dressing room today because we were robbed and alot of Manc fans know it (although they'll never admit it). Up the villa
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05/04/2009 20:47:00

we are now officially the unluckiest team in the country at the moment... deserved at least a draw away to man utd - we are still a cracking side. lets hope next season we have more strength in depth and we will make the top 4 under MON - best manager in the country.
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05/04/2009 20:58:00

I assume claiming MON as the best manager in the country is something of a bizarre joke? He won't take Villa to the top-four, realistically, if he stays around for 10 years, let alone the two-and-a-bit that would fit his five-year cycle.
The Real Neil
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05/04/2009 23:17:00

First of all may I say what a galant effort from the boys and with more luck we should have come away with something, whether that was 1 or 3 points is open to opinion. Secondly, I am and always will be a Villa fan win, lose or draw and hope upon high hope that we start to turn around our great season so we dont finish on a damp note. Finally, it is never over until the season ends and with that we have the proverbable six pointer coming up against a strong toffee team. C'mon lets get behind the team and MON and show our faith and continue whatever the result in following the team we love to support! No, it is not blind faith but optimism and the will of not giving up as some may have suggested. I would be gutted to lose Barry to anyone, so with that thought and the slight chance we have (Arse are to play the top 3 yet!) we should keep the faith and shout forever our support. C'mon Villa.
holte ender 1969
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06/04/2009 00:07:00

Most of the time stats never tell the truth about a game - if you don't believe me just look at these.
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06/04/2009 04:44:00

holteender1969, I salute you. You are absolutely right; we should continue to support the team, whatever the circumstances. If we take 21 points from 21, and Arsenal get two draws and a loss from their matches against the top 3 (and at least that second one seems plausible) then we finish 4th, and we can then claim to have the luckiest manager alive (and at least according to Napoleon that would be no bad thing). Whilst there's life there's hope, etc. UTV
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06/04/2009 06:58:00

We should have scored 6 or 7 against Manure's 4th string team. Much improved performance and Milner was not amazing but Nige isn't a winger and they scored 2 after the sub was made so........ If Carew played like that every week, he would be the top scorer in the prem. All the officials were shocking. Mike Riley is Touche Turtle
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06/04/2009 09:25:00

i would ignore foreverunited his a fecking muppet gives it all the mouth but us liverpool fans are still waiting for him to come to VL as he said he even if manure lost to us....... STILL WAITING FU...... oh yeah thats right your only shouting your mouth off when manure play well lol...... typical manure fan unlike villa,chelsea,arsenal,liverpool and even spurs fans we take it on the chin when we get beat...... fecking loser
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06/04/2009 10:56:00

Aston Villa. Consistently good. Consistently good at letting me down.
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06/04/2009 17:23:00

Oh and by the way, a caller to WM was right. The game is rotten and corrupt. I strongly believe, and this isn't sour grapes, that refs protect the big clubs by giving them more injury time at home, questionable fouls and penalties. Other clubs, like Villa, never get given the 50-50s, even 60-40s in our favour. Why is the game corrupt? Because the top 4 are the money makers, selling shirts and TV rights around the world. If they fall out of the top 4, fans in other countries might loose interest, might start watching Serie A or the Bundesliga, hence less money going into the FA's pockets. This game stinks. I've realised it and now you should to.
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06/04/2009 17:30:00

The game was virtually won, we were in control, dictating the play. Removing Milner was a mistake, a belief shared by many around me at the time. After that substitution, we sat back, allowing United to come at us. We simply lacked the belief and conviction to see the game through. Plus that old Villa failing of conceding late goals, once again came back to haunt us.
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07/04/2009 09:57:00

Thought that Nicky Shorey's performance fully justified his inclusion in the starting line-up. He gave us some balance at long last. He's a quality left full back, he just needs the games, and the opportunity to play himself into the regular starting line-up. Why he has been so long denied that opportunity is beyond me.
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07/04/2009 10:00:00


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