Stats: Spurs v Aston Villa 01/10/07
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Spurs 4 - Aston Villa 4

White Hart Lane


Attendance: 36094


4 - 4
Aston Villa
Berbatov (20), Chimbonda (69), Keane (82, pen), Kaboul (90 +2)
Laursen (23, 33), Agbonlahor (40), Gardner (59)
Venue: White Hart Lane
Attendance: 36094
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Goal Attempts
On Target
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Writer: murph Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday October 1 2007

Time: 10:32PM

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Sick as a dog !!!!
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01/10/2007 22:33:00

When you look at the stats it sort of makes sense but, oh my god...memories of the Leicester game in 1995 (i think) when we again threw away a 4-1 lead to draw 4-4. Questionable substitutions cost us big time tonight...
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01/10/2007 22:39:00

Now im calming down a bit, and looking at the stats, we were lucky to be 4-1 up. But these players are professionals and should be able to hold on to a 3 goal lead! And why didnt MON bring on Davies at the death just to have another defensive player? 7 shots and 7 shots on target makes a change though!!
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01/10/2007 22:53:00

Gabbys goal was quality
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01/10/2007 22:56:00

I understand how disappointed and frustrated you all must be but in all honesty you didn't deserve to be 4-1 up in the first place, mistakes and poor defending allowed you that. Minus the defending that is the best I have seen Spurs play this season. Possession, chances we had it all. Having said that Villa were not awful and contributed to a very memorable game.
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01/10/2007 23:03:00

mon tactics for the last half were shocking.......he played one up front got Gabby and Ashley and the rest of the midfield to sit right on top of the back four....this just invited spurs who did jack in the first 15 mins of the second half to attack us which they did.....4-1 up away from home with half hour to go....very poor tactics....they were terrified of Gabby and Ashleys pace...they need to play up front...they are not defenders....very dissapointing
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01/10/2007 23:07:00

I agree that it was not good to sit back, imavillan, but it seems to me that MON was urging them forward, not telling them to sit back.
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01/10/2007 23:31:00

Gutted that I didn't see the game and still haven't seen the highlights! Welcome to the "Can't hold onto a lead" club! I think you'll find that Spurs are founder members!
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01/10/2007 23:49:00

Gabby's goal was quality Pking. Absolute.
Adam Deuce
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01/10/2007 23:52:00

Marlon harewood is absolutely, MON what on earth attracted him to you the guy is a absolute shocker biggest transfer calamity sin ali dia
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02/10/2007 00:12:00

Very very disappointed. Was up at 3am to 5am watching this live in Singapore. Try getting back to sleep after that one...cue nightmares of Marlon. That guy is truly useless. If anyone says get off his back and give him a chance after that effort last night for the 3rd goal then i'll be truly amazed. That was 100% the turning point of the game, and there was absolutely no excuse for it. The guy obviously has more muscles than brain cells. MON's performance - slightly questionable substitutions?....perhaps, but putting Davies on might have further invited them to come onto us. Petrov didn't do too much wrong, but he's not really the guy you want to bring on if defending a lead. Yet again, those players should still have been able to hold on to a 3 goal lead & they have to be the ones to answer to the consequences. Spurs were hopeless in defence last night OAL, and that is a big part of the game, so I don't know how you can claim we didn't deserve to be 4-1 up. You guys were there for the taking, and only a similar implosion for us near the end salvaged a result for you guys. This p155es me off more than anything, as it is tantamount to a 6 point swing in terms of how things might shake up for the Europe spots come end of the season.
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02/10/2007 02:55:00

we were winning...just defend...why?...*****...Harewood what the hell was that *****?
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02/10/2007 03:09:00

I feel physically sick this morning after that! When will MON learn that if you play your ***** players you dont win football matches! It happend vs Leicester, then at 4-1 up he brings on the ***** Harewood and the ***** Petrov, and it was bound to happen again and it did!
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02/10/2007 08:10:00

we've always bottled it, I said to the missus if they make it 4-2 we'll fall apart, I take no joy in being this weeks, smart arse!
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02/10/2007 08:10:00

I would say we'd have taken a draw at the start and Spurs did play well in a memorable game. It would have been an ideal match to blood Davies. The December/Christmas period is key this season, lets hope this time we can string a run of results together. The experience we are getting can only help too.
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02/10/2007 08:19:00

I must say its never a dull moment supporting us!
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02/10/2007 08:20:00

Looking at these reactions, I'm also puzzled that when we were 4-1 up, we started getting jittery! I was at the Leicester game in 1995 (?) where something similar happened and I said to my son something very similar to Eltoro. If we concede a goal in the next five minutes, we'll end up drawing 4-4. Then we did, and we did. Call it the experience of being a supporter for the last 40 years, but look on the bright side - he doesn't think I'm stupid any more!!
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02/10/2007 08:25:00

Godzilla there is no bright side. MON needs to wake up and ship Marlon out ASAP. Not fit to be a ball boy down at Villa let alone run around and bump into people. To top that he has got a first team squad number. This is almost as bad as letting P. Neville captain England (which is the only thing that I can liken Harewood playing for Villa to.)
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02/10/2007 08:37:00

the best form of defence is attack, we sat back for 30 minutes and invited pressure with some stupid tactics from oneill. why take gardener off? at least he tackles and gets stuck in un like petrov, and reo-coker. Why sit back? why leave one up front? why marlon harewood? why not go for a 5th when they are so shocking at the back? This result will paper of the cracks a bit for the spuds, but they did show some charactor i will give them that. Paul Robinson for England and the Champions League???? Give it a rest.
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02/10/2007 08:41:00

cant believe I am gonna say this aswell, we missed Gavin McCann last night big time. We had no one in midfield bar Gardener who was up for the tackle, or at least to attempt breaking up play. Reo-coker and Petrov will not tackle and get stuck in. f*** the pair of them off.
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02/10/2007 08:43:00

Well after being completely *****ed off last night i have clamed down a bit. my short anaylasis of the game is........ Harewood is a useless tosser not fit to wear the shirt again. surely no one can defend him today, and i'm not going to waste my time slagging petrov off........... *****. but other than them two, well played Villa, and MON get spending in jan, we could make europe with a couple more players.
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02/10/2007 08:49:00

I was angry at supporters who boo'd Harewood off against Leicester and I still believe "supporters" should never boo there own players. However his performance last night was beyond defendable.
Adam Deuce
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02/10/2007 08:56:00

ok, I didn't have a wink of sleep last night after that match. Saying that, did anyone else think that most of our main team played terribly last night? Reo-Coker was off form and got booked for that pointless challenge, Barry was anonymous, Young never really got a look in, Carson looked a bit unsure after goal 2, Mellberg was useless and left a massive space for Bale to play in, Bouma wasn't his best... I hate to say it but we probably never deserved that lead and really a draw is not a bad result and a point is better than the corresponding fixture last year. I know losing that lead is heartbreaking but for some reason we still look off our game when away from home (or at home to lower division opposition...) Is the coach really uncomfortable of something?
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02/10/2007 10:05:00

Shows how much I know I opted for a 1-1 draw away against Spurs, I never thought in my wildest dreams that we would have been in a position to walk away with all three points.
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02/10/2007 10:09:00

Did say Harewood was a bag of rubbish now maybe a few of you will agree with me? Also coker cant defend. Maybe you found out a little more about your so called great signings. C u Sat.
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02/10/2007 10:09:00

SHOE HAMMER the supporters never called them great signings the manager may have.
Report Abuse
02/10/2007 10:46:00

Shoe Hammer, you seem to have a vendetta against clearly our best player (sorry, I'm told I'm negative, so wanted to change that!!!! :o( )
The Fear
Report Abuse
02/10/2007 11:08:00

Mr Fear, how dare you be positive. Go lock yourself in a room and think of a better way of losing a 3 goal lead with 20 minutes to go... and you can't blame the referee.
Hoss The Villain
Report Abuse
02/10/2007 11:43:00

I just don't understand MON's tactics with regard to substitutions. This is the second game when the wrong substitutes have blown the game for us. Petrov and Harewood are not up to standard and MON playing them, because he bought them, is not good enough. Osbourne and Davies would have been a much better option both want to play for Villa which is more than can be said about the other two. BUT, why change a winning team? It does not make sense, plus MON's excuse about a young team was tripe, as another blog points out.
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02/10/2007 11:57:00

The team were dropping back further and further and holding on for the final whistle before Harewood came on,he looks like a terrible signing but he is being used as a scapegoat.And Reo Coker is now crap aswell apparently,everyone was raving about how good he was after the chelsea game,the word fickle springs to mind again.Good to see SHOE HAMMER has no agenda against Marlon or Reo they dont play for yous anymore move on with your life.
Report Abuse
02/10/2007 11:59:00

can't see why Reo is being dug at, he wasn't bad at all last night.. great goal by Gabby.... Harewood has no ability whatsoever, gave the ball away all but one time he got it & ... well don't need to mention the penalty!
Report Abuse
02/10/2007 12:04:00

looking at the table were still not doing too bad,there are plenty of teams that will go to WHL and come away with nothing.Considering we haven't played particularly well this season and have had some really tough fixtures.Our results are improving on last seasons there is still reason to be optimistic.
Report Abuse
02/10/2007 12:16:00

Hoss, you are right, although I feel more positivity coming on. How about: Its good to share. It was greedy of us to take all the points and goals and our reward for such generosity will be in heaven? As for losing 3 goals in 20 mins, I honestly don't think I could do it, I'll leave that to the experts at Villa! lol
The Fear
Report Abuse
02/10/2007 14:10:00

To say Im gutted is an understatment, I couldnt sleep well after that result, it really did take the biscuit. Ive never been one to critisise players, but last night I was very unhappy with Marlon's "contribution". He seemed unfit, couldnt do what was asked of him. Not up to the standard we require.
Report Abuse
02/10/2007 14:14:00

Not to mention the fact that he tried to hump a Tottenham player in the penalty box....what a moronic effort....
Report Abuse
02/10/2007 15:49:00

marlon harewood is a *****in disgrace! he should never wear the shirt again after costing us 2 points with that terrible needless challenge when bent wasnt going anywhere to even contemplate making a effort to get the ball.apart from that martin is jointly to blame for team sitting back and letting them come on to us rather than play are normal game as spuds were there quite clearly for the taking. *****in shocking,wont be surprised at all if wham beat us saturday now,how the ***** do you get over that in a few days,..................................................................i will not thats for *****in sure. UTV
Belfast Villain
Report Abuse
02/10/2007 16:39:00

At 4-1 you had to shake your head and ask just how we were ahead, let alone be 4-1 up. Five more minutes and we'd have lost, no doubt about it.
Report Abuse
02/10/2007 18:48:00

Marlon Harewood??? Marlon Dingle would have been a better choice on that performance. A lesson in how NOT to hold the ball up front when you're 4-1 up. The pen was the turning point, awful, clumsy challenge. The storm was blowing over at that stage. Still, if Messi scored goals like Gabby's last two the whole world would be in awe. The kid is a diamond. ***** happens, keep smiling. In GAB we trust!!!!!!
Report Abuse
02/10/2007 22:25:00

Word about their pre-game celebrations - very impressive. They put on quite a show.
Report Abuse
27/11/2007 23:35:00


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