Stats: Aston Villa v Fulham 21/10/2006
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Aston Villa 1 - Fulham 1

Villa Park


Attendance: 30,919


Aston Villa
1 - 1
Barry (pen) (26)
Moritz Volz (46)
Venue: Villa Park
Attendance: 30,919
The Teams
Thomas Sorensen
Antti Niemi
Aaron Hughes
Liam Rosenior
Olof Mellberg
Zat Knight
Martin Laursen
Ian Pearce
Liam Ridgewell
Franck Queudrue
Gabriel Agbonlahor
Michael Brown
Steven Davis
Carlos Bocanegra
Stiliyan Petrov
Moritz Volz
Gareth Barry
Claus Jensen
Juan Pablo Angel
Tomasz Radzinski
Milan Baros
Brian McBride
Wilfred Bouma
Wayne Routledge
Chris Sutton
Gabriel Zakuani
Stuart Taylor
Collins John
Isaiah Osbourne
Jan Lastuvka
Didier Agathe
Heidar Helguson
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards

The Journalist

Writer: Site Staff Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday October 21 2006

Time: 7:58PM

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1 SHOT ON TARGET! Can we shoot all of our strikers now? Well, all accept Gabby, he's class.
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21/10/2006 20:44:00

i have to say that it reminded me of last season with the way the balls were just randomnly being played into the box
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21/10/2006 20:47:00

Arghhhhhhhhhhh. The reason why 13 000 fans didn't turn up after the Spurs match. We're suffering trying to play 442 but we're stuck with it. Too many players didn't turn up today and we lost it in midfield. Come January, Davis, the full backs and strikers will be sacrificed. Teams have sussed Gabby and Agathe' was awful. Why did MON play Ridgewell at left back when it's so important now for the fullbacks to be able to cross the ball? Very frustrating but onward and upward we're in it for the long haul. At least MON and Randy know what we're up against. UTV
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21/10/2006 20:51:00

Ive got to say mon was spot on that was poor ! Agathe's first touch was dire , i cant see him winning along term contract if he plays like that !
atkinson villa
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21/10/2006 20:55:00

shocking up front. give me some names realistically we could attract?
silkie villain
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21/10/2006 21:06:00

How about Bent , or Defoe
atkinson villa
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21/10/2006 21:20:00

Mind you the fat boy Ronaldo is not playing much first team football at Real Madrid is he ?! Or that Beckam geezer we could do a swap with Samuel and Ridgewell
atkinson villa
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21/10/2006 21:34:00

Am glad we are still undefeated but am not happy we got another draw
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21/10/2006 22:28:00

its a shame we didnt win that one as going up to 3rd would have been awesome , especially after last season
atkinson villa
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21/10/2006 22:49:00

Ilike the managers interview. We've got injuries, their an honest bunch of lads and I can't ask anymore of them......... Oh, I forgot that was last year. At least MON told it as it was and who can disagree with him. I will always get behind the team, have done for the past 40 years (since I could walk) but the current crop realistically aren't good enough for the top 7. But I hope MON is saying prove me wrong.
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21/10/2006 23:39:00

Very disappointing. Just about deserved a draw. Will have to improve considerably on this showing to see off Leicester in mid-week, let alone get anything from the upcoming trip to Anfield.
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22/10/2006 02:24:00

A poor perfomance, especially in the second half when MON decided to put that fat clown Agathe on followed by that blue nose. I hope he now realises that buying ex Celtic players isn't the way forward. We need creativity and experience in the team and hopefully in January he'll get both. Baros is a waste of space and Angel has only proved his £40,000 a week tag in one season at Villa. We are crying out for a proven striker.
Hoss The Villain
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22/10/2006 09:50:00

We need Joey Barton in midfield. Bent up front. Routledge to compensate for Moore being out and a top quality defender who been around a while.
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22/10/2006 10:43:00

Also, how about signing Parker when Newcastle go down.....
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22/10/2006 10:45:00

we need to turn these draws into wins bottom line!!!
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22/10/2006 12:27:00

As long as we can say around the top six till jan we can strengthen and the hopefully push on. PS randy hand a villa scarf on quality.
chris the villan
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22/10/2006 14:18:00

MON had to strenghten the squad with has beens because we missed the transfer window because of the takeover. Can't blame him for bringing in players he knows. At half time it needed changing and he did his best with what is available (apart from Ridgewell at leftback?). Roll on January. UTV
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22/10/2006 14:23:00

42,500 one week.... 30,000 the next. Poor. Villa fans ...are they the most fickle in the Prem. Discuss.
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22/10/2006 18:30:00

Newcastle: 52,000 normal Saturday match. 30,000 European match.
Report Abuse
22/10/2006 20:23:00

God , we were woeful ! the DOL days are back . MON is not a miracle worker , Final ball ? how terrible were we last night . the sooner we get 2 new fullbacks the better ! roll on January
Report Abuse
22/10/2006 21:14:00

I take it greyhound your a cockney man u fan or a ive bin supporting chelsea for years man, either way f*** off and watch us go!
silkie villain
Report Abuse
22/10/2006 21:17:00

And your full of sh** too jasper, we were on our to the pop league.
silkie villain
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22/10/2006 21:24:00

I was disappointed with the crowd, thought we'd be getting 36k and over this season for all games.
The Fear
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22/10/2006 21:25:00

Disappointed the fear ? I was disgusted , i had made a 390 mile round trip to see the game and yes i was there a week ago for a 42551 crowd ! Why did everyone stay at home ?????
Report Abuse
22/10/2006 22:18:00

The game just highlighted the fact that we still have laregely the same squad as last season, and definately need to improve on the quality in january!
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23/10/2006 08:32:00

I have submitted a topic regarding the crowd that I hope the site editor will use. However with regards to the performance it was disappointing. We all have 100& confidence in the manager, but for the first time since his arrival I questioned his formation/tactics. Why put Ridgewell at left back whilst having a left back on the bench? This meant breaking up the central defensive partnership that has worked so well this season. So as well as playing Ridgewell out of position it also meant playing Laursen on the left of the middle two, when he is naturally right sided?? Then why in the second half did he use Gareth Barry as a central midfielder and Davis on the left. It was unbalanced and resulted in an unbalanced performance. Mind you Fulham taking 10 minutes to take every throw in and free kick did not help matters. However if I was told in August that we would be on 15 points after 9 games and still be unbeaten I would of bitten your arm off. More worringly is that I think we have a lot of fans who can't be bothered to turn up and maybe worse than that, can not wait to get on these boards and slag our own players off (because that will obviously make them play better and will make other quality players fall over in their rush to play for the Villa. Get real) As for attracting new players. We can not even attract our own fans to the games, why would any player worth his salt want to come and play in a ground only three quarters full. Last year we all clamoured for the club to sign Baros. We did. We wanted Barry on a longer contract. He signed. We have got the manager we all wanted. Ellis has gone. How do we repay that?? By 2000 fans less turning up than for the same fixture last season. Maybe fans should look at themselves before critisising the club. To sum Saturday up, I am pleased we are still unbeaten, was disappointed with the performance but I was more gutted by the response and turn out of Villa supporters.
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23/10/2006 12:23:00

I watched the whole game on TV down here in aus, it was the first time we've got to see them at home this season and so was really looking forward to it but ended up so dissapointed in the whole performance. There seemed to a be a complete lack of atmosphere in the ground, the fans in the stands looked disinterested, the attendance was poor and the team certainly looked very flat and struggled putting any sort of decent play together compared to the games i've seen them play away when they've looked really lively and a totally different team from last year. Is a large amount of this down to kicking off at 5.00pm on a a very damp saturday evening - noone seemed interested?
melbourne holte ende
Report Abuse
23/10/2006 13:26:00

Melbourne holte end. I do not think there can be any excuses. Had we been playing a 'bigger' team then the place would have been full, no matter what the time, weather and cost. I think the stay aways let themselves and the club down big time. It is impossible to predict what will be a good game from a bad one. As fans we turn up, offer our support and hopefully get the result and performance we want. However if fans want guarntees then it may be better to buy a toaster from Comet because I hear they come with a 12 month one. Being part of the crowd on Saturday will only make it more special when the good times return. UTV
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23/10/2006 14:10:00

Think we should be glad that we came out still unbeaten adn gives MO'N something to work on at the training ground this week.
Report Abuse
23/10/2006 15:07:00

The whole team played badly, what were Angel and Baros doing? Gabi is lightening quick however im uncertain he belongs pushed out wide.... He loses the ball too much and fails to get the cross in on many occasions... He's better off playing a more central role in attack in my opinion - he can then carve defenses open like he has done for years in the youth and reserves.
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23/10/2006 15:42:00

We cant play brilliantly all season with the squad we have (think of how good newcastle squad is and they cant get going). Were still the only unbeaten team and Jan signings surely will help. Keep the good mood going and pinch yourself that we have martin o'neil and new owners.
Report Abuse
23/10/2006 16:56:00

Voiceoftheholte. I must disagree with some of your comments which is unusual. People don't have bottomless pockets and have to choose how they spend their money. They are also entitled to spend what money they have on things that entertain them as there are many choices out there. MON reaslises this when he said we have to play entertaining football to entice the fans back. I've gone to some of the games but I aint gonna pay for drivel. Speaking to some Wolves fans they same the same thing - You find something else to do with your time and then get out of the habit and realise you don't miss it. That's life. Also this is discussion page where fans can come on and voice an opinion. The players don't read it so any criticism can stay on the page as long as, you rightly say, is not voiced on the terraces. As for future players joining us they won't hear this criticism but yes, they will note the crowds. We had the chance to impress 43000 against Spurs and missed a marketing opportunity. 30000 against Fulham and some of them wont be coming back for a while. That's business. I enjoy Villa fans opinions even when they disagree with mine so let's not discourage people from posting their thoughts.
Report Abuse
23/10/2006 17:09:00

gazvilla as you say people are entitled to their opinion. The aim though is for critisism to be constructive as opposed to destructive. I, like you do not want to watch drivel. However whilst we are attracting crowds of just 30,000, despite of how well we are doing compared to the pre season expectations, the chance of not having to watch drivel diminish. How can the owners be expected to attract the best inward investment if the audience is not there? Without the investment how can we attract the best players? Why would the best players want to come to VP if the club lacks investment and supporters? It is all a viscious circle my friend. Those supporters who choose not to invest in the club, are then the most vociferous when they can be arsed to turn up and find the game isn't to the standards that they want.
Report Abuse
23/10/2006 17:47:00

Voiceoftheholte - You make some very good points. You will remember that Randy said the whole of the infrastructure needs building up as the whole of AV has been in decline inclusive of its fan base and attendance. This intrastructure all points to putting the product on the pitch we all desire. With the glut of footy on the TV we have alot to live up to, especially when you see the way the likes of Arsenal play. This product will take some time as I don't believe MON is a rash man. We will get it right though and have sustained growth for years to come. Yes it is dissapointing regarding the crowds considering we have some of the cheapest prices in the Prem. Under DOL and Ellis many became dissallusioned and it will take a little longer than the results achieved so far. Be patient my friend we will prevail!
Report Abuse
23/10/2006 19:50:00

voiceoftheholte, didn't receive the article, I'll pm you as I would 100% have put it up for you, I would love to have more article submissions from people. Following the server problem last week we've only just got the emails back up though.
The Fear
Report Abuse
23/10/2006 20:50:00

Woke us up with a start I think. Brought us all back to reality. We've still a long, long way to go. Very disappointing showing.
Report Abuse
28/03/2007 18:44:00


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