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Admiration For Villa Boss

I have read numerous posts on this forum, other forums and in the local newspapers where people are complaining about Villa’s transfer market activity this summer thus far.

I’ve read criticism of the purchase of Marlon Harewood before he has even played a game for Villa.

I respect and rate Martin O’Neill as a manager. I admire him all the more for doing things his own way. He is obviously is his own man and will sign players on the basis of who he thinks can do a job. He will live by his decisions, unlike O’Leary with his ‘honest bunch of lads’ and many excuses.

I am delighted that O’Neill is the Villa manger.

People seem to be slating to purchase of Harewood, he had a bad season last year. Then again so did West Ham.

Who is to say he cannot have a great season this year?

Who would have thought that when Peter Crouch left Villa he would go on to be playing in the Champions league for Liverpool and have represented England at senior level?

It’s worth taking a chance from time to time and Harewood at 4 million (or whatever he cost) will hopefully go on to have a great career with Villa.

Perhaps people would rather Villa went out and spent 30 million on some so called mega star that was almost 30 years of age, only for them to be a huge flop and a disappointment like Shevchenko last season. Having said that Shevchenko may go on to have a great season this year, sometimes it takes time to adjust.

Liverpool have spent a huge amount of money on Torres, however it’s not guaranteed that he will score lots of goals. He could get a knock and be out injured for the season and then 25 million goes down the drain for a year. It’s good to see Martin O’Neill bring in back up and players that want to fight for a first team place.

Or would people rather Villa do a Chelsea and buy players like Damian Duff for 15 million and sell him for around 5million. Or Sean Wright Phillips at 20m + and now he is worth around 10 million? Or maybe buy Mutu for 15 million and then sack him, huge loses. I’d rather Villa not be run in such a manner as a play toy for some billionaire who may become bored in the future and want to play with a new toy.

Maybe people would prefer if Villa went out and bought unknown players from Europe for millions like Balaban and not play them in the first team. If Harewood scores just one goal for Villa he will be a bargain compared to Balaban!

I am glad that Aston Villa is being run it the right way, I am glad that Villa are not buying Bent for 15 million.

I hope for more players coming into the club and I'm and sure they will!

Up The Villa
The Journalist

Writer: 19Villa82 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday July 21 2007

Time: 9:11AM

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At last! a voice of reason. Nice article. Last summer I thought I was smoking herb not sitting there watching Herb introducing Martin O'Neill as our new manager. I was delighted then and still am now that he agreed to come to us. I am not a blind optimist in that he can do no wrong, but I firmly believe he is the best man for the job and 25+ years of malaise will not be undone in one season. This year we need to further consolidate and improve on last year and that will be progress. I find that the O'Neill critics on this site carp on about things but never offer an alternative view or suggest who would be better to manage the club. As I said I'm not a blind optimist, but we are on the up, we have a great chairman and boardand a top manager. I for one am very satisfied. UTV.
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21/07/2007 10:46:00

At last the post to end all posts on this issue, well said Fear, good article. As for my beloved Sheva, I think all fans in the Premiership will see what I had the priviledge to see in the San siro for 7 seasons, he is a deadly hitman with 20+ gaols a season to his credit, until he arrived here and Mourinho played him out of position. Wish we could have him on loan..........the Balaban bit made me smile......for a few seconds anyway...... Martin O'Niell has the chance now to really prove himself at the top level of English football so I think he will analyse everything to the hilt before acting, he made a lot of mistakes at Celtic, but still had a lot of sucess, in the prem it is different and he has to get every decision right, as you say why waste 30m + on a couple of overated players, man motivation is what he does best and every player will have to give 110%, just like a certain Mr saunders had them doing back in the day.....lets get behind them, be the twelth man. Support, not carp on about expectations that are OTT. UTV
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21/07/2007 12:31:00

I too am currently happier about Villa's future (immediate and long term) than I have ever been. I was exstatic and amazed when he agreed to join us. Good article. UTV
Adam Deuce
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21/07/2007 13:37:00

Here here. Let's hope HE doesn't turn up and ruin it by posting another moan. Nice one Fear.
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21/07/2007 16:57:00

A very well thought out and accurate artical. I just hope Villa fans read it and take it on board. Well done.
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21/07/2007 18:32:00

brilliant article superb stuff, what insight and genius. what do Villa need players for, who needs a right back, cover for Laursen's knees, we can achieve 11 th with 28 players doing it with 19 should be easy, after all we have Martin O'Neill the jam tomorrow spreader, he'll sort it.
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21/07/2007 19:15:00

Ha ha - that is quality,i like it ( we`ll get em mate )
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21/07/2007 22:14:00

Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit - AVFC48. Whilst I agree with FEAR, I'm as impatient as everyone else - human nature I'm afraid. I do however, consider it progress that we aren't talking about the likelyhood of losing players like Barry or, god forbid, relegation. Unlike this time last year. I'm also beginning to think that AVFC48 is becoming somewhat irrational and a tad bitter. This would be a shame because we need alternative view points or else this forum will become nothing but a *****fest. As for alternatives - who is to say a player that cost 15 mill wouldn't be prepared to fight for his position? Sometimes I think it is more of a case that the manager is reluctant to drop said player. Classic example, Petrov. I'm not suggesting that he should of been dropped or MON was indeed reluctant to drop him, but would anyone have been surprised if had of replaced him with Davis? I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm over optimistic because the alternative wouldn't constitute the hope I have for Villa every year. Roll on that 5th spot! Oh, I wouldn't have been too upset if we had paid 16 mill for Bent even though that is stupid cash. We have Luke Moore though. He'll be this seasons revelation if he is given the opportunity up front with Carew.
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21/07/2007 23:59:00

avfc48-you belong on a different villa site. Your amazing level of negativity would win you many friends there. Another great article from the Fear.
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22/07/2007 04:38:00

19villa82 wrote it ? Unless i`m a chomp! Can`t see this Luke Moore revelation that people seem to predict but i agree he deserves a chance,however Gabby and Carew as a front line with L.M/Marlon as back up covers this area ( also Young/Maloney can do a job ) We are just way behind with defensive cover and MON will sort that out.
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22/07/2007 06:46:00

AFC48 answer my question: what players should we have/should be signing? Go on answer you idiot instead of "managing by hindsight". Crouch 20m, Snejeider 20m Defoe 15m well.........????
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22/07/2007 09:53:00

You want AVFC48 to answer a question and take part in a debate by telling us what he wants? You are having a laugh Tarzan, he hasn't got the bottle to tell us what players he wants and what price we should pay for them, what manager he wants, what he wants the owners to do to improve the Club. He is only interested in doom and gloom and planting seeds of doubt in peoples minds instead of coming forward and giving us his ideas.
Hoss The Villain
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22/07/2007 10:31:00

Whoops, apologies to 19Villa82, it was him who wrote this, forgot to change the name to his when posting.
The Fear
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22/07/2007 10:58:00

AVFC48 is a blues fan......haven't people realised this yet. What does he really know about our squad and football in general ? **** all, basically. Laursens dodgy knees ? he had a serious problem with a ligament injury which is fully fixed now and he suffered a little with the other knee due to it having to compensate during his rehabilitation, Laursen is a class defender and only moved from AC Milan because he couldn't depose Nesta of his place, which would be a hard job to do by any player as Nesta is one of the top centerbacks in the world. We will have a quality rightback soon and another centerback probably, another midfielder or two aswell. Then the secret bluenose AVFC48 will be crying in his horlicks because Villa will continue to move forward under a very good manager and board and he will eventualy have nothing to carp on about. Not that it really matters because he doesn't put his money where his mouth is, he never truly comes to support the Villa, probably because he is at Small Heath watching his real team and trying to think up more negativity to spread through the Villa message boards. VILLA DOESN'T NEED PEOPLE LIKE YOU AVFC48, YOU ARE NOT PART OF OUR BRIGHT FUTURE, AND YOUR NEGATIVITY IS UNWELCOME< IF YOU WANT TO CRITICISE, CRITICISE LOGICALLY AND OFFER ALTERNATIVE THOUGHTS< OTHERWISE SHUT THE F**K UP
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22/07/2007 14:03:00

One word obout dodgy knees.........McGrath
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22/07/2007 14:07:00

astonmilan, avfc48 isn't a blue nose, for that I can vouch. Whether we agree or not, all are welcome to have their opinions and express them. I don't think it is unreasonable that some of us are optimistic, some pessemistic and some just slightly more realistic. To be fair with Laursen, his knees have caused major problems. Lets just hope he'll now get a bit of luck and be able to stay fit, as you say, quality. Don't think there are many better in the Prem than a fit Laursen.
The Fear
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22/07/2007 18:08:00

Fear, I cannot see the point of whining and bickering about everything. You only have to look at Everton and Bolton over the last few seasons, we should be looking at emulating their performances before we start breaking the bank OR we'll end up like West Ham last season. MON knows his targets.
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22/07/2007 22:40:00

Fear - you have said twice now that he is not a Blues fan...why don't you come off the fence and ban him from the site - he is a total tw@ and blues can have him - AVFC48...bugger off.
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23/07/2007 09:04:00

It's all gone quiet as yet again AVFC48 fails to answer the questions asked of him. We can only hope he is writing an article to tell us all how he wants the Club to be run and by who. You never know he might even tell us which players he wants and the price we should pay for them... but I doubt it.
Hoss The Villain
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24/07/2007 06:46:00

The doom and gloom merchants would have us believe that all is not well at VP, and yet the positive vibes surrounding the club are probably higher than they've been since we kicked off the 81-82 season. The very vast majority of Villans are in positive, upbeat mode, and that is purely down to the changes that have taken place at the club since the summer of 2006. Bring on the new campaign.
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24/07/2007 14:37:00

Still plenty of time to bring in more new faces. Patience is the key word here.
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29/11/2007 20:46:00


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