Aston Villa - Half Price Season Tickets?
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Half Price Season Tickets?

Half price season tickets

Next season entry to Villa Park for season ticket holders will be with a swipe card.

This will be a goldmine of customer information and data collection for the club and means the marketing guys will be having a field day.

So what about though offering a half price season ticket for supporters who are in the ground an hour and a half before kick off?

This will have several benefits. Those on lower incomes will be looked after. Matchday revenue will increase as fans will spend more on catering and merchandise. It will also alleviate some of the rush of supporters trying to get in 5 minutes before kick off. The whole matchday buzz at the ground will increase as fans have to arrive earlier.

Fans with early entry tickets who turn up late simply have to upgrade their ticket on the day. This should be in addition to the 200 season ticket which has been suggested as a way of filling Villa Park.

By voiceoftheholte
The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday March 10 2007

Time: 6:02PM

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That is a huge reduction just for getting to the ground half an hour early
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11/03/2007 02:15:00

Voice - have you stopped taking your medication again? :-)
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11/03/2007 21:52:00

I am with VOTH on this one. He has consistently explained what the revenue returns and implications are. Get him a job at the ticket office and the ideas he has constantly suggested will have Villa Park full in no time. Not only that, the club will actually make more money than they currently do. Only the numerically challenged will fail to understand how this works. Hopefully VOTH will back me up on this else I will look pretty stupid.
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12/03/2007 00:27:00

Great idea, only one catch VOTH, they don't open the gates until an hour and a quarter before the kick off!!
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12/03/2007 07:48:00

It's a pity that there wasn't a similar policy when O'Dreary was in charge... I'm sure there would have been full houses each week if tickets were half price and fans had to leave 10 mins after kick off.
Hoss The Villain
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12/03/2007 08:10:00

Stig i think you will find ALL businesses work harder to attract new customers ....... that is how you grow your business. The skill is attracting new customers whilst keeping your regulars happy. That is why only season ticket holders get in to reserve games free. That is why season ticket holders get 10% discount from the club shops. That is why they get priority on away match allocations. Not to mention the free issues of the Claret and Blue magazine and the free year book that was given out this season. The suggestion was made to provoke response to previous issues which include, tickets for the less well off, improving the match day experience, getting people in the ground earlier, increasing match day revenue from catering and merchandise. It is surprising when people dismiss ideas because somebody else appears to be benefiting. It is impossible to have 'one size fits all'. However the moment Villa supporters see the club as 'one' rather than Me Me McMee will be the moment we move forward. The 'whole' will always be stronger than the individual. A bit deep I know, but now is the time to suggest ideas and improvements. When the ticket initiatives and prices for next season are announced it will be 12 months before anything else can be done.
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12/03/2007 10:24:00

Jonah, that was one of the reasons for the idea. Just because they only open the gates an hour and a quarter beforehand at the moment doesn't mean it has to be that way forever. How about some innovation. Lets open the ground three hours before kick off. Lets have players who are not playing that day doing photo and autograph sessions with the early arrivers. Maybe have half price food and beer served up to 1 hour before kick off. How about a supporter arriving an hour and half before kick off being selected to walk out with teams etc. Now is the time for ideas and innovation. Lets move on from the old ways. I am not saying these ideas are right. I am saying lets open our eyes to the possibilities and lets give all the possibe help and support to the new owners, so they can put some ideas in place to make our matchday experience more enjoyable.
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12/03/2007 10:33:00

To me it makes sense. The aren't going to be losing out on revenue and by offering incentives for people to get to the ground early, it will surely create a better all round experience on a matchday. The club have to think of ways to fill the stadium and I think that the cost of season tickets is a major issue. Once the supporters are back and the team is successful, then the club can look at increasing ticket prices. But at the moment it's a case of thinking outside the box a bit to get bums on seats and that is exactly what VOTH is doing
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12/03/2007 11:42:00

I hate the idea. Saturday is a busy day for a lot of people, some are working - Im working from 6am in Town to clock off at 1.00 and then ive got to get back home before going into Aston. For others there is a lot of other things to do on a Sat besides work and they cant afford to sit around for 90 minuites before the actual 90 minuites. Id be *****ed off if someone was paying half of what I did because they have time to site on there arse for a couple of hours before the game. 7.45 games would have people having to get in at just after 6 which aint too practical for anyone working. I agree for those that are in there early thats its nice to have some atmosphere before the game but I reckon it would be too unfair.
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12/03/2007 12:34:00

voth , some valid points and some quality ideas does us no harm as a club to try new things to stimulate interest and genrate addition capital , i know myself if there was a happy hour on the beer for example i would certainly come to the ground earlier, all supermarkets work on introducing loss leaders to get customers through the door, we can apply similar principles. The bottom line is if something doesnt then work you can always revert back to what you either had before or try something else. Trial and error
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12/03/2007 13:03:00

Well said APT. MACCA as I said it is impossible to appeal to everybody. I personally would not arrive at the ground more than 10 minutes before kick off unless it had a great bar, half price beer and some other incentives. But if we keep saying 'I' do not like this how can 'we' move forward? We must stop looking at our own individual circumstances and start looking at the big picture. For example if you go to watch many European games you can get into the ground several hours in advance and whole communities grind to a halt in anticipation. So I appreciate that 'you' can't get there early, but that does not mean that everybody is in the same situation as yourself. I find it strange that you do not want supporters in the ground buying beer, food and merchandise because you are at work. Somebody getting in 2 hours before kick off and spending 30 on tickets, merchandise and catering is more valuable than a fan who buys his 25 ticket, gets there at kick and leaves at full time. To put in perspective, if you want a 42" super duper, HD TV with MP3 compatability and your local shop has 10 to sell at half price, providing you are there the following morning ........ but you were working. Would you phone them and cry that it was unfair because you had to go to work? I don't think so!!! You would take the time off work or you would have to settle for the deal that you already have. Thats life my friend. I personally want a full VP, happy fans and those that can't get in demanding the opportunity to purchase tickets.
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12/03/2007 15:11:00

Ah, now I see where you're coming from VOTH. ******** good idea mate.
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12/03/2007 19:08:00

Something definitely has to be done to start filling VP on a regular basis, but I'm still far from convinced that it always has to be based on the idea of reducing ticket prices.
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15/03/2007 03:42:00


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