Aston Villa - What Does Booing Achieve?
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What Does Booing Achieve?

Vital Villa asked, in a poll suggested by Col8, what does booing the players during the game achieve?

85% voted that it demoralised the players.
8% think it makes them try harder.
4% don't care as long as the fans make their point.

That left 3% thinking the booing would boost the moral of the players. We know where you live and the men in the white coats have been despatched! ;-)
The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 25 2007

Time: 3:31PM

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Damn I need to get my eyes tested, I thought it said what does bonking acheive? Is it too late to change my answer?
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25/01/2007 15:47:00

what would bonking in the stands do for player morale, hehehehe
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25/01/2007 15:49:00

who cares, it would work wonders for mine hehe
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25/01/2007 15:50:00

I hate to hear booing, it achieves nothing and looks bad to the outside world. As my old Mum said many times "never wash your clothes in public"
irish villa
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25/01/2007 15:51:00

Jonah - maybe they were booing you bonking?
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25/01/2007 16:05:00

never wash your clothes in public, no bonking in the stands? Is there anything we can do in the Holte end these days? Maybe the pole should have included - Demoralises them but makes me feel better - Demoralises them but they may pull their finger out (personally im against booing as it reminds me of DO'L)
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25/01/2007 16:09:00

macka: A distinct possibility...the wife does!
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25/01/2007 16:21:00

Maybe if they have been s**t.. a unified burst of "Come on Villa, Come on Villa" instead of booing will get the message across that it was not good enough, but still an encouraging noise from the terraces.Same message...just delivered in a more positive manner!
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25/01/2007 16:25:00

I suppose it would be to much to ask for those who admitted booing to come on here and aplogise for annoying all the decent fans. Now it has been proved is that the majority of Villa fans think it demoralises the team, will the booers actually admit they were wrong. I don't think I shall hold my breath. In fact I would even suggest that we will still get somebody on here trying to justify their actions!!!!
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25/01/2007 16:57:00

booinf boost players what rubbish and as for the bonking yea I guess the players go blind when they see Doug Ellis bonking one of his bits on the side in the stand
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25/01/2007 17:17:00

Mr Voice, ask and you shall receive! Whilst I'm not prepared to go out on a limb and say I was wrong, I've read a lot of comments on the subject and a lot of them made sense. Therefore I've decided to make a more conscious effort NOT to boo and jeer those that aren't playing as well as I think they could or should - it won't happen overnight, but it's a start right?
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25/01/2007 19:00:00

It achieves absolutely nothing, only creating a negative and hostile environment for both players and the vast majority of supporters. Anyone using the slightest piece of common sense should be aware of that. Good question set by Colin, but what a downright shame it needed to see the light of day.
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25/01/2007 19:05:00

When the fans get restless - lets not worry about the mexican wave - or booing -lets bonk to the rythm
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25/01/2007 19:58:00

Can we change the subject please. It's getting boring.
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25/01/2007 20:32:00

Yea who asked such a stoopid freekin question, tawt.
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25/01/2007 20:58:00

So the common consensus is that those that boo are knobs and are actually harming the club. Sounds about right to me. Spit-fire I am not surprised you want to change the subject, as you are a self confessed booer, you are seen as one of those who are actually dragging the club down. Hopefully you will listen to what most fans want and maybe appreciate what damage your short sightedness causes.
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26/01/2007 00:13:00

Spit - "Can we change the subject please"... what planet are you on? If you're bored of the subject don't post anything and look at a different thread, always a simple option. As you were one of the people (sorry can't refer you to as a fan) who tried to justify booing as helpful to the team are you just embarrassed by the result and how normal people perceive booing? As for Jeff who likes to boo but can’t understand the argument about the negative effect it has on the team… see the magical word here TEAM… try just a bit harder to use your brain before opening your mouth and letting out that moral boosting sound.
Hoss The Villain
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26/01/2007 08:46:00

I think we should just agree to disagree on this one. I am a NON BOOER but don't get pear shaped about it. Just not nice to see people slagging each other off on here. We can disagree without getting abusive about it surely?
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26/01/2007 08:49:00

Spit - I will be a bit kinder than Hoss. I believe that you are a regular attender (season ticket holder??) at VP. You are a fan. Any body that puts his money in to support the club is a fan, and we need as many as we can. However lets hope that you will see that your support is perceived as negative by the vast majority of Villa supporters. By booing you are harming the team, and so in turn ruining the matchday experience for many Villa supporters. If you are not happy with what you see, refrain from booing. I am sure that M'ON can see exactly what you do and will sort it out. Use your energies to get behind the team. As a club we have a fabulous opportunity to create a unity, with players, manager, boardroom and fans working together to take us back to the top of the game. Do not be part of the minority that could jeopardise it because of a lack of intelligence.
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26/01/2007 09:21:00

Agree with both Jonah and VOTH - spot on with what you have put there guys.
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26/01/2007 09:32:00

Sorry if I was too harsh but when you see the argument put forward for booing it doesn't add up in this case. We all agree that Baros was underperforming and not interested but he was playing in a Villa shirt in a Villa team. The option MON had before Baros left were nil, he had to play him so why start booing from the stands. Villa’s boo boys have always been around and it is about time the decent fans started to make a stand against them. Football has never been the game people perceive it as. Every player will have off days, under perform, and at times fail to give 100% as the fans expect, unfortunately that is just human nature. However, until MON can rebuild the team and strengthen it he has very little options available to him. With that in mind we as fans must support the team and give them an extra player from the stands. Players may be on big money but they are still human and react the same as any other person. Why players are on such huge wages is always open to debate but they don’t pay themselves, the Clubs do that. Simply put booing is demoralising and when one player feels it the whole team suffers. Lets hope as the Club goes through a new era and looks towards the future the fans can too.
Hoss The Villain
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26/01/2007 09:52:00

Well said Hoss.
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26/01/2007 11:47:00

Do we not all have off days at work, are there not days when we miss things we should have dealt with? Days when we cant be arsed with the job in hand, Im just glad people dont boo in the workplace as the noise would get on your frupennybits
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26/01/2007 11:58:00

I wonder just what they were booing at half-time against Watford anyway. It wasn't our worse performance of the season so what started it then?
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26/01/2007 12:03:00

ive got it Jonah - jeffg started booing and the rest of the crowd heard him and were so disgusted they started to boo him?? what ya think, could be a possibility??
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26/01/2007 12:08:00

All us non booers should sing as soon as we here the boo boys,
chris the villan
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26/01/2007 12:08:00

I just hope that "spitfire" is re-considering his recent outspoken position on this subject. He's obviously an enthusiastic fan who cares deeply about how we are performing. I am sure he now realises the potential damage that booing can cause, certainly while we are playing. So instead of booing just record your adverse comments for sites such as this and therefore deny the opposition the benefits of us booing our own team. (Villa staff monitor this site very closely, so I'm sure all adverse comments will be reported back to MON). So if you feel like exercising your vocal cords; shout encouragement or join in with singing "Aston Villa, Aston Villa FC...." etc. That's what Villa Park is all about -not boos or jeers!
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26/01/2007 14:43:00

Can't argue with your logic macka!
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26/01/2007 14:54:00

As far as utv-sotc and Hoss The Villain go, seeing as you make it personal girls, here goes. If you both were honest enough to have a real opinion then fair play, but you sound like christians that say it is o.k for vicars to fiddle kids – just because they wear the shirt, it still don't make it right!!!! you may have you 'own' opinion, but until then just admit that not everyone has your own simple philosophy – i.e: villa players in the shirt are to be backed. Baros has left the club, and many of us have booed him because of lack of effort – since he made some *****ty comments about the claret and blue of our great club so do you hate him now?? Last week you were defending him for wearing a colour – grow up ladies. It aint that simple. If I seem rude then just check the crappy comments you have sent to me, A VILLA SUPPORTER, not someone who has done very little for the club and then left because they don't think we are good enough for them! I am POSITIVE becuase I feel we have finally got a few player i.e: Carew and Young that actually seem like they want to WEAR THE SHIRT! and so will back them until they prove unworthy!!!! Grow up – it aint simple black and white, and don't make it personal because not all of us are as blind as you as we have an unbiased opinion!
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26/01/2007 23:13:00

Villacross! I ALWAYS Shout encouragement!!!!!! however, having played sports to a high level myself I appreciate that not all are up to the committment and task that I will personally put myself under. It only leads me to believe that when we are counted, maybe I have more pride than most and feel happy looking at myself in the mirror when I have given my ALL! How many of the current ViLLA squad can say they have done that over the last 12 games??? That is what I am talking about, the guts and committement to make a difference rather than making the numbers up. I appreciate that I have a greater committment to doing the best I can but likewise I don't earn anywhere near to £20k a week or above, so expect people to work *****in hard for that praise – money and respect.
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26/01/2007 23:23:00

Yep, just read my comments again and I agree with what I wrote. Sorry you can't see the argument but at least it was well constructed and doesn't make reference to vicars and fiddling kids... very strange things must go through your mind. I also can't see where I say I loved Baros or where I was defending him, it would be interesting for you to point that out from my posts.
Hoss The Villain
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27/01/2007 11:54:00

It must surely put players of other clubs off of coming here. Its just downright negative, and has no place at Villa Park, or at least shouldn't have.
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18/02/2007 05:15:00


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