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Who Were You Booing?

If you were at the game today, and you started booing, I am pretty interested to know who exactly you were booing!?

Was it Gabby who has covered more ground than anyone else this season and is in his first season - and more than likely a contender for prem young player of the season and Villa player of the season?

Was it Gavin McCann who puts more effort into a game than any I have seen, doesn't win any award for flair but consistently does a job?

Was it Thomas Sorensen who had a good game and has just come back from an injury and relieved us of that tracksuited loanee!?

Was it Steven Davis, consistently our best player last year and clearly suffering from burn out and being played in the wrong position due to the size of our squad and limited options?

Was it Barry who has been so outstanding this year that he is finally back in the reckoning for a full England place?

Was it Melberg who dies for the cause everytime he pulls on the shirt?

Fair enough Bouma isn't the greatest, but he has had the best couple of games recently I have seen him play in his villa career.

Face it, our squad is performing to the maximum we can expect at this point in time, MON hasn't moulded his side yet and hasn't had chance to do so, Lerner has signalled his intent to put money up for talent as well as hugely increasing the marketing effort to pack people into villa park again

We have seriously good things to look forward to in the next couple of years, with some exciting names coming to the club, MON has had 2 weeks of the last transfer window and 2 weeks of this one to do anything, and he has put huge amounts of faith in the players we have already and put the ones who deserve to be there in the team. Randy is obviously committed to making this team great again and we have sections who cant wait a few months for a turnaround in fortune when we have gone 20 years with no progress whatsoever.

We aren't villa fans for a season we are villains for life, so sit tight.

By edgley_1957

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday January 21 2007

Time: 4:02PM

Your Comments

Personally, I was booing the referee - as I've stated before - he was dire!!!
I've been a lurker to this site for a good while now, this was the article that finally made me want to register and comment... Just wanna say i couldn't have put it better myself. These people should be selectioned out the crowd and given a 10 game ban or something.
Don't under stand the booing myself, just Muppet's i suppose.
chris the villan
I booed our players for there lack of giving a ***** with a less than 50% effort at the end of the first half – simply a pathetic performance that was less than dire. I don't like booing the team I have supported for over 30 years, but how else do you show your disgust? Like most loyal supporters (supporter being someone who stumps up cash and goes to the games week in week out, cheers every ball won with heart, shouts encouragement and support for every game, player, manager and anyone associated with our great club who try their hardest – rather than a fan who tells us all about the love they have for Villa but haven't set foot inside the ground for 9 years). There was a distinct lack of effort in our side yesterday for whatever reason. I booed becuase of that lack of passion and lack of being bothered with around 8 or 9,000 others. Doesn't make me a bad supporter – I'm not just going to clap people who wear our great colours who simply don't deserve to. Players seem quite happy to be the centre of attention arms held high while their adoring public chant their names, wear their numbers and names on their shirts. Likewise if you don't give your best or in this case 50% of your best – you deserve a boo!
so who specifically weren't giving their all in your view spit-fire? I thought the weather had a tiny bit to do with it, the fact we were playing a team like Watford a lot to do with it and some players were having off days. Didn't think Barry or McCann were as sharp as they have been, thought Angel was average at best, Baros fluffed his lines but did get in the right positions, Davis isn't doing it this season but still was trying. From my point of view half the team are simply not good enough, they will be moved on and we will get better quality, in the meantime we are in transition and so unless they look like they don't care ala last season under DOL, I'd not boo them. I just don't think some of them are good enough and are certainly not good enough against the bigger more physical teams like Watford who no matter how poor they are skill wise, they are difficult to get a decent passing game against.
The Fear
According to SKY The Villa fans were booing Baros and Angel 2 names who are not on your list
Although I don't boo I understand where you are coming from spitfire . It was dire and we were 5 mins from more booing at the end. I was sickened by the booing of Baros who could have had a hattrick though . I'm fed up of so called supportes who don't go to matches telling us who do we have no right to criticise anything Mon or Randy or our players do! They are not supporters of Aston Villa mearly followers of our results , just like all the Man Utd fans we all work with . Never been near old trafford!
If you want to boo then do so at 90 minutes or in extremis at 45. Once the match is on give it all for the cause. I am absolutely sure some teams home records are better for the quality of the support they get.
So by your reasoning Villan57, an accident of geography is a large contingent in defining whether or not one is a supporter of a club. Some of us do have lives outside football which lead us to other places and no matter how much a fan you or others are, I pitty you if you have nothing more important in your life than Aston Villa. I have several things that are more important but I still spend a conciderable amount of my time on following my club, something that *****es my wife off imensely at times but I prioritise a certain amount of time for Villa. Other than that, Villa is not the be all and end all in life and that is why I and others do not come to matches, it's just not practical with other priorities being more important. The patronising attitude of those that live close enough and have the time available to go to matches, towards those of us that are not able to really *****es me off but I don't normally moan about it. I thought we were all in this together as supporters of this great club but apparantly I'm not allowed into your club as I live in a different country. Well that is plain stupid!!!!! Incidentally, why would people follow Aston Villa if they are not supporters, the club have not exactly covered themselves in glory over the last decade so to compare to Man U is not exactly building a strong argument.
Villain Of The North
Booing your own players is wrong. Our boys were lacking in confidence due to the horrendous run so booing them isn't exactly going to help them, especially as it was only halftime. I agree that Baros had a shocker, but at least he was making chances. Someone earlier mentioned that at least you think he has a chance of doing something. I think we should probably give him a bit longer here, but I know that probably won't happen. Shame. That could well have been his last game for us.
This type of behavior is our biggest threat to proper development in my view.MoN is not beyond critisism but he's stuck his neck on the line taking this job and cleaning up the previous regiemes mess.When he hears these kind of morons he must wonder why he bothered.And offers from ''bigger'' teams will be more tempting if thats some peoples attitude.
Also,especially at the start of the season Newcastle were getting booed at St James Park every game.I think they dreaded home games and struggled more than they should have.
no matter how bad we are playing I think there should always be loads of energy chants like GO ON and tons of cheering all that my make the players get a bit more power
Fear - Performance is a matter of opinion. If you reckon certain individuals are not giving their all for the cause than as a paying customer you have a right to express your frustration, however pointless it is to do so. MON thought the guys played well and most people who went to the game didn't. At the end of the day no one will remember how well we played - just the result. When we won the Title in '81 we played some ordinary football and some great football - IE away to Everton for those who were there - Ipswich seemed to play great football all the time but who remembers that? Booing is pointless (and potentially harmful) but we must support the right to express our views.
Booing is pure pantomine,there were some poor technical performances yesterday but cannot remember one player not actually giving 100% in regards effort,i`ll put the crazy peoples reactions down to the fact they were desperate for a win as the game was so important - this overrided their normal support.
Can't believe sections of the crowd were booing yesterday! We all know the situation...that this is a transitional season...and we all know the difficulties of bringing in new players in the Jan window. But the signing of Young is a massive statement of intent by the new owner and MON wouldn't have taken the job if he didn't think the club was capable of pushing for honours. The new regime has been in place for barely six months and yet already Villa are on the brink of becoming a top 6 side again...that ain't nothin' to boo about, surely!!!
I think the Clud stewards should be instructed to first warn and if necessary, evict and ban supporter(s) who use unacceptable language. In this I include racist comments, foul language and booing. It is not necessary and embarassing in a civilised, multicultural society. We don't want racist or millitant spectators at Villa Park -try to find somewhere else to bring offence!
The very nature of our national game encourages opinions and debates on the terraces, in the pub and on the TV.Personally I don't think adding your own fans as an obstacle to overcome on a saturday afternoon, along with the competitions midfield, their star striker etc helps the cause.Yes we all wish the Villa played like Arsenal/Man Utd...but they don't..fact!We have a manager more than capable of geeing the lads up for the job in hand we should see through the frailties and appreciate we are all in it together.So all I would ask is sometimes it is easier to boo, maybe shout some encoragement instead.At least we are trying to be positive and not adding to a negative message from the terraces.
Villacross – think you are getting a bit carried away with the 'Big Brother' vibe mate, where is anyone translatting booing as being racist??? what planet you on! Likewise if you want to get all PC about football matches you wount find many people attending should your thought police mentality prevail.
Dear Mr Fear ;-), Mr Angel and Mr Baros were getting my boo's. They were crap – uninterested, wasn't interested in talking to each other as there seems a rift there from what I could see.
West Ham team talk:Close out the Villa wings and get stuck into the midfield.Within 15-20 mins and Villa are getting pressed their crowd will turn on em...usually the case.Villa will get nervous start making mistakes and sit deeper.....We are the main reason that makes Villa a hard place to go to, as we are the home SUPPORT.The Villa faithful, the lions den....not an OAP coffee morning...whinging.No matter how much money is spent if we are not backing our boys 100% of the time we are making a rod for our own backs.
When a player gives 100% – they get 100% SUPPORT! Earning between £25,000 and £45,000 per week, you shouldn't be having bad days at the office – and certainly not 12 in a row. Again, it's a bloody game I understand that but come on most players don't care who they play for and when it all goes wrong they move on. We as supporters don't have that luxury (unless the floating Man Utd and Chelsea or whoever happens to be top off the table). It is one instance where people let there concerns get heard, doesnt mean fans will be doing it every week now does it. Or shall we all keep quiet and watch us slip down the table without a fuss clapping at yet another crap performance?
Spit-fire,you are right in regards we shouldn`t just accept lack of effort but i honestly can`t fault the team this season for that but they do lack ability and pace so booing will just make them play worse,this time next year we`ll be millionaires!! I think MON lost the plot a bit in those 12 winless games but think he picked best team available and it showed - watching full game again on TV i was pleasantly surprised with the balance of team.
Hi Aspinall. Fair point about effort for most of the season. Maybe it is plain and simple they just aint good enough for the ever changing Premiership then???? Serious spending needed for that one
Agreed buddy - thank God for Randolph,no-one wants to buy any of our players which says a lot about the quality we have - even the top performers that we would identify have other clubs doubting i.e Olaf-distribution / McCann/Barry - pace,you need the whole shebang nowadays(boo to those Arsenal boys who all cost a tenner each)
I think we should not forget the bulk of our team is our young lads that have come through the system.Villa through and through, a little green but need our support.Out of the 12 games we had no Tommy for 9 and taylor for 7.The saves that Tommy made at Man U and yesterday prove the difference he can make.I just don't see how the negativity will help and surely the thought of letting MON down will put your place at risk, especially when there is money for replacements.It's more a question of quality not effort as proved with Berger yesterday.
Play top teams like Man Utd and Chelsea for a month and it's almost a certainty you'll be flat against the likes of Watford. Booing, though, just puts pressure on the team. You are contributing to poor performance.
I suspect the Booing was more out of frustration than anything else, we were promised a brighter tomorrow with the take over and I think people expected miracles from day one, coupled with the fact that Villa have been on their worst run of results for 20 years. People have a right to get bitter and feelings run high when things seem to going away from the team, looking at MOTD the team had chances to have finished the 1st half 2-0 up at least, maybe the people thought and feared the worst, best of the 90 minutes and a 0-1 result.
Villa supporters are the clubs biggest enemy. Not only do were 15% of the seats unsold, a sizeable minority think that booing the players makes them play better. I have read and thought about the comments aired above and it seems fairly simple. If you are not happy with what you see then you are entitled to boo. The flip side of this is that there is so much happening at the Villa, nearly all positive. What might jepodise this is the fans impatience. Booing actually becomes self defeating. So although you are entitled to boo, what actually happens is the product becomes worse. So does this mean you then boo louder? According to spitfire you either have to boo or have to clap and cheer. How about if things are not going well, you just shut up. There are times when feelings need to be made known. Now is not one of those times. Nobody can say that you are not a true fan if you boo the club. It just shows that you lack the intelligence on how best to make Villa Park the most intimidating stadium in the country. So boo if you must. Just realise that by doing so you are making things worse. M'ON was trying to convice a player to come to VP yesterday and show him that this club means business. What the player probably thought was "I am in the brown stuff if I miss a couple of chances, is this really where I should be moving? The fans are a nightmare". If he still signs it will only be because of M'ONs powers of persuasion. The muppets who did boo will have somebody new to boo when he makes some mistakes.
Sections of the support have always booed - its part and parcel of the game. I blame the pressure of a must win game and at the same time certain agents comments about players not wanting to play for this or that club and at the same time earning a million for just strutting around - frustrations.
myleftfoot. Sections of Villa support has always booed. We are one of the worst set of fans in the country for this short sightedness. And if the excuse for booing is an agents story in the press, then some people are less intelligent than I anticipated. People are entitled to boo. it is not illegal. But when I go to VP I do my bit to try and make it one of the most intimidating grounds in the country. It is frustrating to then have your support undone by a few neanderthal kids and the muppet sheep that join in. So go ahead and boo. However if anybody sits next to me and they boo at half time or during the game, they will have to spend the rest of the game looking for their teeth. I pay my £450 a season to SUPPORT my team. The team play worse if they are undesrvedly booed. So by booing you are directly ruining my enjoyment.
col, I don't think any of us expected miracles from day 1 mate. The fact is we were dire against Watford, bottom of the table team and the fans wanted to see us put them away. I didn't boo, either at half-time or baros when he was substituted, but I do understand the frustrations of those that did. We got away with it in the end, but it was a close run thing!
Spitfire. It's a pity you have to get personal about my opinions on booing. I didn't say that booing was racist or foul language. Nor would I voluntarily condoning a “police state”, heaven forbid. I just said “in my book”, it was sufficiently unacceptable for the “boo-boys” should be "kicked-out", in the same way as should those who use foul language or shout racist remarks. I very much hope that the Club, at some stage, will take a closer look at its “Behaviour Code” and will do something more positive to let it be known that none of this behaviour is acceptable at Villa Park. But in the meantime, I will have to suffer the minority of supporters, such as you, that "vent" their frustration by “booing”, irrespective of the motivational damage it does to the team as a whole.
utv-sotc - I agree entirely but the premise of your theory is that all Villa fans possess sufficient "grey-matter" and always act rationally when they feel that performance is below par. But some don't act in a way that helps player motivation - they just boo in the same old mindless fashion, as they’ve done for years. Only a revision to the Club's Code of Behaviour will send out a signal that it is no longer acceptable. Harsh words perhaps, but I would really like to see Villa initiating more responsible and supportive spectator behaviour.
Wasn't Villa's performance a lot to do with the fact of having gone 12 games without a win? I felt that they they'd lost their way and were nervous of conceding a goal. As the game went on the chances came - and went - and therefore added to the anxiety. If they'd not won on Sat it could have led to a real struggle for the rest of the season, but I think they'll relax a bit now. As for booing - as the Fear says, if they were playing as per last season, then maybe, but not now.
Villacross... quite simply you are a fool. I agree with you Spitfire. I've said on here before, if I don't do my work to the standard my company wants. I lose my job. Why should the players be an exception ? We should be able to boo as much as we like. Baros is just low at the moment and maybe I didnt agree with him being booed...... BUT. There is no doubting his ability
I've never booed the team at Villa Park - although I did give O'Leary the thumbs-down a couple of times last season!
I wouldn't call any man a fool for holding his own opinions, much as I disagree with them. But I have to tell villacross that if they had carried out his action plan on Saturday the 500 or so (if that many) stewards would have had to eject about 10,00 fans!!
crosswesleyanchapel - life is never black and white. Is your job physical and attracts the attention of 35,000 fans? Would you be able to work properly if you knew that 35,000 had expectations that you were nervous about achieving? Football is a lot about about emotion, let's not forget. NOW, last season's performances WERE inexcusably dire... This season? Well, the team has generally been playing as though they meant it and have been handicapped by injuries and a couple of 'strikers' who've not been doing their job. When the team needs a win after 12 matches without one, then THAT's the time the fans need to get behind them.
Baros Cr@p, Angel Cr@p they deserved to get bood as in my opinion they cant be bothered and the sooner the club out them the better get somebody in who will actually put the opposition under pressure. Baros spent most of his time on the pitch on the floor. angel is just going through the motions. If we are going to stand any chance at all of climbing the table these to need to be shown the door and replace them with capable strikers who have an eye for goal unlike our two halfwits.
surely those 2 dont think there bigger then the club or dont care whats going to happen because there still getting paid
Welcome Randy, MON and any potential players they want to the real Villa Park. I remember at the start of the season how MON and Randy were praising the fans for their support and how it was helping them secure wins and draws. Now they must be thinking what they have done wrong to deserve this. Rightly so the team have been on a very poor run, but in that run we have played some very difficult matches, had some misfortune and most obviously playing with a team dilapidated by the previous owner to try and make the Club viable to any potential buyers. MON said at the start of the season that Villa would find their level and unfortunately, but as MON stated, we are now doing that. What else do fans expect when the team he inherited was ****e and a few points from being relegated the previous season. Ellis sold the Club so late that no players could be brought in to bolster the squad. This was the final legacy of Ellis and the sooner this season can be over and our safety assured the better. Rebuilding the team to compete for honours was never going to happen overnight, but at least MON has installed some fight and resilience to a team that was going nowhere (oh and by the way one on Saturday). So it’s about time we showed some of that spirit as fans, otherwise we will be losing another Manger and staring our own fickleness in the face.
Hoss The Villain
I didn't boo myself and actually had a go at a mate of mine who was! You should never boo a player who is wearing our shirt however bad! Saying this though, I think everybody would of been quite entitled to boo Angel after his comedy corner, kicking the corner flag and tapping the ball out for a goal kick! Unfortunatly I think most of Villa Park were speechless with shock !!!
stedol: No mate, where I was sitting we were all too busy laughing. Can't wait to see that one on 'What happened next'?
I am in agreement with the anti boo sentiments although I disagree with villacross's thoughts on making it an offence. If that was the case we would be unable to protest if things were going pete tong. However booing only helps our opponents. If a player is not good enough or not pulling his weight then I am sure that over the next few months Martin O'Neil will move them on. By booing the lesser performers you are actually eroding the confidence of all the younger players who are giving their all, and who need extra support. So if you think booing a particular player only affects them, you should think again. It affects the whole feeling of the club. For those who lack the intelligence to do anything other than boo, you have my sympathy. You really are very stupid people. UTV
sorry havent read all comments on this so if im repeating please forgive.........considering talent in squad and lack of other options to bring on booing is surely not the solution, these guys need all the confidence possible..............................A few people behind me were shouting O'Neil can f* off back to Celtic. Shame on those people or anyone getting on O'Neils backs. You cant bring on replacement strikers if there are none, idiots!............................................ Booing Baros when substituted, idiots! Again with lack of options and the only bit of genuine quality upfront you want the best from this guy and not to destroy him.
Villacross, it wasn't a personal attack on you at all, regarding your comments. Just couldn't understand why you brought the racism subject into the post as it had nothing to do with it. Anyways, you cannot stop people from showing their emotions, crying, laughing, smiling, cheering, booing are all part of the experience. Next game I will be cheering louder than most and be as positive as I usually am, that performance just called for a sign of dissaproval (IMHO of course)
Spitfire, as has been posted by most members you are entitled to show your lack of intelligence by booing. So if you feel the need to prove than you are a sandwich short of a picnic please boo as much as you wish. Just be mindful that you will probably get funny looks from those fans with a brain.
Hello all - long time reader, first time poster. It seems to me from reading these posts, along with those on the "Refunds Available To Confused Fans" thread, that the majority of users signed up to this board are anti-booing the team. Therefore, what I'm about to say probably isn't going to make me very popular or give a good first impression....I booed on Saturday. And I don't regret it for one second. Now, before I get any personal attacks headed my way (as spit-fire has already received a couple), I'd like to say that I was NOT booing the whole team - my frustration was aimed at one player and one player alone. That man is Milan Baros. Three clear cut chances were his to put away on Saturday. Regardless of pressure, regardless of the money he's on, he is a professional footballer and he should be scoring from those chances. I don't accept confidence as an excuse because I'd put my house on the fact that if he was in the same position wearing his Czech Republic shirt, he'd have buried every single one. There were just too many times on Saturday for me where Baros couldn't even look bothered, his "hands on hips" and "chin tucked in" look was all too present when he didn't get a pass or a decision didn't go his way. Rather than sulk and have a paddy like a spoilt kid, why not pick yourself up and get on with trying to carve another chance? As spit-fire rightfully said, I'm not going to clap and cheer someone who isn't giving their all for the cause... I'm not delusional enough to think that we should be better than we are right now. This team has not been improved for a very long time and MO'N has inherited a team that has been underperforming for a long time. It's going to take more than one season to put that right! I'm confident that both Martin and Randy are the right men for the job and can put our once great club back up where they belong. Up the Villa.
One thing is now clear to me, which is I suspect that much less than 10% of our supporters believe that booing is acceptable behaviour, whilst the match is in progress. Perhaps more than 10% would be in favour for booing to be allowed either at half time or full time. Personally, I am not against booing at either the interval or the end of a game. At least this is an alternative way of showing our general feelings of displeasure as opposed to the usual clapping etc. But I genuinely feel that indiscriminate booing or jeering etc, during the game, can only make matters worse for the players, and to me that is totally unacceptable and should be outlawed. Furthermore, I believe if such proposition was put as a vote, more than 95% of the fans would be in total agreement, which is more or less endorsed by the viewpoints of those members of VitalVilla who have made comments here.
So booing from the stands is going to help the team achieve this goal quicker Jeff? You say that you were booing Baros and not the rest of the team... do you have a different boo for each player so they can distinguish that it's not them that you are showing your displeasure at? Any negativity of fans during a game towards their own team is never going to help achieve anything and if you can't see that I feel sorry for you. How is MON going to put Villa "back where they belong" when the fans are booing the team he is managing?
Hoss The Villain
jeffg_utv - I can appreciate 110% what you are saying - Baros was "crap", not because he didn't try, but he just isn't good enough anymore to play in the Prem. -that is my opinion; and all the booing in the world either before, during or after the match is not going to change that one little bit. But if it makes you feel any better, carry on booing the whole team because of the failings of one or two players.
If Baros spurns a glorious chance and I start booing Hoss, then which player is going to think I'm having a go at them - Mellberg at the back in defence? No. Barry, whose pass down the wings has started the move? No. Agbonlahor, whose initial pass gave Baros the chance to put it in the back of the net? Again, no. I don't personalise my frustration, but I think we can give footballers enough credit to work out when fans are *****ed off at a specific player who isn't giving their best and when they're annoyed at the whole team for not pulling their weight. At the end of the day, we are paying customers as well as supporters and if I don't think that somebody is earning their crust - from a very tiny percentage of money that I have paid and worked hard for - then I'm going to let them know exactly how I feel about them. I'd also like to point out that for every bawl at someone, there's about five cheers, shouts and attempts to spur on the players. I understand that fans can help to motivate the team but again, I'm not going to keep cheering for someone who isn't fit to wear the shirt. It's just been reported that Baros has signed for Lyon - I for one could not be happier.
Villacross - whilst I may agree with you about Baros not being good enough for the Premiership, I don't agree with you about his workrate at the weekend - it was simply not good enough. Look at players like Gareth Barry, who must have touched every single blade of grass on the pitch against Watford. Look at Mellberg, who never gave up on anything and was committed to keeping a clean sheet. If Baros had shown a fraction of that level of enthusiasm and commitment, he'd have scored at least two of the three chances that he had - fact. Maybe we'll have to agree to disagree on that point, but I'll say again - I wasn't booing the whole team and I don't think they're stupid enough to think that I was! As an example, take Steven Davis - fantastic player, but he could barely string a successful pass together on Saturday. However, I didn't get on his back because I understand that he was most likely having "a bad day at the office" and that chances were he'd be back to his best in our next match. What I cannot and will not tolerate are players who are having consistantly bad days due to an unwillingness to try their hearts out and give that little bit more to the cause.
jeffg_utv - good, so that's one less player for fans to boo. Tell me do you boo anywhere else, or is it just at Villa Park?
Villacross - I don't understand the relevance of your question mate, I don't pay to watch anybody else do things that would push me to the point of venting my frustration! In fact, with Baros gone you'll probably be glad to know that I don't think I'll be booing anyone again for a while as I don't really have a problem with any of the other players - they might not be the best, but in my eyes they try their best. That's all I'll ask of any player that comes to Villa Park - is that unfair of me?
As it is a team game then any booing is going to have some effect on the whole team. Will it inspire them to stay at the Club and to step onto the field each week to play for us knowing that every time they make a mistake, Jeff and his mates are going to be booing in the stands? Did you boo Gabby at Charlton when he had a glorious chance to score the winner, only for him to miss it and Charlton to go up the other end and score? What about the chances all Villa players miss each week, do you boo them? If your argument stands up then you must and as such it does impact on every player at some stage. As a paying fan the best way of showing your continued displeasure is not pay to see the team. If you can’t do that then why not shut up and just show you displeasure at the end of the game, if you must, not half way through it. As for Baros I’m in the same boat as everyone else in thinking he has been a waste of space for the vast majority of his time at Villa and good riddance.
Hoss The Villain
its in our interest for him to be at the top of his game, enthusiastic for villa and confident. Booing will only hurt us as fans who want our players to play as well as possible. I think we all find him frustrating but also we all want him scoring to get us up the table. Booing your own should be saved for the most desperate desperate times only.
I'm really struggling to understand the logic behind these arguments. No, I didn't boo Gabby when he missed at Charlton. No, I don't boo every single missed chance by a Villa player (although I may look at the sky and curse from time to time!). Instead, I prefer to shout words of encouragement and hope that they will have a positive effect on the team. In the case of Baros, a player who looked like he'd never give close to 100%, why should I waste effort on trying to cajole and encourage him? Pointless. On the flip-side to the argument, what if my shouting and jeering helped Martin O'Neill to see that Baros wasn't giving his best and needed to be substituted, only for that substitute to change the dynamic of the team and give us a chance to grab the win? Once Angel (who I'm not slating, as I think he has done well for us at times this season) and Baros were subbed for Berger and Samuel, we looked a much better team for it and got a result. Bad thing? Glad we agree on something though, good riddance to bad rubbish! :-)
Tyler - when it comes to cheering Milan Baros in the hope that it will improve his game, the phrase "flogging a dead horse" springs to mind... I hope I'm not giving people a first bad impression here because I'm not a negative person and I really do want Villa to ascend to bigger and better things. Cheering a consistantly bad player is not going to help achieve this in my humble opinion.
its all about opinions jeff and your enititled to yours
I saw Baros against ManU and he did really well. Against Watford got the distinct impression the Lyon deal was as good as done and he didn't want to get injured. Should he have played because his heart wasn't in it? Perhaps MON should have known this. It's no good good saying he has a moral obligation to put in 100% because we're in the real world here.
Cheers Tyler, like I said I hope I've not given a bad impression as we all want the same thing in the long run. Gaz, if Baros is going to play for Villa and not put in 100% effort then the equivalent percentage of his effort should be reflected in his wages. Again, that's in an ideal world and that's not how it works - maybe you're right about the Lyon deal though...
jeffg I am sure M'ON appreciates your help in identifying which players aren't trying. I can feel comforted in knowing that you are always going to be there for him. To everybody else on the site ....... relax. jeffg is going to boo players to let M'ON know who to get rid of. As for only booing certain players, are people really that stupid? When you are on a football pitch it is almost impossibe to determine who is being booed. All you can hear is the booing, it is nearly always impossible from ground level to appreciate what the crowd can see from the stands. So any booing, wether directed at one player or not, is felt by the whole team. As our team is a young one, it can affect them more than most. So for those who are lacking the brain cells to understand that the booing of one player actually undermines the whole club, thank you. You are buggering it up for the rest of us.
Like it or not, and I most definitely dont, the boo-boys, the moaners and jeerers are here to stay. They're not going anywhere. They've been part of the Villa Park make-up for years, and sadly will continue to be so.
Well said voth. Got a guy by us, who week in/week out will boo and jeer at least one player, pointing out his failings to MON at every opportunity. The player varies from game to game, the abuse doesn't.

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