Aston Villa - 666 - The Number Of The Beastly?
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Aston Villa 0 - Blackburn Rovers 1

Villa Park


Attendance: 41 799

666 - The Number Of The Beastly?

I wasn't going to do a match report, most of the players were on holiday yesterday v Blackburn so I decided I'd do the same, but truth be told, I wanted to thank all the readers for putting up with my rants and raves through this season with the home reports - which to be fair I've struggled with more this season than any time in the 10 years or so I've been running a Villa site. I'm quite quite bored with our home showing as were many thousands yesterday who left before the lap of honour.

Oh, and another reason for doing the report? I quite like the title! 6 6 6 is obviously our last three season's table finishes and I'm a fan of Iron Maiden. So there you go. The football doesn't move me to do a match report but a silly title does.

OK, this will be brief, I've got to go into a first class quiet zone carriage and make some noise later like one of our players who was showing the sort of respect I'd expect after a no show on the pitch, he certainly made up for it on his way to the Capital.... I digress!

The first half wasn't 'that' bad, we had a few chances and Paul Robinson did pull off a few ok saves but blimey, we were playing for 5th and trying to stave off 7th. There was no way at all that Liverpool wouldn't score at Hull surely? OK, there was, but we only know that from hindsight and how would we have felt if we'd strolled around as we did and Man City had lost?

All too often this campaign we've messed up at home, only 8 wins is a disgrace really. I know the talk through the year was the moaning fans and the few boo's, a great deal was made of it in fact but it hasn't been the crowd's fault the lack of consistency, the lack of entertainment or the lack of a cutting edge. Has it?

James Collins had a decent pop early on which was parried, Gabby wasn't able to get to the ball and that was that. James Milner pulled a decent save from a free kick that was 'earnt' by Ashley Young. Then there was a controversial moment when fatty ex blue nose was brought down and watching the replay, he was brought down. Breaks your heart really doesn't it?!?! All of a sudden the ref was a popular bloke. Then again, John Carew was also brought down in the pen box and nothing was given. Strange thing is Dunne was booked for diving and yet Carew wasn't. Hey ho!

That was about that, seriously the second half the flow of football in my opinion was mostly Blackburn Rovers, then again I was cold and cheesed off by then so spent more time talking with the great people who sit around me as to how the Anfield crowd would love this sort of football...! Their goal was a decent build up, they did what we were meant to do and hit us on the break. Now it has gone down as a Dunne own goal but to be fair, if he hadn't touched it in Hoilett would have so no real blunder.

We started the season with a home loss, we finished the season with a home loss and I saw very little evidence in between that the manager had any real tactical knowledge as to how to change things, how to do different tactics and formations and how to best use the squad. That is why we'll lose the likes of Nigel Hokey-Cokey and Luke Young in the summer, hold your breath that we don't lose a few first team regulars as well. 90's football is not what they signed up for and sadly I left - having clapped the team - flat.

The one thing that won't have gone down well with he who should not be in any way criticised was the constant cheers for Luke Young when he came on and then every time he got on the ball.

So MON out? No, just MON change. For goodness sake, all that greatness, all the knowledge, all the money that has been at his disposal, all the players who have come and yet I could predict who we will play and at what time a change will be made... and I'm an idiot!

Thanks to all for the season's company, I know some love and some loathe the boss, as for me, I've just tried to enjoy the ride, I have to admit I've struggled in the home games and felt yesterday this is probably my least favourite period in years. My problem, not yours, just a honest assessment as to the constant promise of improvement and the constant lack of delivery at Villa Park. We should have smashed Blackburn Rovers out the park yesterday and sent the fans home with good reason to renew/take up a season ticket. We didn't and I feel for the ticket sales and marketing people, every time we fill the place we play like we don't have an interest. Shame.

Flame away. This wasn't meant to be negative but sometimes you just have to look at the definition of madness - which is to do the same thing again and expect a different outcome.

And on that note, I thank you. Don't worry, I'll try to get someone else to do home match reports next season, I think my time has come to stop the fingers doing the talking, they are as bored as the rest of me.

(Still renewed, still have the opti in me saying all will be different next season.... UP THE VILLA)

There might be a theme to these marks by the way!

Star Player

The fans, we do our bit.

Player Ratings

Brad Friedel 6

No chance for the goal

Stephen Warnock 6

Hope the injury isn't too bad

Richard Dunne 6

Not really to blame for the goal

James Collins 6

Good shot early on

Carlos Cuellar 6

Interesting to see where he lines up next season, either at another club (Real Madrid linked) or where in our defence?

James Milner 6

Good luck at the World Cup

Stiliyan Petrov 6

Had a couple of decent shots, one either side of the post, next season maybe eh Stan?!

Stewart Downing 6

Not a bad performance, looking forward to seeing him next season after a good pre-season

Ashley Young 6

Ok I'd say?

Gabby Agbonlahor 6

Not really at the races then again, the service was awful

John Carew

Can't rate, he wasn't on the pitch was he? Hopefully won't be next season either, think he waved bye bye and with his attitude - despite scoring against the 'lesser teams' to get a decent tally - he is best gone

Emile Heskey 6

More effort in a brief time that JC

Nathan Delfouneso 6

Will be seeing more of him, no doubt

Luke Young 6

Such a waste of a great talent this season, the cheers each time he touched the ball won't have gone unnoticed I'm sure.

The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday May 10 2010

Time: 7:29PM

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Agree with you Fear. Poor performance, got much colder than I expected as the performance was totally uninspiring and thought Heskey gave more in 10 minutes that Carew in 80. Also though the Fonz should have been on earlier. Interesting to see him chase a ball down and get a corner and hope others were watching his enthusiasm. Thought Weiman was going to be a sub. What happened there?
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10/05/2010 19:42:00

Oh - and a great crowd for a nothing game. Almost 42,000 and almost all Villa fans. Well done us.
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10/05/2010 19:43:00

It won't have gone unnoticed that we cheered L Young's every touch, MON will make us pay... another Weimann rumour that he may be on the bench for the first game next season and then sell him for a 1, such insolence will not go unpunished
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10/05/2010 19:49:00

Strange there Fear I thought Gabby was far worse than Carew and Milner was the only player who'd get paid if was down to me. Needless to say MON was "delighted" yet again, if that doesn't worry you it darn well should!!
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10/05/2010 20:16:00

Carew was garbage. Gabby didnt have a good game but he gets rubbish service, dont thing milner played well at all, in fact it was crap
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10/05/2010 21:22:00

Very disappointing, from start to finish, but then it epitomised what we have witnessed throughout the season at Brummagem B6. Cant understand quite why the players were so flat. They'd been talking up the game in the press for the previous few days, telling us they wanted to go out with a bang, ensure a sixth place finish, and thus avoid the early Europa League qualifier in late July. Clearly not all of our lads were on the same page, whereas they all seemed to have their minds set of their summer holidays. Anywhere but Villa Park, that's where they wanted to be. Thought that the whole 'thing' was flat if I'm honest. The team performance, the atmosphere, and as we left the ground and made our way back to the cars, it was obvious to all that MON, or whoever, has a task on his hands between now and August, to bring in some genuine quality to give the whole club a lift, and ensure that we dont fall into decline. We're at the crossroads here, only the Villa Park hierarchy can now determine which way this clubs going to go.
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10/05/2010 22:35:00

MON shoul apologise for that display on behalf of his team, crap end of season with just a few highlights in the middle.
holte ender 1969
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10/05/2010 22:38:00

I personally think your wrong about JC. No matter who hes scored against, hes smashed in 16 goals this season even with patches of injury. On his day he is our best striker and I hope and think he will stay with us as I think MON holds him in high regard. Not 1 villa player played well on sunday, not even milner. Up to the own goal, Dunne was the only player that had done anything worth recognising. Heres to next season!
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11/05/2010 00:25:00

Thank you Mr Fear for another season of interesting comment and Mr field ,Murph ,Glensider,Hercs hope i haven't missed anybody out . But i think its harsh picking one player out in such an uninspiring team display . I know Carew didn't cover himself in glory but he doesn't get great service neither does Gabby . To be honest i don't think they work well together but it must be hard to be a striker in this Villa team watching balls flying over your head all the time , Some great wing play but most times the final ball isn't up to scratch .
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11/05/2010 01:31:00

Man City fans are looking forward to Europa action .. wish i could have the same feeling .. Maybe thats one of the problems with our glorious leader .
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11/05/2010 01:46:00

villan57 - we all have a player who can do no right. You have Reo-Coker, I have Salifou (when he played in the Europa last year) and Fear has Carew. From what I have heard though and the little I saw, no one had a very good game, not one of them.
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11/05/2010 08:14:00

not strictly true YJ as I think you know mate, my beef with John Carew (and it must be the beef of all his managers, look how many times in his career he has moved + look at MON's comments about 'he's your hero not mine' '1 in 7 player' etc) is that he really should be SO very good. He should be a Drogba but his attitude is just not right for so many games. It is the waste of a great talent that drives me up the wall, not an average player just doing his best (that is the managers thing then for bringing in an average player if that makes sense?) JC was in my opinion off before the game even started and that baffles me, the bloke has been worshipped by the holte end and he should have battered the Blackburn defenders. Bit harsh when no one stood out probably but also, he should be our best player game in and game out, on his day (usually against the likes of Reading if I'm being a bitch, not the likes of Chelsea) he is world class, the fact he doesn't have many days depresses me when you think what he could have achieved at Villa for himself and for the team. Hey ho, as said, it is the fact he is THAT good that upsets me when he doesn't turn up, he is judged more harshly because he should be head and shoulders over the rest of them. If only he had the mental attitude of James Milner, JC would have been a 25 or more goals a season player.
The Fear
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11/05/2010 09:10:00

I know thats you feeling toward him Fear, but my point being that in a game where the whole team has been poor you pinpoint Carew, and that is because of your feeling of him during his whole time at the club opposed to that one off game, Milner could have a poor game and would be given an easier ride because he has been brilliant all year. The fact remains lazy or not, Carew scores more than Gabby does and gets half the playing time. Plus besides Saunders, there is no Villa striker in the last 20 years who has a better goal to game record that John Carew. Love him or hate him his record is amazing. If the midfield are not playing the ball to the forwards there is not alot Carew or Gabby for that matter can do. That said I understand the frustrations surrounding Carew, I have had them myself. But be careful what you wish for if MON has his way we will lose him in the summer and get Carlton Cole and we will quickly realise what we had, Cole will put in the effort but won't get as many goals. And its a goal and results lead business I'm afraid.
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11/05/2010 09:25:00

And please explain to me what this 666 thing is all about. Seen it mentioned a few times with reference to MON. Are we just saying he is the devil?
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11/05/2010 09:27:00

Strange Carew was crap but Gabby had bad service ? How does that work then ? They were both crap but Carew can play on his day whereas Gabby can't. The most worrying thing is that MON seems to think Gabby is the answer our 20 a season man . Never in a million years with a touch like that . Anyway the whole team was crap and the manager is even worse because he was delighted with it ? Must be a bigger idiot than some of us thought !
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11/05/2010 10:15:00

(6th three seasons running???) Not shocked at the Blackburn result ----- just luck Liverpool were worse..... Overall not a bad season --- just seem to have faltered at the last again.........
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11/05/2010 11:37:00

Carew had far more ball to him, and did nothing, in his defence, it seems anyone can foul him at anytime and get away with it
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11/05/2010 11:49:00

I'm not sure it is possible for him to be a bigger idiot than I thought, although I a prepared that I may be proved wrong during the transfer window
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11/05/2010 12:35:00

The only thing that annoys me about JC is the amount of times he gives away a free kick. Most of the time i dont agree with the decision but seems to get pinpointed quite easily. End of the day, noone had a good game, all of them looked like they weren't in it.
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11/05/2010 15:46:00


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