Aston Villa - Arrogant Villa Crash Out Of Cup
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Arrogant Villa 0 - QPR 1

Villa Park


Attendance: 21 541

Arrogant Villa Crash Out Of Cup

Stand back, rant coming....

Well I must admit, I'm annoyed. It seems 20 000 Villa fans got the memo today not to bother to turn up as the Villa weren't serious about the Carling Cup despite some players talking about lifting it at the end of the season, but I didn't get one.

I must have missed the transition where Villa because too big for the Cup? I must have missed the time the players decided they were going to win these ties so easily they just had to stroll around? I certainly missed the reasoning when it came to making 6 changes to a team who scraped past the Baggies last weekend? I certainly missed Villa becoming so nonchalant about the competition that the fans didn't bother to turn up?

I tell you why we lost tonight - arrogance. Some players in the Villa team think they've 'made it' already. Tell you what lads, you've made it when you've done a Dennis Mortimer and won something for the club, at that point, feel free to wear pathetic bright red 'superstar' boots and stroll around all smug, until then, you aren't fit to lace the boots of some of our former greats.

Seriously, the first half tonight we just about shaded it passing and possession wise BUT we showed very little killer instinct or intent. The second half they must have had some dodgy Bovril or something because they just didn't show up, which is strange because I thought this cup was a serious one, a cup where we could have got automatic qualification into Europe. Oh hang on, that's right, we are bigger than that now, we don't need to worry about such trivialities?

I really wish they'd let the 20 odd thousand faithful who did bother to turn up tonight just how much contempt there were going to show to the cup, to the Villa shirts and to their opponents - who had the last laugh anyway.

It seems we'll never learn, we did the same against Leicester City last season and tonight was no different. Funny thing is, I seem to be getting too long in the tooth - or immune - to get angry anymore, just a shame for people like Reza who came over from South Africa with about half a dozen kids from his local team that they had to witness no atmosphere and a team who really weren't in the slightest bit interested. I hope to Paul McGrath that they wake up by Saturday, if not Sunderland will return to their Stadium of Carbon Footprints or lights of whatever it is called very happy bunnies - or is it cats?

Highlights of tonight? Well, I was able to change a faulty keyboard on the way to the game, two jobs in one go, all saves time and petrol! The lovely ladies who sit behind me have discovered a new flavoured chewing gum and shared it with me. I had a nice bottle of beer in the Holte and met Jonah, both young and ... not so young.. and bumped into a long time contact Lee Lindsay. So not a completely wasted evening, if you put the football to one side. Oh, and it was great to see Colin's John Carew song shown on the big screen, I could see him standing watching it looking very proud of himself, what a star!

To be fair, the best part of the night was the journey home, I usually listen to the phone in shows but tonight I played some Madness at full blast. Now they did know how to entertain. Hopefully we'll get back to business at the weekend and put in a good performance against Sunderland, the points in the league are crucial and then maybe we can pretend tonight never happened....

Player ratings?

Forget it.

Star player? You're having a giraffe, I'd give it to the away fans to be honest, our fans certainly didn't help cheer on the team tonight, not sure if that made a difference but a full (ish) Villa Park is always a lift for the players. That said, the credit crunch is hitting families hard and so sacrifices have to be made. The players wouldn't know about that I guess but maybe a dose of reality is what some of them could do with, then perhaps, just perhaps, they'd appreciate the privileged position they are all in and give 100% EVERY game. Not much to ask for is it?

The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday September 24 2008

Time: 11:12PM

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Arrogant my arse,we simply scuffed our chances and we lost thats football nothing deeper than that,no need for a knee jerk reaction,Especially after the tremendous start to the season we have had.We have bigger fish to fry than this cup we play in europe, no one but the eventual winners of the carling cup or teams who don`t play in europe actually care about it.
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24/09/2008 23:17:00

so we are too big for the cup now, we have bigger things to do? Arrogance personified as far as I'm concerned. We were disjointed and didn't create enough and we are out of the cup.
The Fear
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24/09/2008 23:25:00

4 games in 9 days meant some players had to be rested they looked shattered on Sunday.Young,Barry,Carew,Cuellar it looked as stong a side as possible.
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24/09/2008 23:30:00

WOW def a shock ...blew yer only chance of winning silverware
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24/09/2008 23:45:00

I kind of agree Fear, it was arrogance on MONs part to make so many changes "just because" we were playnig QPR, he wouldn't have made all those changes if we'd been playing Everton, Arsenal, Man City or whoever else from the Premiership. Arrogance frmo the players? I dunno mate, I haven't seen any of the game at all, just the stats, and the stats looked ok. Its just a shame we didnt learn from the Leicester game.
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24/09/2008 23:46:00

Why didnt routledge start? Isn' this the kind of compo he should be playing in? Its a disgrace really??? Who did he play out on the right before him?
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25/09/2008 00:02:00

Man City left out Robinho and SWP, and look what happened to them. You don't play your first choice team and you take chances, whoever the opposition are. The trouble tonight seemed to be lack of finishing ability. Harewood just isn't good enough as a back-up striker but we have nobody else besides young Delfouneso. Playing Freidel, Davies, Young and Laursen probably wouldn't have altered the scoreline.
Surfer Dude
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25/09/2008 00:13:00

"Arrogant my arse,we simply scuffed our chances and we lost thats football nothing deeper than that,no need for a knee jerk reaction,Especially after the tremendous start to the season we have had." - absolutely agree.
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25/09/2008 00:29:00

its not arrogant to use players you have bought that can't get in your first team. it's not arrogant to think they can do a job. its an opportunity for certain capable squad members to get more of a game. if i was someone like osbourne, i would relish this kind of opportunity to help me grow as a player... i think you got the wrong end of the stick.
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25/09/2008 00:33:00

I am a massive MON fan but "we had plenty of chances to win the game, especially in the first half"..... which game was he watching? Can anybody tell me how many times their keeper had to make a genuine save i.e not one that was straight down his throat that was hit with as much power as Gordon Brown currently holds over his party!
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25/09/2008 00:33:00

Lerner my arse....obviously you haven't. If we can't be mentally right for QPR, fancy playing a top Euro club and really feeling embarrassment eh? The domestic cups are our true chance of success this season, we ain't going to win the Prem and we aren't going to win the UEFA. Saying we are out of one domestic Cup so we can focus on the league or the UEFA is delusional in the extreme. Those who don't care about the domestic Cups, well that says more about them, and proves they have brought into the Europe or nothing attitude the moneymen have fed fans since 92. I reserve my right to favour tradition. And in a traditional sense, every player on that pitch tonight should donate this weeks wages to Acorns. In real life you have an off day, you get a verbal's about time this happened in football. I'm with JF 100 per cent here, the players thought it would be easy AGAIN and AGAIN they looked like amatuers, unable to finish, believing they could nick one at the end and so on. Even Dowie has criticised his team for playing so badly, yet they won FFS. AND he's right. QPR were not good, we were bloody awful. Ric, if they were that good they'd be challenging for the first team, but look at the teamsheet, most of the squad were internationals or regular first team players. Don't blame the reserves but do question why those reserves who played were simply not up to the pace AGAIN.
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25/09/2008 00:50:00

The only game I didn't watch this season was Stoke - and we lost. I couldn't watch the game today because of work and time difference here in California, and I had a feeling we'd lose cause of it. I'm afraid I was right. Absolutely gutted.
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25/09/2008 00:53:00

If they played like this with something on the line, imagine how much effort they will be putting in against Litek Lovech next week.
Surfer Dude
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25/09/2008 01:22:00

Im glad we got knocked out =] now we can concentrate on top4 and uefa, hearwood is a flop? do we need him... Nope ! Fact
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25/09/2008 01:28:00

Well said blitz. Who cares about the Mickey Mouse cup ? UEFA, FA, and top4 are far more important!
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25/09/2008 03:39:00

Cant believe that a suposed Villan can make the statement, 'Im glad we got knocked out, now we can concentrate on top4 and uefa', Blitz, you should be ashamed of yourself. Apart from that, all I'll say right now, although I could write a virtual book, is well done to the 18,000 or so Villans who got off their fat rear ends and made the effort to turn up. As for the 'missing' thousands, I guess they shared the opinion of Mr Blitz. Obviously the lethargy for the competition portrayed by those not in attendance, was shared by a collection of highly paid, mostly full international footballers, who couldn't deliver the goods to see off what looked to me to be a fairly average looking lower league team.
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25/09/2008 05:54:00

I suppose I could discuss/argue the point until the weekend, but pongogidman, isn't that completely the wrong way to look at our departure from the competition? If suddenly, because we're back into competitive european club football, and finished sixth last season, then we're good enough to dismiss the League Cup with a flippant wave of the hand, then I really fear for us. Luck of the draw against us in both the F.A. and UEFA Cups and we can kiss goodbye to our participation in those, while I fail to see how an extended run in the League/Carling Cup would diminish our chances, or any clubs for that matter, of a top four finish. No, we've thrown away arguably our best chance of a trophy for this season, and with it, a guaranteed place back in europe next season.
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25/09/2008 06:03:00

Players, performance and attendance was disgraceful, this was our best chance of a trophy.
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25/09/2008 06:44:00

Glensider, Fear - spot on. This was a disgrace - complete lack of care by all concerned. It also showed that we need to play the first team every week because there is not else available, If Salifou can't get a game on a night like this, then that must signal the end of him. Bright spot? Guzan looked confident if not a little excitable and may be ok. But why or why change 4 of the back 5? I also agree with Dowie QPR were moderate at best - possessed almost no threat at all.
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25/09/2008 06:45:00

would much rather we rest players and put full strength team out saturday. we will put a similar team out next thursday for uefa - does that make us too big for that too? they looked knackered last sunday to the point gabby was physically sick on the pitch. with the schedule we have before xmas we could do without games of a competition which is very difficult to win.
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25/09/2008 07:03:00

The players are arrogant? Maybe some of you here are getting a bit big for your boots expecting this team to win everything in sight. The same players just had 3 away games (one in Bulgaria) and a home tie in 9 days, the last game being a physical scrap like the QPR game was destined to be, and you think we should be up for it? Reality check. MON took a chance and it didn't work for us. Now, would you rather have automatic Champions League qualification for finishing 4th or automatic UEFA CUp qualification? There is just no pleasing some Villa fans. Things are better than they've been in years but some of you can't help yourselves-you've got to have a crap on everything.
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25/09/2008 07:33:00

40 years experience told me not to bother last night , well me and 20,000 others .
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25/09/2008 07:40:00

some of you guys arent realists. u shld giv ur best in evrygame cos for a club at your level i.e. on the up, evry chance should be utilised
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25/09/2008 07:51:00

I'm surprised voiceoftheholte is not on here praising all the players for playing brilliantly.
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25/09/2008 08:43:00

'Maybe some of you here are getting a bit big for your boots expecting this team to win everything in sight.' Well if we can't turn up for a cup game against a lower league team we have no chance in any other competition and we should pack our bags now. In answer to your question gwyllum18, I would rather win silverware than come 4th in a league.
Hoss The Villain
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25/09/2008 08:44:00

for 20 *****in quid to sit in the trinity which i paid i can see why only 16K villa fans turned up the rest was qpr fans
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25/09/2008 08:58:00

Best chance of seeing us at the new Wembley this season so I'm gutted.
chris the villan
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25/09/2008 09:29:00

We did give our best which bar the first 11 and a couple of others just isn't good enough. Wenger sent the kids out and they were outstanding. Just goes to show how far behind we are. From our perspective, if there was a game to lose in this or next month then this was the one. Should turn out to be a blessing in disguise as we can rest our first team especially seeing the back up isn't good enough to compete, and seeing as though QPR are 4th in the Championship I don't know what was expected. Congrats JP on the keyboard situation as it seemed the highlight to a poor night. Hopefully a wakeup call for the team. Marlon needs to perform ASAP.
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25/09/2008 09:36:00

Another game without a clean sheet. This seems to be becoming a joke now. Carson and Sorensen both look better now they have moved away from VP. The GK coach or defensive coach is surely not up to scratch and if it wasn't for the fact that our attackers were normally scoring so many BAR last night. Teams like Sunderland just have to defend well and they are guaranteed 3 points.
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25/09/2008 09:44:00

It was arrogance, pure and simple. Barry's chip of the keeper in the dying minutes is evidence of this, why didnt he slot it home? Nah too easy lets try a cheeky chip. Best chance of the night that, pathetic.
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25/09/2008 10:22:00

"Now, would you rather have automatic Champions League qualification for finishing 4th or automatic UEFA CUp qualification? " Well both actually, I don't see why it should be a choice gwyllum18.
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25/09/2008 12:11:00

Not to disappoint liamo1981. Voth is here to share his views. A disappointing night where the players performed considerably better than the crowd but much below the standard expected of a team hoping to make progress in one of the three competitions that we had a realistic chance of success. I treated the good lady to a night in the posh seats, sat by Mortimer and Morley, instead of my usual Holte End seats. From this vantage point you get a fair reflection of the game and the level of volume generated by each set of supporters. On the pitch if we can't score against an average Championship club at home then we don't derserve to go through. We were the better of 2 poor teams. We had great situations but didn't convert them into great chances. Harewood and Barry missed our best opportunities when they did come along. Young put in many crosses and efforts at goal but it just didn't happen for him on the night. I thought Petrov was probably our best player, Gardner struggled and that Gruzan looked comfortable with the little he had to do. What was noticeable was that he was not frightened to command his box and although he is a leftfooter, he kicked just as well with his right. Cuellar mistimed a couple of tackles but was generally comfortable. What was probably most embarrasing was the fact that 4000 QPR fans in the upper North Stand made considerably more noise than the approx 7000 fans in the Holte. The players tried, but were below par. The fans never even tried. When the players ran out to see a half empty ground, hear all the noise coming from QPR, they must of thought is this the support we get after 3 magnificent away victories in 6 days. If so, if the fans can't be arsed, I will reserve my best efforts for when they can be. I think those that invested time and money in going to the game can probably feel justified in voicing their disappointment. Those that couldn't be bothered can't really complain if players treated the game with same contempt as they did.
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25/09/2008 12:23:00

gwyllum18, get real mate, i am guessing you are one of those who did not bother to turn up. The arrogance of both Young and Barry was there for all (those who bothered to come) to see. Barry's attempt at a chip was the appalling, when he could have easily slot it home. It is arrogance, the only people who think they are bigger than they are, are the players. If that had been a Premiership side, we would have played with abit more passion. Its pathetic. No pleasing some fans? Come off it mate, but all i do ask is the players put a little effort in.
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25/09/2008 12:35:00

Dont like to say this but I agree with voiceoftheholte. Not sure if Corrie was an hour special last night but i cant understand what "Villa Fans" found better to do than support their team. Hope they had a nice time, whatever it was.
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25/09/2008 12:41:00

liamo. I have popped a little present in the post fr you. It is 10p. Use it to phone all of your friends to arrange a party. Infact have the party in the same phone box that you make the call from.
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25/09/2008 12:41:00

Middle of the week game, MON's past record with us in domestic cups, early start today, end of the month, game wasn't free on season tickets (shameful,) to name a few reasons why I personally couldn't or couldn't be bothered to make it. Game was all ticket as a friend of mine who is a QPR fan has said. Our away record of late is good so we shouldn't need the fans backing although it obviously helps. Just as annoyed as others at the result but why do we have to start moaning at each other. If we had won then there would be no moaning about the turn out. As said above the players should give 100% regardless and that is who should be taking the brunt of the criticism.
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25/09/2008 13:05:00

well i am 4 weeks and 4 days into a 5 week pay month. they have already had 600 off me this season for my season ticket. My choice was simply do I eat at lunch time on Thursday, or not? to be honest, from the lads i know that went i didnt miss much and I am currently having a curry for lunch so its win win for me! They certainly havent forgotten how to disapoint and un do so much good work last week with a p.iss poor display! same old villa.
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25/09/2008 13:15:00

Its more the fans that can afford to be there but cant be arsed, if people have issues like finances or distance then that is fair enough. I wont be at the Sunderland game for example as I am away for the weekend. Its life, but you could expect a full house if it had been the Semi final!!
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 13:33:00

voiceoftheholte seems to ruffle feathers, yet in my book this guy is one of the most refreshingly honest posters on here. People may take exception to what he says, for reasons known only to themselves, but hells bells, he speaks the truth.
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 14:43:00

umm... i love the way people say this cup is worthless when, if i recall correctly it was the last trophy we won!!
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 15:31:00

We should concentrate on the football, not be showing off about who went to the most games or where they sat etc. I was behind him when he was going on about the spare seats at Liverpool and Man Citeh but people have lives outside of Villa Park and I couldn't care less about this game if it means that we can concentrate on more important matters . Last year when we didn't have other worries, we were able to concentrate on the league and would rather do well there than lose in the final of this cup and get zero reward.
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 15:32:00

Did anyone see how tired our players were at the end of the Baggies game? Obviously not. We needed to give some other players a chance, or we'd nover do it. It's tricky balance.
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 16:04:00

Its funny how adults at the peak of their fitness can get "tired", Try telling the 14 players who were rotated and won the League title in 81 about being tired. Back then they didnt have perfect playing surfaces and ultra high tech training facilities. They used to manage back then, but now a days players need 'resting'.
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 16:25:00

.......and on top of that young johah, peter withe apparently played the final games of that season with a size 9 on his left and a size 11 on his right because his right foot was so swollen from an injury. back when men played the game i suppose.
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 17:56:00

42 games a season plus Europe, the FA Cup, and a competitieve League Cup. And first and second replays in those domestic cup matches too. Plus only one substitute on the bench. I know you can't have the same team every week in the modern game but it makes you appreciate the guys that did it back in those days.
Surfer Dude
Report Abuse
25/09/2008 18:42:00

Different standard, different level back then - playing back then didn't demand anywhere near as much physical exertion on players as the modern game, so I don't think that argument holds much water IMHO.
Report Abuse
26/09/2008 06:56:00

no doubt the lady was a 50p hooker Voice
Report Abuse
26/09/2008 08:53:00

liamo you are exacly right. She was a 50p hooker, but if that is all your missus is charging these days, who am I to complain.
Report Abuse
26/09/2008 09:38:00


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