Aston Villa - Villa v Liverpool Match Report
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Aston Villa 0 - Liverpool 0

Villa Park


Attendance: 41 647

Villa v Liverpool Match Report

Well, I must admit I'm confused...! I thought we drew against a team who have finished in the top four for the last ten odd seasons. I thought we'd battled and in patches looked by far the more likely to win. I thought we cancelled them out and snuffed out most of the threats from them and I also thought that most of our players gave their all today to compete against a club who are regulars in the champions league and who have spent millions and millions of pounds more than us assembling their team.

How wrong I must have been as listening to the Tom Ross phone in on the way home, it all seemed doom and gloom with some of the players being slated and many fans whining about all sorts.

When did the memo go round that Villa have a Paul McGrath (God) given right to win and why didn't I get a copy?

From start to finish today Villa competed, we definitely gave as good as we got and I'm sorry, I don't care that Steven Gerrard wasn't playing, they aren't a one man team are they? Their players are worth millions, they have plenty of world class and international players but rarely if ever did you feel that they would get the better of us. Villa are still building, today although we could have won a draw is not exactly a disaster, hopefully the players will have got a bit more belief from today and will keep building up so they really do realise they are a match for any team on their day and that they don't need to fear any opponents.

I say we could have won and sorry to point fingers but John Carew had the best chance and just 'passed' it towards Liverpool's goal. That chance was far easier than the great goal he scored against Stoke, so why so tame? That proved to be our main chance and unfortunately our star striker fluffed his lines. That said, I'd rather see someone fluff their lines rather than the other - Gabby Agbonlahor - just strutting around, usually totally out of position and mostly ten paces behind where he should have been. The supply might not have been great today but he did not help the midfield one bit by not running into decent positions and threatening.

That is the only criticism I can come up with, the one striker was pretty much a liability - which is such a shame after the great hat trick to start the season - and the other tried and tried but missed his best chance. I guess you can say he just flicks the ball on all day but then, if the likes of Michael Owen (hint hint Villa, go get him!!!) was on the pitch he would feed off those flicks all day long.

I really enjoyed the game, I thought it was one of the best 0-0's I've seen in years, maybe I'm just in a chilled mood and having a laugh with he people around me at Villa, but I don't think so, I think it is just that the belief is returning and whereas in previous years Liverpool would have come and been guaranteed 3 points, today we walked out disappointed not to have taken maximum points ourselves. Is that not progress in itself?! Some seem to forget just how good Liverpool's defense is.

Some have said that both teams played for a draw. I don't see that and especially Martin O'Neill tried to shake things up and made changes. Both full backs were brought off with Nigel Hokey-Cokey - who had a storming game today, what a difference a new right sided midfielder makes ! - and Gareth Barry, who wasn't as bad as some would have you believe, moving back to make way for Craig Gardner and Milner. Some have asked why the full backs were brought off? Well, Shorey was only just back from injury and Young is only just getting to know the team. It might have been a slightly confusing change but at least MON was trying things and bringing on James Milner was a sign that MON was trying to win the game.

I've just eaten three packets of sweets and now feel sick. I digress...

The only thing I'd question is why Gabby wasn't brought off to give Harewood 10 or 15 minutes to give the Liverpool defense something to think about. But then I'm sure MON, who knows a little bit more than me about his players, would point to the Hare's no show on Thursday in the UEFA cup game. That said, he is an impact player and Gabby wasn't exactly doing anything. Again, it just shows how much we do need another striker, just over 24 hours to find one, tick tock, tick tock! I reckon we'll get one you know.

So some see this as a wasted opportunity, maybe it was, but to come out of Villa Park disappointed that we'd not got all three points against Liverpool is a sign that Villa are on the way back and you have to applaud the fact we kept a clean sheet. So whilst others aren't happy, I've thoroughly enjoyed the day, I'd obviously have loved to see us win it, especially if we'd knicked it right at the end, but hey ho, things are on the up and I'm loving it!

Star Player

Nigel Hokey-Cokey.

Player Ratings

Brad Friedel 7

Didn't really have a great deal to do but what he had to do he did well.... how bad is that sentence!

Nicky Shorey 6

Not the best, not the worst, I'm sure he'll settle and come good, if not Freddy will be back before we know it!

Curtis Davies 7

Solid game and not afraid to put his head where it hurts. I used to be the same, I often got my head stuck in gate railings as a kid!

Martin Laursen 7

same as Davies, just gets totally stuck in and didn't look like he was willing to let anyone passed him.

Luke Young 7

Looked good to me, certainly contributed well.

Nigel Hokey-Cokey 8

Outstanding game, looked knackered after one long run! Would be lovely to see him take defenders on a bit more and shoot.

Stiliyan Petrov 7

Another good game from Petrov, looks like he is far more up to speed this season BUT PLEASE carry on with your runs and shoot, he doesn't need to check his runs and pass backwards all the time!

Ashley Young 6.5

Heavily marked today, he will have to get used to that. Still a good contribution.

Gareth Barry 6.5

Not his best, not his worst, certainly don't believe when some say he wasn't interested today, of course he bloody was!

John Carew 5.5

Needed more supply, better support etc, but missed what appeared a fairly easy chance.

Gabby Agbonlahor 4

Press reports this morning illustrated why the lad looks knackered. He needs to be careful not to believe the hype and go the same way as many players who are on the verge of being very good. Once you get to be a first team regular, that is when the hard work starts. Look to Ryan Giggs for a role model instead of some of the bling laden numpties of the modern era!

James Milner, on for Shorey on 64.

Difficult to get up to speed but did well.

Craig Gardner, on for L Young on 79.

I do like Gardner, think he'll develop into an Andy Townsend type player and if he is half as good, we've got a gem! Decent enough 11 mins on the pitch.

Manager Rating

Martin O'Neill - tried to shake things up, nearly got the win and hopefully will have a very busy 24 hours now bringing us in a new striker!

Opponent Rating

Rafa Benitez - took a lot of abuse today, hopefully that is now the end of it but I doubt it will be!

The fans.

A great atmosphere, thought the Villa fans contributed well and cheered on the team + helped keep the travelling Liverpool fans, who are always vocal, a bit quiet. Thought the Rafa is a fat C word was a bridge too far though!

Young Fan!

Had a lovely young kid sit a by my dad today, his dad and granddad were just two rows back. I always bang the hoardings (you might here me!??!?) and he started copying. I'd not realised but at half time he was told off and told not to do it. Second half I started banging, his dad thought it was him and told him to stop. 5 minutes later I started again and the youngster (he must have been about 6) shouted at the top of his voice - whilst attempting to eat a pizza pod - STOP IT. Suffice to say, my mate ended up with pizza pod all over him !!!!!!!!

The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday August 31 2008

Time: 10:22PM

Your Comments (oldest first)

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overall i'm happy. wouldn't mind seeing that 433 formation again but rotate gabby for milner. agreed coker mom, playing out of position but his all
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31/08/2008 22:38:00

but gave his all, doh!
Report Abuse
31/08/2008 22:39:00

Interesting to see who MON plays in the next game, all of a sudden he has a few selection headaches, even more so when Sidwell, Cuellar and Freddy are fit!
The Fear
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31/08/2008 22:42:00

Good ratings Fear, agree with them totally. I think Davies in turning into a real gem of a centre back...very solid performance today. Shame not to get the 3 points, but none the less a point against a top 4 side is alright. Liverpool defended very well and kept us at bay, as we did them. Tom Ross' phone in is possibly the worst show on the radio...where do they find the callers?! Unbelievable...we could beat United 3-0 away and someone would still phone up to criticise the quality of the passing or something.
Report Abuse
31/08/2008 23:33:00

Sound analysis. Liverpool came for a point today even before Torres limped off. ps. Villa have a defenCe not a defenSe. Please remember which side of the pond we're on.
Report Abuse
01/09/2008 00:03:00

Agree with all that, the lads played well, Coker was awesome, wasn't he 57? : ) Wouldn't surprise me if the NOTW reporter is a redscouse supporter who decided today would be a good day for a scoop on our Gabby, randy little sod....
Report Abuse
01/09/2008 01:15:00

I think your review was spot on! After loosing to Stoke last week this was a tremendous improvement. Many new players, Shorey and Luke Young are still settling in. We kept a clean sheet! And dispite Torres coming off early and Gerrard not being there, the players that substituted for them are all very good too. Liverpools defense is one of the strongest, if not the strongest in the PL, and we put them under a lot of pressure. I was also confused about MON's substitutions, but with hindsight, I think it was very good. He kept a very attacking and positive team on the pitch and was really going for glory. NRC's tackle on Robbie Keane kept the draw, that was brilliant, reminiscent of Ashley Cole in the WC 2006, and with a bit of luck, Laursens late effort could have easily won us all 3 points. So all in all I think we can be pleased with this performance. But I agree, an new striker would definitely not go amiss!
Report Abuse
01/09/2008 06:31:00

Selection headaches what a wonderful problem for the manager to finally have.
Report Abuse
01/09/2008 07:44:00

I thought we played very well indeed. 2 sides very close in quality cancelling each other out. That's how far we have come under MON. Who would have thought a couple of years ago that Rafa would turn up at VP and alter his lineup and tactics to try and mute our threat. Well done the lads they all played a part. OK it was only a point and maybe we could have nicked it, but to reduce LFC to no shots on target is a great achievement. The Future is bright. Rafa if he didn't know already Villa will be challenging for 4th place.
Report Abuse
01/09/2008 08:23:00

An amazing tackle by reo-coker! may not have played the ball but man did he run his a r se off to get back!! brilliant game for him.
Report Abuse
01/09/2008 09:30:00

No need to be confused Fear - you are right and some Villa "fans" are only in it for the moaning.
pongo wearing
Report Abuse
01/09/2008 09:31:00

I agree entirely Pongo!!!!! Some Villa fans are never and will never be satisfied. But I guess ManU have there share of whinging fans!
Report Abuse
01/09/2008 10:02:00

I don't think there is anything much anyone could add to that to be honest Fear, good overview. Reo-Coker ran his socks off all day, and I take a positive from another confident display from Petrov. Fingers crossed for a victory at Anfield, that would be sweet.
Report Abuse
01/09/2008 10:05:00

Good review, and agree with all the scores too.
Report Abuse
01/09/2008 11:43:00

Couldn't agree more with this report and player analysis.
Report Abuse
01/09/2008 11:48:00

one thing that annoys the hell out of me.... why do newspapers etc write 'Liverpool held to draw by Villa'???!?!?!?!!!! surely they held us to a draw with their negative tactics and spanish waiter in the dugout?!?!
Report Abuse
01/09/2008 12:36:00

I love nige's tackling and his effort, i reallly do. However he is plainly not a wide player and did look absent on occasion - good performance though. Petrov was quality, Laursen was a beast. I'd have to give MOTM to Mr. Denmark 2008!
Report Abuse
01/09/2008 14:27:00

industrial music; good point!!! I thought that too, we played the more attacking game and therefore surely you are correct
Report Abuse
01/09/2008 14:30:00

I know Martin Laursen got MOTM but I hope he shared the bubbly with Reo-Coker - Nige played a blinder and I'm glad to see some of his critics acknowledging that fact. I watched the game round a mate's house on Sky and was puzzled that Villa's performance only merited approximately 30 seconds of the half-hour post-match discussion, the rest of which was dedicated to analyzing the 'poo's lacklustre display. Are they always so biased?
Athens Villa
Report Abuse
01/09/2008 15:39:00

Petrov and reo-cocker seem to to have got with it now they know we have compition for places in midfeid.The defence is sorted so we just need another striker then we will have options all over the pitch. Nice to keep a clean sheet as well id started to forget what they look like.
Mr A Villa
Report Abuse
01/09/2008 19:40:00

Well we didn't lose, and we didn't concede, two important outcomes from the game. Keep on keeping those clean sheets and we'll win more than we lose. Unsure about what I think about the game. Lot of positives, some negatives. We're still coming together as a team though, it will take time. Both teams had a chance or two to win it, so overall, a point apiece was probably a fair result.
Report Abuse
01/09/2008 22:18:00

Thought that Curtis Davies was once again superb in virtually everything he did. He is one top quality central defender, worth every single penny of the 10m we reportedly paid for him.
Report Abuse
01/09/2008 22:19:00


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