Aston Villa - Villa Beat Chelsea 2-0
UK time is: 08:45:42
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Aston Villa 2 - Chelsea 0

Villa Park


Attendance: 37 714

Villa Beat Chelsea 2-0


Heroic performance, don't care about the possession that the London play boys had, they were shut out where it mattered and only managed two shots on target the whole game.

I thought there were some very special performances today, not least by the Villa crowd who were awesome throughout and mostly forgot about that local team just up the road instead supporting the mighty claret and blue vocally all game. Even the commentator said how fantastic this old stadium of ours is when it is full (not sold out though which is mystifying) and rocking with noise.

I must be allergic to Chelsea, this is the third game in as many years I've missed due to ill health and I virtually never miss a game. Totally gutted not to have been amongst the noise today but I still kicked every ball and sung every song from my sofa!

What more do you have to say? Some truly outstanding performances, an attacking formation from the start and with Nigel Hokey Cokey and Gareth Barry in the centre of midfield, with Stiliyan Petrov confined to the bench, we looked far more solid. Ashley Young on the left and Gabby on the right worked out well and Luke Moore quite rightly got the start he deserved. All this and we still have seen very little from big John Carew, once he starts to get rocking as well, this team could be very dangerous indeed. As Big Dion Dublin, a guest of Sky today said, JC plays too deep and doesn't terrorise defenders the way the old fashioned centre forwards like him, Shearer, Ferguson and Sutton used to. Maybe one for Carew to note? That said, John Terry really should be buying Carew some flowers or chocolates as he obviously took quite a shine to the striker the amount of times he tried to take his top off.

Chelsea, before today, had only lost 1 game in 32. ONE in 32.

The confidence this win will give our young players will be a major shot in the arm, now we can look forward to playing the likes of Manchester City, Everton, Spurs and West Ham without a shadow of doubt that we can beat them.

Ok, this was just one game, so was the Fulham match before it, but these games are what last season we were drawing, we weren't that far off Europe if not for the draws last year, so this year - as long as injuries are kind to us (as we still do have far too small a squad - as we all know!) - we could push on and then attract even higher quality to Villa Park next summer (noooooo, don't start talking about another transfer window I hear you cry!)

Today is simply for enjoying and savouring. Villa showed battle, bottle and some class today, something we haven't seen at Villa Park for many a long season. Could we just be starting to believe?

Match stats: Click Here

And yes, I know I might be getting a bit carried away with the ratings!

Star Player

The Villa crowd, immense noise and vocal support for the team.

Player Ratings

Scott Carson 7

Barely had to do anything, but should be England No1, far better than Fatty Robinson at can't hold on to a lead Spurs.

Wilfred Bouma 8


Olof Mellberg 8

Solid but not pleased about the lack of a beard! What right-back problem! ;-p

Martin Laursen 10

World class, got beaten a couple of times by the pace of Wright-Phillips but who wouldn't be? First to every header and tackle.

Zat Knight 8

Solid, what a debut, what a goal, bet he won't come down from cloud nine for weeks, mind you, at 6'5' maybe he always has his head in the clouds.

Gabby Agbonlahor 8

So close to scoring in the first half with a lovely turn and volley and lovely goal in the second half. Looked better on the wing today than he did last season.

Ashley Young 9

Given the choice between him and SWP, I'd take Young. That said, given the choice, I'd take both!

Gareth Barry 10

A real captains performance, think some people miss the quality of his passing, was involved everywhere it mattered.

Nigel Hokey Cokey 8

hard in the tackles, up and down the pitch, leading by example and vocally. Top signing who will only get better with time.

Luke Moore 7

Deserved to start and got well stuck in.

John Carew 5.5

Really not threatening and although John Terry wanted his shirt all afternoon, he is big enough and strong enough to shrug him off. Needs to play higher up the pitch to get some chances. Needs a goal anyway he can get one to boost the confidence and hopefully set him off. I don't think he has a Prem goal yet does he? It'll come.

Petrov (on for John Carew)

nearly cost a goal giving the ball away but not on long enough to really rate, did try to get forward.

Doug Ellis 10. Played a blinder. Roman Abramovich stormed off before the final whistle like a sulky toddler, who was there to greet him as he stropped off? Doug with a big smile on his face, sticking his hand out to shake Romans. If only at the last minute he'd pulled his hand away it would have been a great moment!!!

Manager Rating

Martin O'Neill. Taken the moans and knocks about the transfer window and rammed the words back down fans throats, which is exactly what every fan wanted him to do. Great attacking formation, long may it last. Maybe in January he'll get the right-back he wants and hopefully we'll attract a top class striker, then we really could be in business. Oh, and great to see the long ball tactics consigned to the dustbin.

Opponent Rating

Jose Mourinho. Used to really like this bloke but once again after the game he proved himself without any class or sportsmanship just moaning that they deserved something out of the game. Tough luck Mourwhingio. Nice suit though!

The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday September 2 2007

Time: 7:40PM

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now go on and achieve something instead of being perenial under-achievers!
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 19:45:00

Mr Fear - i hope you weren't suffering from a migraine! Our shirts would certainly not have helped you :-)
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 19:46:00

Carew has not done it for me this season and we look far better without Petrov in Centre Midfield,Martin Laursen is a legend remember it looked like his carrer might have been finished after his injury against Chelsea in the WC now he gets man of the match against them.
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 19:52:00

when your honours can match ours we may consider achieving something again, however we will have a long wait for you to catch us up... good luck for the rest of the season :-)
Hoss The Villain
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 19:53:00

merlin perenial under-achievers 2-0 club falling apart at the seams. Please be gracious enough to allow us to have our moment in the limelight, I know it hurts but please just this once stand back and keep quiet. Great Result, everyone will be quick to point out its only one game, got to start from somewhere.
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 19:55:00

Laursen was absolutely awesome this afternoon. A special mention should go to us holteenders as well. The place was rocking.
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 19:59:00

Sit down Mourinho.......Sit down Mourinho..........Sit down Mourinho.....Sit down Mourinho...........
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 20:01:00

Have to say as much as I love GB thought he had one of his quieter games. Swap his 10 for NRC's 8 and I'll agree with yer ratings!
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 20:01:00

nah, shut up col 8 take a compliment when it comes out way. Cheers merlin. And to be fair to morinho he could have come out and said "WE PLAYED TERRIBLY AND VILLA WERE LUCKY" but what he actually said was "WE played well yet Villa still beat us." So basically lads, we just beat Chelsea at their best. Off to get more drunk...
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 20:02:00

Sorry, I only read the player ratings, have just read the whole article and you do mention the crowd. Nice one, it was awesome to be at Villa Park today.
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 20:04:00

Hoss the Villan - thanks!
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 20:08:00

Although it is only one game, I for one was not totaly surprised by the result as I could clearly see the progress being made. I hope this goes some way to keeping the doubters at bay! Keep the faith!!!
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 20:11:00

Its ok Merlin, an eye for an eye and all that... talking of which did Drogba find his eye after it was ruthlessly stabbed out by the physio? I hope so, otherwise he may not be able to see those long balls drop out of the sky in the future.
Hoss The Villain
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 20:14:00

Right up there with one of the best games I have been to today.There are 8 of us and we were practically giving piggy backs when Gabby scored.Here, here for Laursen.OUTSTANDING.When he wrestled Drogba, when he got through and still managed to get the ball clear after he went to the floor.That guy should be wait a minute..hold the McGregor statue fund, I have a new man that needs to be cast in Bronze! have at last a man who could equal your god like status.Absolutely that is why I have a season ticket...who's next?
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 20:19:00

Zat Knight and Agbonhagolhor (spelling) were pretty impressive. Good game, Congrats lads.
Blue is the colour
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 20:21:00

FANTASTIC! look what happens when you dont play stiliyan petrov!
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 20:21:00

Superb win and one I doubt few of us expected. A huge improvement over last season, its the sort of game we would have conceded late on. Just the performance and result to set us up for the rest of the season, lets keep praying the injuries stay away
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 20:29:00

Im on such a high, what a fantastic game, every single player gave it their all. Im happily celebrating the win, got my villa shirt on, and my massive villa flag wrapped around my shoulders! So proud of the boys, crowd were great, holte enders in the sky....... UP THE VILLA!!
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 20:33:00

Had to wear sunglasses Merlin, made me feel queazy (is that how you spell that?!) Got to be amongst the worst shirts in the Prem? Behind that horrible navy blue rubbish at Man Utd mind you. See, I am in touch with my feminine side...! Must admit today might give our lot the confidence they need to at least aim for Europe and go on a good cup run.
The Fear
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 20:34:00

avfc48, mystic mug expected it, he's very happy tonight!
The Fear
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 20:36:00

After all the moaning from Villa fans about Gerrard's free kick I find the non mention of Chelsea's definite penalty claim in the first half quite amusing. If Chelsea score from that penalty, they would've gone on to win the game in my opinion. With Chelsea's non penalty against us, it's balances out.
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 20:39:00

i think you are being harsh on carew. he held the ball up well and rarely gave it away. cant say he had a great game but he was decent. he's done well at villa - apart from the important element, scoring goals, but i feel his game helps that of agbonlahor and young
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 20:40:00

Who asked you. Go back to where you belong and stop talking rubbish. We'll ask you when we want an ubiased opinion.
Hoss The Villain
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 20:42:00

we had 2 more players than normal, number 1 - THE CROWD, number 2 - Luke Moore (as to when petrov is on when we look a man short) Great play UP THE VILLA (Carson, young and barry all DESERVE to start
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 20:43:00

what a performance!!! must say i completely disagree deano 4 a change thought barry was absolutely immense hardly losing a ball whole match with such classy passing and ball control alongside reo coker who covered every blade,put the other 9 alongside them and finally we can say we have a team 2 be proud of!! where are all the doom and gloom merchants now im wondering??? also what was that about zat knight during the week??? bit bemusing and silly now to look back on i wouldve said,some supporters will never change!!! so proud of my team today it is just beyond words! UTV
Belfast Villain
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 20:47:00

I love the Villa. We were AWESOME.
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 20:48:00

Great performance today from everyone. Have to admit that I wasn't expecting MON to go with the line-up he did, but it was spot on. Was a bit concerned when Petrov came on & then minutes later almost cost us a goal, but Gabby's goal late on just sent me over the moon. Will like to see MON go with this formation more often!
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 20:49:00

Nice one lads, I think I speak on behalf of the entire Premiership when I say thank you very much. Leaves us ahead of "The Big 2" and I feel we've got a real chance at the title. Good luck for the rest of the season
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 21:00:00

john doe,find it your argument a bit silly now as it wasnt just that decision were the cheating *****er gerrard conned the ref into giving liverpool a free kick but the whole refereeing in general of the match in which liverpool got everything and i mean everything apart from the stone wall penalty given against you's.regarding pen chelsea got at anfield never seen a better case of 'what goes around comes around!' and the fact gerrard came out and whinged like ***** about it after i found absolutely laughable to say the least. did you even see the match 2day?if it was so much of a stone wall pen why did mourinho not even know about it when asked!!! clattenburg done his best for chelsea 2day also,giving almost everything to them but hey who gives a ***** now!!! lastly what an atmosphere,have to say it was unreal even from tv!! UTV
Belfast Villain
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 21:02:00

Great defensive performance and we should all enjoy but ffs lets not get carried away. One bloke came on five live and said we would be champions in three years. What a joker. Just hope we can push on from this and make VP a fortress. UTV
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 21:03:00

I was working during the match >.< was walking to my car (only a 10 minutes walk!!) and my mate rang me to tell me the result... i couldn't get the smile off my face (some people in the park i walked past gave me a funny look) was worth working a 10 hour shift on a sunday to find out we'd beaten Chelsea! i said if we kept there strikers quiet we would win, and from the MOM performance by Laursen and what everyone is saying we did that :D and for once my friends were happy at villa winning!! (liverpool fans >.<) cant wait to see the highlights, COME ON VILLA!!!
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 21:05:00

I said on the Chelsea sit that they should have had a pen and the reply was their pen against Liverpool was never a pen so fair do's.Liverpools free against us gets cancelled out by Chelseas pen and that gets cancelled out against us this week,karma if ever U saw it :-)
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 21:10:00

A student of mine and a mad Villa fan Bought me a Gunners shirt last year. This goes out to him WELL PLAYED Chris Williams your a credit to your club. As for the shirt its my lucky one & never misses a game.
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 21:12:00

Belfast Villain, It wasn't a stonewall penalty against us, it was ball to hand, Carragher didn't know where the ball was. It was a stonewall penalty against you today, Larson was all over SWP. Jose thought it was a penalty during the game, but I don't know why he didn't mention it after.
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 21:12:00

Well done today. Still think you need a goalscorer!
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 21:13:00

Pking, That what I said but apparently that's a silly argument.
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 21:20:00

it wasnt a stonewall pen??? lol.***** me then why on earth did carragher not say one word about it straight after then when he usually tries to help referee most matches with his constant moaning to referees.what about riley's performance that day then for rest of that match then john,he was very good for you's you have to say? slightly tinted glasses there i reckon and a bit deluded might i add. i was chuffed to see chelsea get that pen against you's other week,you know why?? as i already said and someone has already mentioned it with karma statement. 'what goes around comes around!!!!' never ever heard such a true statement. lets not get away from point hear villa were truly superb today and im a proud proud man. UTV
Belfast Villain
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 21:22:00

Knights our top league goalscorer now, OG for us last week and a towering header this week. Get in there
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 21:22:00

Happy days! Bring on Citeh away! UTV!!
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 21:25:00

I was in the North Stand today and even that was rocking! Nice touch by O'Neill to have home fans in the lower tier. Totally changed the experience. Laursen excellent but for me, Reo-Coker shaded man of the match. Difficult to choose at all with such an all round A1 performance.
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 21:27:00

Belfast Villain, You have Carragher confused with Terry. Like I said, it did hit his hand but it wasn't intentional, and not a penalty in my opinion. "what goes around comes around" That was my point, which you said it was silly, and now you say you "never ever heard such a true statement" So which is it? a silly argument or a true statment?
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 21:29:00

are you 4 real,it wasnt a pen??i give up,i really do! lol.defo am not,carragher does a lot of moaning too and even went as far as putting his arm around riley that match!! also you still have not mentioned riley's performance that day? wonder why that is...............................NOT! your point was you found it quite amusing that whatever pen you are on about was not mentioned,well i found it also quite amusing other week when they got the pen against you and then i never heard anything about swings and roundabouts from gerrard or benitez or anyone else after that game,all i heard was constant moaning and whining for 2 weeks after but then again whats new from you lot,always hard done by!!! UTV
Belfast Villain
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 21:56:00

What a great win, the team were fabulous. I am so glad I was wrong and if we can stay clear of serious injuries this team will fly. Well dione MON you got it right.
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 21:57:00

Bouma was 10/10 difficult jon with SWP. done well to keet just to promising runs. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine..........................
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 22:07:00

Can't see why people have a go about Carew who at the end of the day is our target man! He's big strong and holds the ball up . Remember how *****e JPA was at it?
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 22:13:00

Belfast Villain, Other than Gerrard's free kick, what decisions did Riley take that were wrongly against you?
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 22:15:00

Thought I'd say well done to you lot, you were really good today and you've assembled a really decent squad. Its teams like you who should be in Europe not Bolton! Good luck for the season excpet against us!
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 22:46:00

We had a great section on MOTD2 too...what a day it's been! On seeing it again, Laursen has to be man of the match. UTV
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 23:05:00

avfc48 - the majority of us predicted a Villa win because we have faith!
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 23:07:00

Laursen is a God, immense, awesome
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 23:43:00

i can not believe the ratings given on the skysports website laursen was given a 5 out of 10 and said that he was shakey, he was by far the best player on the park. i get a little nervous the way he always dives in for the ball but he always wins it he was brilliant today. i wouldn't have given barry a 10 though, he's great on the ball and had a great second half but he was mising in the first half, i thought reo coker was about the same rating, he broke up the play better than barry but his didtribution was poor agian. Carew struggled.
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 23:45:00

AVFC48. I hate you.
Report Abuse
02/09/2007 23:46:00

131 years of history, tradition and average amount of money - 2. 10 years of history and zillions of quid on buying anything that moves - 0. Both goals scored by Villa fans. Also Laursen sat down in the bar for a drink afterwards and felt a little uncomfortable. Apparently he had forgot to take Didier Dogbreath out of his back pocket. Great performance. Tremendous atmosphere. A top ten finish with a nice little cup run will set us up perfectly to really push on next season. The lion is awake. Today he had a little snack to wet his appetite for when a big club comes to our manor.
Report Abuse
03/09/2007 00:28:00

Great win! Well done!!!!!!!!! :D
Pardew is Sexy
Report Abuse
03/09/2007 01:16:00

Now THAT is my Villa! I am so proud of them, they played bloody fantastic. Strong as all hell and nothing was ever break through them. I knew staying up till 3.00am (australian time) was gunna pay off somehow and I am very happy it did. Reo Coker was a rock and Laursen bar afew slip-ups was awesome. Ashley Young smoked the whole Chelsea team and I must say the Villa faithful were awesome too. I am gunna savour the moment, maybe gloat abit to my mates and look forward to Man City. It's working fella's, it's working.
Report Abuse
03/09/2007 04:53:00

Well done villa. Its always nice to see the chavs lose, but a good result for villa. Hopefully, you can kick on from here for a UEFA spot.
Report Abuse
03/09/2007 05:17:00

It will only be a shock for the Chelsea supporters, we will now have to read the papers to see the ripples running through the Premier League, in all honesty its about time we did one of the top four over. I was delighted it was CSKA from London but how much sweeter it will be to have a team so pumped up they can go into a game against any of the top four and expect something from the games, especially if it is at home and the Villa Team once again hear the "Holte End Roar"
Report Abuse
03/09/2007 07:09:00

Dannygav... don't beat around the bush, just say what you feel lol!!
Report Abuse
03/09/2007 07:18:00

Sorry. Bit harsh.
Report Abuse
03/09/2007 07:47:00

Report Abuse
03/09/2007 07:50:00

Good on you boys. Brilliant performance especially from Laursen and Young.
Ozi Gooner
Report Abuse
03/09/2007 08:26:00

I've still got a smile on my face this morning. Best atmosphere weve had a VP for some years. my only disapointment is it wasn't a full house. come on lads and lasses come and support the boys. we need a full house every game this season, because as the Holte End banner says we are the 12th man. MOTM Hokey Cokey for me although i couldn't fault any of them. we must use this as a stepping stone for a push in to the top 6. I'm not getting carried away but if we keep picking points up at home and stay solid away 6th spot could be ours. UTV bring on Citeh
Report Abuse
03/09/2007 08:53:00

Well done Villa! I watched it on TV and yet couldn't help chuckling when your defence contained the likes of Drogba and SWP so well. Laursen, Knight and Young ran the show while Drogba, Cole(s) and Malouda were nowhere. Heehehheheeheeee :D Thanks for the great game - I've always loved these where "underdogs" beat the so-called and over-rated "favourites." Congrats!
Report Abuse
03/09/2007 08:57:00

must admit I went to put the penalty claim in the match report johndoe, to be fair it started outside the box though, so was a free kick not a pen!
The Fear
Report Abuse
03/09/2007 10:39:00

I didn't see the game live but watched the highlights. Villa looked the business.
Jacky B
Report Abuse
03/09/2007 10:39:00

deanovilla watch the game back, Barry was immense, his passing sublime and his contribution crucial!
The Fear
Report Abuse
03/09/2007 10:42:00

that performance was just unreal, were on every back page today, i am being congratulated by manu, totenham, liverpool, cov, and even blues fans at work today. they really made us proud yesterday . UP THE EFFING VILLA !!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
03/09/2007 10:57:00

one question, if laursen stays fit, could he be remembered in the same vein as McGrath? I think he is one of the best, natural, most aggressive and talented centre halfs I have seen at VP since McGrath. and DOL signed him, scary.
Report Abuse
03/09/2007 11:01:00

I think he could but dont jinx him
Report Abuse
03/09/2007 11:11:00

Stig, add Arsenal fans to your list! CONGRATULATIONS! :)
Report Abuse
03/09/2007 14:16:00

Great Result Guys....Well Done....!
Report Abuse
04/09/2007 13:16:00

Everyone in claret and blue a hero, every single one of them. Only down side, the missing 5,000. Where were they?
Report Abuse
04/09/2007 17:14:00

I was missing on Sunday. SO Gutted to not be there but so happy to have managed to find a little portable TV with Canal+ in Poland to watch it on. I even managed to watch it again on Monday on another random Polish channel. What a game. What a result. What a team. What a club. UT F'kin V!!! Oh and that little flick Young did before his run and shot/cross for th 2nd goal!!! Awesome.
Adam Deuce
Report Abuse
04/09/2007 18:23:00

Out of the two potential England wide men on show, our Ash, and their little Wrighty-Phillips, there was only one winner out there, and it certainly wasn't gooner Ian's son.
Report Abuse
05/09/2007 15:24:00


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