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Tottenham Hotspur vs. Aston Villa

White Hart Lane



Villa To Spoil Spurs Fun?

125 years ago someone unfortunately formed Tottenham Hotspur. They have since then, been largely disappointing. Aston Villa travel to London on the back of a Carling Cup disaster exit, looking to make amends.

Vital Quotes:

Tottenham's deathly looking Striker Dimitar Berbatov believes that if Spurs continue to work hard on the training ground, things will come good on the pitch.

Berbatov has scored just once this season, compared to his 23 goals last year and Spurs fans must be starting to wonder if he was a one-season player: ''I'll just keep working harder, keep pushing and pushing to get back among the goals. We stay after training to do extra shooting and the gaffer is working with us.

'If the team is winning though, it is good for me as well. You play your game through in your head and think over what you must do better.'

Spuds boss Martin Jol, who has had more replacements lined up for him than Avram Grant doesn't believe even 'The Special One' could do a better job at Spurs: 'I have to come up with the goods, that is what I have done,' said Jol, whose team are 18th in the Premier League.

'No one could've done better, I firmly believe that. Not even Mourinho.'

Sorry Martin but I think if we're all honest here, he probably could.

Meanwhile, at the Villa Park camp, where the players should have by now wiped the puzzled look off their faces following the Carling Cup exit, Martin O'Neill is looking to go back to basics in his quest for 3 points:

Speaking to O'Neill said: 'Spurs will be very difficult to beat and this will be a hard game for us. They have got a lot of quality players and they're capable of winning games - as they have proved.

'I think they have variety all over the place and once they get everybody fit they're as capable as any side outside the top-four. Obviously their ambition is to try and break into that. Who's to say they're not capable of doing that this season?'

Moving away from the David O'Leary school of praising the opposition however, he went on to add: 'We have to focus on the positive League form rather than last week's defeat against Leicester. Obviously that was disappointing, but we go back to our League form now.

'That's the lifeblood of the football club and we want to try and do well. We take the positives that we've won three out of four in the League and we should go into tonight's game with plenty of confidence.'

Noisy Nigel Reo-Coker believes confidence is higher than ever, proved by the fact that Olof Mellberg is now allowed to make fun of others.

The permission for the Swedish International to take the proverbial out of team-mates obviously becoming some kind of 'morale benchmark:'

Now even the quiet youngsters who are coming through, like Isaiah [Osbourne], they’re becoming more lively and everyone’s getting stuck in.

I’ve been letting Olof take the p*** out of me and the banter has risen up all around the training ground. It’s friendly and spicy and it’s what you need, a certain attitude, if you’re going to be a successful team.”

Tottenham Hotspur Team News:

The Beeb are reporting that Jermaine Jenas will be fit for the 125th anniversary special, overcoming his abdominal strain.

Centre-back rock Ledley King is still out of action as he lives a life of grapes-a-plenty following his knee surgery earlier this year.

Player to watch: Robbie Keane

It is rumoured that Doug Ellis refused to sign Keane from Coventry City once upon a time because the Sky Blues wanted Ellis to buy the first round or they wanted an extra 500,000, something like that.

Expect him to come back to haunt us, again.

Aston Villa Team News:

John Carew is the obvious injury woe for Villa and this is likely to mean that Gabriel Agbonlahor will start upfront, his preferred position.

Great news for Gabby who has looked pretty awful at times when out wide, even making me wonder once if Petrov should return to that role!

If theres one thing he can perhaps learn from Formula 1 champion-to-be Lewis Hamilton it is that being young, British and fast as **** (as the Holte End Would say it) is rather useless if you don't have the brain to go with it. Think on Gabby!

Shaun Maloney is a slight doubt following an ankle injury he picked up against Leicester (bless him.)

Wilfred Bouma should return after someone trod on his foot in our last league escapade against Everton.

Player to watch: Nigel Reo Coker

Spurs are a team fairly similar to us in places with plenty of young, rapid players.

It's time for Nigel Reo-Coker to step up, and ensure that they can't play their own game, allowing Barry to break through and terrorise Spurs, like he seems to do often.

Happy Birthday Spurs!

  • Spurs are celebrating their 125th Anniversary tonight...

  • ...which somehow justifies a programme that will cost Villa fans a whopping 10. That said, all money raised from sales will be going to the Bill Nicholson Memorial Fund.

  • If your going to this game, your best off getting their early to watch the fun and games beforehand as Spurs celebrate their past 'glories.'

  • If you don't leave your seat in order to use the facilities at half-time, you will see Spurs 'legend' Glen Hoddle drawing the half-time raffle ticket!

    Ref Watch:

    The referee for tonights match is Mr Mike Dean who hails from The Wirral. Mr Dean has been a busy boy in the Premier League this season, dishing out a mind-boggling 40 yellow and 5 red cards in his 7 matches! Mr Dean was in charge of Chelsea's defeat at the hands of Manchester United, where John Terry escaped punishment for trying to grab the red card out of the referee's hand! Dean's last Villa game was the 3-1 home defeat to Manchester City last November.

    Match Prediction:

    I don't predict losses, and rarely draws so I'm saying a very very very hard fought 1-0 win. Scorer, Super Martin Laursen.

    Next Fixtures:

    Next for Villa is a home game against West Ham, before Manchester United come to town on the 6th and 20th of this month respectively.

  • The Journalist

    Writer: murph Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

    Date:Monday October 1 2007

    Time: 1:33PM

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    Loving the uber bias mate...expect Spurs fans a plenty on this site soon hehe !!!
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    01/10/2007 13:59:00
    hope you batter them, love nothing more than their fans dissapointed, if they went down i'd do a naked lap of the antartic.
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    01/10/2007 14:10:00
    Like the way you start the article saying we have been 'largely dissapointing' in our 125 year history, yet we still have about three times the amount of silverware in our dusty cupboards than what you've got so what does that say for your crappy little team? lol
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 14:26:00
    I have a nasty feeling that Bale could crucify Mellberg,I think Villa have more trophies than Spurs.
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 14:29:00
    I think some fans are tempting fate a little by taking the mick about Spurs like that.Why do all fans hate them so much?
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 14:33:00
    Just think in 4 years time they can celebrate 50 years since winning a league title.
    Hoss The Villain
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 14:34:00
    I don't hate Spurs fans, they just seem to , like Newcastle and indeed some Villa fans demand success as a right. I was just being somewhat biased in my preview...not my problem if you Spuds are going to take the hump!
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 14:38:00
    Come on, Villian, you've hardly been much better in you history have you? When was the last time you won the league? (I ask coz i really dont know) We are suffering a bit at the moment but it is a glitch, the talent is in our squad (as it is in yours in places, although I think you are a couple of years behind us and was gutted we didnt just pay the money to get Young) but we are both clubs moving in the right direction, I just hope the gooners move in the opposite one, along with the ******** chavs (Chelsea)! These are two teams that should be looked down on IMO coz The Scum dont have any British players (really) in an English league and Chelsea bought the league, although its gonna be great watching them spend another 500 gazillion on more wastes of space like Ballack and Sheva and then have Fat frank and John the racist asking for transfers, who knows, prehaps we could sell them Anthony Gardener for 20 mil!
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 14:41:00
    Spuz have won the FA cup 1 more time but Villa have won the top league title 7 times to Spuz paltry 2. The only thing they will beat us on is the number of kits this year, Spuz have 4. Good potential for a team, only a good manager not Excellent. Will enjoy watching The Villa win easily whilst tucking into my Lasagne. Tea time matches are so good.
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 15:08:00
    i think spurs have a european kit, heh so your right we do have more kits than you, what i dont get is... why do you guys seem to hate spurs so much with your little snidey comments? - its not like we really care/notice villa. i do however think that if you win tonight, on our 125 anniversary night, itl be one of the last nails in MJ's coffin COYS
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 15:26:00
    arsenal has develped more young english players than tottenham has! of course it is impossible to gurantee them a starting place, i mean surely it would be unfair to deny maybe adebayor a place just because he is not british. of course spurs fans are xenophobic so i will not blame them, anyway, villa's twice the club spurs will ever be so do the epl a favour and put our friends from WHL in their rightful place...last
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 15:42:00
    noone likes spurs, sorry to say, they can't score, bully ppl out of the transfer mrk, talk big, yet produce nothing tangilble. i mean can yu believe that MJ claimed noone can do a better job at spurs? and who does he compare himself to? cleverly the 1st managerial casualty... amazing and amusing.... seriously. he didn't dare mention legends like SAF, AW or Capello, no, he cleverly mentions JMoan..great! look at the table and u will realise there are at least 19 managers who are better than MJ, plus another 40 in italy and spain, plus all the german and...and basketball coaches....and my dog, spot. =)
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 15:48:00
    Gavaldinho, If you think you have won more silverware than villa you really need to check your facts mate.
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 16:01:00
    Villa [edit] European UEFA Champions League Winners (Former European Cup) 1: 1982 European Super Cup Winners 1: 198283 InterToto Cup Winners 1: 2001.[56] [edit] Domestic League titles First Division Champions 7[57]: 189394, 189596, 189697, 189899, 18991900, 190910, 198081 Second Division Champions 2[58]: 193738, 195960 Third Division Champions 1[59]: 197172[56] Cups FA Cup Winners 7: 1887, 1895, 1897, 1905, 1913, 1920, 1957 League Cup Winners 5: 1961, 1975, 1977, 1994, 1996 Charity Shield Winners 1: 1981*(shared) Spurs [edit] Domestic Leagues Football League First Division / Premier League 2 1950-51, 1960-61 Runners-Up (4): 1921-22, 1951-52, 1956-57, 1962-63 Football League Second Division 2 1919-20, 1949-50 Runners-Up (2): 1908-09, 1932-33 Southern League 1 1899-1900 Western League 1 1903-04 Football League North and South 2 1943-44, 1944-45 [edit] Domestic Cups FA Cup 8 1901, 1921, 1961, 1962, 1967, 1981, 1982, 1991 Runners-Up (1): 1986/87 Football League Cup 3 1971, 1973, 1999 Runners-Up (2): 1981/82, 2001/02 FA Community Shield 7 1920-21, 1951-52, 1961-62, 1962-63, 1967-68, 1981-82, 1991-92 [edit] European Cups UEFA Cup 2 1972, 1984 Runners-Up (1): 1973-74 European Cup Winners' Cup 1 1963 Anglo-Italian League Cup 1 1972
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 16:17:00
    ahhhhhhh it didnt work out how it was meant too, But Villa have indeed won more !! the majority of the spurs list is 'runners up' sums you up really hehe...... that was a playful dig : )
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 16:18:00
    Spoil their fun? yeah they're having a right barrel of giraffes at the moment huh? 125 years of pain and still going limp, rip their hearts out tonight please villa, then as they're still beating eat them, then wait half an hour, $hit them out and wipe your arses with that 10 programme. That would be sweet.
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 16:20:00
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 16:31:00
    I love it how them lot bang on about 'playing the Spurzzz way' - I've been following football for a quarter of a century and Spurzzz have always played dull, unimaginitve football. 'We win the cup when the year ends in a one' they keep telling us - nice one dickheads, but it also has to start with a one!
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 18:32:00
    Berbatov scores the first goal.........
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 20:21:00
    how in god's name did you go 4-1 up and end up drawing with the teams third cr*piest team? I will thank you though, at least Jol keeps his job for another couple of games!
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 21:53:00
    Did we get Harewood on a BOGOF?
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 22:01:00
    you did WHAT? wow, nice game...probably better in terms or the tightness of the game than ours against reading (which was as 1 sided as is possible) ...and the tension on wheter you would hold out. great to ee more open football in the league.
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 22:05:00
    Just one of those games,there is alot of potential in our team and we still have a bit to go I hope the players learned a valuable lesson 2nite.We dropped deeper and deeper against Chelsea and got away with it.
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 22:13:00
    Deary deary me. Putting it into perspective an away draw isn't a bad result. However SCREW BLOODY PERSPECTIVE!!!! Marlon what was that pen all about?!?! You are SO right Pking. Deeper and deeper.... Wasn't that a Madonna record? 4-1 up and we only get a draw!! 5th place was ours and then THAT happens.... Having said that Gabby's goal shows he is really improving. He's not only about pace. The end product is starting to come too.
    Adam Deuce
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 22:25:00
    We did drop deeper and deeper but we were dealing with Spurs attacks. Then Marvelous Marlon decides to kick Bent for no reason as he is going away from goal to give a penalty away. The guy is a f***ing tool. Should be fined and dropped from the squad for the next game. May seem extreme but maybe then he will learn that you can't just kick people in the box. The end of that game was a real kick in the teeth. Wouldn't surprise me if we lose on Saturday after what happened tonight.
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 22:25:00
    Id have taken a point before the game : (
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 22:29:00
    Only villa could do that. We didn't play well and was gifted the 1st 2 goals. then to go 4-1 (having been 1-0 down) and not being able to complete the task is shocking. Did anyone notice the stat at about 30 mins that Spurs had 81% possession. Mellberg couldn't defend against my granny. Bale had far too much space. What was MON thinking about bringing on Harewood ? He can't hold a ball up. Even worse decision was to move Gabby back and play Harewood up front alone. If Harewood was up front why was he in the area to give away the penalty. I thought villa should have also got a pen when Gabby went down , fouled by the again awful Robinson . *****e ref again. Ultimate blame goes to MON . Shocking tacktics and Subs.
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 22:30:00
    *****in *****in *****in *****in *****in hell!!!!!!! aghh!!!! what just happened!!!!!!!!!!! How did we not win!!!! *****!!!!!!!!!!!!! No it was not "just one of those games". We should NOT have sat so far back. That was a bad tactical choice. We sat back for most of Chelsea so had a fair idea how to play that game out. We totally changed tactics and LOST A 4-1 lead!!!! Once again, a poor substitution choice... Our team seems to run on confidence and we will need all of that confidence now against WH and Man U
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 22:32:00
    F*** OFF Marlon. Absolute disgrace. Why did MON bring him on. He is useless and had about 2 good touches gives away the ball several times and a F****** penalty. I have not been this annoyed since O'Leary was in charge. BITE THE BULLET MON. YOU MADE A MISTAKE IN BUYING HIM. Get him out ASAP. You played Petrov through thick and thin just cause he is your mate and one of your signings but this is 1 step too far. The bloke isn't fit to lace my boots in a sunday pub league game let alone play for the VILLA. Fear can we start up a forum to get Marlon on the next train back to West Ham.
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 22:32:00
    Good point HolteEnder43, Mellberg was terrible and gave Bale far too much room throughout the 2nd half, but we all said we should have signed a RB during the summer. This is what happens when a CB plays RB against a player that will attack him on the outside and hug the sideline.
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 22:37:00
    Also Pking, yes, I would have taken a point at start of game but not when we are 4-1 up with 30 mins left and 4-2 up with 15 mins remaining. Didn't play brilliantly but threw the 3 points away.
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 22:40:00
    Mistakes against Leicester is one thing but when you are 4-1 up you cannot play like that and it is now even more clear that we have no strength in depth. Marlon did not jump for 1 header and all we did was hoof the ball in to him. MON you need to get stronger glasses. Harewood is not a footballer and in this day and age you can't play talentless battering rams like that and expect other teams not to run rings round them.
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 22:43:00
    We did the same thing against Chelsea but it wasn't their day we didn't deserve to be 4-1 up the whole team was to blame not just Marlon or Petrov it was a fear of losing that gripped the team it happens.we will get better.
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 22:48:00
    Marlon was trying to help if all the midfield didn't drop so deep then we wouldn't have been in that position.All this crap with Harewood is not helping ourselves.He was upfront on his own and we had no posetion what was he supposed to do?
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 22:51:00
    Pking, he isn't supposed to kick an opposing player when he is going away from goal thats what he doesn't need to do.
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 23:01:00
    Bale was the difference between 4-1 an 4-4. Everything good came through him. Worthy winner of MOTM today IMO, although Laursen ran him close.
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 23:05:00
    It was in the bag for Laursen at 1-4.
    Adam Deuce
    Report Abuse
    01/10/2007 23:33:00
    4-1 - and ya *****ed it up!
    Report Abuse
    02/10/2007 00:38:00
    As soon as MON brought Harewood on at 4-1, I said to my mate we'll lose this now! I was nearly right!
    Report Abuse
    02/10/2007 08:08:00
    marlon pack your bags and take coco-pops with you.
    Report Abuse
    02/10/2007 08:35:00
    At 4-1 it was obvious to everyone there (and presumably those watching on t.v.) that the game was far from over. Spurs were having way too much possession (Bale having the freedom of WHL out wide left). One crumb of comfort - we got a point. Five more minutes and we'd have got beat, no doubt about it.
    Report Abuse
    02/10/2007 18:42:00
    Well I completed a very unique double at Tottenham on Monday night. I was present back in the mid sixties when we came back from 5-1 down to draw 5-5, and then I witnessed Spurs comeback from 1-4 to 4-4. Quite a double.
    Report Abuse
    04/10/2007 13:54:00

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