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Young and Hungry No More

I found myself surprised to read that Celtic fans were excited about the imminent arrival of satellite launcher and moon botherer, Aleksandar Tonev. In that moment I finally realised that football no longer makes sense. None more so than at Villa.

Aleksandar Tonev had arrived at Parkhead for a medical ahead of a proposed season long loan. The immortal line, 'Sky Sports understands,' then followed: Tonev was indeed a Hoops player for the season with an option for the Glasgow giants to make the deal permanent at the end. New Celtic boss Ronny Delia was quick to herald the Bulgarian's arrival:

"Aleksandar's a very quick player and he has two good feet which he can shoot with."

Delia was certainly not wrong: Tonev can't half shot. He'll shoot from everywhere. He'd probably shoot from the team bus if you let him though unfortunately what Delia failed to point out is that Tonev has the all the aim of a blind hen, yet this is news to Celtic who are excited to land such a "quick player."

Indeed, so eager were Celtic that some papers reported that they had spent the weekend 'thrashing.' out a deal with Villa. Thrashing out a deal? Really? I imagine as soon as we got the call the Lerner jet was taxing with Tonev strapped to the landing gear. We probably just wanted to know two things: how much do you think you can give us for him and where do you want us to drop him?

Terrace humour aside, the Tonev debacle represents everything wrong with Lambert's particular take on a 'young and hungry' vision. At the fag end of the Martin O'Neil era I was certainly not immune to its appeal. I was quite sick of millionaire, apathetic bench warmers by then and Lambert was offering something fresh. More to the point, it was an incredibly cheap alternative and would have been greatly appealing to a cloth cutting Randolph Lerner and his desire to cull our ever spiralling wage bill. So began the process of looking for diamonds in coal buckets.

No doubt that such an approach has its place, though with Sylla, Helenius, Bowery and Tonev what we actually got when we stuck our hand in the coal bucket was coal. No diamonds there. No sir. Not even a zircon, and all the while our own young and hungry crew continued to be starved of first team football, replaced by players who offered little more than they could. Those players have now left along with the maturing and improving Marc Albrighton ( who was not even offered a deal) and hot prospect Samir Carruthers, who has now joined MK Dons permanently.

This does not make sense. Surely we must ask why Samir Carruthers wasn't given the Bulgarian's game time and a proper chance to prove himself or why Albrighton was not given a new deal? Both would have been better that the Bulgarian yet Lambert stubbornly stuck with Tonev, a player so utterly out of his depth both in terms of quality and impact that, despite his small wage and the low risk transfer fee you have to ask whether such a deal made any sense at all to anyone at B6 other than the player and his agent. Ironically, we now find ourselves looking for an a new winger\wide player with both Scott Sinclair and Victor Moses rumoured.

Lambert has now shifted to recruiting experienced players having finally realised that his wonderful Norwich blueprint does not fit at a club of Villa's stature. In truth he did not need to abandon it only add key experienced players to the blend yet what we are experiencing is a U-turn with his young and hungry recruits bombed out of Villa. However, in budget ridden Villa what 'experience' translates to so far is Joe Cole; a player with an awful track record with injuries, so much so that his injuries are likely to get injured - and indeed, after one pre-season game he was injured. His reported £25k a week is now starting to sound expensive yet with no midfielder signed Villa have sent Daniel Johnson out on loan. Is he not even good enough for the bench, we ask? Meanwhile the one decent young midfielder we did once sign - Fabian Delph - has not yet been offered a new deal. His stock is rising and yet we are dithering with a heartbeat player in a key position.

The confusion does not end there. With Aly Cissokho arriving at left back, Joe Bennett must now be looking at maps of the Turkish league and bricking himself. Bennett is the one young and hungry player who has actually improved yet he is now out on the fringes and unlikely to get much game time. Don't forget that the player who originally replaced him, 23 year old Antonio Luna, has also gone: out on a season long loan at Hellas Verona having come a cropper at struggling Villa. It should be said at this point that Aly Cissokho is not a left back messiah. He struggled in a rampant Liverpool side having flattered to deceive yet Lambert is now determined to add experience. Of course, underneath all these left backs is another left back: No.35 Enda Stevens, a player who was certainly no worse than Luna or Bennett when they both arrived. Yet Stevens has not even had a sniff and has had to rely on loan spells. Again, should we have not given him more game time than start a dance with form crashing Luna? Either way that is three young left backs we have gone through in the time that Lambert has been here.

Of course the jewel in the U-turn crown and the death of Lambert's 'young and hungry' vision has been the return of the bomb squad. That's right: the players we could not afford to keep, that no club wanted to buy or could afford, who trained away from the first team squad because they were just too expensive for us to play them (even though we were paying them - work that one out?) are now back in the first team squad. Should we see their return as an admission of failure on behalf of the manager or just a desperate attempt to add experienced bodies to a struggling young squad? Whatever your answer, one things is for certain: Lambert's 'young and hungry' vision came spectacularly undone at Aston Villa. Piece of coal anyone?

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The Journalist

Writer: Villa_Grizzly Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday August 12 2014

Time: 10:18AM

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Yup, can't argue with that Grizzly, as you know! To quote you in another article comment, 'grim' ! Also puzzling.
The Fear
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12/08/2014 10:33:00

makes complete sense... LERNER
Ali Arab
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 10:36:00

Lerner by name not a Learner by nature
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 10:45:00

Ali I have said this before time and again, Learner does not pick the sodding team, neither does he determine sodding tactics. Agreed with you that he has of late not provided any cash but I know you love Lambert and want to have his baby but as Grizzly's article says it all, Lambert is a goon and could'nt manage a fart let alone a Premiership club.
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12/08/2014 10:48:00

kevin, yes lambert also choose a man with heart problems for one of the most high pressure job, he also choose mcleish. endless problems from the top is why we are here. yes lambert is rubbish, agrred. but give me another option. for me there is only 1 option lambert stays until we get a new onwer. i dread to think what lerner would do if we had to scour for managers again.
Ali Arab
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 11:40:00

I'm going to spin things another way and ask the question: how do you know that it wasn't Lambert's plan to be making these types of signing by year three of his Villa rebuild? You can't build a squad going down the young and hungry route year in and year out. Villa are now in the position where we have a very deep squad with a fair bit of senior experience for every position. Unlike seasons past, we also have a fair bit of young talent farmed out on loan for development. We potentially have a core of world class talent, too , when one considers we have Benteke and Vlaar on our books. Rome wasn't built in a day. UTV.
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 11:54:00

Does Vlaar have a new contract yet? If He doesn't it might be too soon to count on Him.
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 12:22:00

Lol @ 'Lerner jet taxing to Celtic with Tonev strapped to the landing gear'. Must admit he's the crappest player I've seen pull on a villa shirt. Watched him at home vs Everton & all he did was stand on the touch line waiting for the ball. Good riddance!
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 12:47:00

Just to let you know, it's Ronny Deila not Delia. He comes the from area that I live and no one quite understands how he's managed to get such a a high profile job., heck, he's still only 38.
villan of the north
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12/08/2014 12:54:00

Cant see peoples problem with Lambert over this, we tried him and it didn't work. More transfers have worked than failed under him. This one didn't cost us much and the chances are we won't lose anything and may even make a few pound when I think he will sell at the end of the season. Not every transfer will work out when spending this sort of money so what do you expect to buy world class stars for 2m when the top clubs are paying 30-50m for top players. His shooting before he came to us was brilliant and I'm pretty confident with his pace as well he will do very well in Scotland. If you want to harp on about bad managers try discussing our past ones that have paid millions upon millions and got zero back for there transfers!
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 13:16:00

I don't know how that ended up in here as I was reading the other article on Tonev, either that or I'm going mad!
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 13:25:00

Grizzly, you crack me up. But, as you say, a massive problem at Villa that has been perfectly highlighted by the 'moon-botherer's' plight. Where was the coaching. What were Lambert and the others doing for a whole season allowing this guy to come in, struggle and blatantly NOT improve. Young and hungry players (and like most of you I'm sick of that phrase) require coaching otherwise they'll be old and hungry but ultimately still talentless. Very unfair treatment of Tonev, Helenius, Albrighton and Carruthers. I have zero confidence that Grealish and Gardner will get much of a sniff unless Keane starts pulling some strings. On a happier note I put up some fencing and it still hasn't fallen over. Well done me.
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 17:51:00

Sorry,but there is nothing to lift my hopes.
Flo Moses
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 18:26:00

In my useless opinion I think Lambert is simply looking for a quick fix due to the very real possibility he feels a need to repair his reputation for life after the Villa sale... I fully believe he and Randy would have continued down the 'patient' route no matter what happened this season...
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 19:42:00

Great read and insights yet again Grizzly. This is going to be a very loooong season. But as that wise old Budesliga gaffer Friedrich Nietzsche once said "that which does not relegate us makes us stronger." Anyhow, we can always hope!
Virginia Villan
Report Abuse
13/08/2014 03:05:00

Lambert just can't win... First he has too many youth players. Now he introduces experience and he gets slammed!? So let's assume Lambert wants to keep to his youth policy. Oddly young players with potential cost money. And Aston Villa doesn't seem to have any of that. So even if he wanted to, Lambert couldn't carry on with a youth policy. Now with the bomb squad back and a couple of veteran free transfers it makes sense to send some youngsters on loan to gain experience. They won't get the game time here to develop so loan them out. Man City and Chelsea do the same things! I don't see them being slammed for it. I don't understand what the problem is? Take Tonev for instance - Celtic have champions league football and are winners of their league. Carruthers is heading to MK Dons. If Carruthers was so good why is he at a league 1 club and Tonev might be playing Champions league football????????????
Report Abuse
13/08/2014 09:06:00

Good point about tonev/carruthers Astriel, it does not suit their Anti-Lambert agenda though. Anything he does will be seem as wrong. I cant believe they work against a man that is actually trying his hardest to make us better and correct any weaknesses in the squad whether caused by him or because of lack of funds. Tonev is such a bad player that a club in the champions league takes him on because they see he has so much potential. The chances are we will make back all the money if not more spent on Tonev including wages but the moaners don't what he see or believe that.
Report Abuse
13/08/2014 11:04:00

Tonev,Luna,Bennet,Helenius,Bowery,Sylla. Should not be anywhere near a PREM. first team. Lowton,Westwood,KEA,Kozak probably good enough for the bench Benteke & Vlar would pay the transfer fees of all of the above most likely. Bit worried by the signings of Senderos & Cole do not see them adding anything. Richardson not a bad signing. Given the financial constraints hes working under I accept its a difficult job. But no point adding players who will not improve an already difficult situation Senderos was not considered good enough to make the Fulham bench, Cole as stated in the above report is well known for his injuries. I do blame Lerner for most of what is happening but Lambert regardless of who the players are must adopt some form of tactics that the players can play in we cannot rely on counter attack at home.
Report Abuse
13/08/2014 11:28:00

yes all interesting about Tonev and the coaching, many of our other players haven't improved as much as they should of, we seem to play the same way the last few seasons, I look to Lambert and Keane to develop a new style and passion, and if the players don't they get dropped, if Gabby and Weimann come in again with under 10 goals between them this season they should be dropped. Its obvious goal scoring will be our 'achilles heal' especially at home where we need to start winning
Report Abuse
13/08/2014 12:32:00

Lerner by name not a Learner by nature HonestDave

VERY good. Shame. Goes right back to the need for football people right at the very start, but no, sadly, they knew best.
The Fear
Report Abuse
13/08/2014 14:50:00

444 with somebody with your vast coaching ability do you not realise a manager picks his players and has nobody enforced upon him if he has any self respect.

With us agreeing on that clearly, I'd be interested to know whether you think PL.......think carefully.

Brought to you by somebody fed up of your wibbles and crap but fully expecting you to again claim I have a vested interest other than wanting more for this club than you do, because individuals are irrelevant. I bid you goodnight.

If you excuse a manager for this aren't you Lerner - Eck wasn't good enough so why is he? Same restrictions, same instructions - one is held out to dry and the other lauded by people like you apparently with certificates proving they are better than me?
Report Abuse
14/08/2014 04:19:00

Well Lambert statistically wins 10% more games than Eck... Also Eck's squad was more than double the value of our current squad. Mon with a far larger budget managed a win percentage of only 10% more than Lambert. In fact Mon's team was worth 4 times what our current squad is worth. Funny how MON also with a squad worth more than our squad at Sunderland had a slightly better win rate than Lambert... So instead of sprouting opinions, start looking at the cold hard facts. Lambert with a young and incredibly cheap squad has performed incredibly well given the circumstances.
Report Abuse
14/08/2014 09:25:00


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