Aston Villa - Celtic Confirm Tonev Loan
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Celtic Confirm Tonev Loan

Aleksandar Tonev has this evening completed a season long loan move to Scottish club Celtic.

The 24 year old moves up there having made eight starting appearances for us, with a further 12 from the bench after joining us last summer from Lech Poznan for a reported £2.5million.

We certainly saw that he had an eye for a shot in his season with us, but he wasn't overly impressive unfortunately - although he was lively - and nobody could predict where his shots would go or where he'd try them from.

As part of the loan deal there is already a fee agreed and Celtic can make it permanent next summer if they choose to and he impresses for them, and chances are I think he'll fare a lot better in their shirt.

Good luck Aleks.

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday August 11 2014

Time: 9:36PM

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A sensible decision all round. I was one of his harshest critics but I don't wish ill will of him. At this stage of his playing career the step up to the premier league was several steps too far. He needs to take this opportunity with both hands and DON'T try to over impress by looking to score a 40yard screamer everytime. Will keep an eye on his progress because nobody can be that bad and I think one day he will show the potential Petrov saw in him.
marlin magic
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11/08/2014 22:59:00

More chance of scoring goals at villa park from Celtic pitch.
Ali Arab
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 00:09:00

Another one of Lambert's failures. This useless manager was told to reduce the wages bill but it has risen under him with the likes of Tonev etc. I cannot recall any other Villa manager buying so many players only to lend them out as no one wants to buy them.
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12/08/2014 00:59:00

Lambert needs to go, watch pre season and the team were so bad! Nothing going forward players look totally not interested.....!
Villa always
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 07:05:00

Another player bought that can't be sold. Blimey.
The Fear
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12/08/2014 08:51:00

Sell lamberts players you will be in equity, fact. Wages are also down, just watch wage bill in next 2 years of account. Amazing though fear how cause you have a slight friendship with Lerner you just keep shooting the messengers. Let's all get behind the manager, and start a revolution against that low life Lerner.
Ali Arab
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 09:31:00

Lambert is the best manager we've got: he is staying, and he has something to prove. We have more chance of being sold if we finish mid-table. Given ALL the circumstances he has had to work with and the resources he has NOT had to work with, I think Lambert has done a good job. No one better would come to us as manager at the moment so get behind him and the team.
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 10:05:00

Have we got other managers then?
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 10:21:00

Listen to yourselves harping on how good Lamebrain is. Fact - League position since he arrived is no better than McLeish. Fact.. knocked out of Cup comps by low league teams. Fact.. Heaviest defeat in our Premiership history,need I go on. Go read the fairy tale The Emporer's New Clothes. You see Lambert as all good, come back in 8 months when we are looking at the fixtures iin the Championship.
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 10:37:00

yes we know lambert aint that good, kevin. but fact is no one will work for lerner. we are a big club with huge expectations, that spends pennies. he is in his 3rd year of contract. and look at our sepnd this summer on transfers lol. some on here just know that lerner is the core problem, until he leaves there really is no point in swapping managers x
Ali Arab
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 10:41:00

Cant see peoples problem with Lambert over this, we tried him and it didn't work. More transfers have worked than failed under him. This one didn't cost us much and the chances are we won't lose anything and may even make a few pound when I think he will sell at the end of the season. Not every transfer will work out when spending this sort of money so what do you expect to buy world class stars for £2m when the top clubs are paying 30-50m for top players. His shooting before he came to us was brilliant and I'm pretty confident with his pace as well he will do very well in Scotland. If you want to harp on about bad managers try discussing our past ones that have paid millions upon millions and got zero back for there transfers!
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 13:25:00

If Celtic could hone his skills, he could still have a future at Villa Park.
Pride of Lions
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 18:16:00

Premier League clubs loaning out their deadwood is nothing new. Have a look at Chelsea, for example (Ryan Bertrand anyone?!). I guess Mourinho deserves the same flack as Lambert then! This negativity is ruining our club as much as anything.
Report Abuse
12/08/2014 23:19:00

I think you've misread what many are saying brianlittlegod. I think many, me at least (!) are pointing out these players needed to go, or should never have come, but are so bad no one will buy them.
The Fear
Report Abuse
13/08/2014 10:32:00

Fear, why should they have never come in? We took a chance on some cheap deals in the hope they would work out, some did and some didn't. We have more value in our total squad than what has been spent. You tell me one manager than gets all his transfer right in the Premiership at any level let alone buying at these prices. If no one buys them who cares its cost us next to nothing for the ones that have not worked out and I never doubt no one will buy these players as they do have a lot of talent at a certain level as you can see from the videos before they came here. Funny teams are taking them on loan! if they are as bad as you make out. Most of these players are young on low wages and will perform well in lower leagues and easily get a transfer next season. If they don't not the end of the world as we probably have been paid a small fee for there loan as well. How's about moaning about past manager that spent millions on certain players and got nothing back. As someone said some of this negativity towards the manager/players hurts the club as much as anything else but the moaners will never see that. How's about praising the manager for trying to put things right and do what most fans think, some transfers are not working so move them on, some areas need improving CB, LB, DM and AM so try and improve them on a small budget. We needed more experience so get more experienced players. Lambert is doing all the things you moan about on a very low budget but yet fans still moan. I could understand the moans if nothing had been done to address the issues but that is not the case.
Report Abuse
13/08/2014 10:52:00

We took a chance on cheap deals...

Says it all for me. No experience to help any of these youngsters and they were left massively exposed and I feared that some would have their careers ruined as they looked so massively out of their depth it wasn't funny. Not funny for them mainly, the thrashings and the lack of shape we had, the lack of organisation, etc. It was a train wreck waiting to happen and it happened.

Meagre funds, agreed, Randy has been a disappointment and / or a disgrace depending on how you look at it, however he did have nearly £20m per season for two seasons, well, a bit under. I don't believe that Lambert doesn't have some of the blame for the dire showings, it is funny how quickly everyone was happy to rip into McLeish but won't concede this chump has been every bit as bad and in many stats worse.

But yes, of course the man at the top has the most blame to take, he has such small ambition he brought in these crap managers and gave them meagre funds (apart from MON who had massive funds and Houllier to some extent as well, but that was a stupid decision bringing in an old ill guy ... no disrespect to ill people either, I'm one!) If I look at some of the teams who finished above us last season, I don't believe they had better squads, just better organisation and hence, better managers.

However, as I've said before, I just don't buy Lambert, didn't from the moment he talked about this vision (his vision) so I am at least consistent and I DESPERATELY wanted to be wrong, I'm bored sodless, same as many of you I know, of watching crummy football and then listening to inane hardly understandable ramblings at the end of games. I'm fed up of our gutless owner and all the failed promises and also some fans who seem to spend more time attacking others for expecting better than actually attending and supporting themselves (they know who they are!)
The Fear
Report Abuse
13/08/2014 14:48:00

Oh but this season it might be a little better, I am hoping, because we might use a bit of experience. It's a mess no matter what side of the fence we all sit isn't it?
The Fear
Report Abuse
13/08/2014 14:49:00

I'm with Brian on this one. However The Fear's comments are not entirely without merit. Here's to a new owner sooner rather than later.
Report Abuse
13/08/2014 20:26:00

You think we're selling him for what we paid plus the loss of his wages? Come on Brian, you really want to defend the gaffer that much?

Yeah let's not let facts get in the way eh! PMSL

And Ali, facts, we've already established they don't figure with you mate and wages aren't down yet another fact - look at the accounts or just blame the Jew?

Interesting comment 444 - looked at how you respond to anything these days?

Ahhh for the rest I'm off to get laid, some of you might want to try it.
Report Abuse
14/08/2014 04:12:00

Ps - wage bill went up, the horrible McLeish cut it, not Lambert - some of us look at the figures.
Report Abuse
14/08/2014 04:15:00

But he didn't have to ditch all the bomb squad, he could have been playing them even if he wanted to move them on. We were paying their wages for huge amounts of time whilst they languished training with the kids. It was his vision and direction. Managers often do it, if you read the the secret premiership player book he talks about how a couple of players are bombed out for the manager to make a mark and how it splits dressing rooms etc. YES wages have had to come down and budgets have come down AND the owner has definitely lost interest, depressingly, not arguing, but the manager is still the one who thought the youth youth youth was the way to go. We didn't exactly have a bevvy of riches when he came I understand.

Not really worth bothering replying to the other bit if you are going to label it utter codswallop is it? It is stunning that some of you dont' get that players coming through need mentors and experience. It isn't me saying it, Southgate, Yorke, Merson, Laursen, Big Ron, Brian Little... shall I go on? They ALL said it the first season Lambert came. They should know mate.

And for goodness sake take some things as tongue in cheek, I do understand people have accents, you can't all speak properly like I do. I'm not Brummie, I'm posher than yow... I came from Four Oaks. :o)
The Fear
Report Abuse
14/08/2014 09:26:00

The thing is Mike and Fear, we hear the same stuff from you over and over again. The same snipes and little digs, it always related back to having a dig at Lambert. You obviously have your own view of things which is fine but itís not very balanced in my view. Rather than congratulate Lambert for trying to put right what didn't work as well as expected you constantly go on about things he did wrong. Are people not allowed to make mistakes and try and learn from them? Did you really think which ever manager we got in was going to be perfect in every shape and form considering most managers/people are not? I'm grateful we have a manager that at least is not costing us more than he is spending in player values, that alone is a big improvement on the years of money down the drain we have had which had led to this position. Iím pleased we have a manager that is sticking around and trying to improve us, he is giving 100% and not afraid to admit when he gets things wrong which is another great trait. The thing is with Human nature many people donít like admitting they are wrong and like to be right so they pick a course and stick to it hoping eventually they can say they are right. Thatís unfortunate as it doesnít help the club bond when fans pull the other way to the people that are trying to improve the club. It happens the same in politics, people pick a party and stick with it no matter what good the other partyís do they will only talk it down because they want their first view to be right. Itís a shame this happens in football and while Lambert supporters are not arguing he has not done anything wrong I think some of you are missing he has done a lot of right for this club as well. Yes the football has not been great but he want to play good attacking football and win games, itís just not there yet but that is his aim. I ask the question is the playing staff now better that when he arrived? Is the playing staff now worth 40m more than when he arrived and the answer to both of them is a massive yes? It does not mean itís perfect but its defiantly a lot better imo. Also to Mike Mcleish only recently stated at how well Lambert had got the wage budget down, I donít think we have seen the accounts to show this fully yet. Even if they are not down we have a much better squad for the same amount of wages.
Report Abuse
14/08/2014 10:16:00

With no buyers and a club effectively in limbo, we are stuffed really.
The Fear
Report Abuse
14/08/2014 13:02:00

We saw the last accounts, the wages had gone up. They should be down this year but Eck wiped roughly 13m from memory so nobody can credit PL for that unless the next accounts show the same drop - Eck did the hardwork despite signing who he did.

2 years to take a side capable of playing football to this, how long does PL need to play this winning attractive football?

McLeish wouldn't know the accounts and I'm amazed he's as nice to us given some of the abuse he took at the ground and the way he was shafted. If Eck's record wasn't good enough, why, given it's worse, is PL acceptable to the board and fans?

I also disagree on much better squad, we have the nucleous of a decent squad and that seems to be the change PL is now making, better late than never.

444 short memory, I wanted Lambert, I backed the young hungry policy just from the beginning I talked about needing balance and some experience to help through through and for those who remember back then I disagreed with JF because I saw the signs of it coming together and thought it would - if we added a few key players with good experience. I'm critical because he's hammed it up and those so anti board in focus ignore everything else that he still should be getting right. But irrespective of constaints he's failed. No straight philosophy other than Guzan to Benteke, the signs we saw at the end of the first season of this team coming together and forumulating a style were only signs and we took another 15 steps backwards again. A few key games saw very good performances, and I praised when due and started on thsoe occasions I hope this is the point it turns, we play like this regular and Lambert starts doing what we all hoped he would etc etc.

Every false dawn has seen a backtrack and that's nothing to do with anything outside of his managing of the team. I believe, with everything else the same, another manager could've done a lot better, had us performing better and not seen us break the fantastic records we have.

In terms of signings every manager has flops, but not every manager takes so many risks when it was unnecessary to do so. Why a Bowery and not somebody with a good record of scoring goals? It applies to so many of them, and equally why farm so many out after 12 months when they are still adjusting to a huge jump in quality in this country, or even still adjusting to the country. Makes no sense, you don't judge players after 12 months making that jump, very few ever hit the ground running regardless of their 'records' so making these punts arguably they should be given longer to adapt - and still importantly surrounded by players to help them - not players making the step themselves.

It's been a total an utter failure and young and hungry was his plan, and as I commented last January thankfully it seemed he had learned from the mistake by looking towards Bertrand and Holt and Hoolahan, and that has continued thankfully. I just don't see why it had to take that long.

After the last four years I doubt anybody expects to win every week, I just want some semblance of tactics, a Plan A let alone a Plan B and effort. If I followed football for wins I wouldn't be a Villa fan.

As for the bomb squad, we were paying them anyway - regardless - and yes for some there's a sense of them being better players than they are because they haven't been playing, but a good manager finds a system to suit his players and over time he changes the players to get the system he wants - PL has shoehorned people in and out of the side based on what he wanted from the get go and it's been a disaster and the bomb squad could've been used at points to our benefit. No manager works under a board who dictate team selections, so the belief it was a board directive for the bomb squad is nonsense, especially when you reference accounts, we could afford to play them under Eck, we could afford to play Bent under PL to begin with and this summer we can afford to play them all again. Lambert's choice and scapegoat or not, his job is on pitch matters and he's failed, we all hope it will be better this season but that remains to be seen doesn't it, if he changed enough, if he can make a go of this with a proper style but I'm now reticent cause I'm not sure third time lucky applies to real life.

LOL Brian. Seems everyone took that crack in the spirit I intended!
Report Abuse
14/08/2014 15:15:00


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