Aston Villa - White Flags - 10million - 12th Man Will Perform!
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White Flags - 10million - 12th Man Will Perform!

Nothing new here I don`t think, The Mirror says that Paul Lambert has just £10million to spend this summer including wages.

I think this has been mooted before, at the end of the season, when Randy decided he was putting up the white flag, sorry, putting the Club up for sale because he has grown bored of his latest train set.

Now it is pretty clear and has been since the Club was (rightly, he should have done it before) put on the market, that if it doesn`t sell, and it isn`t a given that it will, we will be bang in trouble next season.

Easy logic really, we`ve been bang in trouble for four seasons due to the misguided and clumsy way that Randy has run the club. Now take away and last semblance of interest, the stay away owner is looking for nothing but survival next season if no sale comes along.

With four relegation battles already under our belts, this one looks even more desperate, however, at least we all know from the get go the situation, it won`t shock anyone and despite it being a disgrace that the owner who came in with so much promise and so many promises is running a massive football club like this the way he is, those of us who will attend know the situation and I guess it gives the season the 'bite` needed in that every single point will be crucial, every game a cup final and although that will never be good enough for AVFC, it is exactly where we are at.

The one thing that always will be constant at this wonderful but underachieving club, is the 12th man will turn up!

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday June 29 2014

Time: 11:47AM

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Where Has the fight Gone VFC has disappeared This site has stuck behind Lerner and his muppets How about complete condemn nation for what he has done I think you owe Villa fans at least that We have just rolled over Have all the real Fans left Look between your legs and see if anything is hanging We should unleash a tirade of abuse towards Lerner
Kevin Starkey
Report Abuse
29/06/2014 12:39:00

I totally agree Kevin. White Flag? I know where I'd like to shove my white flag!!!........
Pride of Lions
Report Abuse
29/06/2014 12:46:00

The State our club is in and we have a poll on Joe Cole Really ?
Kevin Starkey
Report Abuse
29/06/2014 13:31:00

Is Lerner completely stupid? He is going to get us bloody relegated.
Bikini Inspector
Report Abuse
29/06/2014 13:32:00

How about Do you Regret Lerner buying our Club Lerner should of gone with O Neal Lerner Has Put Aston Villa in Permanent Decline
Kevin Starkey
Report Abuse
29/06/2014 13:34:00

What happened to that TV money that we "won" at the end of the season?? Seeing how it's not likely that the club will be sold before the start of the season, wouldn't it be in Scrooge's best interest to make sure we stay in the Premier League by investing a bit more than 10p? Clueless idiot
Stephen Jay Hawkings
Report Abuse
29/06/2014 13:35:00

Will Aston Villa Ever Challenge for Anything Again after the Mess Lerner Put us in
Kevin Starkey
Report Abuse
29/06/2014 13:36:00

if all we have is 10 mil, then i would like it spent on 1 player. lerner i had you sussed long ago. the writing was always on the wall, especially when you look at what the fans thought of him at his american football club.
Ali Arab
Report Abuse
29/06/2014 14:32:00

This is all a little harsh. RL was a card-carrying BILLIONAIRE when he / his trust bought the club. Subsequent events in the world of finance rendered him a mere MILLIONAIRE. Do you realised that in Lincolnshire you're a millionaire if you've got an acre or two? Would we be any better off with a spud-fork wielding farmer as our owner? Ship happens, a world of ship has fallen upon RL, I feel a bit sad about it, really.
Report Abuse
29/06/2014 21:53:00

Get real,this arrogant yank has created his Own problems by his lack of knowledge. He could still turn the club back to success but He has no bottle. No sympathy from me,look At the idiots still on his pay cheque. The only Ones suffering are Avfc, Fans
Flo Moses
Report Abuse
29/06/2014 22:17:00

One player we could sign with that money (wages included) that is amazing quality, severely underrated, and could very well keep us up on his own with the likes Benteke and Delph: Renato Augusto. He's a Brazilian attacking midfielder. Known for key passes and dribbling. I've been a fan since he was at Bayen Leverkusen and since then he has moved back to Brazil and playing for one of the top teams. He's only 26, may I say.
Avfc94 we do
Report Abuse
30/06/2014 03:01:00

So Called fans Still make Excuses for Lerner He actions will have long lasting effects on our club he has brought AVFC to its knees There will be no quick fix and there is nothing in place to give us any hope We should be reading pure Hated from all Villa fans towards lerner
Kevin Starkey
Report Abuse
30/06/2014 09:45:00

agree kevin, instead they blame his foot soliders: faulkner and lambert.
Ali Arab
Report Abuse
30/06/2014 10:49:00

VFC were another era, we've done our bit, instead of slagging me/them off maybe someone else could have the balls to do something? How more condeming can I possibly be of Randy and his white flag? Gobsmacked, I was warning of what was coming two years ago and getting roundly slated for it, now it has happened I get it in the neck again. Someone else go do some protesting, I nearly lost my life again in 2012, I've done my bit, last time I was doing protests, taking the abuse and having brain taps etc, I will not take any criticism from those who do nothing but type a few words.

Look at the 'all polls' PLUS ffs, how about suggesting one, it is still on Cole because it is the world cup, there is little news about, we've done lambert out, we've done randy out ones. Randy has put the club up for sale, how or what would further protests look to solve? He did what VFC protested for Ellis to do. If he hadn't there would indeed be an argument for protests, but again, why do some always think it is the same people who should do stuff and take the abuse that follows?
The Fear
Report Abuse
30/06/2014 11:54:00

villian444 why dont you do a vital interview, would love to read your answers :)
Ali Arab
Report Abuse
30/06/2014 13:28:00

Jon I am sorry if you feel the attack is personal as I definately appreciated e everything you have done for Aston Villa I was banned from this site for continually harping on about the general etc The cold facts are many still look to your group as the accertive arm of fan groups I well know the stick we got for red cards etc being told to support the club an how little support vfc got from the average fan That said there is no one else and this site has had very close links with lerner I tend to believe things this site reports I think we are far worse off than under Doug now and Lerner has seen nothing in the way of protests etc The fans need to be aware and make a choice you are the articulate ones with the contacts I fully agree its not up to one man and you have done more than your share I just hoped there was some fire left not just joe cole our plight is far more serious than that we are just a joke in the media fans sights are fairly no plus I guess that is the new AVFC
Kevin Starkey
Report Abuse
30/06/2014 18:23:00

Sent via phone on train multi post apology
Kevin Starkey
Report Abuse
30/06/2014 18:27:00

In my eyes If the title said Lerner raises white flag deserting his team That is what is seen across the globe the article underneath has value with the addition of a vote on lerners reign The trouble is it lost on any other than the normal readers
Kevin Starkey
Report Abuse
30/06/2014 18:37:00

The core problem is you have to 4, then you have Europa cup berths. Anything between 6 and 17 is the same. Kinda waste of money to spend bucks and come 7th, so Lerner instead takes the model of spend pennies and come 17th.
Ali Arab
Report Abuse
30/06/2014 18:37:00

Jon Out of respect I will not comment on this blog again
Kevin Starkey
Report Abuse
30/06/2014 22:12:00

"We should be reading pure Hated from all Villa fans towards lerner" really?. Have you ever met the man? Has he slept with your wife? hurt your children? has he abused animals? committed hate crimes? sex offences? etc etc NO the man took over a business that had under performed for decades, from a leadership team that had under invested in every aspect of the club and had bled it dry for years. He invested a huge amount of money into the club but had his pants pulled down by individuals who should have known better but who came highly recommended. Having invested in an area he knows little about he relied upon others to advise and quite frankly their advice was shocking. Against a backdrop of a global economic crash and personal upheaval he has done his best and has been found wanting. He has then looked to do what any responsible investor would do and has sought to extricate himself by finding a buyer. he hasn't asked for a stupid price and contrary to expectations in some corners hasn't asset stripped the club to claw back his investment (his loans have not been recalled and we still own bodymoor heath, Villa park and various other parcels of land that he could easily have cashed in on). Simply, he tried, he failed and he is now attempting to move on. I'm glad that there hasn't been an outpouring of hatred, there are plenty of others more deserving of our hatred, Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Abu Hamsa etc etc
Report Abuse
01/07/2014 08:59:00

"The core problem is you have to 4, then you have Europa cup berths. Anything between 6 and 17 is the same. Kinda waste of money to spend bucks and come 7th, so Lerner instead takes the model of spend pennies and come 17th" - Ali, I often (almost always lol) disagree with you but in my ever so humble opinion this is one the most insightful things posted on here in a while
Report Abuse
01/07/2014 09:03:00

avbornand bred, ok so he is not as bad as 2 ****s and a terrorist. agreed. but lerner came here to make money, and buscket loads. yes he got the wrong advise, but thats the job of a chairman to get workers that are good. the premier league and football on the whole is a very investable market if done correct. after the world cup again you will see a surge in tv money and other endorsements grow rapidly. his decesions for villa has cost aston villa hugely. he has left us in a really bad place. our accounts for the last 8 years have been shocking in comparison to what we have achieved. he took a gamble with villa. when he joined he joined as a friend and not a businessman, were in reality he has been 100% business form the word go. to me this is the core problem, the pretending. he has made a loss at our expense
Ali Arab
Report Abuse
01/07/2014 10:28:00

no worries Kevin, it is a compliment that people think berks like me can do something, just in a downer mood myself at the moment and a lot of that, health aside, is Villa. It is pathetic how it matters so much really but it does. Just done Radio WM for drive time with Franksie tonight, I called it a circus etc, how times have changed from the interview I did in his studio when Randy was just coming in etc. I just think personally fans are drained this time around. I think most realise (although to be honest, some might say not negative enough here, but I've been being slated for being negative for some while, I don't think it is negative, it is realistic... but on the facebook part there are some having a go even at this article for being doom ladened. So I share your amazement that some don't seem to see this mess as nothing other than a total disgrace!)
The Fear
Report Abuse
01/07/2014 14:28:00

However, as said, he's put the club up for sale. I think he's been ridiculous, especially not bringing in football people OR listening to good well intentioned long standing fans (some of whom he solicited opinion from then ignored... ahem) BUT not sure what else now he can do, apart from man up, put a proper budget in place etc. It is just a mind f*** really isn't it?
The Fear
Report Abuse
01/07/2014 14:29:00

Good news that you will already know I guess your old pal HOWARD HODGSON TODAY..... I had a productive meeting yesterday with Legion Worldwide. Successful or not it gives us hope like the old days a real fan like yourself fighting for everything Aston Villa I cannot imagine how hard it would be to pull investors together. in the knowledge so much money will be swallowed up in wages for players and agents The game is out of reach for anyone except a tycoon* So Sad
Kevin Starkey
Report Abuse
01/07/2014 15:00:00

only just seen your doo dah re not commenting again Kev, no need for that mate, we are all entitled to our opinions and to all debate, glad to see you are still around and commenting. We don't have to agree on anything but we all agree that as fans we just want the best for Villa.

Yup, it is what HH and myself, few others, had resigned ourselves to having to do before Randy came in, it was with a heavy heart as the infighting and politics etc was a pain back then for sure.

THis time it is his son.

He will know, same as we did back then, that the best scenario is a show off billionaire with loads of money but if no one comes forward then..........................! The game we love I fear has gone though to be fair.
The Fear
Report Abuse
01/07/2014 15:50:00


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