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In From The Cold

Former bomb squad members Darren Bent and Alan Hutton are to be welcomed back to the Villa first team by Paul Lambert. Randy Lerner, who continues to streamline Villa for sale, clawing back on his £300m Villa adventure, wants Lambert to utilise all the playing resources at his disposal, rather than ship in expensive new recruits. This is a U-turn from a policy which saw Bent and Hutton bombed out owing to their 'high' wages, with Hutton on the untenable figure of 40K a week. With no takers for either player it seems as though they will now see out the final year of their contracts with Villa.

This comes a day after an unwanted Marc Albrighton walked away from his boyhood club and news surfaced that a contract ban is now in place. With Fabian Delph, Ronald Vlaar and Gabriel Agbonlahor all in the final year of their deals and with no contract extensions on the table that sound we are all starting to hear is certainly that of the Villa bank vault being hermetically sealed. Another day then and another worrying development at B6.

You heard it here first (or second, if you read the Telegraph).
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The Journalist

Writer: Villa_Grizzly Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday May 21 2014

Time: 4:40AM

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Oh dear from worse to worse! With even worse to come I fear!!
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21/05/2014 07:18:00

If correct, this can only of come from Lerner. I wonder if Lamberk is going to come out with something to 'save face'?
Pride of Lions
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21/05/2014 07:20:00

Are we just gonna run everyones contracts down and let them all leave for free? This is a joke surely?
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21/05/2014 07:25:00

Can you really see them giving 100% after the way they've been treated? It's turning into a joke now.
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21/05/2014 08:20:00

If a transfer ban is in place, then it's good news, cause it means we will be sold this summer. Otherwise I can not possibly think of another reason.
Ali Arab
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21/05/2014 08:34:00

"Can you really see them giving 100% after the way they've been treated" I don't remember any of them giving 100% during their time with us anyway!! But you are right they will be played week in and out a the expense of others who would give 100% who w then be *****ed off.
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21/05/2014 08:36:00

So if bent is to be the short term replacement for Benteke and Kozak then surely we need to play with wingers to get the best out of him as lambert quite rightly seems to believe he doesn't fit in our present style/formation. But lo and behold we've just released our best winger and the one play we have who can get the best out of bent. I hope nzogbia is given a chance once fit though, at least he has a bit of quality.
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21/05/2014 08:50:00

I just hope the fans now realise just how bad lambert,lerner, and faulkner are. I hope he lambert culls the ten players he Bought and never plays. The storm is truly upon Avfc, the wrath These idiots deserve is up on them now. Only anew owner, Manager can abait the storm
Flo Moses
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 08:56:00

It's like having two new signings!!! :-(
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21/05/2014 09:38:00

So Lambert sent a taxi for Bent and Hutton and we go again :-)
holte ender 1969
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 10:28:00

Apart from Benteke was any of Lamberts signings any improvement?
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21/05/2014 10:35:00

Honest Dave, I would say Benteke, Kozak, Vlarr, Guzan, Okore, Lowton and Bacunna are an improvement on what we had with that lot being worth more than the 35m spent. Four really good players off a decent side when all fit. DM. CM, LM and LB. Its a shame we are being sold as 20m on that right players in those positions this summer would put us back on track.
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21/05/2014 10:54:00

As for Bent and Hutton coming back I see no problem with this. I don't see why fans make such a big deal of players being pushed out. It happens all the time and the players will understand we were trying to get there big wages off the books. Bent still has something to offer and hopefully comes back with something to prove. I cant see there being a problem,
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21/05/2014 10:58:00

I see no problem with these players coming back - but if they were on the payroll and all of a sudden are worth a chance, then it really just shows Lambert's ineptness at not having tried this when he first arrived. Absolute nonsense...
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21/05/2014 11:17:00

Hold on a minute. These 2 weren't shipped/frozen out because they were on high wages. They are just very average players. I don't want Mutton to give 100% as he'd end up breaking someone's leg every week and 100% from Bent is the same as 50% because he can only do 1 thing and poncing about on the last defender's shoulder for 90 mins is either done or not done. You can't do it more.
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21/05/2014 11:21:00

Regardless of the reasons and with Albrighton walking away you can hear the sound of season ticket sales dropping like a stone lets hope that gets through to Lerner if nothing else because its still his investment he needs to protect even if he does not care about anything else.
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 11:47:00

So Darren Bent - so average we paid 24m for him and has the following stats for the time he was with us / Sunderland... 20092011 Sunderland 58 (32) 2011 Aston Villa 54 (21) The only variable here is a crap manager who alienated him and all of a sudden has no value and is not scoring goals. Sure he's not Benteke, but then Benteke isn't currently Benteke either is he?
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 11:48:00

FFS johnnyuk, you can prove anything with stats. The bloke has been relegated 3 ******** times from the prem.
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 11:50:00

You're quite the aggressive one... So if stats don't prove anything - then I guess 31 goals by Suarez doesn't count. I also guess 38 points is a pretty good season for us too?
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 11:55:00

Well said johnny I'm with you.
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21/05/2014 12:51:00

Lads think the Bent argument has been done and dusted a 100 times on here. Most agree that we do not have the players to supply Bent we do not play to the guys strengths hence Benteke being the better option. Take your choice who you blame Lerner for not giving the funds for quality players in midfield or Lambert for the tactics,This is where the real split in opinion occurs. I also acknowledge that some people just dont rate Bent, and use his recent loan to Fulham as an example.
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 13:40:00

Hutton is shocking but no worse than Baker or Clark. Bent is better than weimann, Kozak, helenius, Bowery, and holt. If no one want these guys at the wages we pay them then it makes sense to at least utilise them. Lamberts poor judgement and management caused this balls up in the first place.
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21/05/2014 14:41:00

Yup Vilians have short memories and conveniently forget when Bents goals kept us up.
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 15:02:00

Well said HonestDave, a reply to you villa@herts Bent may not of give us 100% effort on the pitch but a lot of villa fans have short memories. His goals kept us up that season, that in itself was worth the 24 million paid.
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 15:18:00

What are you on about??? That doesn't make sense. Of course stats don't prove anything. Suarez was the best player last season also. You don't need a stat to tell you that if you understand the game!!! Reason for my FFS is that we've gone over this loads before as said and the FACT is that Bent is next to useless and you have to play and set up your whole squad and team to his half trick ability. If he doesn't perform, the team loses and it's too reliant on a very average player who has never tasted success due to the fact that he takes more off the team performance than his paltry input gives.
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 15:21:00

What's everyone complaining about? Bringing these players back in from the cold will bolster the squad, we are not going to make significant signings this summer, the main reason being that the club is being sold, which is what we all wanted isn't it? So it's bring Bent and Hutton back or don't. One or the other. A striker that's scored goals throughout his whole career in the Premier League, doesn't matter what anyone thinks he contributes, and a international right-back with experience. At least there's 2 more options than we had last season, so it's it's a start...
Stephen Jay Hawkings
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 15:25:00

Average as both of them are I think we'd have finished in a better position last season having Hutton in for Clarke or Baker and Bent in for Gabby, Holt, Bowery. As for the argument of having to play to Bent's strength and set him up with chances - shouldn't that the job of the midfielders regardless of who is up front ?? another season of hoofing it up to Benteke and expecting him to do it all himself and he'll be off I'm afraid and I for one wouldn't blame him.
Rob Terry
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 15:53:00

I think its blindingly obvious at this point that neither Young or Dowling were top quality wingers, yet Bent did a decent job with them. I hope he comes back and scores 20+ for the Villa next year cause noone else will.
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 16:05:00

No probs with Bent coming back. Had a bad one last term, but he only started 14 games. Just need to make sure we play in a way that provides him the service. He'll score goals, he always has!
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 16:40:00

He'll score a few goals sure but won't offer anything else. The simplistic view is that you need to score to win. However there's so much more to the game and there is not with Bent. He's only scored more than 13 goals in a season TWICE. This is not a prolific striker. He's been relegated 3 times with different teams!!!! Houllier almost took us down as he insisted on playing with a 6yard box finisher.
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 17:10:00

^^^^ Facts. Not fiction or stats to prove something which isn't true.
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 17:11:00

Villan444 is a renowned Bent hater. Any Bent apologist is fit for stalking with a hunting rifle.
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 17:17:00

Villian444 seems to hate everyone connected to Villa are we sure he's not a Bluenose?
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 17:31:00

I like Lambert Dave. Been singing Delph's praise ever since I saw him. Sorry I don't follow what the bloke in front says or the loudest bloke in the pub. I'm also sorry that you don't understand the logic and reasoning which I can't be blamed for. I know you'll blame Lambert.
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 17:42:00

At last some good news, Gary Gardener gets a new contract!! Now Gary stay injury free and show us how great you are!!
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 17:54:00

Bent has one attribute he can finish,BUT,build up play,movement,defensive work,are not his strong points,he was shipped out for two reasons,cutbacks/wages and lambert rightly prefered Benteke/Gabby/Wiemann as a three.However looks like due to lack of funds/players,he will be back,If he plays and performs brilliant,Ill back any player in a Villa shirt.however the system lambert prefers doesnt suit Bent,so hope im proved wrong in my thoughts and he gets 20 odd next year. Hutton ive very nearly given up on,made some of the worst tackles ive ever seen.... though quite like nzog, he can play and always tried,would like to see him in place of Weimann.Interesting times.
brian little...god
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 19:15:00

I hate to see Lambert get the blame for shipping these players out. Blame him for crap tactics and wot not but it was the boards criteria to ship the high earners out not Lamberts! It doesn't cost Lambert anything to keep 60k players on the bench. When will fans realise it was the board that set the criteria of getting rid of high earners, it was the board that set the criteria of buying players on cheap wages. Are fans nieve enough to actually think Lambert would choose to buy crap players on low wages over decent players on high wages? It all stems from the board no matter who was in charge hence why it was crap before Lambert even came.
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 20:31:00

i wonder if lambert will make bent captain again!!!!!!
Richard Cassidy
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 21:09:00

"Bent will score a few goals". Errrrrrrrm, that's a good thing?
Report Abuse
21/05/2014 21:24:00

I hope Lambert doesn't. Make Bent captain it means he will be out on loan the match after.
Report Abuse
22/05/2014 10:34:00

In spite of all the so-called midfielders we have not one is capable of delivering the "killer pass" That calls for a special kind of player. Until we get one it will always be the hoof ball philosophy at VP.
Report Abuse
22/05/2014 14:05:00

Bent back for me,just need to buy players to assist his game ie Hoolahan,Snodgrass and Redmond,as Hoolahan and Snodgrass only have 12 months left on their deals,Redmond is a local lad so might like to come and play for the best team in Birmingham lol,Hoolahan@ 1 million,Snodgrass@ 4 million,Redmond@ 3 million ?,Agbonlahor is too comfortable and complacent he's become bone idle,Benteke n Kojak out to injury,Helenius moving on,Bowery,Holt are pants,Frazier Campbell@ 1 million,Heitinga,Duff,Sidwell,experience players for wages only ?,so 7 top players for like 9 million,N'zogbia and Okore due back,keep Baker n Clarke as backup,lowton/Bacuna over mutton any day,tony moon and gordan bennet are weak links so not sure who in this position so,surely Mr Lerner can sanction these so come on Mr Lambert read this article and act on it,oh maybe Kieran Richardson at l/b at least he's experienced
Bruno Villa
Report Abuse
26/05/2014 22:05:00

Report Abuse
26/05/2014 22:09:00,,10265~3861785,00.html Please read and cull this myth that Bent was/is decent. Bent's injury strewn career record has him scoring a paltry 9, 10 and 6 goals in 3 seasons for us. He is NOT the saviour and he did not keep us up in his fist season. In fact, Houllier's senility almost got us relegated and it's not he fault of the whole team ((who incidently set up all 9 of Bent's goals (as he can't physically create for himself))) that Houllier decided to play an alien formation which was doomed from the start.
Report Abuse
28/05/2014 13:55:00


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