Aston Villa - P45 For Lambert & Take Faulkner + Lerner With You
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P45 For Lambert & Take Faulkner + Lerner With You

ItsYourRoundMyLord says:

Unacceptable. Derisory. No more excuses!

We've heard them all before and they don't hold water. I didn't think I could feel lower after Chelsea away last season but.Wigan home, Bradford away, Bradford home, Millwall away, this season Fulham away, Sheffield United home, Stoke home, Swansea away... City 4 Villa 0. Not a shock result. They are a very good team likely to be crowned champions, deservedly so, but this wasn't a one off poor result against superior opposition. It was one more in a catalogue for the manager and board to be shown up for their inept master plan (whatever that plan is as us mere mortals aren't included in this vision) and for us fans to suffer.

The manager says he wants to stay here next season (see: Lambert Expresses Wish To Stay - Weimann Agrees) and what a big club we are having won the European Cup and yet says we, the fans, have high expectations and the players are still young.

I thought it was the manager and the clubs idea to go with a young team. Lambert said at the end of last season that the experience has helped the young players grow and learn from the struggles of last season. There is no evidence of that so that cannot be an excuse. If the players are young and inexperienced why in January did we only sign 'real man' Grant Holt (who couldn't get in a mid table championship team who are now competing in the play offs since his exclusion) and a champions league winning left back with Chelsea Ryan Bertrand (who made an outstanding debut against Liverpool but has since gone backwards) when we were supposedly after what Paul Lambert calls a 'no 10 and a bit more experience'.

If there were no funds for a creative no 10 then why repeat it throughout January and only when pressed by internet forum speculation does N'Zogbia reappear on the casualty list (even name checked in Lerner's post Southampton draw statement!) and get added to the excuses for poor results and form list even though appearing, by squad number change, to be banished to the dreaded 'bomb squad'.

Paul Faulkner was promoted to CEO of Villa in May 2010(Randy Lerners right hand man). I don't know what achievements have happened behind the scenes apart from a seat on an F.A. board, surely negated by league positions and falling prestige. Based on financial records released, management appointed and results on the pitch during his tenure it's not been good enough. In 2006 our 'custodian' Randy Lerner(who hasn't been been spotted watching a game at Villa Park since 29th December 2012!) said that he would step aside if he couldn't make it work. The time has come and it is definitely now. I don't think I'm alone in thanking him for the memories and investment 06-10 and aspiring to the dream but we/he got burnt and i for one want a clean slate after the last 4 years.

I watched my vhs copy of Villa winning the coca cola cup in 94 the other day to bring those feelings back that i had when i was 10 years old and you know it made me realise why i love the Villa so much. A bit of skill (Saunders), passion (Atkinson crazy tongue out goal celebration-who didn't love that!) and that feeling of being the underdog and coming out the winner, showing that anyone with the passion, some skill and 100% commitment can be the hero. The only thing in the last 4 years that reminds me of that character the club stands for was the 19th minute celebration of not just our former captain Stiliyan Petrov and his battle but what we as a club truly stand for at our best - pride, loyalty and 140 years of being in it together.

I hope, cross my fingers, touch wood and every other cliché that in the next week we can say goodbye to the current regime and look forward to new possibilities whatever they may be because i can't take a FIFTH year of this. I want/need to believe that we may not be challenging at the top but there is a will and commitment at least to care for and to strive to get Aston Villa competitive and competing in the top flight again. UTV


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The Journalist

Writer: ItsYourRoundMyLord Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday May 8 2014

Time: 8:50AM

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Agreed all 3 must go. But what do to if Lerner and Faulkner don't leave? That is the real hard dilemma.
Ali Arab
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08/05/2014 09:13:00

Bloody nightmare! Watched the game in an Aberdeen pub with a couple of City supporters bigging it up. They were as objectionable as Utd and Chelsea. However, their bench was probably worth more than our squad and it seems that we need to do similar to make any impact or wait for the whole Premier league bubble to explode. It will, won't it? Just despair at the moment. Lambert has certainly changed his tune lately.
Cheshire Villan
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08/05/2014 09:25:00

Words fail me , my bycott has been awful, But proved right.i wont return till lamberts gone Even sunderland are now above us its a ........g Disgrace sack the idiot now
Flo Moses
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08/05/2014 09:32:00

If only life were so simple. Perhaps some of you know someone with £1 billion burning a hole in his pocket but I certainly do not. It is all very well to scream: 'Change. Change. Change' but we have to be certain that it is change for the better. Clearly some of Randy's decisions have been very odd. Employing a has been like Houllier followed by a complete loser in Voldemort struck me as close to lunacy. You don't have to look very far to see what happens when a foreign businessman takes over a club, full of promises. Our neighbours across the city did that and look at them. Owner in jail; no money to pay decent wages; a transfer ban. Or Leeds where no-one knew who the owners were for many years and who have now been bought by a convicted fraudster. And what is your solution? More of the same. A rich man (or someone who claims to be rich) making promises. It's the same with the manager. Two years of failure - and I agree it has been failure) and the cry goes up: 'Sack him. Sack him. Sack him.' And replace him with whom? Who can you name that would be willing to become Villa manager and can guarantee a substantial improvement? I don't have all the answers (indeed my sons regularly tell me that I don't have any of the answers) but knee jerk comments, such as this article, take us nowhere. For me, Randy has done OK by us. Possibly one of the best owners we have had.
chocolate teapot
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08/05/2014 09:36:00

Good article, good read. Yes must start again, from the top down. New owner, someone who knows about football, or who can get a CEO in who does know about football. Then we get a real manager. Then there is the rebuilding of the squad. Another ajor clear out is required. We need to start at the top... and QUICK!
Pride of Lions
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08/05/2014 09:55:00

Have to agree with Chocolate Teapot. It is a case of careful what you wish for. I do believe Randy has the best interests of the club at heart if unfortunately no longer the willingness nor the means to bankroll another 'push'. If there is another billionaire out there who wants in lets hope they are a viable guardian for the club and its future - rather than us follow the disastrous paths of Blues and Leeds for example.. It is evident Lambert needs to go but again have to agree, who do we think we can get? Admittedly a new owner offering say 200 million to overhaul the first team would be attractive, but another point - its well having 200 million to spend on players and wages, but not when we can't offer Champions League football and in this day and age there's 15 other clubs in that bracket they could join instead rather than the Villa. I'm also pulling this hypothetical 200 million figure out of the sky to rebuild the first team and make us competitive again, but even if the new manager did have that money to spend and the players in mind, is it even viable with FFP regulations? Thanks for 06-10 Randy and putting the money in, shame the people you gave it to ran to the chocolate river like an excited Augustus Gloop! Oh to have had Steve Stride involved at this crucial period for the club. Words to the effect "Are you taking the *****, Martin?" would have rang out on more than one occasion I think.
Mike Dixon
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08/05/2014 10:23:00

Having been a silent observer of the boad fora long time now, I felt I had to post an opinion at this point: chocolate teapot puts it very well. PL has had an immensely difficult task which he has undertaken without complaint and which he has, all things consiered, done reasonably well at. Mourinho et al would also have had to face a relegation battle with these resources. I think PL has more sympathy than many on here realise and mass change is too simolistic an approach. Clearly it's about having the money to invest in building this squad. There are clearly some talented players here although I admit many are not the quality needed - but when you are searching in the bargain basement, tha's what will happen. Benteke, Delph, Guzan, Vlaar, Westwood and possibly Lowton would all have found homes in the PL had we been relegated and it's ridiculous to suggest otherwise. We also don't really know about Okore but I suspec he may be another quality find. The slating of RL, the most geerous owner we have ever had, is also misplaced. We loved it when he sprayed his cash around in the MON years and now we vllify him for no longer wanting to spend more than 100% of our revenues on player wages. Yes I hope we find a new owner with lots of money to invest, but there's probably not a big queue of such people. I would not be heartbroken if such a new owner decided to change tack and try a new manager, but hope if that happened they would give some genuine respect to PL who has done a decent job with few resources and almost intolerable pressure. I am guessing some players read these boards as well so this is to let hem know too that not everyone thinks they're bunch of "lazy" "championship standard at best" good for nothings. Let's hope for a better season next time. UTV
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08/05/2014 10:34:00

i dont want a new owner to spalsh the cash. i just want an owner that knows how to spend money. young and hungry is a great vision. but quality over quantity. for me if lambert had pushed our own youth through and bought a few 8 to 12 mil youngsters we would be in a better position.
Ali Arab
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08/05/2014 11:18:00

Doubt if many of us dont thank Randy for all he has done. Even now our spend each close season is about average for mid table in the prem. Do feel he has lost interest in the project though. Lambert had a tough task a complete overhaul was needed most agreed how he went about that I believe has cost him dearly no fees comming in and not enough spend to get quality replacements, which led to his young and hungry (which really ment cheap and cheerfull). I supported Lambert right up to the stoke game but regardless of players we have looked a disorganized shambles this and tactics are the managers domain and this is where Lamberts biggest failure has really been.
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08/05/2014 11:51:00

I agree on Lambert. We need a better manager. But I disagree on Lerner, I think we should keep him. Managers have let him down badly. Apart from that he has been a good owner. He has always backed his managers(on one occasion a bit too much perhaps) and respected the traditions of the club and kept ticket prices at a reasonable level even during the O'Neill era when we were having success. He just needs to learn his lessons and step his game up.
bikini inspector
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08/05/2014 11:55:00

Sorr ItsYourRound, but this aint gonna happen....and this is just ranting rubbish... Yes its been tough for all, and yes the senior managment do not communicate well enough, but Randy all in all has been a great owner. I feel it is time for him to move on I think he knows it, and even said that when taking on the club, if he could not keep it up he would sell to someone who did care of the club. I actually like Lambert, and would rather he be given the funds to spend. If you take a look at the wages we have removed over last 2 years we are now better positioned to rebuild the squad. I actually blame oneill for our current situation...he spent spent spent on rubbish mostly....harewood....7.5 never played, sidwell, ireland, and then not fighting to keep our best players young, milner, downing... I like to modekl that Lambert builds on young hungry players, if he is given the right funds and uneartyhs a few more betekes I would be more than happy!!!! Like many pragmatic supporters I will happily wait for the season to end and listen to what Randy has to say before jumping on the change change change bandwagon....
Andy Coe
Report Abuse
08/05/2014 13:42:00

The biggest failure of the chairman is not having a good ceo Then to go awol when the fans look for leadership this. Is why The rot has set in. Its so bad i too ashamed to wear my villa shirt. Even my granson refuses to. Wear his. Spurs can get a cricket score And lambert would spin tripe.
Flo Moses
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08/05/2014 14:15:00

Villaking...commonsense at last!
brian little...god
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08/05/2014 17:20:00

What a joke! Parking a bus for 65 minutes and lambert saying the plan was working I want to see villa attacking and playing football.
Villa always
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08/05/2014 19:00:00

Okay so if Lambert goes who would replace him ? Everyone is blaming Lambert but the real villain of he piece (Lerner) is ducking , diving and hiding , who else would work under this Yank who is out of his depth in the Premiership ?
class of 57
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08/05/2014 22:01:00

The real reason why Villa have been fighting relegation for 2 years ? The players are no good because Lerner ordered Lambert to get rid of the high earners and replace them with cheap foreign imports recommended by Culverhouse.
class of 57
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08/05/2014 22:10:00

Thanks for the feedback. Interesting mix of views on the piece. I'm lost though how anyone can still defend Lambert on the basis of lack of funds and how he should be given more time. £40 mill + has been spent by him on sub standard players he has then chosen to ostracise Helenius, Luna, Tonev. Players excluded like N'Zogbia and Bent who may not be in his long term plans but could have contributed, especially as we miss an attacking midfielder to break teams down and injuries to Benteke and Kozak. When i heard his comments last week about potential signings like Lescott, Holtby, Hernandez and wages £70k+ i thought O'Neill was back in charge! We can't afford for that to happen again, thats why we're in this mess! Jack Grealish is the brightest talent i've seen emerge from our academy in years and his reaction when coming on against city was priceless. I genuinely fear what could happen to him if Lambert stays on. So far bright talents last season like Weimann and Lowton have gone backwards in their development and i don't want to see that happen to Grealish, Robinson and the other Next Gen players.
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08/05/2014 23:04:00

My Lord. In life you can go round in circles talikng about problems. At some stage your gonna have to look for solutions.Yes Lambert is clueless. We all agree. So what's the solution? New manager. But WHO...
Ali Arab
Report Abuse
09/05/2014 00:02:00

40 mil gets you a couple of decent players ItsYourRoundMyLord. Not a whole ******** team which is what he's had to buy due to Lerner selling our quality and purchasing awful players like Bent who struggles to make the bench at the second worst team in the league and Reo-Coker who's now on 5k per week in Canada and probably at his correct level.
Report Abuse
09/05/2014 13:54:00

And no Ali, we don't all agree that Lambert is clueless. Half our supporters are clueless as they've never been in dressing rooms or on the pitch. Great that people support the Villa but it's too simple to just blame the manager when we don't win every week. The manager's door will be an endless merrygoround under these restraints.
Report Abuse
09/05/2014 13:57:00

villian444, are you telling me with a good owner and a good wage and transfer budget you would keep lambert?... cause my stance is more that lambert is the best option with lerner at the helm.
Ali Arab
Report Abuse
09/05/2014 22:54:00

Ali..agree with alot of what u say,but I would keep lambert,dealt with a load of poo,signed some good players for little money,(some crap too,but hey show me a manager who doesnt)At Norwich they played really attractive football and I think with some backing finacially he could do well.Also so much cheaper than sacking and starting again.Weve been there done that and it doesnt work!
brian little...god
Report Abuse
09/05/2014 23:15:00

Normally agree with your points Ali but seems like you've backed down when you thought that you couldn't win the argument. I'm not saying that Lambert is a genius. BUT. Martinez got an equally poor team relegated last year and won a cup. Possible that we could've prioritised a cup this year or last and then got relegated. I for 1 agree with Lambert for his chosen course...... Unfortunately, Lerner has given him 1 choice. As we now know, Martinez, who repeatedly got relegated last year, finished 5th with a half decent team. Does not mean that Lambert will win the league but if he went to Everton instead, who's to say that he could not have done better or equal to Martinez. It isn't black and white. The grey area is sooooo large that we can only know 1 thing for definite, under Lerner, we've diced with relegation for 4 years. This can NEVER be attributed to Lambert. Lerner is to blame. P.S. Martinez had some shocking 7-0 losses whilst at Wigan with a ***** team. These cannot be just 1 person's fault (ie. Lambert) and changing them will OBVIOUSLY not solve it. It is simple but people will continue to blame Lambert. I repeat, he may not be a genius, but he may be. No-one except a fool can judge on the resources granted ( incidentally ridiculously incorrect,) he's had less than the funds for Milner and Ashley to build a whole ducking team!!!!!!! People that bull5h1t the figures need to look in the mirror.
Report Abuse
09/05/2014 23:29:00

Never back down, my stance has never changed. My problem with Lambert is that he bought a lot of youth when our own youth was better. He should have gone out and bought with a slight different twist on things. Lerner is the core problem. That we both agree on. It seems over Lambert we have slightly different views. I would only keep him if we don't get a new owner.. in the summer I want a New owner, New dof, and new manager. Scary times as so many premier league clubs hunting for new managers.
Ali Arab
Report Abuse
09/05/2014 23:53:00

Fair enough. With all these teams trying to find a new manager, maybe we'd do better to build and keep ours. Regardless, we're doomed without a fair bit of transfer and wage monies.
Report Abuse
10/05/2014 11:03:00

quick question for you villian444 and brian god:) if we get this new texan billionaire as owner, would you keep lambert?
Ali Arab
Report Abuse
10/05/2014 12:46:00

Ali...without doubt,.I think hes been dealt a bum hand and deserves a chance with some steady backing.Also do you really think our youth are/were better than those bought in?I honestly dont rate many of them that highly,Clark/baker,try hard but always a mistake somewhere,id rather have the bought in okore and vlaar,Albrighton,injured alot,,ditto Gardener,Wiemann,id rather have the bought in Benteke,i could go on,granted Grealish looks good,however has only been at Notts County and is one for the future.I thinks its a myth that we have a great youth system,now Southampton they have a system that does produce talent,most if not all of ours just dont cut it!.
brian little...god
Report Abuse
10/05/2014 14:35:00

brian you missed my question, would you keep lambert if we got the new american billionaire from texas?.... carreuthers and grealish are better then bacuna and sylla. thats just one example. only good signings are vlaar, okore and betnteke. also 1 good thing in refernce to lambert is that if you sell all his players their would be a profit, unlike our other managers. ultimatly lerner is sucking the life and passion outta villa. lambert has been dealt a hard hand. but books are in order once again. and i just hope we get a big change from top to bottom.
Ali Arab
Report Abuse
10/05/2014 16:04:00 be happy to keep lambert with whoever the owner is.nearly all the players hes bought you can sell on at little loss or profit,and have not cost alot in wages.I kinda agree about Lerner,but remember the good stuff he did training ground,etc,his real mistake was letting o neill buy overvalued and overpaid players in silly contracts.and if his intention is to stay now that the books are better(and say what u will they needed balancing)I just hope he allows a bit more investment on the playing side.Also to be honest i dont think it makes much difference wether hes present at Villa Park or not,man U dont see much of the Glazers,nor Liverpool of the Fenway group,they are doin o.k.Just needs a better management structure and revamped p.r.,a feeling of a sense of direction,If Lerner can provide that im happy,If not I just hope whoever comes next does.
brian little...god
Report Abuse
10/05/2014 17:12:00


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