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We Deserved A Point - Lambert

Manager Paul Lambert has said that Villa deserved a point from today's sleep inducing game against Newcastle - unless you enjoy panicking when they have the ball in which case you might have enjoyed it.

Newcastle were hardly any good either, but at least they created 20 odd shots in the game and looked like they might score, the few chances we created you'd have put money on us wasting, so at least we are consistent.

I suppose that's a positive.

You'll all be glad to hear, I can't be bothered after watching that, so this won't be a long one - in fact it's probably even shorter than our best unbeaten run this season.

Full interview Official Site.

'It's a hard one to take, very much so. I thought we deserved a draw. I don't think we deserved to lose. At the end I didn't think anyone was going to score.'

Sadly everyone else saw it coming.

'We were great in the first half, we had chance after chance and looked threatening.'

In the whole game we had ten chances. In the whole game we had two shots on target. Those two shots on target came in the first half.

I suppose that's great.

'There are a lot of games to go. It will be a low tally with the way the league is, but if we keep looking after ourselves we will be alright. We have been through it so we know what it's like.'

If we keep looking after ourselves the way we have done for the last two seasons we might as well just turn the lights off and get some seriously early rail fares to Championship clubs next season.

Taking care of ourselves - three defeats in the last four games along with a draw against Cardiff who could've been two or three up before we realised there was a game on that night!

If this is what taking care of ourselves looks I'm not even going there.

Never fear, cliche alert.

'If we keep playing like that, we will win more than that. You go and try to win the next one.'

If we keep playing like that we'll get exactly what we deserve I agree, that's why we've lost almost half the games we've played this season.

Ha Norwich next....nurse.

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday February 23 2014

Time: 5:00PM

Your Comments

We Deserved A Point - Lambert. No we never Paul.
bikini inspector
Where did he get his book of excuses from?
Stop whinging10
It doesn't matter whether we "deserved" it or not. The game is about creating and converting chances, which we completely failed to do. If you only manage two shots on target during 90 minutes you get exactly what you "deserve".
lerners ambition for villa.
Ali Arab
Two crap teams, but I must say, we didn't deserve to lose. But as I said on the thread, the longer it went on the more chance they had of pinching it.... which of course they did.
Pride of Lions
No we didn't. We were awful and thoroughly deserved to lose. Just tell the truth Lambert.
NI Villan
Agreed, loss was fully deserved. I think Lambert was watching a different game - they created at least 3 clear-cut chances compared to our zero.
this is the worst footballing side I have seen In the premier league and I include our friend from small heath, coaches and manager are clueless, don't get me started on lerner and co.a season ticket holder for many a year five of us and none are renewing, I weep for my club
*****e team, *****e manager - definitely worth the fans hard-earned money for a week in portugal!
We start with Lamberk picking the wrong starting 11. Then making the wrong substitutions. Put this together with players who have lost their interest and you have a recipe for disaster. Start getting your money now on Villa getting relegated. After 75years my support ends right here.
Norwich beating spuds really puts us in the poo. Next week's game now pivotal - and we're kak at home.
Why does he hate Albrighton so much?
its simple if bennett the pub player had any sense he would of first not heading out for a throw or towards gabby but no he tries to head it in field then it comes back to him again and he has another chance to kick up the line but no he tries another in field pass with 40 seconds left on the clock. i wish our defender would think about just defending first and we would a lot more points on the board and lot less mistakes
graham alford
This Villa squad seems dependent on two players: Vlaar, to be on the pitch (whenever he is, he is very competent overall), and Benteke to be in form. Lacking one, the other, or both, we are a pitiful sight. We need another competent back, as well as a striker to force some competition. We'll never be able to afford a 20-goal-a-season forward, but someone who can consistently put 10+ in the net would be refreshing.
Virginia Villan
We deserve a manager with a plan. How many times does he have to watch to see that 3 in midfield doesn't work. They don't create or do anything. He obviously doesn't have the bottle to say to one of the 3 strikers that they've been dropped and so Albrighton gets told instead. I wouldn't blame him for leaving because the way he is treated is disgraceful. Has he played a game where he hasn't won MOM yet?
Is he on drugs, what game was he watching. 3 chances in 90 minutes really showed them.
Colin Jackson
Gabby could be our 10+ goal striker, if only he had the same service when he got into double figures three seasons in a row. Where is Albrighton? Do we have a left sided crossed amongst the youth?
To have Benteke, Gabby and Weimann in the team and not look like scoring is bad bad management, we are going backwards. Worse subs ever as well. Enough is enough, I want Lerner out but now I want PL gone too. There's no progress to your project PL, do the right thing and pack your bags son.
We are ***** yes...but the table doesn't lie and there are currently 7 worst teams than us.cardiff are poor and I can't see Fulham getting out of it which leaves one place up for grabs.and although they won today I think Norwich with there run in will fill the final is frustrating tho having to watch some of the *****e lamberts a serving up!
Utter Hoofball as usual ! Nothing else to say about that pile of rubbish I had to endure!
It is like listening to McLeish, no different at all despite what some might say
I noticed Wee Brad getting vexed when he wanted runners for the break and there were none. Is that it? Pass the bloody ball, they can't score if they don't have the ball. Control the midfield, control the game.
Okay. We were good in the first half, but poor in the second. We could and should of won this game. However poor we play though, we never have any luck. When do we get a deflection for a goal or anything resembling a fortunate knock-on for a chance. We have 11 games left and anything less than 17 points from those games, 45 in total in my view will be seriously disappointing. We just don't seem to be able to get to 30 points this season.
I have to say that as dire as we look there are worst teams below us who at this time are not picking up points and it is them who will just, just keep us up. However, I as a fan of AVFC for 38+ yrs I did not become a fan because of what we now see, it's shocking, boring and lacking in direction. No goals often means no points and that is what we got. We do not deserve to be in this league with what is being served up. To go forward with this club we need a vision that will see those not making the grade shifted out quickly over the Summer and quality brought in with pretty much a disregard for budget as we have penny pinched for too long. Wages are available and funds, if not then Lerner must go with a money man coming in who loves the game. I'm one of Lamberts supporters but I am now at a loss as to what the guy can actually do for us any more with dire tactics and crazy formations. It is his signings on the pitch with others so we see his product out there which isn't good enough for our club. Who would want to come to us though......Christ we was once a proud club and most managers would jump at managing, not so attractive now. Sad times and a big worry for the future of our club. Its times like these that we need to see Lerner showing support and being around, not hiding in the states. NO MORE EXCUSES MR LAMBERT, we deserve better. Looks like the trip away did the squad the world of good......NOT!
holte ender 1969
Its a simple game , attack and score , our attacks are lack lustre at best and the players don't work hard enough around the box , just fed up hearing about 'Gabby's pace' , yeh he's got pace but thats it , there no other 'tricks' in his locker, dribbles followed by a resounding shot on target Weimann all huff and puff but no finishing on a consistent basis Benteke its all on his shoulders , teams now know block him out and stop AV scoring . where was Albrighton today to provide the crosses for us and can we get Jack Grealish back and into the team NOW !!!!
You make your own luck Tekkers we dont deserve any luck based on how we play... I sometimes hear there is no right way to play football there is you pass it to your players, try to score and defend as a unit... We do none of those things... We've gone past the point of ridiculousness aimless ball after aimless ball launched forward in the hopes Benteke gets on the other end and makes another goal by himself... A new contract? Is it April fools yet?
We go again, we'll be fine...
The Fear
I think there's a lot of knee jerk reaction going on here. We were the better team in the first half and should have been at least 2 up by the break. Second half, I agree, we went downhill, mainly because of poor substitutions, and to be honest we looked tired. I thought our defence was much better than usual. Baker won nearly everything, and I can hardly believe I'm saying that ! Benteke ? Well, what we've done there is turn a young gifted player into another boring long ball target man....the new Heskey. If I was him I'd leave fast, because despite what I've just been saying, we are, in general, very poor. We are going down, and to be honest we deserve it.
Mason you say knee jerk reactions then slate the team and say we are going down?
Monday morning **** weather, **** weekend, **** result & back to my **** job, marvelous ! As I've been saying for the last 2 seasons we need to go down ,regroup ,get back to playing football & winning a few games . I know it's risky as few teams bounce back immediatly but enough's enough ,this can't go on & at least next year there will plenty of local derbies Albion,Blues, Wolves & maybe even Walsall
We 'need' to go down? We are a team that is not playing for the Manager, that much is obvious. If Lambert got the boot today (sing hosanna!) you would see a different team for our next game, I'm certain of that. Things I hear from inside the team about how Lambert treats his players makes me wonder if I would bother putting in a performance for this bloke.
Sorry have supported Lambert from day 1 even though the football served up has been in general poor and at its worst dire. I thought the idea of getting rid of Collins was to end the Hoofball truth is if he was still there he would be our best defender. 3 clubs worse than us ? Cardiff possibly the others are picking up points we arent. Lerner will probably give Lambert an extra year on his contract as we only lost 1-0
We were *****e under Houllier,*****e under Mcleish & *****e under Lambeth . Why would we be less *****e under someone else & who would that someone be ? All the usual suspects I assume or some foreigner, nobodies heard off . With the money our chairman is prepared to invest & the 'team' we've got, all I can see for the forseeable future is struggle. So yes I think we need to go down ,unless Lerner comes out & says there's a big transfer pot available at the seasons end & the chances of that !!
Agree with you regarding the managers and our form AstonBilla dont think we can afford to go down though. If we go down this chaiman & manager will be signing players from the conference to reduce the wage bill.
100% AstonBilla. Doesn't matter who is in charge. Have the cheapest squad in the premier league and you end up with a relegation battle and boring soccer. This is reality. We don't have two natural wingers so 4-4-2 with Albrighton doesn't make sense. As much as everyone is screaming that PL is useless because we don't play Albie but we don't have the players to do it.
True Merlin never thought of that . I just remember in my playing days (cork studs & leather 'casers' ) we were getting a regular tonking ,so we dropped down 2 leagues ,won that league & won the league above the following season & never looked back . Getting into the winning habit & self confidence helps. I know going down we'd lose Benteke , Vlaar etc but according to reports Vlaar off anyway & Benteke looks disinterested
I don't think Benteke's disinterested per se. What can you expect him to do when 95% of the service to him in a match is a hoofball from Guzan or Vlaar. He's too good for our team and our manager's style of play and tactics.
Very true Hippo I wasn't suggesting he was sulking & you're quite right playing for say Arsenal he'd be scoring bagfuls & winning the league for them IMO . I'm just saying that wheras Bent kept us up one year,Robbie Keane another & Benteke last year, its not going to happen this year & maybe going down is not as bad as we all think it will be . Yes we'll be gutted for a while but hopefully a few wins & we'd be back to our cheery selves. Granted we could sink like a stone, but how much more the boring ,depressing tripe dished up over the last 4 or 5 years can we all take ? I'm preferring the FA cup weekends at the moment , dread matchdays
If we go down we'll do a shef weds, possibly never to return. Relegation is not an answer!
How do you know that onlyteam ? I admit it could happen but you can't say it will happen. Ideally Lerner would give a new manager a warchest of a 100 mill or go & we'd hopefully be taken over by a football loving billionaire. But if either doesn't happen ,are you happy to put up with another year of will we won't we go down ? Because these players wont get better in my opinion
any true villa fan saying it will be better to go down is an idiot,end of
"Where did he get his book of excuses from?" Randy Lerner's PR staff. Our club is a going to the dogs whilst a billionaire fleeces its loyal supporters with the aim of recovering the money he loaned us, before selling us. The only thing relegation means to this leech, is an extra few years in cutting back more to enable that debt to be paid back, then off he will sail. By that stage, our beloved club will be nothing more than a middle to lower rank championship club. That is where we are people, hard to swallow i know, but unless we the fans, do something soon, we are royally gone. Lets get behind the lads for the Norwich , but Boycott the Chelsea game. Its the only way.
Dennis Jones
We do have 2 natural wingers ... One of them is out on loan., one has been injured since the summer, one is playing right back because the manager doesn't have a problem with Lowton, one is not being picked despite being the best player for weeks, one was bought in the summer and shoots from 40 yards 6 times a game. The players are there and he played in position would perform. Only half the team Sunday were playing in their natural positions, it's madness
Astonbilla the teams that go down, re-group and bounce straight back have some sort of stability and commitment, and even then there are no guarantees. QPR arent nailed on to get back up first attempt and nor are Reading or Wigan. Wed be unlikely to have the same manager (hopefully I never wanted him and take no pleasure in having been right) but also where do you think this war chest of 100m would come from? Why not spend 40-50m now (or back in January) and pretty much guarantee staying up? That money isnt there. Wed instantly lose the few decent players weve got (Benteke, Vlaar, Gabby etc) and probably have a team where Westwood and Bennett would be our best players. Is there some parallel world where this could be a good thing? Weve all hated this last 4 years and flirting with relegation, but rolling over and saying put us out of our misery is defeatist and could ultimately destroy us. Will we bounce straight back because of our history? Because of our nice ground? Plentiful fans? Wednesday, Leeds and before that Preston and others will have all thought the same. I fear for us anyway while Lamberk and Lerner are in the picture, but relegation could be the final nail. Hanging on in the Prem by our fingertips until some crazy arab/Chinese benefactor comes along is all I can see as a light in the tunnel. Any other light is just an oncoming train.
Spence 85 You're entitled to call me an idiot ,I think you're a rude ignoramus end of . Only team I've said that the ideal solution would be for Lerner to loosen the pursestrings ,you say the monies not there. I bow to your greater knowledge .I also didn't say we'd bounce straight back , I said it was a risk . But I'll leave you with a thought, who's fans are happier at the moments us or the Wolves ? Most of my Wolves friends are chirpy at the moment, I can't find a Villa friend who is
I think the name-calling is ridiculous and childish, and very unnecessary. I admit that I, too, once considered whether dropping down a league would be beneficial for AVFC, where it would enable us to play our home-grown youngsters to develop them into Premiership players and help lose the dead-wood in the squad. But dropping down to the Championship is far too great a risk to think it's beneficial to Villa, with the examples of Sheff Weds, Notts Forest and Leeds already have been mentioned. And I'm sure that I'd rather be an unhappy fan watching Premier League games than a happy one watching League 1.
Im as fed up as anybody Astonbilla none of this is good enough for the club I love. But Id rather be a Villa fan in the Conference than a doghead in any division. My greater knowledge? Very kind of you! Im sure Mr Lerner could afford 100m, but it seems clear to me that hes stopped investing big bucks in the Villa.
Also, AstonBilla, it's not like our recent Cup runs give us any confidence to say that we can beat lower league teams! And that's with players like Benteke and Gabby still in the match day squad!
Think most of the clubs in the bottom half are wishing they had appointed a guy whoose brand of football I cant stand Tony Pulis. Trouble is I am watching the same brand without the results and accompanied by the words we will be fine after every loss.
I'd be a Villa fan if were in the conference or even the South Birmingham Sunday League (if it still exists), I have been for 58 years & I don't intend to stop now . I'm really hoping that Lerner didn't loosen the pursestrings in Jan but might at seasons end with a new manager . Somebody who believes that the best way to win games is to attack , not parking the bus ,not hoofball . I'm shocked that anybody would rather struggle in the prem than be happy in league one , some of my happiest Villa memories are when we fought our way back from league 3 as it was then, beating the mighty Bournemouth et al . My mind has blanked out the descent but loved the fight back which over a ten year period went from 3rd division to European champions . I think if you experienced that then relagation doesn't hold that many fears.
astonbilla,i have never said the money is not there!! , when you recall the good old days of the third division I also was there home and away, but football has moved on look at wolves they will not be a premier force for some time, if we take the drop it will be worse, what we have to do is invest more wisely, and give the academy lads more bench time, sorry if you were offended by the word idiot, but hope you see where I am coming from, one old un to the other
I mean really is this what Lerner has done to villa. Fans talking they would be happy in the conference league.... Comical some of the stuff written here.
Ali Arab
I have suspicions that all of Lambert's post match press conferences are in fact the same one re-screened each time as the format and excuses remain identical at each one:- The Lads played Well. We deserved a point. You can't knock their effort. Blah, blah, blah
Ali you've misunderstand ,we were just saying we'd still support the Villa regardless of what league they were in ,as I'm sure you would. Spence I do see where you're coming from ,I'm just sick of the crap football we play week after week & barely surviving in a league where the standard is falling season after season . I'm glad we're playing on Sunday this week, so I can enjoy the other games before we dish up our usual pile of s****e. Hopefully I'm wrong & it will be a feast of attacking football with us winning 5-2 in a pulsating game. I can only dream !!

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