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Aston Villa - Who Is To Blame?

revolutionatlast says:

Like many, I've been agonising over the decline of our club.

Consider the stats: worst home record in the top 4 divisions, pitiful possession and pass completion.

Pundits describe dire football; fans all cry for a quality attacking midfielder and never get one.

Why keep playing 4-3-3 at home when our weak midfield gets overrun and our strikers isolated?

Why can't we knock the ball about at home? Because the team isn't capable.

I've been getting as fed up with Lambert as anyone: his team, his philosophy, he's had time and he's had money (7th biggest spender in the league I read, though I don't know how)

So I decided that I blamed him.

But now I want to stick with him and I want to try and persuade you to. I changed my mind when Cardiff sacked Malky Mackay and hired Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Cardiff: newly promoted, smaller fanbase than ours, no more than a reasonable war chest for transfers probably and a mental chairman. Now Ole may prove to not be much cop in the long run but Randy had him on his jet before Lambert so he must have been his first choice. Ole you remember had personal reasons for not wanting to come to England yet a few months later here he is. Between the lines? We're flat broke and lack ambition.

If you really can't afford decent players and you're starting with a small squad with huge wages, you're forced to take punts aren't you? I admit the French second division is taking the Michael and a lot of our signings have been poor but if you're forced to pay peanuts...

Lambert's strategy of blooding young players is fraught with pitfalls - when confidence is high it's great but when it's not everything goes to pot and everyone's afraid to want the ball especially with the moans and groans from home fans (however justified!) But if our budget is as catastrophic as I now think, it's maybe the only viable strategy going. At least whilst we aren't perfect at the back we're far tighter than we were and if we'd been able to rely on Benteke to score anything like last year we'd have a fair few more points too.

When he tried free-flowing football we got destroyed. We're more cautious now so it seems a case of a few ugly points and survive or play nice football and go down like Wigan.

An ugly choice but one forced on us by the chairman imo not Lambert - he tried to play decent football at his other clubs - why wouldn't he here unless he just didn't think he could?

If Lambert was sacked How much of our already paltry budget would be lost to compensation?

If we couldn't attract Solskjaer, a young (exciting) but unproven manager, who can we really expect to come and achieve more than Lambert with less? I can't think of anyone I'd trust that I think would actually come. Besides, changing managers regularly is damaging and partly why we're here in the first place. As long as we have Randy I hate to say that we are no more a sleeping lion than Nottingham Forest. We're has-beens with a small cheaply assembled squad that plays poor football with only a decent number of fans who watch it and with our posh training ground, we're like a chav trying to pick up girls in his Porsche only to take them home to his mum's house.

No, I'm blaming Randy and Paul Faulkner. So please: give roaring on those useless young blighters one last go, ignore Lambert for now and unfurl a banner asking Randy to watch a game at VP and spend some $$$ or sell to someone who will. I'm sure the training ground is wonderful, coaches to away games must be a godsend, the refurbishments beautiful: the investments have been admirable. But they've dried up. I can cope without a chairman that throws billions at us. I can cope with not competing for Champions League.

But I can't cope with being so frugal that we're comparing ourselves (and not always favourably) with Cardiff and Crystal Palace et al. I think some fans need to be more realistic about just how big we are these days but I can't understand why a club like ours can be allowed to repeatedly fight relegation.

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The Journalist

Writer: revolutionatlast  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 8 2014

Time: 10:44AM

Your Comments

Ole was only being offered an interview though. One of a list. The jet was sent because it was a public holiday in Norway and our lot much have wanted to get on with it. At the time he had only just moved back to Molde (sp?) think it was less than a couple of months, he has family/friends etc there he'd have been letting down if he walked straight back out? It is a shame we didn't get him, it would have been interesting, although Lambert looked the far more sensible option. Who is to blame? Poor managers, poor decisions and yes, Randy has to take blame for a good part of that. But I don't think this manager has helped at all. As some who are remaining positive are saying though, we are 11th still (at the moment... gulp) in the league. All in all, bit of a fecker isn't it revoltionatlast? Well written and thought provoking, cheers for article.
The Fear
randolph lerner for being a liar with his intentions from the beginning...
Ali Arab
we can't ever find out what is going on behind closed doors. We will never find out whose plan this was but Lambert seems to be making the worst of a bad situation (created by Lerner and Faulkner?)
plastic villan
Not sure he lied, he tried, he may well have failed. But money was spent, MON was backed etc. That doesn't make him a liar Ali, that is a bit too far in my very humble opinion and i'm not jumping to anyones defense here, I don't like where we are at football style wise etc at all... not one bit.
The Fear
I blame Randy, not sure any manager could succeed under the current restrictions. Think Faulkner gets a lot of unjustified criticism, he's an employee of Randys. He does what he's told, like we all have to when at work.
NI Villan
Molde's owners blackmailed OGS into staying -- so just bad luck for Villa that the time was wrong Lambert was the fans choice ! Building a squad takes time when it is done from the ground upwards --- not an easy task when it's done in the Prem with fans over eager for succcess & too quick to critcise any signs of failure . 11th place is nothing like fighting relegation even if the gap between the European slots & relegation is so narrow . And if Villa's season follows the pattern of last , as it well could the club will , starting from 11th be well placed to finish far higher than last season
The trouble is that our very obvious "inadequacies" are exacerbated by what appears to be a lack of action in the transfer window. Whilst it's obvious to everyone that we need an experienced creative midfielder, a left back, an experienced central defender, and has been for months, our action in the transfer window will come at the end of the window thus throwing away games and points. Surely they was looking to address these issues before the window opened?
Randy caught a cold with MON and found out the hard way that buying a prem. league club is far more costly than he thought after a failed attempt at chumps league. I believe hes lost interest in the project wants his money back asap. Which is why Martinez & others turned the job down. Lambert took the poisen chalice invented his youth policy got rid of the high earners and so far has kept us in the prem.and more importantly to Lerner kept the gates up making him Lerners golden boy while it lasts. As for being 11th at the moment great but most of the fans see our current form as the worry with only one win at mighty sunderland in 5 games. The minute we lose Guzan.Vlar,Benteke or Gabby we struggle. I for one will be much relieved when we get to 40 pts never mind finishing 11th. cynical ? low expectations ? you bet under the current chairman & board no confidence whatsoever.
A very interesting read, and good to gauge other people's perspectives of whats going on at VP. Whilst I completely agree with you on the blame laid at Randy's door, I do feel that Lambert and his staff have to take a portion of the blame too. Comments such as those about the FA Cup, regardless of context, are damaging to the squad and their motivation/belief (as a player, I'd wonder if Lambert had faith in my ability to play at my best an extra 6 or so games in a season). His admission that we "don't set our stall up any different away from home than at home" shows a tactical naivety, in my opinion - opponents will change their style and approach when they play away, so why don't we? And, whilst we don't have the most talented footballers on the planet at our disposal, they are still, halfway through the season, making the most basic of mistakes, failing to execute the most basic skills you'd expect of Premier League footballers (such as not throwing the ball straight to an opponent, first touches, attacking movement). That all comes down to the coaching they are receiving, and the analysis that is apparently not being done post-match. My point is blame can be apportioned to different people for different aspects of where we find ourselves. At least, that is my opinion, and I fully accept others will see it differently.
Im thoroughly on the fence...
Agree totally Bristol Villan I backed Lambert from day 1 and still hold out some hope based mainly on the end of season performances and start to this season. But I find myself cringing at his post match comments or excuses these days. He finally seems to have seen the light regarding a creative or attacking midfielder which just about every villa fan was screaming for during the summer. And the announcement from the club that money is available gives you hope untill you hear we are considering a bid of 1.5 mill for Hoolaghan. Said it before the only thing that affects Randys thinking at Villa Park is the amount of bums on seats it was proved by Mcleish I hope he wakes up and invests before folk stop going.
Randy Lerner backed MoN we keep hearing this, but what about the rest? Its all right talking about the past but after MoN Randy sanctioned the sales of all our best players Milner Ash Barry Downing ok so what was provided in funds to replace these players? Nowhere near enough all this mess is about is Randy won't sell us til he gets his money back and until then we are going to struggle at best and have to watch this type of dire football from non premiership quality players by a manager that belongs in the lower tiers of football, its all gone pete tongue and we will go down soon this season next but its coming you just feel it!
I agree lambert must shoulder some blame. I just worry the grass isn't always greener either. And unfortunately when you keep losing, there's not a great deal you can say! I would love to see us go in for lescott: a fan of the club looking to get in the shop window ahead of the World Cup just might take a pay cut for a 6 month loan before landing one last contract somewhere next season. With him in we could break okore back gently and rest/rotate the others at the back.
And I'm not sure just how attacking he is but Defour seems a great shout. We were once linked with him when he played alongside Fellaini. Players not getting games at big clubs should be the starting point of a search for us - an option only possible in a World Cup year when players need games. I'm sure Hoolahan would be fine (we'll pick ourselves up and go again- sorry, force of habit!) but even we can surely do better in the circumstances. One big player can make a huge difference- look at arsenal
Great article I agree with you 100% I hate to accept we have no future and our only dream is to be a mid table team We have gone thro many manager but One person Remains Randy Bloody Lerner A great club and history with no future Villa Fans and blogs have to unite to condemn everything he has done There should be no one defending the un defendable There is too much talk about what he has given us Please show me the bottom line showing what he has taken out and what has been written off the rest is mathematical *********
Kevin Starkey
By my maths Lerner should have recouped something in the tune of 70 million off the sales of Young,Barry,Milner and Downing plus god knows how much in wages since the appointment of Lambo ?,anyone better at maths and this issue of ins n outs to give us a something like figure ?
Bruno Villa
Bottom line Kevin, a damn sight less than he's put in is the bottom line (5-10% is best guess and even that's probably a sky high assumption with how everything is structured, but with the club losing money, even some of the interest payments he's had back have been offset by other cash injections, translating some debt into shares so it's gone back to him BUT not in cash terms and so on) and it's debateable whether he'll ever get it back, but that's the perils of football ownership ultimately. We tried and failed, and since then we've repeatedly failed unfortunately.

Bruno, big difference between the clubs books and then Randy's return ie money taken back out physically by him. As well as the sales of some players though, for book value, you have to factor in those players we couldn't give away having paid millions for them and that's where it gets complicated and it's too late lol
No argument Randy invested heavily and is probably still owed 100 mill + its all in the perspective. If your a billionaire then its a boys toy bought for a bit of fun but trying to run it at a profit is beyond most clubs today. I am sure the respective owners of chelsea and are owed probably 10 times that figure if truth was made public. Not saying Lerner should not have his investment back but most of it will probably be covered by what he sells the club for.

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