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Villa's Light At The End Of Tunnel Turned Off?

AVFC4ME says 'Villa Fans: Please note in order to save money the light at the end of the tunnel has been switched off until further notice'

Hi Villans.

Long time reader but first time writer so go easy on me...!

I wondered though if anyone knew the plan?

When Randy Lerner first arrived he and his board publicly spelt out their vision for the club to fans; 'Within 5 years we will be in the Champions League' and assured us that yes the board definitely did know what that would mean. 5 years came and went and clearly the project failed. As a fan I'm ok with that on face value. We tried. We gave it a bloody good go. But we fell short. Hey at least we had a go!

There are many reasons why we failed, but that is not what this article is about.

So what are we going to do now?

Where to from here? Rebuild and try again? Nobody seems to know!

There has been very little communication from the club since. We're now 3 years on and nobody has even acknowledged the failure. Nobody from the club has come out and said 'look, we tried but it didn't work out'. Nobody has said 'we took a real financial hit there and we need to downsize for a while'. As fans all we really want is to know is that there is some light at the end of the tunnel. That the management team know what they are doing.

What's the new 5 year plan? If it's to run as meagrely as possible for the next couple of years and then mount another serious challenge, fine. If it's to spend the least amount possible to avoid relegation for x years and then try again, fine. Hell even if it's let's drop down a tier, get rid of the deadwood, rebuild and come back stronger over the next 5 years, tell us - you might find we're ok with that too provided there is a vision! But instead we have nothing. No plan. No communication.

We continue to plod along winning the odd match, drawing, losing - it doesn't really seem to matter to anybody. Nobody at the club really seems to care. We're just assured that we'll be alright and we'll keep going. We haven't heard a single word from Mr Lerner or the board for months and months.

Are we rebuilding?

Are we planning another top four challenge?

Or have we just accepted lower table mediocrity and mediocre football?

Has the board lost interest?

There will always be a battle in football between 'business' and 'sport'. Frustrations kicked in with Mr Ellis when he continued to run the club as a business season after season - happy to finish comfortably mid table year after year and finish the financial year showing a small profit. Maybe we could have won more titles if he'd invested that little bit more. Purchased that one key player. But what if he invested more and then failed to win more? With a business hat on maybe that's too risky a decision to make so let's just finish profitably and comfortably instead.

As fans we care not for business or finances and want to see out-and-out sport - the best of the best battling it out, giving their all for the badge, pushing the boundaries in an attempt to be crowned the best in the land. After all, that's what sport is all about right? Beating an opponent? We're all intelligent enough to understand there are financial implications though and we expect the club to be run in a financially sustainable way in order that we can continue to compete into the future.

So most of us accept that we needed to downsize after our failed project. Most of us understand that we had a need to shed some cost in order to rebuild. But we just want some reassurance that there is a reason for it; that board has an end game. That we are eventually going to start rebuilding.

So I ask simply, what is the plan? What do we do now?


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The Journalist

Writer: AVFC4ME Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 7 2014

Time: 10:42AM

Your Comments

very good article, sensible points raised. Same as you, no idea and mucho frustration at the seeming lack of direction and communication.
The Fear
A good piece. I'm not sure about the club ever turning a profit under Ellis but I agree with the general sentiment 100%
villan of the north
Oh, and a great tag-line. I do hope that wasn't Fear's as he knows how I hate to compliment him.
villan of the north
Rudderless ship springs to mind.
plan is sustainability, good owners invest and increase the equity in the club. take abramovich. he has created a brand, once he gets his new stadium, the club could be worth in excess of 1.5 billion. hence he is in profit. this is not a profit business where you should look at yearly accounts, but if done correctly at the end you can have a huge payoff (you need a 20 year vision. when ellis sold to lerner we were such a good proposition, ready for the next owner to take us to the next level like arsenal, have done over the last 15 years.lerner is killing this club, making it a laughing stock, the stingy clueless idiot should just go away
Ali Arab
Great article. Sadly, I don't think that there is a plan now or if there is it's not sustainable or realistic. Randy should've got one of those "build your own empire or society" games instead of trying to play god with our football team, whilst employing yes men who know equally feeble amounts about the game to feed his ego.
Ali Arab ..... Abramovic has spent over a billion already, those Russian companies that sponsor Chelsea are shell companies that he pumps money into so he can basically sponsor his own club without failing the UEFA Financial Fair Play rules .... same as City with Mansour investing £440m into his brothers airline then his brothers airline sponsoring their stadium for £44m a year over 10 years ... it pays for their wage bill. Both of these guys can lose up to 4 or 5 billion pounds and still be in the top 20 rich list in the world, they don't have much global income compared to the true elite clubs such as Real, Barca, Man Utd, Milan etc etc .... Man Utd sustain their elite status by income from around the world, they sell over a million replica shirts per year compared to our 16,000 or so, Arsenal are run very well and use their income wisely and are the only Premier League team in profit but again have massive revenues from around the world in merchandise, Liverpool do OK too globally year on year....... Lerner has realised that trying to compete with these clubs will ruin him, it's not his money alone, it's his family trust for all of them and although it may seem a lot to us lot it would soon go losing £50m+ a year chasing a dream. Our plan is to stabilise the club and live within our means. Unfortunately the realism of this is that we are only around 10th/11th in the Premier League on revenues coming in. Unless some ultra rich buyer comes in wanting a play thing and buys us, we will have to exist where we can afford to. If we can build a decent squad over the next three years through youth and hunger then that will take us higher. We can't even fill our stadium unless we play a big team and even then the stands are full of their glory hunters and not us. Can't see anyone wanting a club in Birmingham, just not fashionable enough I'm afraid. UTV
I will hate myself for this for a long time, but got to agree with everything 444 has just said. Now off for a lie down in a darkened room. Great article by the way - done nothing to lift my gloom, but very well written.
........... as for 'the plan' .. it's simple do your best with what you've got and get stable in the top half pushing for cups ... hopefully Lambert will get it right and adapt to suit, he is a good manager and will make mistakes, at this level its hard and everything gets punished.
Very good post. The plan is to get rid of the high earners but then what happens after is hard to tell. I don't think the policy of signing £1-2m players will last much longer once the high earners are out but where we go from there I don't know. Top 6, top 8, or just a case of sustainability first, league later?
Astonmilan, thats the problem though, for a mid table side such as ours, the cups are worth their weight in gold and give fans excitement as well as a chance at europe each year. Then Lambert writes them off as a distraction and stuffs it up two years running to lower league teams. Last year he admitted to making mistakes against Bradford, only for it to happen again this year. The only progress shown is that we lost to league one this year and league two last year, fantastic that. I was a total Lambert backer when he came on and right up to very recently too, but the stupid comments he comes out with ('i call them number 10s', being happy with 28% possession and a nicked goal) and the consistently crap football means I am losing trust rapidly.
Clueless? Idiotic? Both matters of opinion. Stingy? I can only assume that you are looking at the world through the wrong end of the telescope. In the 7+ years that Lerner has been at Villa we have spent a net £106m on transfers. That's 106,000,000 pounds. Not 106 jelly babies or sherbert lemons but 106,000,000 pounds. And this is before taking any account of wages. This is an amount of money that most of us cannot even imagine never mind spend. You talk about money as if it grows on trees. Lerner may be many things but stingy he is not.
chocolate teapot
astonmilan... when ellis sold, we were a great proposition, at end of the day london is the only fashionable city in the uk, if manchester and liverpool clubs can make it, no reason why a birmingam club cant...i agree with the premier league being a billionaire club rather then a millionaire club...the moral of the story is, if you spend loads there is a return, but the scary thing is that spending loads can also take a club into liquidation. we have an owner who knows nothing about football or business.
Ali Arab
AHAVFC ..... i didn't see Lambert deriding the cup, I saw a journo asking an awkward question and getting a honest answer. We are in bad form yes, but we have played well this year too and we have a paper thin squad with little experience. I'm as down as anyone, but Lambert knows the game better than any of us, no matter what we may think we know. I don't think the club want to be lumbered with mercenaries any more, I think they play down the money available because we have been took for muppets in the past by clubs and agents. I believe the players we need will come but once you've bought them then you're stuck with them and still have to pay them. There is definitely room in our wage structure for better players once the Given/Hutton/Bent/Ireland/Nzogbia situation is gone as they alone are spping around £15m a year in wages. I wonder about Lambert sometimes but I also think he can get it right. UTV
Well written AVFC4ME. The lack of communication is a point I have also harped on about. If this was a business, in any other industry, the level of customer service demonstrated by team Lerner would result in there being no customers left and he would be forced to pawn off the furniture. When will he start treating us with respect? If he wants us to buy into the vision then PLEASE give us an updated progress report on how it is going or even what it is. As the article points out, if he wants us to buy into it then let us know what he wants to buy into. Basic Marketing 101 Mr Lerner!!!!! I guess he thinks he can treat us like mushrooms because (rightly) we are lost souls who are too late to pledge allegiance to another team. However like other postings, I too have seen family members (3nephews) and my now my 6yr old son spurn my attempts to follow the Villians. It hurts but I don't blame them. And if Lerner doesn't realise we melodising the future supporter base of our fine club, then it won't be long before Villa Park attendance resemble that of a church pew
marlin magic
Liverpool are Liverpool Ali, one of the greatest clubs in the world and has the attraction for top players. Manchester is very fashionable for footballers too which I would think was quite obvious. And when Ellis sold we were cheap and Lerner bought everything Stadium/training grounds/squad/properties for a song .... then he threw money at it and lost approx £138m in the three years from 2009-2012. Thats was more than it took to break Leeds Utd, Portsmouth and the behemoth that is Glasgow Rangers FC, this was under our 'saviour' the great and revered throughout football Martin O'Neill !!! who got us where ? the best of the rest ? into Europe and never played a full side in it ? I think we can forgive him for being a tad cautious nowadays and not bumping the club we all love.
The problem is Lamberts determination not to sign any older players....all the top teams have experience in there respected teams: Gerrard, Terry, Ferdinand etc. I was amazed in close season why we never tried to bring Gareth Barry back to the club? He seemed to be just the player we needed. In my opinion no matter how young the side is you always need a couple of older heads...
Richard Hickman
To all the above one answer EVERTON they did it right on a relatively small budget and are currently at least mounting a challenge to the money elite. A good Chairman who chooses his managers carefully.
Merlin 128777 you are spot on ..... their Chairman is a total one off though and has vast football knowledge and experience, very rare nowadays.
I think the plan seems to be to run on as little money as possible while staying in the premier league until we can pay off the loans owed to Randy and he can sell up.
plastic villan
you are safe villan of the north, wasn't mine and I thought the same, great tag line.

Agree teapot, it isn't for the lack of money, it is for the lack of a) the right manager b) decent advice on the board from football men c) the wrong managers (which is like a really!) but money has been put in, I get the feeling his fingers have been burned, he's seen a lot of money go to nothing (eg Bent... don't worry 444, that isn't in praise of him my good man!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and now the latest 'disaster' ... not easy for us to take, not easy for him to take, not easy at all. It's a mess and he will surely know that as much as us really. Not sure what the answer is, people can say get out, sell up etc but at the money we are talking now, it isn't quite as simple and I'm sure he'd sell us today if he got the chance, but will we get the takers? I wouldn't be surprised if people are looking, we are a sleeping giant, but then, there are probably cheaper options. A club like Leeds would cost much less, just as big a proposition etc. Ramble over, not sure what point I was making!
The Fear
Ali Arab you are spot on Lerner has failed us on every level If this was Ellis we would have trebled the Support VFC had in the now Good Old Days We are the New Circus in the Town no New Circus touring England
Kevin Starkey
Jon We support Aston Villa First and not the Owner We should not Feel Sorry for him He Was always going to Take Money out of the Club, everything he did was set up to do this via the Trust management fees etc He was prepared to make money so he also has to Take the pain He need to offer the club up in a similar state to what Ellis did now he has lost all interest It is blatantly clear he has no interest in us now as he never attends We Aston Villa and he should at least understand that
Kevin Starkey
astonmilan Lambert is a good Manager...Can you back that up with a bit of fact please because he turned Villa into the worst most dreadful football team i've seen at Villa Park in 45 years...The bloke hasn't got a clue!!!
The Fear we have been lucky the last couple of years when we bought Bent His goals kept us up last year it was Benteke's. This no Bent and Benteke's not firing mainly due to injury and no service. Make no mistake unless we sign that creative midfielder we are going to be in deep s,,,t.
Sorry but I don't buy into this lets feel sorry for Lerner cos he's spunked 100 plus million net on us or whatever it is. In one of the few interviews he did when he took us on, he stated owning Villa was going to be about the prestige and hopefully winning honours . He also stated and this is the key point that if it was about money he could earn more by investing in stock markets. It's no good whinging years later that a series of twonk managers that he employed have blown all his cash. He also must have fed Ellis a right load of horse *****e cos I remember Ellis going on the simon mayo show on radio 5 saying how we'd win the league within 3 years. If he's not interested anymore he needs to look the villa faithful in the eyes and tell us straight. We'll get over it!
Ok Jinksy ....... we have the leagues 10th best revenues coming in, some £15m per year still being paid out to players who don't play that were brought in by other managers or injured in Nzogbias case (that by the way were experienced by still couldn't be arsed) .... what do you do ? who do you bring in ? who is going to manage us ? ..... Sunderland and West Ham have spent big, so big Cardiff .. where are they ?? below us. Spurs spent stupidly and excessively .. where are they ?? dropping like a stone, Southampton playing ticka tacka football and spent big ? 4 points above us with a fully seasoned and established squad ...... we have lost Okore before he got started, Vlaar for most of it, Lowton and Westwood with knocks and loss of form (which happens to youngsters) Benteke out for most of it injured and Gabby in and out with knocks. Juggling around a very inexperienced team with players who aren't really settled is tough and I reckon if the right players can come in it will sort itself out over the coming months ... but you have to be careful who you buy and what % of income they take up. Sick of seeing duffers come through the door to appease some fans who have a couple of good games then sit bag receiving a fat cheque. We may struggle for another year but and this one hasn't gone to plan, but I believe it will come right and if this window can bring a couple of quality players in for the defence and midfield we will be stronger.
Hey Kevin, all well, long time no speak! No, only people I feel sorry for are the Villa fans, us lot. Difficult to feel too much sympathy for billionaires really. But I don't believe he'll ever make money buying us, it is a mental industry, anyone buying it for profit would have to be doolally ... and I think we can all agree doolally is a word not used nearly enough !
The Fear
sid god, win the league in 3 years, you gotta laugh at the crook. where is his mate the general, the one who fought in nam (dagenham). lerner and his business associates are con men. they conned an american football team for 15 years, and ran away with a healthy profit at the end. same he will do with us, another 10 years of misery and sell at a profit at the end. he knew the premier league is going to be the most marketable sports franchise in the world. just look at tv revenues the way they grow year in year out. i assure you when lerner sells he will make a huge amount of money....
Ali Arab
I can see a boycott starting if things don't improve. Lerner cannot own this club for as long as he owned The Browns for. That would spell the end........
astonmilan - Take away the jammy wins at Southampton, Arsenal & Sunderland + Man City at home and where does that leave us? We have been lucky our Football has been shocking, his signings have been shocking, he makes no sense ever...But he's a good Manager Bull S""T. You can make up all the excuses in the world for him but the facts are this team is rubbish the worst i have ever seen and all Paul Lamberts fault. Bradford was down to Paul Lambert, Millwall Paul Lambert, Sheffield Utd Paul Lambert...Sorry i'm not having any of it the bloke is out of his depth. It's took him 18 months to go back to square 1 and say we need experiance what like the experiance he got rid of? Well Wes WHolawatsit isn't going to be the saviour of Aston Villa he can't bloody get in the Norwich team...Good Manager sorry he's a shocking Manager and his team relfects him perfectly..Yes his team he spent £40m on. When was he a good Manager? You are guessing!!!
Well said Jinksy. is Wes Hoojamaflip better than Stephen Ireland? Or Nzog (who will be sold the minute he's on crutches)? Won't convince the lamberk fans though - they'll say you're negative, not a realist etc; "what do you expect, we're only Aston Villa". Wake up pro-lamberks, while your loyalty is touching, the 3 amigos at the top are destroying this club. Aston Villa isn't about being adequate. It's not about just scraping through each season. A few years ago most of us were p****d off to be finishing 6th each year. We've got to get back to that, not be content with dross. Would love one of the lamberk fans to explain in one sentence or more how he's a "good manager".
onlyteaminthemids .... do you know Hoolahan ? do you know his stats ? Stephen Ireland is *****e, he had one good season in 2006.. wow ! he's had one good game for Stoke ! wow ..... next you'll be telling me Barry Bannan is better than Hoolahan because he's had a couple of decent games for Palace FFS ... Nzogbia ? had a career of moving around because he becomes lazy after his first few games and sulks, had a few good games when Wigan stayed up, we need to keep trying to bring the right players in. Had we had a settled defence this year we would have pushed on .... blame blame blame but still no mention of the players we can bring in .... oh wait don't tell me Defoe, Barry, Lescott .... yawwwwwn ... We have played well in games this season .... just the squad is too small to deal with whats happened to us ... no leaders on the pitch.
............. as for being *****ed off for only coming 6th ?? we were punching above our weight and writing cheques we couldn't afford mate ........... yes it was great for a while .. well away from home, the home form was just as ***** .. but look where it left us, this is when supporters have to support and help, not jeer and boo because Messi aint signed and our form is dire ..... only a desperate manager would come to us now for the pay cheque ... Villa Park is ruined by the fickle****s who can't even be bothered to cheer the players on and give them support ..... back in the division two days under Taylor it was bad but the noise around VP was there pushing us on even when we looked like Accrington Stanley ........ 12th man ? my arse, most are waiting for us to fail to make themselves feel vindicated for their boo's .... it's not just the team, our fans are the laughing stock of the Prem
Hmm, where do I start… few good points astonmilan, although as you might expect wouldn’t entirely agree. Yes, followed Hoolahan’s progress for a few years and certainly when he was at Blackpool I thought he might be worth a punt, but not convinced he’s pulled up any trees since. I’ve probably gone off topic a bit in picking on him but it’s not about him, it’s about the state of our club and the way too many seem to be wandering bleary eyed into the abyss. This isn’t all just going to get better. Getting back to some of your points, Bannan is no world beater, but he pooed all over our ‘midfield’ the other week and I can’t help wondering if the weight of expectation has really damaged him and a few others, being brought in and relied upon in numbers and too soon. Lots of us used to watch youth/reserve matches and think Bannan, Clark, Weimann, Gary G and a few others would give us a world beating team. I still think that if they’d been drip fed into a decent and experienced team they’d have been alright – we basically destroyed them. Ireland? I’m not bothered about how he’s played for Stoke, point is he’s a really talented player who we’ve only rally seen glimpses of and again not got the best out of. He’s got the football vision to be lamberk’s fabled ‘number 10’, but the current manager clearly can’t handle sharing the limelight with experienced, talented players. You don’t rate N’Zogbia? Are you saying you wouldn’t have him in our side then? Rather play Sylla or Westwood? He was an awesome player at Wigan and again could be just what we need – but Lambo seems to want him gone. For pure talent I doubt we’ve got anyone better – perhaps you’re thinking Bowery or Bennett? “had we had a settled defence this year we’d have moved on”!!!! FFS, if my granny had cojones she’d have been my granddad. We haven’t got one and guess who has put together the defence, as well as the rest of the side. Who do you think is responsible for managing all aspects of this football club? What’s wrong with Barry, Defoe and Lescott by the way? While not a massive fan of the latter, he’s better than any defender we’ve got. Don’t you rate them, or are you buying into this Lidl/Primark Villa thing where we haven’t a pot to wee in? Interesting that the big hoohah last year was to not get relegated because it was the year when revenues REALLY shoot up. Where are ours? Where are the Prem level players. We’ve got perhaps two players who would get into a top 4 squad, and maybe another 3-4 who would get into the other mid table sides. The squad isn’t good enough and lamberk bought most of them. I’ve had ups and downs supporting Villa, including div 3, so don’t class myself as a glory hunter or fair weather, I don’t want to go back to the dark days. When died in the wool Villa fans start to see the club as average/ordinary etc, you’re legitimising everything Randolph and Co are doing. ‘No leaders on the pitch’; again, who’s fault is this? Mine? The window cleaner’s? As for punching above our weight, that position is roughly where we are if you look at the brief history of the Prem, or the longer history of English football. We’re somewhere in the top 4-6 and shouldn’t be content to let that slip year on year. For the record I’ve never booed, and never will boo any Villa player – while they’re in claret and blue I’ll want nothing but success for them, but it doesn’t mean we have to like what’s going on. Would you suggest we all go down there when Arsenal rip us a new one and smile sweetly, thanking Randolph and his cronies for all they’ve done?
Can't really add anymore. So all I will say is - Light at the end of the tunnel?, the weather forecast says heavy thick fog for the foreseeable future!!
Pride of Lions
I have read everyone of the above comments and it amazes me,no matter what we say,do or think ?,Lerner and Lambo have a plan ?,wtf it is none of us know but one thing is for sure we will be here a long time after they've gone,Oh an according to BBC sport we're in talks with Manc City for Lescott at 31 we might be his last chance at regular footy
Bruno Villa
Haven't read all the above but at the end of the day ( I know it's a cliché) we are mid table. Things could be much worse gents. I know we as The Villa deserve more but it is not the end of the world. LERNER OUT still.
Thanks guys, glad I stirred up a bit of debate! Just in response to comments regarding the fans; I'd say we're pretty damn spectacular! We may not agree with each other on everything - what's best for the club, managers, charimen, players, formation, investment etc etc but look at the passion in all of these posts! That's what it's all about and no one can take that away from us. UTV
We're only mid table because teams below us are worse,the quality of football is dire tbh but as AVFC4ME hints ?,the passion of us lot is brilliant and we always support OUR club,do believe if Lambo signs 5 players of the right quality in the right position ?,we'll push up table and REALLY want him to prove us all wrong for the good of Villa
Bruno Villa
This is a MUST READ, something deffinetly happening behind the scenes
it isn't a must read at all! That could easily be paper shuffling or just trust rules, ie you can only loan so much for so long without interest.
The Fear
It may well be... It could also be some investment from Randy or from outside??
think we'll soon find out it isnt', a statement will be released. Paper shuffling..! Honest! :)
The Fear
Always the barer of good news!! Oh well at least I had high hopes for a few hours!! :)
The past speaks volumes Martinez & Ole Gunner both we assume turned us down after speaking to Lerner. Lambert was apparently willing to tow the line hence his youth policy wage bill is slashed as we unload the high earners. Lerner must be well pleased as he has kept us in the prem. so far and the gates unlike under Mcleish have not fallen. Do I sound cynical ? just a tad. Martinez went to Everton okay I accept by the time he did this they were a more attractive proposition but Ole to Cardiff really does make the Villa job look poor. Yes before anyone screams I know we only "talked" to him but does not look like the "talks" were very attractive to him.I have not given up on Lambert yet but I am afraid I have given up on Lerner I feel he did not realise what he walked into by buying a prem. league club and he now wants his money back asap.
How about this for a fitting quotation: errant consilia nostra, quia non habent quo derigantur; ignoranti quem portum petat nullus suus ventus est. Our plans miscarry because they have no aim. When a man does not know what harbour he is making for, no wind is the right wind. Seneca the younger! 4 BC until 65 AD
For all we know Mr Lerner could have gone on this cost cutting measure to get rid of mediocre,highly paid players with the intention of reinvesting sensibly with a young sensible manager,Lambo may not float everyone's boat but I don't see Lerner selling up ?,if he is looking to sell up at least Villa will be a more attractive proposition for a big time billionaire who doesn't want tons of debt ???
Bruno Villa
Sir Alex Ferguson took years and years to turn Man Utd into a global brand,Arsene Wenger has taken 15 yrs to get it right,apart from Man City and Chelsea who else has had the success we all crave-oh and don't forget we beat both Man City and Arsenal with the meagre squad we have ??,as I've said before with the right quality attacking midfielders,couple quality c/b's and another quality striker we could be on the way up ?
Bruno Villa
Arsene Wenger won the DOUBLE in his SECOND season Bruno!!!!!!!! Not to mention the invincibles............
True,had a long day at work,I apologise but use ferguson as an example for a comment from your good self ??
Bruno Villa
Fair enough. I'm trying to be patient but my patience is being tried and think that Lerner has none. If he really thought that we could bring a team of kids through with NO winning mentality or experience then he's lost the plot as well as his patience so has just given up. He knows that the club will be worth more and more each year just due to inflation and increased interest in the prem as long as we don't get relegated. Wolf in sheeps clothing.
We're all losing patience Villan44,trust me I'm as gutted as you but what realistically can we do under the current regime,we suggest all theses players as we're on outside looking in and see the frailty's why doesn't Lambo read our wishes ?
Bruno Villa

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Win - safety at last 22%
Lose - we go again 55%
Draw 23%