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Lambert - We Deserved A Point

Manager Paul Lambert has said he's very frustrated following the loss to Stoke today because he really believes we deserved something from the game.

I'll say up front, I have not seen this game, and I have only briefly flicked through the forum thread from the game, so I am going to only cover his quotes - I can't offer an opinion on the match, but the consensus is it was dire again.

Speaking to the Official Site after the game, our gaffer said.

'I thought so, I really did, I thought we were worthy of a point from it. I thought we were excellent in the first half. We dominated and looked threatening, even in the second half we had chances. It was a close game. We thought when we got to 1-1 we might have gone on and sneak it. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don't.'

Lambert goes on to reference the saves their keeper was pulling off, and pointed to the one from Kozak specifically. For the gaffer though, he says that the last two games were disappointing but he was pleased with the effort and attitude from the players today, and that did please him.

Of course we did get back into the match somewhat with the goal from Kozak, but the opener from Adam and then of course Crouch again haunting us put an end to whatever chance we may have had.

For the manager he also knows that it wasn't a great game of football because of the weather conditions, but he knows he can't be too critical of us in that regard because it was the same for both sides.

He also commented briefly on the moment that Marc Wilson could've seen a red card having taken out Weimann as the last man, but speaking to the referee he felt the keeper had it safely in hands, so it was a decision that went against us, but he knows we'll have other ones go for us as the season carries on.

That's about all I can say until I see the highlights.

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday December 21 2013

Time: 7:59PM

Your Comments

The man is quickly becoming a joke!
Pride of Lions
Mike, don't bother as Lambert has covered the only points worth mention in and then tried to put the biggest spin on it. A point from the game would of been generous. The problem is we don't create enough chances to even put us in the picture to win a game. That's why lambert has to harp on about a refereeing decision (which I think red would of been very harsh) to change our fortune as we don't have the creative talent to control our own. For gods sake we had to rely on a Stoke player to finally play a ball into Kozak's feet
marlin magic
If Benteke didn't have this poor run we'd have won a game like this.
villian444, benteke could be gone come january, the team out today with the exception of gabby not playing is probably as good as its going to get.
Ali Arab
Did we PL, did we?
Maybe true Ali but PL didn't know he was going to have this run and it may be down to his poor man management but if that's the case then you've got to give him immense praise for getting so much out of him before his injury. The squad is very weak and we all know this but can Lambert be blamed for this under his budget. Surely not.
The away fans deserved a free pint, that's for sure. They NEVER let villa down
The Fear
This club has become the expensive toy that's been put back in the cupboard & forgotten about by a spoilt rich kid!!!
Fine line gdav. Has to be the best thing I've seen to sum up the state of our once great team in one clean swoop. Then again, glad we're not Cardiff with a crazy megalomaniac who even changes the team colours. How many would that upset here? Yes, Learner is not doing us any favours, but there is the paranoid side of me that says be a little bit careful of what you wish for as well.
Windy Villain
No we didn't Lambert. Neither team shoukd have deserved anything, it was a dreadful advert for Premier League. The technical ability of our players to move off the ball, receive a pass, make a pass is Championship level, as is the speed of a lot of them. Clark, Westwood (not athletic enough), Baker, Herd, Lowton, Tonev...I've seen nothing to suggest that these are Premier League quality players this season..
We cannot stop a cross coming in and we cannot defend it when it comes in. We do not create enough so Lambert is becoming delusional
Anthony Pace
We're Aston Villa - we never get what we deserve regardless of who the manager is. Two trophies in 20 years proves that fact.
I can only think he is not wanting to criticise the players. But if he is serious then he needs to go.
bikini inspector
This headline is a joke yes.?, he is clueless on tactics, it's pathetic, I can't stand it anymore, so many for Lambert when he was appointed and I said then he doesn't have a clue tactically and I stand by that.
I stopped reading after, "I thought we were excellent in the first half". That nonsensical drivel made anything else he had to say, absolutely irrelevant. Pathetic.
Sheriff Kimbo
This man is turning into one hell of a joke, disrespecting the fans and insulting our intelligence by trying to state we played well? And that that sack of *****e Weimann comes out saying goals aren't a problem? Our football is getting worse and worse, shove your progress where the sun doesn't shine, there is no progress, the Football is disgusting and as bad as the Mcleish era so why doesn't Lambert get hounded like him? And the first person to pipe up trying to be a "true fan" and give me the crap about it not being Lambert's fault and we have a young inexperienced squad and he has no money, get a grip!! He spent close to 20m in the summer, spent a fair bit the year before and who the hell has he brought in? Benteke, Vlaar and Okore (potentially) are the only quality additions to this squad, the rest are championship material crap, and that is through no fault of his own, the blame is fully on Paul Lambert! If you gave Roberto Martinez, Pochettino, Laudrup etc the resources Lambert has they would get far better quality in, and not some useless crap we posses.
I take it you leave your house or shop online on a medium to regular basis P.Avfc. What can you get for 20 mil these days??? Not even Darren ******** Bencht 3 years ago. Man City don't even have anyone worth less than 20 mil in a squad of 25. ONLY 1 TEAM CAN WIN EACH GAME AND THAT WON'T BE US EVERY WEEK UNLESS WE SPEND AS MUCH AS THE REST. Simple logic and economics. We will get good days when the opposition don't turn up mentally or we have a day when 1 or 2 of our lads plays on top of their game and we'll beat these teams. That is down to good management. Losing is the norm in our current financial predicament. Is it that hard to work out?? Martinez got relegated last ******** season with a squad worth more than ours. Pochettino has inherited a quality youth set up which has been built for years as has Laudrup and their teams were already solid. They've just put the icing on the cake. Lambert is building from scratch as we sold all our quality and patience is needed for the millionth time. We all want to win every week but Randy doesn't give a toss as long as he doesn't lose anymore monies. What happens if we sack PL and the next man turns up ?? He'll be getting the same stick in 6 months time. It's dire to watch at the moment but needs must until Randy spends or sells.
I am sick of hearing the crap,,,and crap it most assuredly is, that Lambert was 'forced' to buy young inexperienced players. He CHOSE to buy those players as he and his chief coach have stated time and time again. The ***** we are in is down to him and him alone and anyone who believes differently is delusional.
agree villian444, lerner has given lambert figures to work with. lerner is by far tthe bigger of the blame, but there are other factors that make lambert rubbish aswell. the combo of lambert and lerner is a disaster.
Ali Arab
Villan444 although you obviously disagree, I find you to be the delusional one...Like Jonah said Lambert is the one who has brought in these players who are nowhere near good enough, who's fault is that? Noone else but Lambert...You can put whatever spin you want on it, other managers would be able to sign better players with the money Lambert has, well they can't get any worse anyway. I'm all for being patient with Lambert and this team but the end of last season I was very happy with our play, not just from Benteke but from everyone, why hasn't that been built on? We have got extremely lucky with some results and lucky to be in the position we are in but we are going from bad to worse, our style, lamberts tactics, team selection...I mean we were losing against Stoke and he brings on Jordan Bowery to play on the wing instead of Bacuna...and you think this guy is our future? In all honesty he should of got the sack when he embarrassingly lost to Bradford.
Villan444 that's your opinion fine, all I will add is we are suppose to play a game called Football, where we pass the ball to each other and hopefully make it into the oppositions goal. Lambert is a headless chicken and has been since He started, regardless of who is in the team, which he bought by the way, my opinion of him has never changed win or lose, even if we were 5th he still cannot set up a team tactically to play another team.
Ok P.Avfc, PL is obviously partly to blame and we were all talking about Benteke being worth 5 times the fee we paid for him. I was never convinced about Lowton but he served a purpose and for the PL has shown that he can get a lot out of the very low quality on display. Our wage bill has got to be bottom 5 in the prem if you take out the exiles (Bent, O'Shea, Ireland) and this was his remit along with staying in the prem. Now is the time for investment and we will see what Lambert is made of but whether he gets it or not is a different matter. The bloke is a proven decent manager with promotions to his name on minimal budgets. This is a big team in the biggest league and we've already beaten 2 of the top 3 at current standing. Personally I'm happy for him to continue his learning career with us as I can see improvement despite his sometimes experimental team decisions. We deserve much better than what we have but I can see the idea behind it and after the last few years fear that things will just get worse under someone else. He DOES NOT walk on water but it could be much worse.
And yes andy, we all want to see the beatiful game but I assume (as Randy never speaks) that this is a long term project and I'm willing to wait. It won't change overnight unless we get 2-3 15+ players soon whoever manages.
Nzogbia is the man in midfield reborn, I just hope Lambert doesn't outcast him.
Ali Arab
Villain444 I no that Lambert will keep his job even if we lose to Palace and Swansea (god forbid) and it will be interesting to see what he does in Jan, for me that should be his final transfer window, investment or not if the football and performances do not improve something must change and I cant see Randy spending big so rightfully Lambert should be sacked and hopefully a young hungry "coach" can come in and get us playing good football...I'll name who I'd like because that's only fair, Solskjaer, Zola or Clement (Real Madrid assistant). Yes Lambert has had to cut the wage budget, yes he has proved he is a decent manager, I do not doubt that and at times he has done a great job but I just don't see the direction we are going, tactically he has been awful at the club, his transfer business has been poor, you can say he hasn't got the money but 6-7m on Kozak, 3-4m on Tonev, buying Jordan Bowery a player who wouldn't get into ANY championship side...He just screams to me that he is a lower league manager not the man to advance Villa to where they should be. I mean people go on about our youth players but the better youth players don't get used...Donacien, Gardner, Carruthers, Grealish, Graham and Robinson would add more to the team than Baker, El Ahmadi, Tonev, Sylla, Weimann and Bowery. His negatives outweigh his positives I'm afraid, I think a young manager in a similar mold of Roberto Martinez would fully utilize the actual talent at the club. Oh and when did O'Shea play for Villa?
Freudian slip.
Fair play for naming who you want in P.Avfc. Most people who want him out won't for whatever reason. How long do we give the new guy though?? Do they have to sell all the squad again and buy their own type of players?? Should we have a director of football so that we can keep things similar regardless of who manages?? Personally I'd rather stick with what we've got unless we get another shocking manager.
I'm with 444 on this- there has been a strict budget to work with while the dead-wood is cleared. At the end of the season hopefully we should see another 100k/ week off the wage bill. In the summer we MUST start bringing in some quality players. For me, we need some match winners with technical ability, because the squad lacks flair. I'm still undecided on lambert- let's wait & see where we are in the summer.
We should give him the time he needs Villan444, if it's working then it's all good but if not another is out the door, I'm all for giving managers time but people like Lambert do not help themselves, his arrogance in post match interviews is embarrassing not only to himself, but to the club and us as fans. And I think a new guy coming in could work with what we have, the young players I named in my previous comment could easily come in and improve this squad and replace dead weight (who Lambert brought in) like Tonev, Bowery, El Ahmadi...This team CAN play football, in my opinion a good coach can get any team playing good football, they wouldn't be professional footballers other wise. Lambert has nowhere to hide for me now, their is no excuse for this Mcleish style football, no excuse for the poor tactics and selection and he has to stop insulting our intelligence after games...Give him another transfer window, even with 10m you can get 2 players to improve this AM and a DM is what we are crying out for...Not sure Lambert can find the talent for cheap though, so I wouldn't mind a DOF like you said.
Villan444 Randy got his fingers burnt....and now you are expecting him to get his hands and arms done... don't understand the logic. It has to be a joint effort to redress the dross we have bought.
Paul Myles1
Yes Paul, but now he will only spend peanuts and Lambert had to play hardball when he first turned up for both Vlaar and Benteke with them being off and then on a couple of times if I remember. We have better scouts now and they must be looking at decent players like the Japanese guy but top players with top wages will upset the applecart and you can't suddenly introduce them into the squad where they'll surely be guaranteed to start. I admire what PL has tried to do. It hasn't worked for half the players but most don't peak till late 20s anyway so it must be a long term thing. Some are undoubtedly dross but a minor gamble as the fees were so low. Our accountants must love Lambert and I'm sure we won't go down but it's painful to watch at times agreed. P.Avfc, I don't think that he is insulting us in press conferences, get the impression that he's trying to keep the players boosted up and it's like an up yours to the press. We can play football as proven at various times as you say BUT when we try to do that and 1 or 2 of the first team are out through injury and the likes of Baker or "name anyone from half the team" makes a mistake, it undoes all the decent build up and recently has been setting teams up for decent chances.
If you can't debate without calling people bitches or slagging them off, please just don't post at all. It doesn't take a great use of brain cells to be able to debate without descending to the playground. It is childish, pathetic, embarrassing and others don't deserve to have to read it. Talk football not trash, or don't talk at all. Very easy choice.
The Fear
Think you'll find that your mate Jonah started it Fear. Was waiting for you to pull me up on that one squire. I think he talks ***** and he thinks I do. No hard feelings, just different opinions.
Did I even name you? My mate? No one is given any unfair treatment here, I've got the entire thread of what was said. You telling him he talks *****e isn't exactly debate. Shut up or bugger off, I care not which. Totally fed up of this rubbish. You don't have to agree with people, you debate, you don't tell them they are talking s***. This is worse than the bloody playground. FFS. And as said, did I name anyone or pick on any individual with my warning? Jeez, grow up. 'its not me, I didn't start it sir, it was hi'. Just how childish can we get?
The Fear

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