Aston Villa - Bucking The Trend?
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Bucking The Trend?

Now I realise that this is a divisive issue, but nonetheless thought I would put my two penneth in.

With the current goings on and 25% of Premiership Managers losing their jobs since the beginning of the season, it increases the debate as to the 'panic quick fix' as opposed to the showing of faith and the building of a dynasty.

There are I suppose arguments for both, are things spiralling out of control and urgent action is required (Sunderland and Di Canio spring to mind), bear in mind that he somehow preserved their Premiership status with an impact at the end of last year when they looked dead and buried, however after being backed in the Summer he definitely looked to have lost the plot, and although Gus Poyet seems slightly volatile, their performances in my eyes have improved and there appears to be some harmony.

Cardiff on the other hand seems a different kettle of fish altogether with a megalomaniac calling the shots and in my view seriously undermining a young manager who helped to get them into the top flight and is fighting to keep them there... (if I was Malky I would be looking elsewhere with increased rapidity). I do not believe stability will be achieved here.

AVB at Spurs is a strange one, yes you have been trounced at home and that hurts like hell, allied to the 6-0 away at City the fans disgruntlement and a trigger happy Daniel Levy spelt the end. I am not sure they intended to build a dynasty with AVB , but he is young enough if that was where they were planning on going. Tim Sherwood might be the man to drive that forward.

So that is three where there has been movement (or will be in the case of Cardiff), add to that Holloway who struggled , Clarke who if reports are right upset the wrong people and Jol who seemed to lose all fight and the merry go round starts up.

Now the longevity argument always has three names thrown up Ferguson, Moyes and Wenger. No arguing about Fergie (at the biggest club in the land), a man who seemed to be able to build several successful teams in the years. Wenger likewise keeps on going and runs the club from top to bottom (allegedly), this season has seen them look almost as strong as the team 10 years or so ago. the Moyes at Everton one is more difficult, as Martinez seems to have taken them on another this based upon the groundwork put in by Moyes and his team, that had poor seasons and decent seasons (never won anything though). is that now the right man at the right time, (maybe Dave Whelan is right).

So after all my preamble/rambling I come to Villa (at last I hear you cry). I have seen so many Manager come and go, and although I am not a raving fan of Paul Lambert, I think I can see what he is trying to do(whether it is working or not is debated ad infinitum on here). I truly believe that Randy Lerners appointment of Gerard Houllier and Gary McCallister was taken with the hope of instilling a long term model after the rapid departure of MON. Now I think the worshipping of Liverpool and the surrender monkeying at Citeh were unforgiveable.....however had GH remained fit and well perhaps the plan may have worked.

Lambert is trying to turn this great club around, does the owner really care (we don't honestly know).... is a change risky (judging on past appointments yes it is).... is the football poor ( majority appear to think it is), do we need to start all over again? and if so with who./ and with what backing?

In my mind no we don't, we persevere, get through the tough times and come out stronger, not enter that cyclical manager merry go round... sit tight, have faith.... and see what another season brings (as long as we improve this year on last).

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The Journalist

Writer: fatloser Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday December 18 2013

Time: 10:17AM

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We really really shouldn't join in with the farcical managerial merry-go-round in my opinion. How many other managers could build a whole new squad on £40m? Yes, at the moment the football we are playing is poor, but look at the back of last season when it was exciting (yet unbearable to watch at times). Last season we knew we had to score at least 2 to win a game, but that is no longer the case (except of late), so of course people are going to say it's more boring - we had to attack all the time last season, especially towards the end, when we needed to score at least 2 to get the vital 3 points we so often needed. I genuinely believe any other manager would have got us relegated last season, and for that Lambert deserves a lot of time to sort this squad out further and build this club back up to the heights it once was. Fans are kidding themselves if they think we should be anywhere near the top 8 at the moment… A top 12 finish this season I think would be a great achievement given last season's performance. With a small budget in comparison to most other premier league teams, we have to expect progression to be slow - we can't spend £30m on 3 players like Southampton did for example to propel us up the league. Final point - who's better than Lambert that would be realistically available? Mackay - Cardiff play poor football as well, most of their goals this season have come from set plays and play long ball too. Clarke? Jol? AVB? I wouldn't choose any of them over Lambert. I think twisting would be very dangerous, and so I'm glad Lerner seems to have faith to stick with Lambert for the considerable future.
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18/12/2013 10:40:00

Lerner got rid of O'Neill (wrongly in my view but I accept that I am probably in a minority of one). He got rid of Houllier (rightly) He got rid of Voldemort (should NEVER have been appointed). We can't keep on just sacking managers. Best stick with PL. If we were to improve by just two places in the league each season for the next three seasons we might (just might!) then be in a position to push on to greater things.
chocolate teapot
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18/12/2013 11:01:00

Think now is the time Lerner should back Lambert with some funds to buy some quality, a midfielder to harness the youth we have, the other player we need is a live wire forward …. we have the power of strength in Benteke and we need someone to compliment that, and as its Christmas a new left back ….
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18/12/2013 11:03:00

I believe we are at a crucial stage for Lambert we are sliding towards another dogfight and Bentke is still firing blanks since his injury. I have backed Lambert since day 1 but what is it with Villa managers that they have to be so stubborn regarding their transfer policy? Having read most of the posts on here I know I am not alone in thinking we needed some experiance and quality in midfield and a solid dependable left back. MON was the same we bought bench warmers and Heskey Instead of the one decent striker we needed. It is just my opinion but I believe the majority think along similar lines. I know loans arent popular but where would we be now if we had landed Lukaku,Barry & Huddlestone the mixture of youth and experiance will always be the best mixture unless you have an astounding array of good youngsters and the truth is we dont. Give Lambert time yes I quite agree and how much of his transfer policy is down to Lerner re wages and fees I do not know but we won our last league title by buying experianced pros and blending them with the young talent we already possessed the example is there use it Paul.
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18/12/2013 11:45:00

Just as an fyi - according to his agent (Pope Chico) Maradona could be teased away from his new position cf. Just sayin'......("That Unforgettable Year" starring Ken Stott)
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18/12/2013 11:50:00

We stick with it and see the job through as what's the point starting a job if you don't see it through, if you just keep starting new jobs you will never progress very far. We saw improvement in the last six months from the first six months last season. That has carried on this season in concerns to results. You cant expect a manager to put a whole quad together of players and expect them all to click straight away. These players need years of training. Also as they are young we will profit big style in years to come and I think once some quality additions are added in January and the Summer the seasons after will bear great success. I still think we will finish top half this season which is a miracle considering where we started when he took over considering what he has spent (30m not 40m).
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18/12/2013 14:58:00

Also while our Premiership safety does not look at risk it would be mindless to break the plan and risk our safety by taking someone new on. Patience is needed to prosper.
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18/12/2013 15:00:00

'Olloway couldn't take the pressure and knew that his style wouldn't survive without decent quality which they couldn't attract or afford so jumped ship. Moyes has shown how average he was by Martinez cleaning up with his squad. Spurs think that they are much bigger than they are and regardless of how much the press tell us (because the press are all fans, ) they are not and AVB got stitched up with a team that was bought in the hope of making money by selling them all on for Bale-esque fees (LOL.) Di Canio is just a nutter. Clarke, like 'Olloway and AVB and even Mackay, was moaning pre-season that he didn't get what he wanted in the transfer window and they've all been outdone by money making wannabes in the boardroom who think that they know better.
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18/12/2013 15:01:00

Lambert has made do and got a lot out of the players on view. Even Vlaar has had a decent season. Shame that Benteke got that injury because his form continued from last season (regardless of what the press say.) Think that the best thing will be to rest him and use as an impact sub and get 90 mins against the Blades which will hopefully get him up to speed. The team is threadbare and possesses a lot of potential which may or may not prevail but at least they are all on minimal wages and can't see us losing a penny on any of the signings!!!
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18/12/2013 15:02:00

Can't help thinking the loan system can be a double edged sword for the team doing the borrowing. Albion had the luxury (expense?) of Lukaku last year. He made them look better than they were and raised nonsensical expectations for this year and also left them with a Lukaku shaped hole in their team which Anichebe can't fill. ByeBye Clarke. It will be the same next year with knobs on for Everton. Their best three players are all luxury players on loan and will have cheap and cheerful replacements next year 'cos all their money will have gone on this year's pay day loan. We copped it a few years ago when we built up Kyle Walker then could only get Hutton the year after. By all means lend out our players to polish them up at another teams expense but please don't take out a pay day loan to build up another teams cast offs.
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18/12/2013 16:05:00

Unfortunately I feel we have to stick with Lambert, but he's got to change his anti experience policy. We might be better off points wise than this time last season but you get the feeling we're teetering on the edge of a dismal run again. Weimann and Benteke have been shocking of late and for me the jury's out whether they can repeat it again. Injury or not Benteke looks like he's thrown in the towel. Baker and Clarke are nothing more than back up centre halves, and we're desperate for experience in the middle of the park but you get the impression Lambert will stubbornly refuse any. He appears to have no clue whatsoever on how to attack at home and our passing is shocking. I think the majority of us can see what his long term plan is but it's a slow painful process.
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18/12/2013 16:31:00

Oh, a dynasty is being built all right... for the Championship. It's the same as any player really, if he's not good enough, get rid!
Pride of Lions
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18/12/2013 20:06:00

jbd656 I totally agree on not loaning in players for short term gain. Its the same with buying older players you lose so much money on them as they have little sell on fee's. Over the seasons of buying older high waged players it costs the club and sets you back. Yes ideally we could do with higher quality more experienced players(not old and experienced) but that comes at a cost. Even though Barry would probably do well for us even on a free transfer over three years he would cost us 20m just in wages and no sell on. We could buy 4 unproven young players and train them for three season costing around the same 20m and maybe two of them will be worth at least 10m in three years, maybe more if you pick up an Benteke. So this is Lamberts/Lerner's plan and yes it might be harder in the short term but long term we will prosper even if we have to sit mid table for a few season. Barry now would be great but four not so good kids now could mean we are 20-30-40m better off in a few seasons and that's just considering a few players not the whole squad like we have of young payers with potential
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18/12/2013 21:14:00

*players :)
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18/12/2013 21:16:00

I'm a Lambert fan but the past few weeks have been an embarassment in terms of how we have played. If I was Lerner I'd give him the full season at least, then assess things from there. Lambert just needs to be a bit less stubborn and actually admit when we've been crap rather than constantly saying how we've fought valiantly when we've been diabolical
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19/12/2013 10:59:00

Like the way we all blame the managers when most of the time it's the owners who destroy clubs with that get rich without spending as it's an easy game to master! Imagine if clubs had chairman that let the coaches get on with it without interfering? Imagine if they sat down and listend to the fans who might actually no a little about our clubs? The history of our owner if he was a coach,would be a well deserved sack,so at least he is giving lambert some time,maybe he is starting to learn.....don't think so!
brisbane lion
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19/12/2013 12:51:00

Its a combination of the owner and the manager in varying degrees, however only Mcleish has had a higher share than Dilbo in the Lerner Years. This holiday period is going to be interesting. I think Benteke gets one more chance then sling Kozak in, at least he seems like he cares. Inside a month's time I am prepared to have a sneaky fiver that CB20 will be down at Watford Gap.
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19/12/2013 20:21:00

The manager can only do what the Owner allows. Do you know where the Watford gap is??
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20/12/2013 09:16:00


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