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Never Fear, Look On The Brightside

Whilst I generally enjoy this site and it's content, I am finding the negativity a certain editor somewhat tiresome.

Constant references to 'not repeating earlier mistakes', and criticism of the club/managers policy of buying youthful players shows an unhelpful level of impatience.

The earlier mistakes that we now need to enjoy are no to sign overpriced, overpaid, so-called experienced players, like the ones we are still trying to offload. (Given, Bent, Hutton, and Ireland etc). The policy of signing young talent should be applauded.

It is the only way a club like ours can ever compete at the higher end of the table. We improved significantly in the second half of last season. Last seasons players will continue to improve, and we have been the busiest team in the transfer market this close season. No more of the policy of waiting till deadline day when prices are at their peak, (MON). So I can see nothing but optimism for next season.

Yet I 'Fear' that if we make a poor start (our opening fixtures are far from the kindest), then further scorn will fall on Paul Lambert, from the mighty pen of Mr. Fear.

The most important signing we can make between now and September 1st, is to get Benteke to sign a new deal. Their will be no big name, high profile signings to come. I for one am happy with this. Anyone who isn't is in for a summer of disappointment.

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The Journalist

Writer: 2big4seatswannastand Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday June 20 2013

Time: 10:21AM

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First off, I'm sorry that my opinion doesn't fit in with yours 2big or that I dare have a slightly contrary opinion to what others are saying. I share the love of the Villa, it is pretty obvious from what I do Villa related. I'm not sure about 'the constant references' to not repeating earlier mistakes. I think I've said it twice in the forum (as the transfer window isn't closed yet) Once in here: Click Here

I got the same blasting last summer when I (and a few others, but only a few) said it would be men v boys. What happened? Sorry, where was I wrong? The season was awful, we only just survived and we broke all sorts of records for goals conceded by Villa etc.

THen you have the likes of Martin Laursen, Dwight Yorke, Gareth Southgate, Paul Merson ALL saying the same. A BIT of experience to go with the great crop of kids HELPS the kids develop and blossom. Blimey, even Holman said it in Jan that the squad needed a bit of experience to help them.

Mate, this is an open site. Anyone who knows me knows I'm generally an optimist, but I'm not a follower. I will debate until the cows come home, that is what the site is for. I don't share the full vision that some of you do, do I need to apologise for that?

I will repeat they aren't constant references and it isn't me being negative, I was realistic last season and again, I can't see where I was wrong. I fear (and as I've said before, I hope I am wrong) that the same might happen again if the blend isn't right. Why is that negative? I want to be proved wrong, I wanted the same last season. I ALSO would point out that I openly admit I don't know these players (most didn't but many seem totally over the moon about them, so that is great, I like optimism on the site after the vile stuff posted under McLeish)

Is football just black and white for you or is it about opinions? For me I would love nothing better than 15-20 points from the first 10 games and to see that things are clicking. Doesn't stop me having the concern that without the right blend (AND AGAIN I WILL REPEAT, the transfer window isn't closed, we don't know what else is coming) we might struggle. We might not. That is why we all love football isn't it?

IF only Dougie knew all he had to do was sell all the older players, play the kids and all is well.

And I totally agree, we need to secure Benteke, that said, he is secured, we had a 4 year deal with him, if he wants to move, he only moves at the Clubs say so. The club won't say so unless the money is too good to turn down. The vision of young and hungry and wanting to play in the shirt is a lovely romantic one. Benteke and his agent are sort of blowing it apart a little though, he sees us as a stepping stone and evidently doesn't think he can win things here. If it isn't good enough for him, why is it good enough for the fans?

Just asking and hoping for a blend. Why is that wrong? Sir Alex was a master at it and look what he won. I've not been critical of any individual player btw, you would be hard pushed to find anything since the season ended on the front page of me criticising any player or the manager. And all of last season, despite some awful results, I didn't name one player (as the boo boys do) I just went down and supported.
The Fear
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20/06/2013 10:34:00

Interesting submission though !
The Fear
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20/06/2013 10:34:00


The Fear
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20/06/2013 10:40:00

Darth Fear is entitled to his opinion. At least he's consistent. A lot of the doom merchants who predicted our 'obvious' relegation last year have now all fallen quiet. Not so the Fear. It also shows the inherent democracy and strong editorial of the site that the dark lord allows publication of opinion pieces critiquing his position.
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20/06/2013 10:45:00

I wasn't a boo boy (cough) I'm a huge fan of Joe Bennett's work.
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20/06/2013 10:48:00

I just loved the fact he referred to you as an 'editor'. Way to be put in your place b1tch! lol
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 10:51:00

You can't win can you Fear? If you tell the fans that everything is wonderful and our dreams are going to come true, you get accused of being Lerner's stooge. If you tell people Villa's strategy is unlikely to bring CL football any time soon, they call you negative. So you might as well just tell it as you see it, right or wrong.
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20/06/2013 10:57:00

I have to stick up for Mr F here in a roundabout way. 99.99% of supporters want results quickly, especially after the false highs of the MON era then the real lows of the Houllier/Mcleish era. But we aren't managers and we don't know the game from within. I know an ex Arsenal player very well and he talks about the game differently to how I always saw/see it. The thing is unless you have really worked in the professional game, its hard to understand just how difficult it is to actually get it right on the field. The Galacticos of Madrid won nothing with hundreds of millions of pounds of talent in a two horse league, Man City came up short after spending a billion pounds, I know they won the title but if you are really honest, UTD lost it, Wigan won the FA Cup on a shoestring and so on ..... on Sir Alex, he actually won nothing really for 6 yrs until he brought the youth through and played a settled team that worked for each other. Look around your workplace and tell me how many colleagues you actually like ? then imagine them on 50k a week and being told by an agent that they can get a better deal down the road at what's the names. football is full of mercenaries with no thought but their lifestyle, this has been generated by Sky Tv and the likes, its a hard part of the game to get right. The secret is to construct a team that have the same desire and character .... in dressing rooms Bent isn't liked much, Ireland is a big head, Dunne is there for the pay check and thinks he has earned the right to do what he wants and not what the coaching staff want. Then what about the 'experienced' Premier League players available to bring in ?? if they are any good they play for the top 5 teams, if they aren't they get shipped out after sitting on the bench picking up pay checks and lose the form they were bought for in the first place. Adam Johnson, Shaun Wright Phillips, David Bentley, Wayne Bridge, Jordan Henderson and so on and so on. Liverpool spent 75m on three players and what happened ?? Nothing, City buy up players like Nasri, what happened to him ? The way to do it is how Dortmund do it, scout a player who fits the complete profile of temperament, attitude, skill, age and development potential and mold them into the team along side home grown talent. If they become a Ledowski and inevitably move to an elite club, then you make a huge profit to reinvest keeping the integrity of the club intact and moving forward without causing financial suicide. You have to build from the ground up and with players that want to play for you. Okore is a great example, he wasn't exactly cheap but turned down Chelsea for us because he understood the club and its new philosophy. Bacuna the same. This will take another two seasons to bare fruit, but it will. Don't underestimate Lambert and his knowledge and experience in the game. He now has the money and facilities to do what he wants to do, he loves the club and what it stands for. We do what we do, he does what he does. I know most of us think we could manage a club on a day to day basis, but we wouldn't last 12 hours. Sit back, enjoy the ride ..... this club will go places now and continue to do so for the long term. UTV .... ( give Fear a break)
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20/06/2013 11:13:00

Well said astonmilan... and fear whilst i may n ot agree with all that you write I defend your right to say (write) it.
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 11:24:00

Jesus 2big, you think Fear is negative, wait till I get going, I can find negatives with a B$%# job.
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20/06/2013 11:39:00

I admit to being of the same thoughts as "Mr Fear". The signings of so many "youthful" PL inexperienced players at a knockdown price is commendable and I'm sure most will blossom. However, an experienced "head" in the team is important I feel. I can see similar experience to last season. Last seasons' crop will not be "world beaters" just because they have one PL season under their belts. So now I kneel, head on the chopping block.
Pride of Lions
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 11:39:00

Certainly provoked a response! It is all about opinions and no one is really right or wrong until the season finishes. I actually thought last season was very positive. Despite results I enjoyed going to the match again. I could see a plan and a future, something sadly lacking under McLeish. The only area I really worry about lack of experience is in defence. Without Vlaar we have none, and his injury record is not great. He may not be the best, but how much did we miss him over the Xmas/new year period? I actually believe KEA may show his talent this season. He was excellent v United when he came on. Sylla could be awesome. Gardner is back. Delph improving. Westwood quality. PROViDiNG we keep Benteke our attack will trouble any defence. Lacuna Helenius and Tonev I believe will impact from the bench early season. So I partly agree with JF about lack of experience , but IMO only one needed. A defender
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 11:40:00

Oh and by the way, last season, was a disgrace.
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 11:41:00

Although I am optimistic for the coming season, I do share some of Fear's concerns. We may still get thrashed or look fragile at the back and we will still concede sloppy goals, but so long as they fight through it and keep scoring we will finish at the right end of the table. The good news is we are now an exciting team brimming with potential that neutrals and other fans also enjoy. Not that it matters but it has given me a reason to be proud again after witnessing some horrible football under Mcleish. Remember us playing Hutton as a right winger?? I think under Lambert we have gained an identity and despite the struggles of last year I got the sense that overall the players were happy. This can take a team a long way, and with everybody competing for places and given game time they will improve. Do not expect us to be world beaters but I do believe we will see a better team. UTV
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 11:51:00

It is as much about the PACE of change as the policy itself. So yes, young hungry players for the future but last season was playing hard and fast with our Premiership future. Massive gamble. What if Benteke has picked up a 2 month injury? We'd be talking of how we will storm the Championship this season. A BLEND of youth and experience for me please. Lost most of my faith in those running the club nowadays. Are we a new Coventry City destines to scratch around in the bottom 8 each season? Just hope Lambert's development as a football club manager is quick and dramatic. Oh, and that Benteke hangs around for another season.
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 12:02:00

Jonathan Fear is a dictator. He has communist russian blood in his veins and should be hung for treason! Bit much? Oh well :-)
Don Jenkins
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 12:23:00

I love the Fear and i love this site. I even love V444 and I'm sure he loves me too. However, all are entitled to opinion. Mine is one of NOT expecting to not get relegated but one of AVFC bosses and players trying to achieve the best based on income and expenditure. I am not happy with struggles as I truly knew how the Bluenoses have felt last season. I can't ask anyone to just wait and see and not voice their opinions as that's not fair. QPR went down with a load of experienced players and so have other EPL teams in recent and medium term history - WHAM, Hull, Leeds, Newcastle. So, no it's not black and white - it's a myriad of options that anyone can get wrong but it hurts the normal millionaires more than the blillionaires who never have to worry about anything. Benteke is not damaging us at's all rumours and indirect quotes. If he moves he moves...we will carry on, the policy will continue and in Lambert I believe we have a manager who is still learning, is very very good and will take us places. He will work to budget and will pick on character and potential most times. I hope he continues to pick good players and improve the team. I hope we do well and the new methods of investment get us wins and points and relax and instill confidence in those currently unsure and in Fear.
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 12:35:00

I agree, experience would add value. No doubt. However who believes that PL has the funds to do so? We have spent 12 mllion to date and supposedly we will only buy once we have offloaded more wages. To me it appears that PL could have spent 12 million on buying a Parker/Lescott etc. or 4/5 young talented players from Europe. I for one prefer the latter. If PL has another 10 million to spend then I would love to see a Parker or Lescott. However I don't believe he has the cash to spend.
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 12:38:00

What!? Are you following the same site 2big? Vital Villa is my preferred fan site simply because of Fear's diplomatic and mainly positive approach to all things Villa. If you want an example of negative and crestfallen editorial about the Villa then head over to the thevillablog. , guaranteed to bum you out within three articles.
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 12:38:00

LOL... the dark lord! I might have that tattooed on me now!!!

Agreed onmeheadfred, was just a couple of seasons ago I was told I was Lerners lickspittle and arse licker!!!!

GOod points astonmilan and don't worry, 2big4seats submission hasn't 'upset' me in any way, I found it challenging and interesting, but still maintain I'm not all doom (!) and haven't constantly gone on criticising. In fact, there were only really three main opinion pieces by me last season, if I'd done more it would have been repetitive I agree. But I've not criticised players etc because IF they aren't good enough and are played, that isn't their fault in my humble!

LOL eltoro. And yes, agreed, no matter whose fault it was, it wasn't our finest hour.
The Fear
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 13:31:00

why do people equate experience to mega money marque signings? Not all players with experience are mercenaries. I agree with Fear that a couple of solid pros on short term deals who can lend some experience if things get tough and can help the young players to develop their games are much needed. It won't happen though so not worth arguing about
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 14:19:00

Yeah, well said Grizzly, most of the doom merchants have disappeared and only like to moan when we lose. Editor/owner/dark lord Fear has not wavered from his views and still supports the team regardless. Personally, definitely shared the worry of minimal experience but was still positive, (as if anything could've been worse than the previous season under Eck.) Times have changed though and the inexperienced are just more than slightly experienced now. Can't say time to move on from anyone's views but if we've improved more and the new guys are showing their abilities by Christmas aswell then the record will need to be changed. If not then the views will be proven correct so the worry was justified. Time will tell. Surely Lerner should be getting the blame and not PL. PL has peanuts to work with and that's due to Randy's plans/errors. Personally, I love his interview stance, the single mindedness, attitude on the sidelines, constant praise of the owner and fans and never slagging off of the non-performers or lazy squad members. He's building the club from it's (almost ruins) up to where it should be but it will obviously take time.
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 14:50:00

eltoro - hurts your jaw? ;-)
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 15:11:00

Having visited many different AVFC fans sites and read articles/opinions from all fans, vitalvilla is definitely my favourite. The fans opinions in general are the most realistic, sensible, patient, understanding etc.. Leading the way is 'The Fear' whose articles I always enjoy, 9/10 agree with, and I always respect his opinion. We are lucky to have him, whether we agree with him or not! Thanks Fear and thanks 2big4, because without differing opinions how boring these sites would be!
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 15:14:00

cheers antvilla(and others) nice compliments and TOTALLY agree, without all these widely varying opinions, the site would be awful, hence i do like article submissions and different co-eds. I can't stand myself half the time, so a site just of my things would even drive me barmy!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Fear
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 15:41:00

And the world record for longest comment on Vital football goes to Fear!! :) Also, who uses a pen anymore?
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 15:43:00

Oh dear, I have rattled some cages haven't I. Apologies to Mr. Fear, if this came over as a personal attack, it wasn't meant to be. I fully appreciate the efforts of both Mr Fear, Mr Field in their running of the site, and all of the others who contribute on a regular basis. It is my favoured site for following the boys. It was more meant as an observation, that there seemed to be a negativity about recent signings we have made. This is in contrast with my own feelings. I consider that last season had more positives than negatives, certainly with regards to the football that was played and the quality of the players signed by Paul Lambert. (Benteke, Guzan, Lowton, and Westwood were all successes and now worth much more than we paid for them, whilst all of the others have the potential to till come good). Perhaps I am too optimistic for next season, or maybe my expectations are lower than most, but I remain very excited about the team and it's future. Once again aplogies to Mr. Fear if my article caused any offence to him or any other members. Jim (2big4seatswannastand)
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 15:58:00

Thank you to all above for some interesting debate. I to believe this is a wonderful site and the Fear, Mike & co. are stars. I think that lat season for some, Fear included, was a season to far in terms of transition....and I fully understand why. Me, I am forever optimistic in life and I could see that PL was trying to do, albeit risky. I would have even accepted relegation because I feel we now have a sustainable club policy. Having said that, I too was very much dissapointed that Villa didn't invest in experience last January....too much squeaky bum time for my liking. I think back to the early days with Ron Saunders, he bought some great young players and used to say that players under 23, with the right blend of experience, was the wy to build a Team. What if we had signed a couple of older heads and got relegated? We were very lucky to stay in the Premier League, but I do very much admire PL's balls. Maybe somewhat stubborn, a gambler, but I see him very much as a future winner for our great Club. Up the villa .
Bangkok Villan
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 17:41:00

2big4seats, mate, I didn't take it as a personal attack and have always appreciated your contributions. It lit up an otherwise dull day and got a few people talking! Honestly, no offense taken, if there was I'd not have posted it maybe! It takes all opinions and flavours and to be fair, I put my head above the parapet, do this site, do some press, so I have to take knocks as well as praise! LOL

As said, the only thing I'd take you to task about is the 'constantly' bit. I have pulled back, but in the forum for the debate, I do express my opinions but I also, at the moment, try to spend a good few days not commenting and the last thing I want to do is be a grump or pee on anyones parade so to speak. Just a bit surprised, after what happened last year, at the optimism back this year (again, I do realise the transfer window hasn't closed and ever the opti, I hope to get a few surprises!!!)

Cheers Bangkok and good post mate!!!!
The Fear
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 18:09:00

At the risk of being accused of sucking up to the ed', I must say I am in pretty much 100% agreement with him. I thought the same as he did last year, despite being extremely happy when PL was appointed. Once the transfer window opened last year my doubts appeared pretty quickly. Some tend to be ignoring how appallingly bad we were for most of last season; staying up by the skin of our teeth just isn't good enough. And, despite the fact that I like the idea of young and hungry players, there has to be, as Mr Fear says, a blend. But, full marks to VV for putting up the article. Although I disagree with its general argument, it's well written and makes a point I am sure many are in agreement with. If I were in charge of this site, though, I'd ban the bugger :).
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 18:18:00

Sir Alex always paid top whack for players he wanted. Keane transfer record Rio etc... Ok ok apart from Le Eric. We only have a chance of getting anywhere near the top 4 if we take this kind of approach. With fair play coming in this is going to be the only way to do it. Might be getting ahead of my self here but have you watched "moneyball"? I think we could be ahead of the curve.... 2 seasons time we'll find out.
Report Abuse
20/06/2013 21:42:00

McGrath4Pope,LOL very funny mate.
Report Abuse
21/06/2013 12:02:00

IMO we are in the best position we have been for 20 odd years. I think Randy has made many a mistake but he has pulled off a brilliant couple with Paul Lambert and he has my full backing now. I'm not some stupid claret and blue tinted specs kid but I honestly believe we will be in the champions league within 3 seasons with lambert. Just hope we can keep hold of him.
Report Abuse
21/06/2013 12:45:00


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