Aston Villa - Benteke's Agent Talking Up His Players Sale?
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Benteke's Agent Talking Up His Players Sale?

Following on from the early February article: Ouch. Big Boys Chasing Villa's Christian Benteke? looks like there is some very Machiavellian goings on with regards to Christian Benteke.

The Guardian have quotes from the strikers agent and it doesn`t look great.

Kismet Eris said that of course, if a player does well then he attracts interest and then worryingly adds:

"Christian has shown that he can play in England. So why not take the step up to the next level if the opportunity is there?'

So, a lovely slight on Villa, the club who took the risk and bought him at a good price and showed faith in him. Thanks for that.

He added, "At the end of the season interested clubs will talk to Villa - but it has to be right for Villa, the buying club and Christian. If all three parties are agreeable, then something could happen."

He does go on to say that he is fully focused on this season at the moment but jeez!

"He has scored a lot of goals this season and wants to give 100% between now and the end of the season."

And then after just one season will look to sod off?!?!? Modern footballers he?

He also agrees Villa will want a big price. To be fair to Villa (and I know at the moment we are fed up with top player sales and the way the last three seasons have gone) it is very hard to keep hold of a player IF they want out. Just look at the way Downing behaved to move to Liverpool?

Benteke DOH

"But Villa will now ask a big price for Christian, much more than they paid for him, because Paul Lambert was the one who gave him his chance. There will be clubs asking about Christian next summer because he's proved he can do it in England. None of the big clubs wanted to take a chance on Christian when he was still unknown. I have been with Christian for 10 years now. I know what his ambitions are - he wants to do well in England.'

Queue denials that the agent doesn`t speak for the player or was misquoted, but sorry, this looks like an agent or the player angling for a move and making it clear he is on the market.

What does a club do? We could take the hard line (we did for one season with Gareth Barry and also Ashley Young had wanted to leave the season before) and keep an unhappy player or...............

Benteke scoring

Until it happens, I`ll just enjoy the the skills of the lad, if he is sold then I`d rather he was sold abroad or at the very least, get £30million or more for him. If not, tough luck Christian, you stay.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday February 16 2013

Time: 11:58AM

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Any o e really suprised by this. why the hell would he want to stay?
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16/02/2013 12:27:00

Why would he want to stay? Are you telling me Barnsley away, on a Tuesday night in February does not appeal? Pfft.
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16/02/2013 12:36:00

if we stay up we have to ask for atleast £30 million your right! and then hopefully we will REINVEST that money and do something similar to what newcastle did with the andy carroll money!
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16/02/2013 12:46:00

He's doing what ANY player would do! the player has ambition where the club have none! we are a selling club and that is the way it will always be under the current chairman, who has a total lack of understanding of the game. i've heard several times this season - in fact the last 3 seasons about reinvestment, but i've still yet to see it. we were desperate for players in Jan just to keep us in the prem, and yet they didn't arrive - the chairman is a useless c*** who will bring this great club to its knees!
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16/02/2013 13:03:00

his **** of an agent is looking out for his own bonus....******** *****er
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16/02/2013 13:10:00

Errrrm, sorry to say lads but the sale of. Young, Milner, Downing et al...where is the reinvestment from their sale?. Its as I said for a long time Football is a buisness for club owners, its about profit and gain, admittedly the so called big boys run their clubs at a lost, players wages out way the clubs yearly income. Benteke thought he was going to a London club could you imagine what he thought when he ended up no way near London, what sort of blagg did Lerner and fatboy gave him. So to conclude, the first law of acquisition in the Ferengi rule book is, "buisness is buisness is buisness is buisness"....I hope the "Beast" stays tho!!UPTV
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16/02/2013 13:20:00

got to agree with griffx2, the chairman has enough dough for exceptional circumstances and this was one of them...we should have had the money for players in the very least two defenders and another midfielder. we better cross everything on the gamble by Randy and hope that we get some proper investment in players in the close season or we're fecked if we stay up and will have another season being the new Bolton.
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16/02/2013 13:22:00

I don't blaim him at all... Would any of us want to be at villa if o e of the big 4 come chasing?? We are only going one place & that's down!! If not this season the next, the chairman/owner of this club has ruined us!! Lerner Out
Report Abuse
16/02/2013 13:23:00

This will be worse than any of the others that left previously...
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16/02/2013 13:32:00

If we sell our bets players we will get stuck. If lerner does this i will go mental.
bikini inspector
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16/02/2013 14:00:00

look at the example of Carol and Torres. At this level and at 22 years he is worth more like £35 million. If spurs want him, i'd up it to £45 million.
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16/02/2013 14:04:00

Spurs and Arsenal won't spend that sort of money, no chance. They are selling clubs like us. Citeh and Chelski the only ones and to be honest £25 or £30m would be good business for us. If he thinks he is so great and above playing for us then let him go and ruin his career in a rotation and bench situation like the very many before him. UTV
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16/02/2013 14:13:00

The more goals he scores from now to May the more money we (and he and agent get) - so its a win win situation. BTW football clubs are demonstrably NOT a profit generating situation - this is anthropologically provable. Anyone who comes in just to turn a few mil a year with a 'diverting' business is just a **** who can meet me for a fignt on Parkers Piece.
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16/02/2013 14:26:00

Benteke is the only good player this stinking greedy agent Kismet Eris has, he creamed off a good slice of the £7m transfer fee, and now Benteke looks half-decent thats not enough, he's smells a jackpot and he's deliberately going to the press and hawking the player all around the place even though he's only been with Villa a few months. And what can Villa do about it....nothing! He couldn’t care less about the player, Benteke is just a big plump golden goose whose neck he is going to wring and wring. The Premier League is just a money league and thats it, who has the most of it, buys the best of it, and so wins the most of it. How I long for the days, (pre Sky) of a fair competitive league when a multitude of clubs could win it, ie. Villa, Leeds, Everton, Derby County, Notts Forest, Arsenal and Liverpool, no chance of that ever happening now ever, not even Arsenal. It’s always going to be global brand ManU and petro-dollars £iteh and Chelski and that’s it.
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16/02/2013 14:58:00

Do you mean "Man U the most famous plane crash in the world".....? Certainly not the most famous FC in the world - two Spanish and at least one Brazilian in front of them from where I am sitting.
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16/02/2013 16:18:00

if he wants to go let him go, he's over rated. This isn't a knee jerk to this article either I never cease to be amazed at how quickly Villa fans turn average players into heroes. Benteke could turn into a great player or he could never get any better. At the moment he is hit and miss and just about good at best
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16/02/2013 17:02:00

Heroes are in short supply these days to be fair AV and don't think he's over rated, think he is just building a reputation, looks decent to me but hopefully if he does go to a 'bigger' club for big fees, (this sounds horrible!) he flops! The grass isn't always greener I think!
The Fear
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16/02/2013 17:19:00

Spuds aregoing to loose Bale so they sellBale for £50 and buy Benteke foe £35million but kets be honest RANDY LERNER is not right for this club, the bloke should sell up he is killing Villa and making us a small club!
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16/02/2013 19:55:00

I am afraid we are now the new Bolton, Blackburn, Leeds etc , that is our level all down to Learner choosing one crap manager after another and selling all our best players, we best get used to it because its not going to change I am afraid
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16/02/2013 20:04:00

50million or he stays, time to grow a set Randy
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16/02/2013 21:00:00

15 goals so far in a struggling team says that he definitely isn't overrated. Starter and main scorer for Belgium, who are the up and coming team, full of talent. Start the bidding @ 25. Can't blame him atall for going which he undoubtedly will. He can earn three times as much and win trophies whilst not having to carry a team.
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17/02/2013 09:47:00

Over rated??? Is that a joke. He is unplayable and it is about time we put his agent in his place. Undoubtedly, Benteke is a nice, humble guy and this guy plans to wring him for all the dough he can. To even contemplate selling him after 1 season is financial and sporting madness. The club should come out and show a pair and make it clear that he is not for sale at any price. The agent is obviously trying to talk it up and unsettle him. Disgraceful. If the club's want to break the sporting monopoly in the Premier League then they have to show some metal. Besides, we don't need to sell now and Randy doesn't need the money and well never move forward if we come doing this. In short, the player needs to be told to forget about a move this summer and his agent needs to be shown the door. Disgraceful.
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17/02/2013 13:22:00

Villa grizzly, I agree but the player will go, he will want to go so that's it really. Today's footballers don't care about clubs or history or contracts, they just want money and glory, neither he will get from us I am afraid .
Report Abuse
17/02/2013 14:00:00

Having got him for 8 we will be selling for 15-16 million, my personal guess would be Arsenal IF Wenger is still their manager. 8 Years with no trophy aint so bad Gooners.....
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17/02/2013 16:29:00

I think he'll go to Man Citeh. Ok, it's not London, but they've sold Balotelli so they're clearing the decks.
Pride of Lions
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18/02/2013 02:22:00

444 - 15 goals of which 4 were in the league cup against lower league opposition and at least a couple of which have been penalties. Struggling team infers he is living on scraps but his goal per shot ratio is 1 in 10. Grizzly - unplayable really? was he unplayable against Newcastle, Southampton, spurs, chelsea, arsenal, stoke, fulham, norwich, wigan, man city, qpr or even the mighty bradford and millwall? Not saying he's crap or that we have better elsewhere in the squad but he is over rated. It was the same with Carew - legend, hero, unplayable etc etc If he wants to go then we should let him go and hopefully reinvest the funds
Report Abuse
18/02/2013 09:14:00

Doesnt really matter what any of us think "money talks player walks" And I would forget about dreaming of £30 mill as well.We will get an offer of 15 mill snap someones hand off and our chairman will "reinvest" the whole lot. But Lambert will get nothing else to spend.
Report Abuse
18/02/2013 10:31:00

AvB+B, you've just proved our point. 11 goals in 23 in the league is near enough 1 in 2. Not counting the assists and hold up play etc. He doesn't just poach like Bencht!!! He's scored 4 for Belgium this season aswell and this points towards him being a decent player at all standards suggesting that he'll get better with a better team around him. Agree that we should move him on though and reinvest if he wants to.
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18/02/2013 13:28:00

If a player plays good, we sell them. If a player plays poor, we let them run out there contract. If a player plays ok consistently, we play them out of position. Either way from now until the end of next season, Benteke well be going unless we get Top 4! No chance.
Report Abuse
18/02/2013 13:39:00

Are all of you lot living in Cloud Cuckoo land ??? Learner does need the money, why else would he sell a business his father built ? He no longer cares for our team. When was the last time he came to a game and how long before that one ? If we get an offer over £20 Million Benteke will be GONE and it doesn't matter if it's our rivals. Lerner doesn't care. Why else would you employ your arch rivals last manager and before that sell Milner, Barry, Young and Downing to the clubs your supposed to want to compete against ? Simple, It's a business to Lerner and nothing else. Hence Benteke is History come close season.
Report Abuse
18/02/2013 15:13:00

Agree 100% tvrwhitey and as long as football is a business and we have got Lerner at the helm we are f****d.....
Report Abuse
18/02/2013 16:03:00


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