á Aston Villa - Words Fail Me As We Loan Spurs Reject
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Words Fail Me As We Loan Spurs Reject

Well, we had January to find out Randy Lerner's intentions for Villa and now we have the answer it seems.

Others in the relegation fight have done business, we have brought in a player from the French second division and have now LOANED a player from Spurs. Simon Dawkins .

A 25 year old who hasn't featured for Spurs and was farmed out to the MLS (a very poor league) club Jose Earthquakes. To be fair he has scored 14 goals (in 53 games) but again, it is a very low quality league.

I have no clue as to what Lambert is thinking making these sort of signings either. Ridiculous formations, tacticss and rotation of players, end of an awful game he thinks we gave him a standing ovation (Paul, at the end of games, we stand up, we do that so we can leave) not to mention the worst goal difference in the league and he still stays.

Sorry, that was developing into a ramble, I'm just gutted. In three teams being worse than us we trust. This is a new low.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 31 2013

Time: 10:26PM

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The worst part of this sorry affair is that the official twitter account for the club broke their official mission statement of silence at all times to try and drum up interest in this signing and develop some interest in it. Sorry but when faced with relegation I am pretty sure this is the most pathetuic reponse from a club that is trying to convince anyone they want to stay oin the league, clearly most in the upper echcelons, for s reason I cannot fathom, simply dont care, they aren't even hedging, its abysmal. I have never known anything lik this whit flag mentality we have adopted at Aston Villa They say no club is too big to go down but a club of our size should at least be breaking our backs to try. How the mighty have fallen entirely. The first time I have said this but I think Lerner needs to start looking for buyers at the end of the season. The only worry I have is that unlike Doug he wont care who he sells to. Worrying indeed. That said, maybe this Sylla guy is the missing gem we have needed since Boateng all them years ago. But he is only one man, we needed five.
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31/01/2013 22:37:00

I share your feelings on loans Fear, but I believe Dawkin's contract with Spurs runs out in June 2013 so although this is a 6 month loan we will have an option at the end to sign permanently if we wish. Perhaps someone else can confirm this?
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31/01/2013 22:43:00

Where are the feckin defenders? All ours are shocking. Just don't understand
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31/01/2013 23:00:00

Richard Dawkins would have been more useful. At least he could tell everyone not to bother praying, there's no point.
Stephen Jay Hawkings
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31/01/2013 23:03:00

This kid has never played a competitive first team game for spurs and we sign him up for our relegation run in. ****in clueless.
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31/01/2013 23:04:00

Can't you all see that we are re-enacting the 1966/67 blueprint to win the Champions League in 15 years time. You must all be blind! This Dawkins character sounds like the new Willie Anderson (who had to compete with George Best).
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31/01/2013 23:07:00

I love it that we are now in a league position where, on the table on the right-hand side of the page, our grey highlight means we can be seen distinctly from the teams immediately above and below, i.e. we are in an odd-numbered position. Is it just me? Oh, ok...I'll get me coat. no wonder my son has Apserger's....
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31/01/2013 23:14:00

Can only think that PL thinks we have enough in the ranks to string some results together and that the two additions are more 'diamonds' for the future. Unfortunately I think that the near future is going to include a spell in the Championship. However the league is that close that had we have wone our three homes games against Wigan, Southampton and Newcastle and held on against Swansea and Albion, we would now be challenging for the Champions League places. it is mad to think that those 5 winnable games can have made so much difference. Even had we have just held on against Swansea and Albion we would be 15th and looking up instead of down.
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31/01/2013 23:17:00

@ medzy.... agree about defenders, although he's knocking on a bit, would Upson have been so bad? International once upon a time, experience in spades, off to Brighton. Obviously Lambert is oblivious/ambivalent to our Premier League status - mantra of youth, youth, youth is all he can see.
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31/01/2013 23:18:00

We could finish bottom. Shame the owner doesn't give a toss. Randy Lerner and Paul Faulkner are an absolute disgrace to this club. Its a shame full relinquishing of a fine clubs dignity and stature. Not even the slightest effort from the owner. Its time this lot were run out of town.
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31/01/2013 23:22:00

Proud history - Dim Future !
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31/01/2013 23:36:00

I'm baffled and deflated. We have obvious weaknesses, yet we spend the final ours of a club saving transfer window getting cover for a substitute, on loan. We haven't even ******** signed him!!!!!! Utterly cretinous.
Bikini inspector
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31/01/2013 23:38:00

Stephen Jay Hawkins.You are a genius lol.Love it!
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31/01/2013 23:39:00

Trouble is Kaptabs, we USED to be a big club, we are now a "little" club run by "little" people. To become a big club again you need to have big aspirations, big dreams and big people prepared to commit to that dream. It is the reason why Doug Ellis always the the dummy out the pushchair at any mention of the European cup winners, it just reminded him what a small man he really is! and he sold this great club to another small man so it wouldn't overshadow his "nothing" reign. We only have to look at Chelski and just lately Spurs to see how people with big dreams can see the bigger picture! ok Abramovich did it with someone else's money, but he has still turned chelski from a piddly-arsed club into a global name, and when you become global the money rolls in. And as we know, he's not afraid to ditch anyone who fails to get onboard with that vision.......how long would PL have lasted? a fortnight? Until Lerner sells up to someone with a dream they are prepared to back with hard cash then we are now the piddly-arsed club........who are heading for obscurity in the chumpionship!
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31/01/2013 23:46:00

The men in charge of this club are p*ssing on us without even the decency to call it rain! Didn't think it was possible to feel any lower, but after watching Arry work his magic in the window and us not even try to get any established players I can see QPR surging past us within 3 games. Does anyone think we stand a chance of staying up now?
Lion Heart
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31/01/2013 23:49:00

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31/01/2013 23:55:00

The title seems a little harsh :p Spurs weren't willing to sell him to San Jose, where he's been on loan, when they tried this week, so he can't be that much of a reject! Whether he's good enough to make a difference in the first-team I don't know, but i'm happy to give anyone a fair chance. We'd struggle to get any worse than we currently are.
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01/02/2013 00:10:00

I'm trying to be optimistic, trying...
Windy Villain
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01/02/2013 00:12:00

Relegated and finishing bottom - RIP AVFC - SO SAD, UTV
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01/02/2013 00:13:00

on a serious note he must be better than marc albrighton! just CAN NOT BELIEVE we didn't sign a CB! if we stay up randy really does need to ***** off and its the first time i've ever said that
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01/02/2013 00:21:00

P''ss off randy. Go back to america and stop turning sports teams into jokes. You don't have a clue. People invest a lot of earnings and emotion into their club while you swan in and make a sh''te of it.
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01/02/2013 00:32:00

When you've got to go, you've got to go and Lerner - you've got to go. I BEG you sell up, before it starts turning nasty!!!!
Pride of Lions
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01/02/2013 00:32:00

I would play Given in goal as well, Guzan isn't as good as everyone says. Looks like Dunne is our only hope if he ever kicks a ball for us again
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01/02/2013 00:32:00

Why are you slagging off Lambert we all know he has nothing to do with finances or the wage structure... Slag his tactics etc. but signings are difficult to pin fully on him... Just look at the Sissoko scandal he wanted moussa and the CEO couldnt pull it off they werent prepared to pay the wages and/or fee so we're left with this Sylla guy... As far as Dawkins goes I dont know what he brings goals from MF at best and I doubt his ability to provide such a thing...
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01/02/2013 00:44:00

Think this article is a bit harsh to be honest Fear. Never seen him kick a ball and he's labelled a reject..this is most unlike your usual balanced commentary i usually look forward too - don't give up Sir its still not impossible. Plus if we do actually stay up now, we actually will be better off for taking it easy in january...massive gamble but could be a wise move. welcome to the villa Mr Dawkins
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01/02/2013 01:40:00

yeah i'm with you thefulltilt. not sure who everyone expected us to sign?? Lambert has addressed 2 issues everyone has been going on about - width and solid defensive-mid - with next to no $$. give these new blokes a chance ffs. i also welcome them!
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01/02/2013 02:10:00

Who could we have signed? Well I don't keep a full list of every player but I'm fairly sure that a couple of loan deals for older defenders and central mids would have been perfectly possible. What we get is two more kids, I now want Lerner out for allowing this to happen but make no mistake this is Lambert's doing, it his ego that won't have experienced heads at the club.
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01/02/2013 06:51:00

I'm not a great one for protests but we are going down as the bottom team this year and as soon as relegation is confirmed a boycott should be organised for the rest of the season.
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01/02/2013 06:53:00

cheer up lads could be worse .. you could be odimwinge right now thats very sad .. and sooo sooo awkward ..
Report Abuse
01/02/2013 07:39:00

yep i also welcome them... If the purse strings are that tight I'm sure these are the best we could have done. Lets give em a bit of time to bed in... Welcome to Villa lads.
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01/02/2013 08:41:00

I am sure we will spend again once the high earning players that aren't pulling their weight are off the wage bill, but until then, and admittedly it will be too late, we will start to strengthen again. We must be wasting best part of 300k a week on players who hardly feature.
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01/02/2013 09:46:00

All the pundits, fans & even the tea lady can see what we are short on - experience & leadership qualities. So what do we bring in, a couple of unknown twentysomethings from lower league type football! Do you honestly think we now have what it takes, to dig in for the remaidner of the season and fight for our survival - me neither!
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01/02/2013 09:56:00

Very talented player who was kept out of the Spurs side by Lennon, Bale and Jenas. Had a bad abkle injury but proved his fitness and was offered a new contract. Three times better than Albrighton. How about welcoming the lad and giving him a little support. supĚport (s-p˘rt, -prt) tr.v. supĚportĚed, supĚportĚing, supĚports 1. To bear the weight of, especially from below. 2. To hold in position so as to keep from falling, sinking, or slipping. 3. To be capable of bearing; withstand: "His flaw'd heart . . . too weak the conflict to support" (Shakespeare). 4. To keep from weakening or failing; strengthen: The letter supported him in his grief. 5. To provide for or maintain, by supplying with money or necessities. 6. To furnish corroborating evidence for: New facts supported her story. 7. a. To aid the cause, policy, or interests of: supported her in her election campaign. b. To argue in favor of; advocate:
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01/02/2013 10:05:00

I''l reserve judgement until I've seen the kid play football in the Claret and Blue. I trust Lambert's judgement. Lowton and Westwood have been good buys, Benteke is an absolute prodigy. Bennett has been a disappointment thus far but at that price if he doesn't make the grade we'll get our money back. The majority of the players he has brought in have been low risk buys on much lower wages and three of them have been very good for us. We don't get targeted at right back we get targeted at left back. That is where the problems come from in defence. Dunne is getting fit and we have a new DM. lets just see what happens. Its done now. No point throwing the baby out with the bath water. We have shown we can play very well we just need to pieces it together for 90 minutes. Time to fight and stand together.
Report Abuse
01/02/2013 10:29:00

Report Abuse
01/02/2013 11:02:00

eugh can't see us going anywhere but down hope I'm wrong. Oh great they've released a video of him juggling a ball on his head, that'll be useful.
Report Abuse
01/02/2013 11:04:00

^ re: the French dude
Report Abuse
01/02/2013 11:07:00

In this window all I asked for were 2 experianced Premier league midfielders on loan. Well at 22 and 25 they are not kids but the missing bit is premier league experiance and while I wish these lads well,I feel an opportunity has been missed to steady the ship.I like Lambert but feel he is to stubborn for his own good if it aint working fix it,should be the mantra not try more of the same.
Report Abuse
01/02/2013 11:32:00

Blame Lambert all you want on the pathetic signings made by us, but when you have no money and wages being cut left right n centre this is what happans you sign poor players no quality, Hutton n Warnock have gone off the wage bill so erm where is the players to fill the wage gap?? Randy is recouping and lost interest it is that simple, RANDY OUT!!!!!!
Report Abuse
01/02/2013 11:32:00

Maybe he got another striker so he could take my stupid idea onboard and play the flying Gabby as an overlapping left full. Cant be worse than what we have there. At least Seamus Coleman is supposedly injured for the weekend could you imagine him going at Bennett.
Report Abuse
01/02/2013 11:35:00

Am I the only one who although not over excited by this window is happy? I thought at the beginnign that if we got an attacking and defensive midfielder I would be made u? No? oh ok then
Report Abuse
01/02/2013 11:37:00

David O'Leary was right. We are fickle. How many people were postingon here when MON was in charge that it was boring. 'If we were in a relegation scrap at least it would be interesting.' You have your wish. You should be overjoyed. I am totally fed up with all this negativity. I am a Villa supporter. My job is to support the team. Not whinge because we didn't buy Beckham or Drogba. Get behind the team. We can pull through this together. This is my New Year resolution at work. Stop being negative and see the positives in everything.
chocolate teapot
Report Abuse
01/02/2013 11:48:00

I'm with Oscararc - Gabby probably the best left back/wing back at the club right now. If you skin him, will still cach you.
Report Abuse
01/02/2013 12:17:00

I wasn't being harsh. The lad is 25 and has never played for Spurs. historically (all time league) we are above Spurs. They have only just over taken us in the all time Prem league. We used to be better than them, now we are loaning a player shipped out to an awful league (the MLS) because they still couldn't find him good enough to play for Spurs. NOW he is here, I'll support, I'm a fan, so it is what we do. But that doesn't make this more palatable to me. I hate the loan system anyway, but if we were going to use it, I can't see why Lambert wouldn't have relented and brought in experience. He says he is sticking to his beliefs. So I am, I believe he has built a mid table championship squad. I pray to feck I'm wrong
The Fear
Report Abuse
01/02/2013 14:40:00

You are wrong Fear. We're the next Shef Weds, no way will we secure a mid table place in next season's championship. Got to blame lerner and a succession of bad managers.
Report Abuse
01/02/2013 14:50:00

Worrying times indeed for the grand old club. However that is not the fault of Simon Dawkins, and I heartily welcome him to Villa Park. Good Luck to him.He'll be hungry and determined to prove himself, hope he grabs the tremendous opportunity with both hands. He has to be a huge improvement on Marc Albrighton, has to be, so with that thought in mind, I content myself for now wih the belief that we've strengthened and improved in an area where we have since the departure of Young and Downing, have so sadly lacked and strugged.
Report Abuse
01/02/2013 15:26:00

Villa lost more in wages the last three seasons than it took to bankrupt Rangers FFS !!!! Let them rebuild this club properly. Give them a chance. Dawkins is impressive out wide and I hope the lad makes a go of it, people saying he never played for Spurs in the League should look at why with the players they have / had in his position. He was impressive in thier preseason games and at U21 but the injury he had in 2010 was nasty and now he's come back strong, everyone has been crying out for a wide man now here one is. UTV
Report Abuse
01/02/2013 16:00:00

On the finance side of things our wage bill has to be kept at 65% of turnover. This has to be managed properly not just this year but for the length of particular contracts. Whoever comes in has to be good for the club over the next three or so years and if needed be able to generate a sell on profit if they leave. Quick fixes now would have set us back another year or two. Newcastle and QPR are on a financial suicide run. UTV
Report Abuse
01/02/2013 16:05:00

You talk alot of sense Astonmilan Best of luck to the lad UTV
Report Abuse
01/02/2013 18:45:00

Astonmilan, that's the most sense I have seen written here in ages. If Randy had done that Samba deal for ú12.5m and ú100k a week there would have been a huge outcry. In the long run, the financial fair play rules will suit the club, if we can survive this season. I think we can, but need a win quickly. QPR will be in administration and in League 1 because they won't sustain their wage bill on 18500 ticket sales every 2 weeks. We the fans need to support our club more than ever now, fill VP for the Wet Spam game and blow the ball in to the Holte End goal if we have to. There is enough quality to stay up, but not enough belief. We can help if we stay behind the lads. UTV
Report Abuse
02/02/2013 00:53:00


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