Aston Villa - Randy Lerner Speaks And Backs Manager
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Randy Lerner Speaks And Backs Manager

Randy Lerner has spoken and backed Paul Lambert.

The chairman said:

'In the time that I`ve come to know Paul what is clear above all else is his strength of character and belief in his approach to football. Fortunes can shift quickly in this game and a sense that one has it right can become grave doubt in a matter of a few games.

The Villa board knew that with Paul we would begin to address the club`s multi-year lack of competitive stability by reshaping the squad with seven new signings in the summer.

It has been rewarding at times this season although certainly frustrating as well, particularly recently. During January Paul and the board have discussed a variety of players although nothing has yet materialised, which I know also can be frustrating as fresh players always give at least a sense of progress and optimism.

Finally, and on a very personal note, I would reiterate that Paul has achieved success at many levels of professional football and I believe, given support, he will continue to do so for us.'

Can anyone remind me when any of the last three seasons have been rewarding please?

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 28 2013

Time: 3:20PM

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Is that for real? If it is there must be crack involved.
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28/01/2013 15:26:00

We'll be fine.
Bikini Inspector
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28/01/2013 15:26:00

Fear dude, i know where your coming from but Randy is backing Lambert end of, we gotta keep behind him and not cut our nose's off to spite our face's! Randy mentions players we are trying to sign and nothing has materialised YET this is good something may happan then late in the transfer window, at least Randy can speak ;}
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28/01/2013 15:26:00

I suppose it was rewarding when we beat Sunderland, Man City,Liverpool & Norwich . By the sound of it not a total no no for a signing or two ,as has been reported . I can at least watch the Sky deadline countdown with a little bit of hope now (I wasn't going to bother)
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28/01/2013 15:30:00

where I'm coming from? It isn't my statement.
The Fear
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28/01/2013 15:30:00

Your not passing that off as a statement you get more on a postcard. We dont expect 5 new signings @ 20 mill each we just need to loan a couple of reasonable quality midfielders and get Laursen in to coach the defence on corners, its not rocket science nor do we need to spend loads.
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28/01/2013 15:30:00

Agree with CLIVETHEVILLAN on this. He's staying put so we need to back him even if we lose tomorrow. It is nice to hear that they are trying to sign players, but I only hope they are not yet more young prospects. We keep saying it, but it doesn't get less true - WE NEED EXPERIENCE AND WE NEED IT NOW!
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28/01/2013 15:31:00

I think that statement looks fine, really really fine.
Bikini Inspector
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28/01/2013 15:36:00

Well on skysports Lambert is saying there are no funds available and we wont be signing anyone, so one of them is lying. As for that Lerner speech, it sounds like something he asked his P.A to knock up for him. Not really feeling it to be honest, sounds just like a typical response to some *****ed off fans.
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28/01/2013 15:40:00

I guess we will just have to pick ourselves up in February and go again. Because we wont lie down. Yadda yadda yadda
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28/01/2013 15:42:00

A load of of rubbish! Doesn't change a thing, how about backing the manager with some cash Randy??? I could have sworn that someone said in the summer that despite the summer spending there would still be funds available in January. I still back Lambert and want to see him stay long-term, but not at the expense of relegation. He should know by now, what he tried hasn't worked, but in time I think he'll be a good manager for us.
Stephen Jay Hawkings
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28/01/2013 15:44:00

Smashing Liverpoo was rewarding!!!
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28/01/2013 15:46:00

Please let it be a typo. Randy Lerner Speaks And Sacks Manager.
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28/01/2013 15:47:00

You said at the bottom of the article you ask can anyone remind you of the past three seasons have been rewarding,, so i was just saying time to back Lambert Randy ain't sacking him and hope we sign some players thats all dude, thats all i think is important until the end of the season imo from now on
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28/01/2013 15:50:00

well according to OnMeHeadFred you lot (and me) are all delusional when it comes to Randy anyway
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28/01/2013 15:50:00

He cannot win, we say speak so he does, now we don't like it , we say we need stability he backs the manager like every other before, now we want to change. A change now would be counter productive, he will get it right I really belive that. Jon I think you are getting cranky in your old age. I think we will survive and we will look on this season as a necessary evil.
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28/01/2013 15:53:00

We'll just have to go with what we've got. We'll pick ourselves up and go again. We'll give it a right good go.
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28/01/2013 15:54:00

Can't wait till Thursday. Can see us getting rejected by a few players hint hint dempsey. When does the Window open?
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28/01/2013 15:56:00

McLeish has a strong character and firm belief in his approach to football. Hes still a ******** moron.
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28/01/2013 16:01:00

I know you'll all be disappointed with that statement but tall you can do is just get back up and carry on fighting. You can't lie down. Sure, we'll take our medicine but we have to keep going. We'll be fine.
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28/01/2013 16:09:00

if this clown loses the next three games that statement will be even more worthless than it is now. Tattoed foot in mouth, in other words. What club that is trying to sign players ever fails to sign a single one ? Unless they are only offering green shield stamps. Or actually bull*****ting. Lets remember that there is no legal obligation to "tell the truth" here.
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28/01/2013 16:38:00

I'm no PL fan, but it's probably too late for a new manager now - RL as big a part of the problem as PL, and nobody can come in and "do an 'Arry" this late in the transfer window. We're relying on this manager and these players now, God help us. On Lambert, watch his nervous habit on interviews of sticking a finger in his ear. Used to be once in a while, now its nearly all of every interview. Just waiting for him to produce a big yellow lump of wax on MOTD.
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28/01/2013 16:41:00

12th man just has to do their thing now, we are the only constant and only ones up to the job it seems.
The Fear
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28/01/2013 16:42:00

Basically a vote of confidence for Lambert............... Seven new as chips and therefore lacking in required quality, hence the es aitch 1 T we are in now. I notice there was nothing clear on goals and aims for the club, some crap on "a variety of players", but sadly they cost money...... Just who wrote this dummies scrpt and who was the ventriloquist???
Pride of Lions
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28/01/2013 16:46:00

Basically a vote of confidence for Lambert............... Seven new as chips and therefore lacking in required quality, hence the es aitch 1 T we are in now. I notice there was nothing clear on goals and aims for the club, some crap on "a variety of players", but sadly they cost money...... Just who wrote this dummies scrpt and who was the ventriloquist???
Pride of Lions
Report Abuse
28/01/2013 16:48:00

Gibbo villa -Lambert never said there wasn't any money that is selective headline writing from our friends at sky. If you listen to the interview he said there wasn't money for big names and to overhaul the squad. He said we had been in for three players who had all gone elsewhere. I read that as there is money there but who on earth would want to play for this bumbling idiot and get relegated.
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28/01/2013 16:56:00

Quite willing to carry on backing Lambert cant see a new manager turning it round anyway. Randy may think to impress that we signed 7 players but forgot to mention we let 8 go all of whom I assume were on premiership wages where 6 of the incomming are probably on half as much hence the "youth policy" strange he has never tried it at other clubs he has been at. Ok so Lambert has to tow the Randy line we get the message,hence the "we will be fine" You need to win 7 games out of 16 Paul then we will be fine mate.
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28/01/2013 17:07:00

Randy has done what we asked and told us his thoughts, he's backing the manager and I agree with him on that for now. We're all hurting and looking to pin the blame on someone but that gets us nowhere. Randy has to do his job, Lambert has to do his, the players have to do theirs and we have to do ours. Then we can analyse everyone's mistakes at the end of the season. See you all down Villa Park tomorrow night. UTV
Lion Heart
Report Abuse
28/01/2013 17:23:00

I am not, never have been, never will be, a defeatist. The very thought disgusts me. Defeatist thinking means that you, Joe Blow, Peter Public, assume that you are unable and not in a position to improve the situation, any situation. You have given up. You are beaten. You have surrendered. Remember, it is merely an assumption, it is never, ever a fact. And you are not replacing that assumption with another assumption. This is not an effort to convince yourself of a positive thought. You are merely leaving the question where it really is. You donít know and when you truly donít know, it is foolish to assume youíre helpless. It is unnecessary and self-defeating to decide something cannot be done. We are not going down. Not until its mathematically impossible to secure enough points to remain a top flight outfit will AVFC or its supporters surrender. We shall beat Newcastle United on Tuesday evening. The revival will be underway. We are not defeatists. We Are The Villans
Report Abuse
28/01/2013 17:39:00

AstonThriller, I'm with ou 100 per cent. We've had too much instability, and we can't sack another manager. We are fourth from bottom, the same position as Wolves were in when they sacked McCarthy - and we all know how well that worked. But I am tearing out my hair at Lambert's stubbornness when it comes to new signings - the last player I saw us linked with was a 20-year-old from Derby County. I can't see what has been achieved by freezing Warnock and Hutton out when their replacements are having such a torrid time. I understand Curtis Davies is available on a free. I know it didn't exactly work last time, but couldn't he bring a bit of stability at the back? At least we wouldn't have to pay £10 million for him.
Mark from Dudley
Report Abuse
28/01/2013 17:47:00

What a Joke! We are the laughing stock of the country. Favourites to go down. Lerner do the honourable thing and sell. This Villa team is the worst I have seen in forty years. Why can't we get free transfers or loan deals? NRC is available on a free transfer far better player then what we have there now! The majority of fans, pundits all can see we urgently require reinforcements; other clubs are bringing new players in. We have already thrown in the towel. We will lose more money doing nothing than investing now in new players to stay up. Say goodbye to the New TV Deal next season. Fans need to prepare ourselves for championship football for a number of years, because this team is just not good enough. Well done Lerner. A bet Newcastle can't wait to play us.
Report Abuse
28/01/2013 17:55:00

Randy has obviously tried toget the players PL wanted whether they were good or not we do not know. They chose different clubs, now we get nothing.Great
Report Abuse
28/01/2013 20:07:00

Randy doesn't like football or sport in general, he couldn't care less about Villa and going down. To say we have no money after selling basically our whole first team and cutting wages dramatically is pure tripe. Not to mention selling the Browns for one BILLION. 5, 10, 15, 20 mil would not hurt Randy's wallet and would help us immensely. This to me proves Randy doesn't care and is not at all a fan of the game or Villa. Newcastle have signed 5 players of good quality. What have we done?? Just stood still and said we will won't roll over and we will fight etc etc. BORING!! We haven't shown fight in 2 years and just saying that all the time makes us look stupid. Lerner is an disgrace and an utter embarrassment. Proud history, bright future what a jip. I'm more than angry at the way we've been treated, Lerner out.
Report Abuse
28/01/2013 21:08:00

reluctant to believe anything that is attrbuted to Randy as he never speaks directly publicly. That's his choice but I hope for his sake that he's not lying to the masses. Last day of the window is always manic and with 2 decent players in the neeeded positions, I'm sure "we'll be alright". We could finish 15th and wonder what all the fuss was about. Only 3 trophies to go for. 1 is way out of the question, the other 2 are mere distractions to the real prize of survival. If we'd held on against the baggies and/or Swansea then we'd have little to worry about. Defending set pieces and the removal of Bannan will make or break the season....
Report Abuse
28/01/2013 21:13:00

We signed 7 players in the summer, ***** right off Lerner, you now prove you know *****-all, we signed one player in the summer, Benteke, the rest, well league one at best, get out and stay out.
Report Abuse
28/01/2013 21:59:00

And to be honest it would not make one jot of difference if you'd signed 25 in the summer, Lambert would have no idea where to play them, take him with you to.
Report Abuse
28/01/2013 22:01:00

Ok thx for that Randy. All I know is I feel like complete ***** because I should be making a trip to Wembley next month but instead I'll be at home watching Bradford on the TV
Report Abuse
28/01/2013 22:27:00

oooh the dreaded vote of confidence.! Shame about Lambert but you cant just fill the team with untested youngsters and expect to do well... A bit naive of him.
Report Abuse
29/01/2013 16:28:00


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