Aston Villa - Randy - Not Too Much To Ask Is It?
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Randy - Not Too Much To Ask Is It?

The club has been a mess from top to bottom for a couple of seasons. Here's my views on the leadership from the board in the last 2 seasons.

So first when O'Neill walks, Randy sets up a meeting with Graham Taylor. Actually wants to get some advice from a proper footballing person. Graham Taylor turns up and Randy apparently has other 'commitments' as per usual.

To me, that's unacceptable.

You don't do that to a Villa legend who knows far more about football than him.

Then we appoint Houllier.

A walking heart attack. We all had doubts over his health when he joined. We were sleep walking towards relegation that season until 30m dug us out the ****. Then Houllier has his inevitable heart attack. He recovers pretty well, is told he can go back to work but all of a sudden Lerner wants him out...the guy he appointed 9 months previously and gave £30m to spend in January as part of a long term plan...wants him out. So he leaves, reluctantly.

Then we snap up McLeish.

Against all supporters, journalists, players advice. He then deals McLeish with a very short hand in my opinion. We sell our 2 best players once again, and McLeish gets £18m to build the squad up again. Hardly giving him a fighting chance really there is it? He was the man they appointed, against everyone's wishes and yet they don't back him sufficiently yet was on record telling him they expected Villa to remain competitive and challenge.

We had an awful season, Lerner was never at Villa Park and McLeish managed to keep us up, just about.

Then the next day the remarkable turn around, McLeish sacked. He was a mistake, not good enough etc etc but they failed to see who actually warned them about him only 10 months previous again. He finally listens to the fans then (well Faulkner does seen as though Randy never turns up) and hires Paul Lambert.

Rejoice, finally listened to us. But then the dissection of the squad continues. A further 10 players, including experienced players leave the club on top of the Milner, Young, Downing, Friedel, Luke Young's of this world. All whom I might add would get into our team right now.

Then he gives Paul Lambert a whopping £20m to spend. £20m to buy 9 good players? Hmm, yeah right. Lambert's buys have been alright. Benteke, Guzan, Vlaar, Westwood & Lowton look good players whilst the jury is still out on KEA and Bowery quite clearly.

So we don't have a good start at all, the cup brings us some hope.

Still no word from Lerner at this point.

Now were sitting here, its Thursday 24th January 2013...a week til the transfer window closes. We have had without doubt our worst 4 week spell in the history of this club. We have gone from humiliation to humiliation to humiliation. You can clearly see where we need to improve.

I'm not saying Lambert has been a brilliant manager in all this but he is the guy we all wanted and we got him. They aren't going to sack another manager now, which I understand. But here we are, a week left til February, our worst spell in history, we are sleepwalking into a definite relegation and here we are, not even getting linked to players and it has been reported that Lambert was summoned to the USA to meet with Lerner, all to be told he has got a grand total of £3m to spend.

Is Lerner for real?

Giving out free flags came at the worst possible time?

I don't want gimmicks, I want this club to be successful!

But still no word from Lerner. He hasn't spoke to his supporters for 3 years now. I don't want to hear from Paul Faulkner, he's the CEO, he doesn't own the club. Lerner just sits at home in USA and expects Faulkner to fight all the flak that he doesn't deserve.

Faulkner shouldn't be getting in the neck, Lerner should.

A question I keep asking but you get no answer to, where is this club going and where do they want the club to go? Because anyone with a footballing brain can see this team is nowhere near going to be able to challenge.

You cannot sell players like Milner, Downing, Young, Barry etc and replace them with the Bannan, Holman, Albrighton and El-Ahmadi's of this world if you want to remain competitive in this league.

The club will lose probably about £70m in revenue if Villa go down this season. And I repeat, the worst 4 week spell in the club's history and the only comment from the club you have is some stupid email thanking you for the support on Tuesday evening.

We are in badly need for a comment from our owner, we are all hurting at the moment but no one is sure if Lerner is.

Doug Ellis who is in his eighties, fought prostate cancer and has been losing it for some time still finds time so sit in the freezing cold and watch every single Villa game.

Your lucky if Randy attends 2 a season.

I don't give a toss about his divorce and looking after his son etc, we play over 40 matches a season and Randy doesn't even attend 10% of those games.

It's a way of showing you care!

They are clueless, absolutely clueless. The club will go down this year if nothing is done. Without a doubt. Then there will be the usual 'Back Lambert's Lions to surge back to the Premier League.'

The club is being badly handled by the hierarchy and at the moment they want Villa to operate as a Wigan Athletic, just happy to survive in this league. That is not and never will be good enough for Villa.

Randy always used to say he 'gets' the club.

Well he don't get it this time around. This relegation has been coming for 3 seasons and this will be the season it happens. Top work Randy.

We just want to see some commitment, some backing, an address to the great supporters of this club. As owner of this club, I'm not sure were asking much of you to be honest.

Randy Lerner Forum Thread.

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The Journalist

Writer: Randy.Stand Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 25 2013

Time: 8:00AM

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I agree with most of what you have to say Randy. Stand, however I would put most of the blame on O'Neill, it was a dark day when he got the Manager's job. It sickens me when I hear pundits talking of the great job MON did at the Villa. Here was a man spent another man's money like it was confetti, let us all remember we were 10 points ahead of Arsenal and 12 ahead of Everton at Christmas and he blew it, not only did Arsenal overtake us so did Everton. Then as he continued to waste money he finally realised he had a squad where many (his signings) were overvalued and on contracts that City could barely afford and he ran. Yes learner has made mistakes, yes that was terrible treatment of Graham Taylor yes in all probability we are going to be playing Championship football next season (indeed I see us going down Bottom with this squad unless there is one hell of a turnaround) I just do not put all the blame on the Chairman. COTVABU
irish villa
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25/01/2013 08:33:00

LERNER OUT!!! I've been saying it for months!! Who'd of thought when he rode in on his nobal steed to save us that he'd end up a worse owner than Ellis?? He may of given us a pub & some flags but he's also giving us championship football. We need to be heard in the ground as its quite clear knowone from the club checks fans websites to judge the mood of their customers/fans
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25/01/2013 08:37:00

Before everyone gets on your back for blaming O'Neill, Irish Villa. I'll just say that I think you're right to a large extent. More on the wages and contracts side of things, buying players at over the odds prices and never playing them, watching their value plummet as they sit on the bench (at best) and then sell on a a huge loss. Plus his idea that he was the representative of Cloughie on this earth, 20 years after Clough's style of management bit the dust. Then he runs off and slams the door in a hissy fit. Randy has not recovered from that mauling, and made bad decisions since.
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25/01/2013 08:41:00

Yes Lerner out!! that will solve everything.!! Really!! All need to stop bitching and get behind the team. SUpport the players and the manager and we'll pick up what ever pieces are left at the end of the season.
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25/01/2013 08:50:00

Lerner has thrown in the towel. It has been obvious for some time
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25/01/2013 08:51:00

At least my bitching is at the man responsible apple not other fans!! I pay my hard earned money so feel I'm aloud to voice my opinions!! It might not solve the problem of relogation but in the long term I think it would solve a lot of the current problems as he is the man running the club & should be held responsible.
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25/01/2013 09:10:00

I said it last season, I'll say it again this season.... LERNER OUT! Just sell up ASAP and get the hell out of Villa Park.
Pride of Lions
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25/01/2013 09:36:00

Randy.Stand That’s the best most sensible piece I’ve seen written on here ever! Totally agree with everything. Lambert is not perfect as he is still learning like we all are but he is not a bad manager over night. With the team we have and the money he was given to replace so many players Ferguson would be struggling to keep us up. Give him time and he will come good, remember he was has had to buy players for around 2m! And for that price they have been ok, when given funds to buy 6-7m players look what we have ended up with! A 20m player! If he was given the funds O’Neil was given the story would be very different now. Also I believe any player he has purchased even if they have not set the world alight could be sold for what we paid for them at least which is a refreshing change.
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25/01/2013 09:57:00

And someone has to have a go at the fans again! un-********-believable.
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25/01/2013 10:06:00

Good article but would not agree with "we" all wanted PL. Not all Villa fans wanted PL as gaffer, especially those with knowledge of footie outside of the Prem bubble.
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25/01/2013 10:10:00

Cropped. I would say 90% were happy getting Lambert. We all would have loved Mourinho but I doubt we would have got anyone better than Lambert in our current position and who was available hence why nearly all of us were happy. He just needed more backing and should have been given 20m for three decent players at the start of January and I believe we would have been undefeated in 2013 and going to a cup final.
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25/01/2013 10:18:00

Well a lot were extremely happy with his appointment. In fact the 3,000 at Norwich last day of the season all sang his name. I still think he's a good manager, just he isn't being backed sufficiently to get this club moving. He's only a young manager himself, he needs some guidance, that's where not having any footballing knowledge on the board hurts us.
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25/01/2013 10:18:00

That photo sums it up. Laurel and Laurel. Lerner OUT!
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25/01/2013 10:31:00

I didn't want Lambert and I have to disagree that he is a good manager Simon. If he was he wouldn't have filled our team with young, inexperienced, mediocre lower league players. If he stays we're going down, it's as simple as that.
Report Abuse
25/01/2013 11:21:00

Lambert has stated that there will be no new signings in Jan after conversations with the chairman..........Lerner needs to sell up now before he loses out on 60 mil that will be the devaluation of the club as a championship side!
Report Abuse
25/01/2013 13:08:00

Yep have been saying much the same all season regarding money to replacements. So agree randy.stand but to add to it the players remaining Bannan.Ireland,Delph,Albrighton,Nzobia have done sweet fa for us while Dunne,Warnock & Hutton are earmarked for disposal. So not only did he need to replace what we lost in the summer but was left with very little to work with in my opinion and you can bet he had to bring in new players on half the wages the ones who left were getting. Hes made 2 poor signings Bennet & KEA Bentke as you have said would will fetch near 20 mill in future. I havent mentioned our "ghost " player Makoun which is another 6 mill up the swanee wherever he is.
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25/01/2013 13:17:00

I have not mentioned Faulkner and quite frankly rarely blame him for anything as he reminds me of "sooty" Lerner shoves his hand up his back and he spouts whatever hes told to say.
Report Abuse
25/01/2013 13:20:00

Haha sooty!!!! I knew he looked familiar :)
Report Abuse
25/01/2013 13:33:00

Great article bud...
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25/01/2013 13:37:00

Paul Lambert says clubs are asking too much for new players? What a load of crap! Newcastle have signed some good french players that are cheap. Another fact there is loan deals to be had, also what about free players, can't we afford them. I would snap up NRC he is on a free, he would bring some energy to the team. We are the joke of the country. If Lerner is not going to back the Villa than sell please!!!
Report Abuse
25/01/2013 13:42:00

Agree with you about the loans Shane but Bolton didnt want to hang on to nrc which sort of tells its own story but enough have been mentioned on here if they are available e.g Huddlestone,Palacious,Rosicky. probably not world beaters but good solid experianced pros and miles better than what we have.
Report Abuse
25/01/2013 16:16:00

Quality article mate. Well said. Can't defend MON on all his signings but its like giving your kid your credit card to go and buy his Christmas presents?!?!?!?! He had to take a chance and we were bloody lucky that there were no injuries otherwise the rest would've played. The exit from Europe killed our league form but Spurs let a big lead slip in January although 'Arry worked it out in the end. MON didn't get that chance......
Report Abuse
25/01/2013 19:38:00


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