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Lambert Hurt - But No Apology Or Resignation

Well, not sure any of us really want to talk about the embarrassment brought to us via an exit from a fourth division team, but best give the managers reaction.

Only reaction I wanted was 'I resign` and 'it is my fault I keep changing formations, make ridicilous substitutions and tactics and I hold my hand up, those who said we needed experience were right, what was I thinking?` but of course, modern managers don`t have the dignity to resign, they wait for the golden goose of being fired.

Lambert told the official site he was 'gutted, disappointed and hurt'.

Try being a fan Lambert. Sad thing is, this is the man the majority wanted as well.

And he blames the defenders, not his instructions: 'If you have a man in the penalty area, you have to be prepared to compete with him. Everyone knows their job and who to pick up. It's man for man. It's me against you. That's your job. You know who you're picking up. You know what you're doing for corners and free-kicks. That's not hard to understand. That's black and white. It comes from an individual. It's me against you.'

And this bit really gets me, Lambert said he felt the team had 'let the fans down.'


'I am every bit as hurt as what they (us fans) are. It's my responsibility. I know exactly what it's like and I know exactly what they're feeling because I am feeling the exact same."

I very much doubt it, we are steeped in this club and you are taking it down.

Then he starts talking rubbish about coming out fighting v Millwall. More talk off the pitch.

Sorry folks, his buys, he had £22-24million in the summer AND admitted that Randy had more money if he wanted it but he felt they were ready. READY? Men v boys. Watched Dean Saunders interview on Sky last night after the match and he said that Bradford had more experienced defenders than us.

If it wasn`t so said it would be laughable.

How a man can lose 8-0, lose to a 4th division side and get thrashed by the likes of Southampton and Wigan and not resign is truly beyond me.

The team have my 100% support, I can`t say any of them aren`t trying (which is even more worrying because it means some aren`t good enough, or at the very least aren`t ready/old enough/experienced enough yet) but this manager? Worst one since Billy McNeill surely?

Our latest poll asks the same question as before, should he stay or should he go?

Would have been nice to have an apology Mr Lambert.

In three teams being worse than us we trust....

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 23 2013

Time: 10:14AM

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too angry from me or right? I hate calling for managers heads, can't remember doing it before, but this one should have resigned already, but certainly after last night.
The Fear
He was pretty much smiling in the post match interview too. Doesn't seem fazed in the slightest (See Owen Coyle last season and how that ended up). You can tell when a manger is in trouble whe they start spouting the same stuff. week after week Lambert = Dust ourselves down, Eck = i play 4 forwards, DOL= Good bunch of lads.
I agree to an extent but is there really anyone out there that would want to join us and capable of geting us out of this mess? I don't think anyone could do it going down just seems inevitable. We desperatly need experienced players who work their socks off and we hardly have anyone, 23 days in the window and not even spent a penny.
Oh by the way, I dont think there are 3 worse teams that us at the moment. Maybe not even 1 ? We are the worst team in the league by far at the moment. The table doesnt lie and nor do the stats.
No - not too angry. It really is that bad and your comments are valid and in the right tone - and you're more reasonable than most of us. I can't express how angry I am without resulting to expletives. The team/squad is the worst I can remember in 40 years, our midfield and defence are rubbish, utter rubbish, two or three players in our team last night wouldn't get on the Bradford side. For God sake what the hell is happening?
I wanted to give him the time needed to build a team, and after Liverpool thought it was the right thing to do, but after the 4 drubbings and then to lose what should have been an easily winnable game last night (no disrespect to Bradford, they deserved it), I have run out of patience, he's screwed us worse than McLeish and I never expected that. Lambert - F OFF.
Totally agree JF, things were looking dodgy approaching the xmas period and thenwe get slaughtered match after match with PL saying after each one "i'm gutted, we have to pick ourselves up and go again"........which "we" didn't! and that culminates in being beaten by a division 4 team - not in a romantic one-off cup match but over 2 legs in which the div 4 team proved they were the better team with better players, manager AND tactics. he needs to sign SIX players today and tomorrow but to be honest i wouldn't give this clown 2 bob to spend
I wonder how a bank would turn out after 6 years if 2 football players bought it, sacked all the experienced staff it and then tried to run it on there own. Utter madness from Randy, he's basically down the same but vice versa
NO Fear - the man is totally inept and a disgrace. Also, you missed out the worse part of that interview - ""We will never have a better chance to get to a cup final throughout our whole careers," added Lambert. "I can't repeat what was said to the players in the dressing room and no manager would tell you that, but everyone is hurting. They might take 10 or 12 years to even get close again." 10 or 12 years??? Is that how long he has written us off for? I remember expecting a good cup run in the FA, League Cup or UEFA every couple of years - not that long ago. This man is so out of his depth its laughable. Fully expect us to finish rock bottom.
and just thought i'd add to the billy mcneill reference, EVERY scots manager of aston villa over the years have been nothing short of disastrous!
I'm already getting annoyed by the poll - how can any of us think we'll be OK? How can any of us be unsure? Why do people think that a reason for keeping the idiot is stability or 'who will want to come to us now'? Look at what he's done to our club in 7 months!!!! Wakey Wakey!!!
I'm with you fear. Millwall I'm not too fussed. But if I don't see a starting 11 with the most possible experience I will lose my *****. Seriously I'm freaking angry and all I need to get in front of a TV. You poor lads/ladies pay good money for utter tripe. Does my head in.
Nigel Adkins please. He'd do a better job and may even play Bent FFS!!!
See I'm that mad I'm not even making sense!
I'd take houllier back at this point
Whilst I agree with most of this article, how can PL be worse than the one who shall not be named? He did his best to relegate us, but miracuolously we stayed up with one point less than his Scum side were relegated the season before.
Houllier? I'd take back Mcleish at this rate.
So can anyone name a manager who would take over? and please don't mention Adkins who I may add has been SACKED by our relegation rivals.
calavfc Adkins was sacked, but for what? He had been doing brilliantly for the Saints. If we lose to Millwall then why not Adkins?
PL has made a lot of mistakes without question, but I will still support him while he is our Manager. If, and it's a MASSIVE if, we stay up this season i genuinely believe better times lie ahead. We are capable of playing very good attractive passing football(as in 1st half last night) but prone to stupid errors, lack of confindene and leadership (as in 2nd half). The last three managers haven't been able to sort out our woes from set pieces, not just PL...I fully understand the anger and worry, but changing the Manager every five minutes will not solve the problem. We need a plan that we stick to, because we believe it will work in the long term, even when the short term might indicate differently...Having said that we MUST get at least one quality experienced player (midfield in particular) in the next week.
AstonThriller, Lambert did even better with Norwich last season, look where that's got us.
Cal - if PL stays we're down, most of us can see that. We have to try something - there are other managers out there, PL is not the answer, he simply has to go. We have to try something else, we have to try and stay in the Premier League.
Apart from Adkins who ? Dowie ,Megson
26.05.82, I agree with you, we most likely will go under PL, but I have no idea who will save us? We dont have the players, it's gonna take a miracle.
Knee-jerk reaction, time after *****in' time! Sack the manager. Okay, so we sack the manager and appoint Mr X who will be loved by some, hated by some, indifferent to most so they can say later that they never wanted him or he was their choice as they knew he would do well. ANY manager coming in will be in charge of a group of players who are NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO KEEP US IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE!!! Have I shouted that loud enough for all you morons to hear???? Why have we got this bunch of players left? LERNER AND FAULKNER!!! That is who are to blame so sacking the manager just makes no sense! Rant over. My most humble apologies if I upset anyone but I'm not a very happy bunny this morning.
Godz - stay calm (I'm trying to...). Inderstand the past manager merry go round wasn't the ideal, but I can't see any merit in keeping PL. I asked before what he has brought to Villa, the simple truth is nothing positive, it's not as if there's any sign of light at the end of the tunnel. He looks so out of depth and so bereft of ideas, he can not be the long term solution, so there really is no choice, he has to go - the sooner the better.
While Learner and Faulker here, itpretty much won't matter who is manager. That said, the lack of tactics ast night has to sit at PL's door. 10 up front like a junior school game. No width. No midfeld. Desperation. Headless chickens. The man who bought the supposed 'full backs' (no, I don't think so either). Yes, he's got to go. Too late for ths season, but I've wanted Gus Poyet all along, seen nothing to change that. We're down - let's focus on who can get us promoted next year.
Disagree, we are weak enough as it is without the manager walking around with his head down. He has to show leadership not apologies. He is making it far to hard for himself though.
bikini inspector
Spurs fan who comes in peace and does not want Villa to go down. YOU CAN STAY UP IF....The board dump Lambert offer the job to roberto de matteo. Reinstate Bent and play to his strengths. Get in a another CB take Livermore and Townsend from us on loan. And please please stop playing Ireland he is made of the same waste of skin as David Bentley not up for a fight. Up the Villa!
Godzilla called it. No-one has any better ideas round here. They're just upset at only winning by 1 goal. The manager is going to take all the flack. He got us this far by beating the likes of Man city. Both games gave Nzigbia the chance to find some form. We'll be better for it in the league which is all that counts.
The whole set up stinks. The owner,The manager and most of all the players I have been listing the 11 players I would get rid of straight away if I was the manager I should have listed how many I would keep. Because this bunch arent doing the job,how many premiership teams can you see us beating now ? We cant defend against a division 4 side,we have no midfield not one player in this dept. is truly premiership quality.Only the strikers can I see any hope for. Lerner either put up the money or sell us to someone who gives a toss about AVFC. Iwont say shut up because you never say bugger all.
Good grief! We can't accept this! There ARE other managers that would come to VP and would be better than PL, two or three have been mentioned above, the point is we have to try something now.
Exactly what the spurs fan just said. Lambert is shocking tactically. As for Lerner.... He is a total effing disgrace.
Agree with the poster who noted the depth of Lambert's ambition (I.e Villa won't have a better chance of reaching Wembley). Pathetic. Eck was a better manager and used the tools (I.e England internationals, Bent and warnock) at his disposal. Freezing out Hutton without making his own mind up was also craven.
What on earth is The Fear talking about??? He wanted AM out, now he wants PL out. A Villan? He ain't got a clue, has he? The real culprits are Lerner and Faulkner (who?). If only they had given MON that money. It looks a cheap deal now, does it not?
The sad thing is if Villa were struggling in the manner that Southampton were struggling under Adkins many fans -- including this one -- would have continued to back Lambert. However, record defeats, icing senior players and a two-leg defeat to a fourth tier team in a cup semi-final is too much to stomach. As for a potential replacement, Adkins would make a good interim until the end of the season. After that a talented foreign manager perhaps, di Matteo, Solskjaer, or some unknown. In terms of Brit managers, Hughton possibly, but would he take the job? Would anyone?
Agree with Stig. But, as I said, the real culprit is Faulkner who could not arrange a pee-up at Ansells.
Faulkner is getting away scot free here i agree.
bikini inspector
Crikey Fear. First time I've logged on in a year or two but I felt I had to say you must've lost it. No idea what you hope to gain from sacking PL. Surely having another manager, anyone that we could hope to attract and a lot that we couldn't isn't the answer. We'd end up with more players needing shifting that we can't shift and no more hope of winning with the players we've got. I was gutted about the loss and our tactics towards the end but for me it's worse that our only experienced defender managed so poorly against the one attack they had. I think we were unlucky despite not being prepared but to be calling for Lamberts head so strongly I think you've lost it
Faulkner, Lerner, Lambert and all of the players (except Benteke, Bent, Weimann, Clarke, Guzman and the young fringe players like Carruthers) OUT.
Vlaar IN. He must wonder what he has gotten himself to. In football terms he was better off at Feyernoord.
not sure I've lost it PTP not sure I ever had it! Gamble mate, throw of the dice, do nothing I think we are down and it isnt' knee jerk, I said it in the transfer thread in the summer and a few times since. Gamble if we do, gamble if we don't.
The Fear
No no no Villawillriseagain no more stupid risks the next man at Villa park needs to have won something in top flight English football and that's De matteo. No more experiments at Villa park not Solskjaer. Act and act now Redknapp has QPR on a roll I've been screaming this at Villa supporters since you beat Liverpool at Anfield. With the new money coming next year Learner will hamstring the club if they go down this season. ACT NOW!!
miksten that is just it though mate, I didn't say I wanted him out, don't think you will see any article from me calling for McLeish sacking (I was vocal in the press saying he shouldn't come and then once here, tried my very best amidst much abuse as a brown noser etc to support) He was clearly never going to work, but he had time from me. So sorry, and agree Lerner was responsible for that manager and GH (not PF, he doesn't select, the boss does) so not arguing on that, but I'm not taking the accusation I want all managers out, I'm not a great one for calling for any managers head, never have been (but do enjoy managerial changes, the gossip, links, odds, the renewed hope, just one of those things like transfers etc)

I'd love Lambert to turn this around, but HE chose the players, he did have £22-24m in the summer AND he said he had more if he wanted it. The whole thing is a mess. That is what I'm talking about. So don't misquote me please! ;o)

There were anti McLeish articles on the site, they were submissions. There were the ones for protests as well, each and every one of those ones had me posting at the top it wasn't me or the site organising, necessarily agreeing etc but it is a site for all opinions and articles, I'm quite proud of that fact, if not it would be my rubbish all the time!!!!!
The Fear
The last time the club was in such a state as this, was when Graham Taylor took charge shortly after we had been relegated. He noticed straight away that there was something wrong and that the club was in a bad way and sinking fast. Luckily he managed to turn it around quickly and got us back at the first attempt. At the moment I sense a similar bad smell at the club and cannot see a quick return this time, if we do go down.
Let's not argue over who's the most to blame for this - Randy or Lambert - let's just agree they are both out of their depth and need to go.
Class of 82
We used to have Barry, now we have Delph. We used to have Young and now we have N'Zogbia. We part-exchanged Milner for Ireland. Downing also went, along with experienced defenders like Collins & Cuellar. Apart from Benteke can you honestly say that the other players would be automatic first team choices in any of the current top six sides? Finally - is it fair to say that Lerner's five year plan is now dead in the water? We can't even beat a League 2 team over two legs, let alone take on the likes of Barcelona!
there are any number of managers around who could at least organise the team and give the players some degree of shape not to mention belief. They don't have to be a world beater, anyone would be better than Lambert. Oh fwiw its not knee jerk from me I've been saying since the wet spam game at upton park that his tactics are crap
Paul Lambert is a con artist masquerading as a football manager. GO NOW
calavfc i'm not saying that Adkins will guarantee us anything but at this stage of the season and the state our beloved club is in we need to take drastic action. Anything is worth a punt at this point and Adkins was doing well this season, not last season.
Norwich fan here - first of all commiserations it happens to us all. What is important though is that you stick with PL. The man is the business he will sort it out and he will bring you success - your only problem is when a bigger club comes a calling as happened to us. Get behind PL he will deliver!
Feel exactly the same at the fans do you Mr Lambert ?? Only difference being that when we are paying out our hard earned money to support our team in the championship you'll be sunning yourself on the beach somewhere with a big fat pay off in your bank account. Totally embarrased, go now while you still have some dignity !!
Just one thing to point out Lambert had 20 mill true but we had lost 8 players he had to replace due to a wafer thin squad and no quality players left. My guess is he had to replace them on half the wages as well which is why we got this go with youth malarky to tow the chairmans line. In truth we needed nearer 60 mill just to stay up and no I am not defending Lamberts poor tactics but just cannot stand to see mr.chairman hiding behind the "its the managers fault"excuse. The players he had to work with upon arriving were clearly not good enough and the money he had to spend not enough to make up the numbers in any quality.Lambert knew what he was signing up to and yes he put his own head on the chopping block and he chooses the tactics so yes by all means call for his head but make no mistake without a major overhaul of the playing staff this situation will continue with the next manager because the players just arent good enough.
Lambert needs to go this week, as spurdon has said Roberto Di Matteo needs to come in and organise the team with a new midfield brought in, and between now and the end of the season Lerner and Faulkner need to go on a serious hunt to find someone to buy this famous club from our billionaire cheapskate - this is our ONLY chance of staying up this season! Can i also add that can the club please gag any player other than the team captain from making press statements? i dread to hear the likes of clarke or gabby saying "we're all absolutely gutted, the dressing room was silent after blah blah but when we left the dressing room we decided that we are going to win the FA Cup, then go on a run and win all our matches and win the league and Barry said he wuld rite to jim'll fix it and we all sed yes - the end!"
Lambert is a terrible manager. HE MUST GO NOW. My relegation predicition isnt so stupid now
We're Not Fickle
For those of you thinking...'dont sack Lambert because then we'll definitely go down'.....jeez...can't you see...? We ARE going down...we are absolute s**t. I keep saying...this is the worst Villa team I can remember, with the exception of Benteke and Weiman up front, they look a good pairing, but the rest of them have no desire, or no quality. Clarke is shocking, Bannan is 5th rate, Bennett.....can't pass, can't tackle, total rubbish. We are not going to escape this time. Get rid of Lambert and start assembling a team to get us back up again.
The worst comment for me post match was when he said he had told the players that this was the closest many of them would get to a wembley final, and it could take 10-12 years to get as close again. Didn't he assure us that the players he had signed were of good quality, and how the future was bright for the club? No dignity and no morals. The only thing this man does embody is greed and self interest. The troubles at this club are down to the two clueless buffoons at the top but, by not speaking out about the suicidal approach from the board to try and make sure he doesn't jeopardise his severence package, he is complicit in our decline. Dour pathetic little tosser that he is.
heavy d
My son just landed back in Ireland after last nights defeat, a wasted journey ? but what was revealing from his visit to VP, was before the game in Villa Social Club, people were talking of relegation being a good thing for the club??? So Lambert is wrong, McCleish was wrong, Houllier was wrong ??? Lerner is wrong, Faulkner is wrong, seems to be a pattern establishing itself. Maybe some of the Villa Faithful need to look slightly closer to home and look at their support for Their player of last year, namely Ireland. Just one of the so called Senior players who should be stepping up to the plate and guiding the youngsters -. Look at Swansea for a Possible template ref wages and bonuses, because the shower at VP sat on cast iron contracts and massive wages are bleeding the club dry, and remember those on this site who voted one such creature as last seasons Player of the season - a joke, that made my club look desperate, and those Gob sh#%es who refused to renew their season tkt last term will all be first in the queue next season when we could be in the Championship ???. You see my thoughts on AVFC are radical, pay a player what he is worth, not what his management team? say he is worth. Contracts should be open and transparent so we as the paying punter can see just where and how our money is being spent, and then we can give an honest, informed opinion on why we think we are being short changed by players who do not in my opinion give a Toss about Aston Villa FC. We are being short changed on the quality of player at AVFC and the sad thing about it is, a number of players on cast iron contracts will be paid exactly the same in the Championships ??? Whilst Lambert may not be the best, whilst Mc Cleish may have been the wrong choice, and Houllier was, well a Frenchman ????? the players are the ones who once over the white line should be giving their all, not producing mediocre displays and basically dont give a damn look on their faces. Last night was bad but not as bad as our lack of belief in the Premier League and our free fall into the Championship - Senior players need to act accordingly!!!!!!
Didn't Faulkner say in the summer after sacking AM that that situation would never be allowed to happen at Villa again, lessons have been learned! HELLO, MR FAULKNER - IT'S BEHIND YOU!!!!
Think it's all been said, it doesn't matter how you dress it up..
Pride of Lions
I admit I got it sooo wrong. I wanted Lambert and thought he would be perfect for us. I got it wrong. I admit it. Why can't Randy and Faulkner !!!
Dublin Canary -- Villa are still big. It's the football that got small.
Di Matteo or di Canio. At least the latter can keep us entertained. The situation is so dire and the team so bad that they could get relgated from the Championship too. Leeds and Forest are huge clubs that have dropped into the crevasse below the EPL trapdoor and are struggling to emerge. Villa could join them.
Just want to correct a few on what I think Lambert was saying with his comment ďthis is the best chance these young lads will have had of going to Wembley for the next 12 years.Ē I think he was meaning the chance of them playing against a division two team in the semi-final wonít happen again for at least another twelve years. Iím not sure what to think as I was pleased we went for Lambert like many others and I think he will turn around if given time. I like the idea we may be able to buy young cheap players and bring them through. He is not as bad as many are making out as you donít do what he did with Norwich and other teams if he was that bad. He has age on his side but will make mistakes. If he does not have success with us Iím sure he will have some major success with someone else. I know Lambert chooses the players but as we know the only reason Bent isnít playing is because of the Board. Whether that is because they said donít play him so they donít have to pay extra or said if you play him then the extra paid to Sunderland comes out your transfer funds. I still see it as the boards fault. Yes he had 20m but that was for an already thin squad that in recent years had lost Barry, Milner, Young and Downing and 20m was only going to cover getting one player of their quality. So the fault lies with the board as we have been in decline for 4/5 years not just since Lambert. Saying that I wanted De Matteo before we went for Lambert but was happy when Lambert came so although I think Lambert can turn it around with some backing if we had De Matteo with funds for a good center back, left back and defensive mid I would be happy as well. I think either way the board needs to spend 6m x 3 on 3 decent players but we have all known that for a long time so think the slating of Lambert should be directed at the board. Just another quick point is if Doug Ellis has been in charge things may have not been perfect but we wouldnít have had the shambles of the last 3 or 4 years with these managers so we careful what you wish for
revua -- If the board are picking the team a la 'Mad' Roman Abramovich then Lambert should never have taken the job. Many people believe Bent was frozen out because he wouldn't be Lambert's main-man-cum-stooge in the dressing room? In other words Bent is a loyal players-player and not a cowardly brown-noser/arse licker.
I honestly agree with the board on one thing. Sacking Lambert is not the answer. There is something majorly wrong behind the scenes and I dont think an manager can sort it out. Our dressing room lacks charachter and self belief like I have never seen before in a professional eam let alone premiership team! We fall apart as soon as we concede 1 goal. Ourexperiencedpros have just disappared, how did we end up with players of the charachter or Hutton, Warnock, Dunne, Ireland, NZog, (maybe Bent) who are such poor role models. Even Gabby who I have always hoped for more from is very loyal but h is no natural born leader. I think its charachter and physcal pesence thats our main issue. I think a shrink is needed, not a manager with the bunch of lads he has
Chelt Villan
Good pint Chelt Villan. This has been getting worse steadily for years no matter who our manager. As long as i can remember we have always conceeded last minute goals and a change in managers did nothing to avert this. This has now developed into a general fear when we concede and a in ability to fight back in any way shape or form. It is getting to the point where it is built into the culture of the team ...
We are relegated - "Lambert safe if Villa go down" The club is run by UTTER MUPPETS!!!
I could not believe the way we fell apart in the second half of yet another match. We risked life and limb getting to the ground to watch half a game of football and 45 minutes of absolute chaff. Whatever the hell is discussed in the changing room at half time clearly isn't having any kind of positive effect on the players. Emotions are pretty raw at the moment, but for crying out loud Mr Lerner, either make a commitment to the club and invest to buy us out of relegation or admit that relegation is what you want and have been aiming for since the failed Champions league push under MON. At least Ron Vlaar had the decency to acknowledge the support at the end of the game and genuinely looked upset, unlike the rest of the team that were laughing all the way to the bank.
We'll be alright..... The disappointment should strive them on. Defending set pieces is absolutely shocking. If we could do that, we'd have a few more points and be in the final!!!! Suprised at the reaction. Disappointed sure but it's not as bad as last year IMO.
I am disgusted by these "arm chair managers". Fire Lambert... Why???? Give MON this squad. Do you think he would keep us up? Maybe Di Matteo. Or SAF. No one will keep us up with this squad. We have the youngest, most inexperienced and CHEAPEST squad in the premier league. I can't address every comment here, but some members who last year swore that Dunne, warnock and hutton should never play for Villa again are lambasting PL for not picking them. Hypocrisy! PL is tactically inept. HOW? Bent provided the assist to Weimann for our second goal. Those were his substitutions. But he should have sorted out our width! HOW? With what winger? What player can we bring on to add width to our game!?!?!? We have had one of our best transfer windows in years. Benteke alone will bring in 20+ million if sold in the next couple of years. Holman and Guzan (I think) have both been players of the month for us. Again PL signings. Please explain what PL has done wrong outside of inheriting the worst squad in the premier league. That is a FACT! I don't understand how everyone is missing the common denominator. Every year we have had a new manager and performed worse. Every year we have cut the wage bill. Well the final result is that we have a championship squad. You can't expect miracles and then complain when PL doesn't deliver. All that is going to happen is next year this time we will be calling for the head of the next manager. How do I know this? It is because we have done the exact same thing for the last 4 YEARS!
Astriel -- If the fans don't get any communication from the club with regards to a plan, strategy, signings, whatever... when the club is fighting for its EPL life, then nobody should be suprised when the fans -- the clubs lifeblood -- get het up about it.
You mention Lambert being good in the transfer Market? No mention of Bennett, Lowton, El-Ahmadi and Bowery. All Lambert signings who are just filling shirts. Holman was signed before Lambert got here too and he isn't exactly tearing up any trees - he just runs around alot. Admittedly he is better than the hobbit though! If that is all that is required why don't we give Mo Farah a pair of boots. We all know that the route cause of the problems is the Owner and the CEO's kamikaze economic plan, but Lambert's refusal to speak out and say players are needed is motivated out of financial self interest in case he does get the bullet - "I need my contract paid in full as I did what I was told and never spoke out of turn about the club" The club was in a state before he got here but his actions and words (or lack of them) are making the situation a whole lot worse. His tactical masterplan last night was to launch aimless high balls up to four forwards who were stood within 10 yards of each other. He must have nicked that off Guardiola. And he persists with players like Bannan even though they let him down time and time again. The conditions he is working in are terrible, but he makes things harder for himself due to not having a clue how to set a team up, pick an XI capable of carrying out a game plan, or do basic things like set piece defending drills in training. He gave the team 3 days of last week leading up to the WBA game and we conceded from a corner. All four conceded against Bradford were from set pieces too. Hardly working for his wages is he???
heavy d
Lame Berts signings have been more miss than hit. He should have exacted his revolution more slowly over a couple of seasons and maintained and selected a more experienced starting XI throughout the season. He seems to be slow-witted regarding substitutions. The job is too big for him and / or he needed another few years in the game before taking on AVFC. He is not the messiah he is a fish out of water. He will be gone either this season or next as we languish mid-table in the Championship next Christmas. Terrible appointment made by well meaning but sadly incompetent people. Lack of leadership at all levels in the club. We are *****ed without some outrageous luck this season. In outrageous luck we trust then I guess :(
Looking at the games left. Only Norwich have harder teams to face. Great!
cropped, you said it fella. Too much, too soon. Lambert seems to want Villa playing like mid-90's Man Utd/Ajax already. Bent and Warnock have been capped by England. Why weren't they starters last night? Perhaps because Lambert can't swallow his pride. Loser.
Villa to finish -- probably -- rock bottom.
Heavy D. Let's compare transfer windows. 2012 - 22 million with 8 players including Westwood, Benteke, Holman and Guzan. 9 Players left as well. 2011 - 18 million spent for Hutton, Nzog and Given. 14 players were sold with another 10 loaned out. 2011. 2010 we brought in 4 players for a glorious 32 million including Bent, Pires, Ireland and Makoun. A total of 18 senior players left. So yes I rate this transfer window far higher - Lowton, Bennett, Westwood, Benteke, Guzan and Holman have all played a more games than the signings from the last two years. But you did sum it up - a lot of PL's signings are filling shirts. Look at how many players have left over the last 3 years! 41 Senior/reserve team players. How do you replace 41 players with 22 million? Do the maths. 41. Cropped - who should he include for more experience? Warnock and Hutton? Last year the entire forum were calling for their heads. Dunne has been injured for most of the season. Bent - ask Villan444's opinion. Who else? The old we conceeded 4 goals at set pieces. You know what - last year we had the same problem. The year before... You know what... WE HAD THE SAME PROBLEM. If I recall last year we scored 1 goal from a set piece and half of our goals against were from set pieces. Short term memory kicking in??? The simple fact is that Randy has gutted the club. Over the past 3 years we have sold 3 times the number of players we have brought in. 3.... Times... Doesn't that just blow your mind?!?!!?!?!?!? Is PL to blame for that? Is Mcleish? Is Houllier? No it is Randy and his board. As I said - the last 4 years we have called for the head of every manager. We have got our wish every single time. And every year we have finished lower than the previous year. So what makes this time different??????????????
Astriel - with just a modicum of managerial ability even Warnock and Hutton could have played a part this season. Who cares what the forum wanted / said a year ago - that is not relevant to our dire predicament this season. The inaction so far in January is a real puzzler as well in my book, and another black mark. We may go down and we may go down wanting one or two points which this squad, used correctly and with maybe only a couple of additions, could well have garnered under a decent manager. Who knows, in 3 or 4 years Lambert may turn out to be good enough for a Premier League club. He is not good enough now. Certainly not good enough for a club that on turnover, stadium, potential, average attendance should be fighting for 6-8th place at least. This is Aston Villa NOT the Dog and Duck and this season is scandalous.

(As ever I will be over the moon if I am proved wrong and we forge ahead and finish 15th).

Despite this, the bottom line is if Lambert is still with us after Jan 31st the crowd need to get behind the team for each and every 90 minutes. In good fortune I pray.
Never trusted Lerner since he bought the Club? Buck stops at the Top!!! Even Deadly Doug would have done something in January by now? Not having a pop at the players, they are the Villa Boys, we need 1 or 2 men in this squad.... 1 in Defence to hold it together. 2 in Midfield, someone who can put in a tackle and win the ball, the other, to spray it about.... We will all see how much Mr Lerner has Aston Villa in his blood by the end of January... Don't dream tho.... Peace, Love n Laughter Reg
The point is Cropped who says Warnock and Hutton would improve our squad? Why are they suddenly better than last year? When clearly most didn't want them to play. Suddenly because we are doing badly our manager sucks because he isn't playing them? How is that logical?! I can't believe that in the space of a year Lambert has become a bad manager. He is only the second manager ever to achieve successive promotions with a team. Then he managed to keep Norwich up. This is not the record of a Manager that has no clue. Let me be clear - I am not saying that Lambert is the greatest manager ever and the solution to all our problems. But I am tired of people blaming the manager when actually it is our board that is destroying our club. Firing Lambert will just result in another massive compensation package. And then what ? We are still left with the worst squad in the premier league... So we hire another manager next year. And January again we are again calling for his head. We HAVE to break the cycle. Quite simply - what do you think will have a bigger impact on the team, firing Lambert and hiring a new manager? Or buy a decent midfield and defense?
Said it before and will say it again, it's no fluke that Swansea have a better team, style of football and manager than us. They have a clear plan, style and ethic in place which enables everyone to work towards their goals because they know which direction they are heading. Their last 3 managers had the same or similar philosophy that's because THE BOARD have signed them to keep within the club setup. The players they have purchased are made for that style of play too which helps when a manager leaves and a new one comes in. I've heard their owner talk and he has a PLAN and a direction. Now look at Villa since MON left, multiple managers that all play different styles and have very different football philosophy's. The players have been purchased with no plan at all and don't fit any kind of style. After Bradford I said Lerner and Lambert out but I really think to make any real change we need Lerner out before we can move forward. I sad when it feels as though your owner doesn't like football.
Well said Astriel! About time Villa fans woke up to the fact itís not all Lamberts Fault and firing wonít help. He will be a good manager given enough time here but again like always Villa fans are on the mangers or players back. Time and time again they hound decent players out of the club to only moan that we sold them when they are doing ok somewhere else. Most were pleases with Lambert when we got him so we should back him for three years and see where we are at. We are never going to make it if we keep on like this but yes the board do need to give him 20m this January as we have lost too many good players the last three years. We took a chance on him and we will never prosper from that chance if we donít give him time.
Well said AdzVilla11 as well. It makes sense, the problem is deeper.
If we survive this season we'll be fine. We'll carry on spending the 20-25m per summer and should hopefully use it better this time round. Our plan is to buy young unproven players, fair enough. Staying up this year is so important which is why I cant understand why we havent spent a bit of cash in early jan to ensure we had a better chance of winning our 6 pointer games. The silence from the top is driving everyone mad, and rightly so. Randy is supposed to be our leader FFS.
I am still in shock at the poor showing , Mr Fear was correct he wasn't calling for Eck to be sacked that was most other people, I did say when Lambert was appointed that he was rubbish at tactics and setting teams up, no one believed me but I watched Norwich play a few and they were lucky in the games I saw, also the team spirit was there as they had been together longer but I told JF what would happen even though I hoped it wouldn't . So so shocked that he has not been sacked right away, I loved what Houlier was doing until he got ill, we would have had a great football side by now so Learner was unlucky with that, but now it seems we are getting a team ready to play in lower divisions
Astriel - Everyone has said that the problems DO go deeper than Lambert, with the board basically asset stripping the squad for the last 3 or 4 years. The thing is though Lambert has shown himself to be inept tactically, stubborn to the point of stupidity with his selections and we are worse off than under McLeish. We didn't lose too many from the squad McLeish had last year and he was given £24million-ish to bring people in. With his additions we are WORSE. He has constantly mentioned how thin the squad is and how his hand has been forced with some selections based on injuries, yet persists in isolating international players. Yes people were calling for Hutton, Warnock et-al to be dropped last year - because McLeish refused to pick others when they were performing badly. Are we really saying Warnock would be worse than Bennett at full back or Bannan as a holding midfielder? Is this self proclaimed man-motivator unable to get senior international players sufficiently motivated to play? He refuses to say when he has got things wrong and tries to smokescreen in post match interviews by mentioning immeasurable factors such as endeavour and spirit. I haven't seen evidence of much spirit. Have you? Unfortunately us supporters have eyes and can see when we have played crap. How about the fact that we have virtually been played off the park by every team we have played this season. Are we saying we should keep a spineless manager who doesnt have a clue just because the people who hired him are tw*ts? Lerner and Faulkner are going nowhere despite what we may want and if Lambert stays the three amigos will keep on cocking it up. WE know we need at least 2 players to address the spine of the side, even Lambert knows it. But he just keeps his mouth shut, even when questioned, so he doesn't jeopardise his golden pension plan. That makes him a man without integrity and filled with self interest. He gets paid the same whether we stay up or go down and doen't look like he gives a damn. He can walk away with pockets full of 'Uncle Randy's' cash and we will be stuck with our team in whatever team he takes us down to.
heavy d
Lerner/Lambert/ Faulkner safe Ö Villa Fans should sacked? What do sackings resolve exactly Ö The exit to Bradford was a disgrace, which everyone should shoulder the blame for; the players especially, but the management and the board for the decisions leading up to this point. We now want resignations and or sackings But should Lerner listen us again? Lol, we had our banners out for Houllier after Christmas .. mcleish .. well he was just an awful appointment .. but the exact opposite of Houllier's style. if we weren't happy with Houllier surely if lerner and Co listened to us then we got exactly what we didnít have with Houllier under mcLeish? Now our tune is - Lambert needs to be sacked .. even though the vast majority of us wanted him to come here ( including me) .. all of 8 months into his reign .. I think if he was sacked tomorrow we would be hiring our .. 6th manager in 3 seasons ??? Is that right? How exactly have we progressed after the last few rounds of sackings to justify another round? so we were rubbish 3 seasons ago and flirting with relegation, then Houllier got ill but it didn't matter we wanted him out before that. Then we got McLeish who was not welcomed or liked but i don't think anyone laments his sacking .. yet he did deliver a style and ethos that was different from Houllier, bear in mind Wigan's manager turned us down when we were looking for replacements. Now Lambert needs to get fired according to us again ... A manager who has gambled by alienating the high salary earning senior players to promote our youth and to bring in youth players from lower divisions. Correct me if I am wrong but werenít a lot of us crying for all the deadwood to be cut last season? If you are good enough you are old enough I heard? And often repeated myself!!! .. Lambert was appointed in the summer and we are where we are after our youth experiment has failed so far. But It would seem like Randy and co listened to us then .. Now the Fans want Lamberts head, should Lerner listen again? Or no we want lerners head too .. now .. investment, good deciscions, bad deciscions and 6 years later .. Yet I canít help see a parallel with Randyís decisions and the general fan consensus at the times .. Maybe if we as Villa fans continue to think that sacking someone is the answer and can provide a fix for all our immediate problems and there are plenty of problems .. we should take our own advice. Or just maybe Ö Just maybe Ö.. yet another sacking is not the answer Ö We have rolled the dice again and again .. its time stick .. hell or high water .. cause lets face it guys if someone was interested in buying villa and being a sugar daddy, It would have happened by now Ö If sacking the manager every year/ 8 months achieved anything .. Barcelona wouldnít be on top of la liga .. and it would be case of Alex who ..? I donít have the answers .. I am just a fan .. like you lads (and ladies) I write this .. as a villa Fan .. and I will always be a villa fan .. VTID
I agree with this
Iím pretty sure we would have been fine under Houllier, and have always felt that he was treated harshly by the fans. But I also felt that Lambert would do well for us too. Now, I really donít know if he is the right man, but we have to stick with him. he wanted the job and the responsibility and he has it. If Lerner were to sack him, the fans would only blame Lerner at a later date. Our problem is how to stay up. we all know we need signings, Iím sure PL is trying to get new signings - but the reality is - no-one of Premier League ability would want to come to Villa we will have to target loan signings until the summer - and bring back Warnock FFS
Lambert has been told he is safe even if we get relegated, and you can guarantee that he doesn't have a clause in his contract to take a pay cut if he does take us down. He gets paid the same for success or failure - He doesn't care less about what happens to us. He will stroll of with his pockets full and we'll be stuck in the Championship or worse.
heavy d
Lambert wasnt my first choice or even my second or third but compared to what was available then and given this boards previous appoitments I was delighted to get him. As for his transfers the sale of Bentke alone will repay all of the summers transfer fees .So the one player he payed reasonable money for came off but 20 mill was never going to replace the 8 players we let go with any sort of quality it needed more like 60 mill he didnt get it and needed to increase the size of the squad so we could at least field an eleven allowing for injuries.Sack him for poor tactics by all means, but he inherited a bunch of players no one else wanted and added 8 on the cheap and before we do sack him would like to know what makes folk think that De Matteo would come ? Most managers can smell the rot and will steer clear up or down we need whiolesale change of the playing staff including in my opinion 2 of Lamberts signings Bennet unless we turn him into a winger because he cant defend and KEA who is turning into this years Makoun, so no this isnt a defence of Lambert who should have been doing more to move on players in this window and buy a couple of decent quality players.

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