Aston Villa - Randy Can Stay (!) BUT Please Communicate?
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Randy Can Stay (!) BUT Please Communicate?

Another poll to summarise.

So, we asked:

Should Randy Stay Or Go?
Poll Date: 15 Jan 2013
Suggested By: MF

Seems he is allowed to stay, which is just as well, because he owns the place! But, well, you get the drift of the question, should he stay or go, has he outstayed his welcome. Certainly the criticism has gone from very little to a considerably vocal 'minority` with others questioning what is going on - rightly. I`m sure he is as well to be fair.

The result does speak for itself and I`ve let them know:

Yes, stay, but we need better communication 60%

Other answers:

Yes he should stay 15%

Depends on how he backs Lambert this window 9%

Go, he had his chance 8%

Go, fullstop 8%

Yes, stay, but this is his last chance 0%

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 21 2013

Time: 2:55PM

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Disappointed with the choices in the poll for this one. There was no "only if he gets his wallet out for the lads" option. If his communication is pointless breeze then he may aswell stay shut up. If we don't like what his communications say then most that voted for that option will probably change it to clear off?!?!?!?! If his communications make everyone feel better but he doesn't follow through then again, he will be wanted rid of surely.
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21/01/2013 15:07:00

Money talks but actions speak louder than words. We get neither!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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21/01/2013 15:08:00

Worried me that Charlie Nicholas said on Soccer Saturday '' I know Paul Lambert well & if he had any money to spend he'd have spent it by now''
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21/01/2013 15:16:00

I would just like to hear from himself as to why we have cut back so much. I think we all know the reasons, but it would be nice to hear it direct from Randy. I can't see us getting anybody in, it is worrying, but hopefully we can string a run of results together and pull clear in time.
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21/01/2013 15:21:00

There are only two mega rich owners in the Prem ... Mansour and Abramovic. They can spend what they want and form sponsors or companies to cover it up. UTD, Arsenal are in huge debt but have the ongoing revenues to sustain it (they hope), Liverpool are in the same boat with huge borrowed debt to finance the club but again get huge revenues globaly as well as at home. The rest of us have to live within our means. I don't want Aston Villa bankrupt adn in the lower leagues like Pompey, Leeds, Millwall, Luton town etc.... so I accept this but would like the club to appoint a footballing CEO / Director to communicate with the fan base on a rugular basis regarding the targets and ambition of the club on and off the field. I don't expect a detailed plan on the website or how the are going to exactly achieve it to the dot obvoiusly, that would give rivals an insight too ! but just some info on what's next for the long term. I would like to see Lambert evolve with this club and be supported sensibly by the owner. The silence though is enough to send you crazy. UTV
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21/01/2013 15:23:00

Astonbilla ....... Nicholas and the other pundits blow hot air ...... The right players have to come in for the long term, you end up with has beens on 3 and 4 year contracts otherwise. It has to be done right. The players ability, personality, commitment and compatibility with the squad has to be bang on now, no half measures or panic buying for the sake of it. The club has lost 90 odd million over the last few seasons because of the staff wage bill. A quality CB and MF is a must and they have to be right for the club. It isn't as easy as it looks. UTV
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21/01/2013 15:29:00

Yeah, whatever.............
Pride of Lions
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21/01/2013 15:32:00

Yeah astonmilan, it's not as hard as we've made it look either. Randy has been here 6 years now and he's only just worked out the sensible approach and we're considerably worse off than when he turned up. I don't want to hear excuses.
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21/01/2013 15:45:00

21st Jan and no new faces. Tick-tock Randy.........
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21/01/2013 15:46:00

Astonmilan maybe they do,maybe they don't , but in the absence of any signings & as we're 21 days into the transfer window with 10 days to go , I think I've the right to be worried, because with the squad we've got ,we're IMO down
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21/01/2013 15:52:00

there was no correct question on that poll didnt state wether yes or no was to vote him to go wasnt clear at all!!!! I want hi to go
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21/01/2013 15:52:00

The reason most people are willing to accept Villa's downgrade is that it is preferable to the spectre of bankruptcy. But if bankruptcy is the bogie, avoided at all costs, then a strategy which risks relegation has to be seen as worse than debt because the resulting loss of income is far more onerous than the cost of interest payment and by a very long way. Once it is concluded that relegation is actually worse than debt, then the main defence of Lerner looks totally fallacious. It was always Lerner's responsibility to bring down the club's wage-bill while avoiding the risk of relegation, let alone being the bookies' and pundits' favourites. This Lerner has completely failed to do this and furthermore, has failed to heed the warnings that last year's close squeak gave him. He not only has not altered his plan, but by all signs and indications has actually carried on regardless with the exact same strategy. The only information the fans need is whether the results we are now experiencing were deliberate or the result of incompetence. If the answer is the former the fans might find some relief that things might get better but if it is the latter there are no consolations, only the certainty that things will get worse.
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21/01/2013 16:10:00

I think that this is stupid now. All year it's been either Lambert or Lerner out and for once I would like someone here to offer a name of whose going to do a better job? Or which fantastic owner is going to come in and buy Villa? I understand the furstration but think that people wanting our owner to sell up as he's not investing any money is just nonsense. As far as I understood the situation, Randy is trying to balance the books as there is still the luming threat of the Spend want you earn rule coming in, and as Villa don't the international commercialisation or backing we're going to find it extremely hard to compete. I've got faith that the plans in place a more long term hence the young players/young manager and let them build! I just hope that our fans don't get Lambert booted regardless of whether we survive this season, as I do think that we will just start free falling then anyway! Lambert and Lerner are the one's to take us forward!
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21/01/2013 16:48:00

Well we know each manager is gagged to tow the company line but never known the owner to gag himself unless you are not going to like what he has to say. I suspect that most of wouldnt because it would be an admittance that the club had been badly run in the past and the debts caught up with us but would have thought a couple of loan signings would not have overstretched the budget to help avoid the dreaded. So if we could not afford signings why not loans ? think questions need to answered before Lambert is hung out to dry surely 2 mill on wages for loans is better spent than MORE compensation to a manager.
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21/01/2013 16:49:00

Mike I wouldn't want PL out even if we went down & as for balancing the books ,are we the only ones doing it ? Are Southampton,QPR ,West Ham etc
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21/01/2013 16:57:00

More chance of sitting around a table, holding hands in a darkened room...........
Pride of Lions
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21/01/2013 17:08:00

AstonBilla that's fair but as I've said care to offer any names of who you think would do a better job? I would much prefer for us to balance the books and become a financialy sound club, rather than doing what QPR are doing as they are having to Loan out players now to afford their wage bill! Southampton are spending now but if they go down this year they could be in a bad financial position, that's probably what lead to Adkins sacking! As for West Ham their spending will stop! I'm pretty sure Gold and the other one did the same at the Blues before tightening the purse strings! Randy already pumped around 200mil into this team and not reaped any rewards from it so I say fair play to him tightening the purse strings! It's more than deadly would've spent! and Merlin128777, I don't want any loans in at Villa as the only players you're likely to pick up are young lads which are just improving for the parent club (Kyle Walker). It's a waste of our wage bill and it's not very encouraging to any of our players sat on the bench. Before the Chelsea game we conceded 1 goal in four games so the discipline is there, but for some reason it's been absent since!
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21/01/2013 17:41:00

Believe it or not - there are other rich people out there, just as there are other managers out there. Good or bad - you can no longer just stand still in this league (hence the encroaching no. of rich owners, at Stoke, QPR, Sunderland etc). Once the wages at Villa are or were under control - what then ? Just stay at that level ?? On that basis now, sooner or later you will slide down. That was an option even less than five years ago but not any more - viz Blackburn, Bolton. We have to expand at some rate - that requires success and/or awareness & recognition in the workd market, things that Citey and Spurs did not have five years ago but are now slowly acquiring, and Scouse for example have realised that they cannot live off their past glories for ever. So for example - a decent kit with a decent sponsor on it would help. The scary thing now is - could we still sign an up & coming Ashley Young or James Milner should the opportunity and the cashish be present...
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21/01/2013 18:41:00

To ask the question ''name another onwer to come in and takeover'' is a bit daft i mean how many of us knew Randy Lerner before he bought us?? The truth is Randy had to sack or back Lambert this January to do neither is very silly indeed, there are still just under 10 days left til the transfer market closes, Randy has to provide funds now he is backing Lambert otehrwise the cost of relegation and missing out on the 68million TV mega deal is crazy and would show Randy Lerner needs to sell up and find us an ambious owner to match Villa, we are being run as a Wigan and im sorry that ain't acceptable Villa deserves better than that and we all know it, So lets see what we all think come February 1st by then there will and can be no excuses!
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21/01/2013 19:32:00

I don't think randy is to blame this season. Paul Lambert was the manager the majority of us wanted. Randy gave him to us and gave him transfer funds. Randy did his bit this season.
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21/01/2013 23:33:00

Zarch so you want too totally dis-regard the fact that we had one of if not the smallest squads / in-experianced in the league before Lambert took over and the constant cost cutting which has left us with a squad that has been poor for years and two previous relegation battles and blame it all on Lambert? Lambert has made mistakes yes but Randy has to back or sack him in January as this squad is not good enough, ZARCH you think Randy should just sit back then and say ''oh well relegation it is then''??? Nope he needs to spend and bring in some quality!
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21/01/2013 23:44:00

Firstly, calm down. Paul Lambert signed bowery, vlaar, kea, lowton, benteke and Westwood. Am I missing any? They we're all his choices choices. They replaced heskey released, petrov(hope he returns) collins, Hutton and warnock. Pl chose to leave out our experience mate. Not rl.
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22/01/2013 00:10:00

No idea what's going on but, Clive, we don't know RL hasn't backed the manager. Maybe PL thinks he knows best (maybe he does) but Zarch's comment speaks volumes to me.
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22/01/2013 00:31:00

anyway tonight is a big game for the lads and I hope they thrash the pants off bradford. I hope chelsea get up too. Villa have a score to settle after the thumping. and i for one will be DEMANDING the missus to let me extend the honeymoon so i can go to the final.
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22/01/2013 07:13:00

Mike59 last thing I was suggesting was youngsters on loan enough folk on here have suggested some experianced Quality midfielders e.g. Palacious Huddlestone etc although if QUALITY i dont care what age they are and if they help to keep us up this season thats all we need from them because this team will be far better for the experiance of this season.
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22/01/2013 10:57:00

Maybe if we allow for a manager to have more than a season at the club we may start seeing our fortunes change....O'neil left, we then got Houllier which people complained about and wanted rid of. Then the season we shouldn't speak of happened and understanderbly the fans wanted Eck out, and now people want rid of 3rd manager in 3 seasons. Maybe the reason the players aren't doing well is because they are being brought in under different leaderships and are having to adapt to the new managers styles. I think what's needed more than anything right now is a bit of stability so lets give this one a couple of more seasons at least and see what he's able to do rather than booting another one out the door, and competing with Chelski on which club can have the most managers in the shorter space of time!
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22/01/2013 11:45:00

Zarch please explain how you would have spent the 20 million to bring in 7 experienced quality players.
Report Abuse
22/01/2013 12:09:00

Astriel dude you took the words out of my mouth lol Well said mate 7 players for 20 million the only way to add competition for places was buying cheap to cover the holes left after years of decimation well said Astriel you are on ball dude!
Report Abuse
22/01/2013 15:51:00

Yes gents. Zarch is in a dreamworld. He did miss a few off the list and randy has definitely not done his bit. 20 mil would buy you about 7 houses in London let alone players and surely a football team needs much more.
Report Abuse
22/01/2013 18:48:00

see you point lads... but you're wrong. you're putting in the same category as experience. there is a stark difference between the two. Lambert could have bought plenty of experienced players with his 20 mill. and sold hutton and wornock for extra funds. but he didn't he bought mostly kids. dreamworld? me? you must be kidding. and if you looking for verification have a look teams above us in the league that should be below us. have a ******** look at bradford who i'm fairly certain wouldn't have cost 5 mill to assemble. experience is everywhere. Lambert *****ed up. not Randy.
Report Abuse
22/01/2013 21:52:00

zarch, you forgot to include the great Joe Bennett
Report Abuse
22/01/2013 23:48:00

Damn... I lose. :)
Report Abuse
23/01/2013 00:08:00


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