Aston Villa - Villa Manager Merry Go Round! Di Matteo Next! LOL
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Villa Manager Merry Go Round! Di Matteo Next! LOL

I`m only going to do this very briefly because I really am not sure the press would know about these things.

An article by Tony Banks in The Express says that Villa have already lined up Roberto Di Matteo to replace troubled Villa boss Paul Lambert if results don`t improve quickly.

The paper claims that Villa have already approached the former WBA and Chelsea managers representatives.

There is no way they would know that from Villa`s side of things and IF they have and his reps have leaked it to the press, that would be the end of that anyway.

Therefore, as I say, I`m not sure the press would know this.

I`d like Di Matteo as manager, nice style of play, seems a good guy, not sure why the Baggies fans were split on him, so that is something to find out no doubt! But this is just premature press speculation. Only thing I did hear last summer was they were waiting to see if Di Matteo was made available by not getting the Chelsea job and obviously then had to plumb for another manager. Not sure if that was true, but it was a strong rumour at the time.

Rough reception for the rumour in the forum thread: Click here

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 18 2013

Time: 10:32AM

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If the board give Lambert funds to strengthen then they could not possibly be looking replace him. They either back him or sack him while the Jan window is open. Once it's shut it's shut. If Lambert does ever lose his job it'll be in the summer.
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18/01/2013 10:42:00

Rubbish, If Lerner grew a set and was going to get rid of Lambert he would have done it before the transfer window closed (certainly after the Saints result) Lambert should resign but I dont blame him for staying and getting the Annual "Villa failure payment"
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18/01/2013 10:42:00

The club have said they are completely behind Lambert and that their is no chance of him being sacked which I think, is a good think. He should be here for the long term. He will prove to be an excellent manager given time. He was never going to turn it all around in 5 months.
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18/01/2013 10:43:00

I find this believable. If I were Faulkner I would be considering the chop and I would be lining up a potential replacement. If we do need to part ways with lambert we cannot afford to waste time. I think if we lose again WBA then Paul Lambert will be off.
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18/01/2013 10:45:00

I agree with Villa_Grizzly. He is a good manager and if we sacked him, he'd only go on to achieve success with another PL side.
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18/01/2013 10:52:00

Would he be any differnt than Lambert? well I suupose it would end the line of Dower Scotts we have had. My only complaint with Labert (apart from the awful results) he does not know his best 11. To be honest I have resigned myself to at least two second darbies next year and I think so has the Chairman. COTVABU
irish villa
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18/01/2013 10:53:00

Second City Darbies, COTVABU
irish villa
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18/01/2013 10:54:00

As I said on the thread hours ago, it doesn't matter if we appointed Pep Guardiola as manager, he wouldn't be able to do a decent job. Lerner = No Money = SCUTTLED!
Pride of Lions
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18/01/2013 10:57:00

I think if we lose to Bradford then Lambert will be sacked. I also think that this is the reason we havent seen any transfers coming in, Randy is waiting. I did mention Roberto Di matteothis was being talked about on twiter a couple of weeks ago. I also think its just a case of people putting 2 and 2 together personally.
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18/01/2013 11:17:00

Thats it. If Lambert is sacked this season, for the good of my health I am going to have to try and give up watching the Villa (again the word try is the big one there). If he is sacked that would sum up to me all that is wrong with football. I would not pretend he has not made mistakes but it is this kind of short sighted managerial merry go round that has helped cause the mess we have at the club. No manager since MON has been able to assemble his squad or really impose his vision on the team. I do not blame Lambert for the current situation, I blame Randy. He took his eye off the ball under MON and the finances got into a mess. He should have been keeping them in order and questioning the wages MON was offering to players. I unlike most here do not blam Faulkner or want him out. Someone like him was needed to clean up the financial mess Randy and MON had us in. The only problem with Faulkner is he is being given too much control on footballing matters. Its clear (and many of us have said it for years) we need a director of football to control player turnover and let Faulkner look at the finances. At this point we stuck in a hole and Randy has to decide, sink or spend the money to get out of it for now until the DoF is appointed and then we can focus on the long term plan. Make the right choice. UTV!
Tallaght Villan
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18/01/2013 11:31:00

with yet another day of inactivity in the transfer market from PL and with the prospect of getting the Albion back on track with yet another loss tomorrow it's possible that we could be looking back at the end of the season with our most significant result being "SNOWED OFF!"
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18/01/2013 11:32:00

Pure Bull****. If anything this is di matteo's representatives letting everyone know he still exists. We need to keep Lambert, regardless of relegation and let hime rebuild this club. 3 years on and we are still recovering from the MON era. It was always going to get worse before it got better.
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18/01/2013 11:46:00

Nigel Adkins gone that improves our chances of staying up!!!
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18/01/2013 12:28:00

I'd be overjoyed if we got rid of Lambert. His signings are poor, his tactics none existant and his motivational powers are on a par with mcleish. Di matteo, poyet or anyone else for that matter who has half a clue. Makes no difference to this season we are aleady down so we might a well look to the right choice for the future and Lambert most defnitely is not it.
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18/01/2013 12:39:00

Get him in. SlimChance has to be better than NoChance
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18/01/2013 12:51:00

Said it before will say it again doesnt matter if we had the best in the world as manager with no serious money spent in the next two weeks they are not going to do any better than Lambert.
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18/01/2013 12:52:00

All those who say Lambert needs to go are everything that is wrong with this club. Merlin you are right, no one else could save this club at the moment, doesnt matter who the manager is. 5 managers in 3 years (inc. caretakers) and look where that has got us! At least Lambert knows these players. Just a month a go everyone was loving him after we beat Liverpool. Give him time, we need stability if we are ever going to be what we all want.. a very good premier league side. Why would a player want to join our club when they know that in 6 months time the manager that signed them might be out the door?! Everyone knows we needed an overhaul but it cant happen in a season. I'm not saying Lambert has done everything right because he certainly hasn't, but changing managers now is ridiculous and wont help us at all. Get behind Lambert and get behind the boys. Moaning wont help anyone, support will. We need stability and not constant change that turned our great club into a mess.
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18/01/2013 13:35:00

The people who are moaning about PL will only take a few months to start moaning about the next one if/when he goes and the next one and so on. There was good reason for Eck to be moaned about but Lambert needs time AND money.
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18/01/2013 13:44:00

I must be lacking some brain cells as I just cannot fathom how Lambert needs time & money, but McLeish needed the boot ASAP. I remember some truly dreadful , defensive, gutless performances, but I don't remember getting utterly humiliated by Chelsea, starting the season so badly it broke records & losing to a team 3 divisions below us in the semi final of a major cup competition. Not saying I wanted Eck to stay on (or ever set foot in the door), but this season has plumbed new depths. Lambert has done himself no favours with team selections, the freezing out of senior pros & 'we'll be just fine' barlarks he mumbles after every miserable performance & (record) defeat. I really believe RL & Mr Call Centre are waiting to see what happens with the Albion & Bradford games before releasing funds. 2 defeats & he could (should) be out by Wednesday!
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18/01/2013 14:06:00

And I take no joy in that! I really thought he could turn us around.
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18/01/2013 14:07:00

444 so what you are saying is it was alright for you to call for Houllier and Eck to be sacked after 5 minutes, but the Villa fans that don’t rate Lambert are moaners. He needs time to do what exactly? His tactics, team selection, formation, are awful. If there was a sign of it being a transition period then fair enough ask for time, but the whole set-up is getting worse by the match. IMO he is clueless, out of his depth. And rather than doing anything about it he is just hoping if he sticks with the underdog mentality that brought him "success" at Norwich it will somehow work out at Villa. Even the win at the mighty Liverpool that is still mentioned on a daily basis was not that great. We could have been buried by 20 minutes. It had nothing to do with our ‘character and determination’ that Liverpool did not score a hatful. It was our lucky day. Every team has a couple of those a season. Stoke also beat Liverpool 3-1 a week later, I bet their manager and fan aren’t still crowing over that.
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18/01/2013 14:15:00

Rawlie I can see where your coming from, but I think the difference (for me anyway) between Lambert and Eck is that I can actually see Lambert actually has some ambition and a long term plan which I never thought Eck had for one minute. Lambert at least has been trying to the team to get the ball down and pass it far more. This to me is as important a step as rebuilding the squad. It takes time for that kind of game to gel but it is football that can win titles. Ecks approach of just curl up into a ball and hope we get a draw did keep us up but not of one second did it seem (IMO) that he was ever going to change from that. Also I think records play a part. Lambert has a history of back to back promotions, Eck had been relegated 2 of the last 3 seasons and even finished 3rd with Rangers. If your managing Rangers (like if your managing Barce or Real) you are in a two team league, so to finish third is in my view a relegation.
Tallaght Villan
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18/01/2013 14:22:00

I agree with every word you say about McLeish, TV. Don't get me wrong... last year was terrible. I think we all agree on that. However, I disagree that PL has got us playing better football. We don't turn up for a half in most games. Swansea should have blasted us off the pitch within the first 20 minutes. Everyone gave up at Chelsea except Brad Guzan, who managed to keep it to 8!!! That is shameful. We can't compete with Wigan at home & the newly promoted Saints have done the double over us (and still sacked their excellent manager). Just a question on Lambert to finish. Does giving him time & money include a relegation? When does the goodwill run out? Me... I don't want to go down & if changing the man in charge now can prevent that, I'm ok with that.
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18/01/2013 14:36:00

I never said he has us playing better football, just that he is at least trying to build up to a better style of football. I agree things are awful, but I cannot see a single real boost to be gained by sacking Lambert. We now have a history of removing managers after a very short amount of time. Now what manager would want a job like that? If I was a young up and coming manager I would not take over a team that has sacked 2 managers in 2 seasons. It also stops us putting together a real squad and style of game as each manager has his own squad inmind and has started to build it and never got to complete it. What player would want to join a team that is replacing its key squad members every few months as they are replacing there manager? I also think any manager would strugle due to the lack of the funding needed to fix the short term problems. I cant even think of a better manager we would be in with a chance of getting. For the good of the club in the long haul stability is needed. We cant keep calling for a managers head every six months.
Tallaght Villan
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18/01/2013 14:49:00

As Pride and others point out above no money = relegation anyway no matter who is manager here, Randy Lerner needs to put this club up for sale, no wages or much money as Lambert has confirmed today is totally unacceptable and proves Randy just is not bothered about this great club, all we here is what he has spent in the past well we need some NOW ffs we are relegation material RANDY LERNER OUT!
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18/01/2013 15:19:00

Well said Clive and Piper. Bye bye Randy - please go before you drag us down any further. Scary scenario - he's an egomaniac who doesn't like the abuse he's had (pretty much since the McLeish appointment) and this is his revenge. Got a fresh $bn in the bank and can afford to see our value go from perhaps £300m to £60m overnight, just to spite us.
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18/01/2013 15:56:00

Yeah, well said Clive. Rawlie, given time, PL will be able to get the team playing how he wants and he'll develop as a manager as the team does, and given money he will be able to get better players. Don't have to have a degree to work it out. withenshawe, GH was past it and deluded, Eck was so negative, blatantly lied in press conferences and blamed everyone else (mainly his players) for losing. PL has great potential. He may be out of his depth sometimes but he isn't at the end of his career and isn't set in his ways, ( as seen by his changing formations.) He will get it right and we will be OK if he gets backed by the chequebook. For instant success, support a team like Man City. Patience is needed. Some will moan about the manager regardless.
Report Abuse
18/01/2013 16:52:00

Strange one this, given the timing. At the end of the day, not one of us has a clue what (if anything?) is going on behind closed doors. Does PL have money to spend? If so, then why isn't he spending it? A firm belief in his vision succeeding? Given the state of our squad and our perilous league position that, in itself, would justify him being shown the door in order to allow somebody else to spend it. If he doesn't have the financial backing, then what would be the point of bringing in a new manager? As many have stated, even Mourinho et al would struggle to do much better with this squad. That said, this is after all largely PL's squad; his approach to all things Villa has been questionable to say the least. His overall football philosophy may be admirable, but philosophy often doesn't work in the real world. And at the moment his ain't working.
Report Abuse
18/01/2013 18:13:00

444. We haven't got time. This needs to be turned around yesterday. Unless, part of this 'time' you want to give him includes an indefinite amount of time in the championship! Would that be acceptable? For me, I can't think of anything worse.
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19/01/2013 02:26:00

Know what you're saying Rawlie but there have been good signs. With better personnel, we would surely have a good chance of survival. Can't see anyone coming in now and getting us the points needed for survival without half decent investment and don't trust Randy to appoint any better given their track record!!!
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19/01/2013 09:39:00


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